Friday, 2015-05-22

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chankitdoes anyone know what redudant rpath error means. It looks like this02:50
chankitQA Issue: opencv: /work/corei7-64-poky-linux/opencv/3.0.0-r0/packages-split/opencv/usr/lib64/ contains probably-redundant RPATH /usr/lib64 [useless-rpaths]02:50
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joshuagl  /win 107:10
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* nrossi thinks window switching should be done with keybinds :)07:11
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* joshuagl thinks he shouldn't be allowed near the computer until he's had coffee07:16
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ivan_I am trying to build core-image-sato for rapsberry pi using poky master and meta-raspberrypi master and it fails to build libepoxy due to missing include directory for vcos_platform_types.h. This is beacuse that file is in interfaces/vcos/pthreads but when building this include path is not used. I manged to build it by modifiying the src code and appending pthreads/ path in all vcos* files but this is an ugly solution. How do I fix this07:41
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mckoangood morning08:03
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bluelightningmorning all08:16
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cart_manHi there anyone here who succeeded in getting Yocto to boot on a Beaglebone Black?09:28
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lpappYocto is a build system, it does not boot.09:29
lpappyou probably mean an image generated by Yocto.09:29
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cart_manwell no... I have followed the instructions on the Yocto page to get my Built IMG to Run on a BeagleBone black09:30
cart_manBut it just makes the lights go on and stay on and then just do nothing09:31
CromFrHi ! What reasons can lead you to the warning "specified values did not make it into the kernel's final configuration"?09:31
cart_manI copied eveything where they should be09:31
lpappno what? I cannot follow. Yocto still does not boot. It is just a buildsystem. You need to realize this.09:31
lpappso you followed these instructions?
CromFrI'm trying to add configuration fragments to the kernel configuration, nothing fancy09:31
cart_manOk ... So I have built from yocto an Image for the BeagleBone black09:31
ivan_someone running poky on raspberry pi?09:31
cart_manlpapp:  Yes exactly09:32
lpappivan_: poky generated image, not poky. Poky is a build system :)09:32
bluelightningCromFr: did you send a mail to the mailing list CCing Bruce as I suggested?09:32
cart_manI followed the guide that you have just linked09:32
lpappivan_: but yes, many.09:32
ivan_do you have problem with the build system generaring error when building?09:32
CromFrbluelighting: not yet09:33
lpappivan_: I think the better question is what your concrete error is :)09:33
ivan_ I am trying to build core-image-sato for rapsberry pi using poky master and meta-raspberrypi master and it fails to build libepoxy due to missing include directory for vcos_platform_types.h. This is beacuse that file is in interfaces/vcos/pthreads but when building this include path is not used. I manged to build it by modifiying the src code and appending pthreads/ path in all vcos* files but this is an ugly solution. How do I fix thi09:33
lpappivan_: the real fix is probably to fix the buildsystem for libepoxy.09:34
lpapp(btw, your message got truncated at How do I fix thi...)09:34
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ivan_How do I fix this, is this a bug?09:39
lpappcheck what buildsystem it uses for starter.09:39
ivan_lpapp have you tried to build sato for rpi?09:40
cart_manlpapp: I created 2 partitions on my BeagleBone SD Card... 1 512Meg named BOOT and it has MLO and the other one is u-boot.img09:41
lpappivan_: no, but based on what you say, it is a buildsystem issue.09:41
lpappso if I had to get it working, I would look at that.09:41
cart_manin the ROOT which is the 2nd partition and its EX2  ... I have the Core image-sato09:41
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ivan_lpapp: when you say that it is a build system issue, do you mean poky itself?09:43
lpappcould be anything.09:43
lpappI would try to localize it. E.g. is the includepath added directly to the compilation or via the --sysroot option?09:44
ivan_the path is added in egl.pc file where it states intefraces/vcos/pthreads but apparently is is not used when building.09:45
ivan_if i look at the recepie for libepoxy i can see that it is dependent on virtual/egl09:46
lpapptry to amend the compilation command manually.09:46
lpappto prove that if you add the includepath it does work.09:46
ivan_ahaa okay09:47
cart_manSigh.... no guide works for this beaglebone Poky stuff10:00
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lpappbluelightning: is the prefix variable documented somewhere that Yocto seems to set to /usr?10:40
lpappit screws up some software trying to work with that.10:40
lpappnot our software, so I am not in a position to fix that, but if Yocto documented this, I could argue with that to them to fix it. Although they may still reject it.10:40
lpappcurrently I have to monkey patch their buildsystem to "unset prefix".10:41
lpappI am not sure why Yocto uses that variable though.10:41
lpappwhat is the main use case for it that could not be solved better?10:42
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ant_worksome distro used to collapse /usr/into /11:04
cart_manlpapp: When I try and use Toaster is says I should download dependancies with pip en VirtualEnv11:05
cart_manBut I cant install either of the programs with apt-get ?11:05
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lpappant_work: yeah, although unset is not the same as ""11:07
lpappant_work: still, why is it set?11:08
ant_work.what do you mean? prefix is used on configure11:09
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lpappah, okay, so it is standard pratice.11:14
lpappin which case, probably the third-party software that we use ought to use something else for their software.11:14
lpappfoo-prefix or whatever.11:14
ant_workyes, probably you should configure the extra with --prefix=11:17
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ant_workthe 3d-party soft should be configured11:18
ant_workaccordingly to OE/Yocto11:18
lpappnot according to Yocto, but common sense, yes :)11:21
lpappto be compatible with autotools.11:21
lpappwhen I do USERADD_PARAM_${PN} = ... how can I execute some custom command with the freshly created users?11:21
lpappso I want to make sure to run commands AFTER the user is added11:21
lpappI want to modify a user's profile for instance.11:21
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bluelightninglpapp: there isn't a facility for that that I know of12:51
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lpappbluelightning: ok, thanks.12:51
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lpappbluelightning: I put the whole profile stuff on hold for now ... and just prepend the PATH in the same line where the application is started.12:52
lpappthat means, it is more difficult to run manually than via the initscript system, but that is it for now.12:52
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cart_manHey which setting do I change to NOT have a Live image built by bitbake?13:03
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mimetonboHello guys, Im working on a Cyclone 5 devleopment kit and would like to change the kernel. Currently Im on 3.10 and want to try out higher versions. The information I could gather online was to set a variable called Preffered_kernel in local.conf with your desired kernel name13:06
mimetonboHowever it doesn't seem to be working, could anyone help me regarding this?13:07
lpappcart_man: live image?13:07
lpappIMAGE_FSTYPES -> remove live?13:08
mimetonboI am not sure I understand what you mean by live image13:08
lpappyou do not have to.13:09
lpapp"foo:" means on IRC that it is addressed to user foo.13:09
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HappycatHello !13:12
lpappmimetonbo: what exactly does not seem to be working?13:12
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lpappbtw, I put it into the distro and machine config, but local config might be also good.13:13
HappycatGuys, i modified the mplayer2 recipe on the fido branch to enable the directFB support, i would like to share it for any purpose but i don't even know if people would be interested or just how to do it , do i have to post it on the mailing list on contact somebody in particular ? Thanks for your answers :)13:13
bluelightningmimetonbo: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel is presumably what you are looking for, that will select a different kernel recipe13:14
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bluelightningHappycat: I suspect OE would take the enhancement if it was made into a PACKAGECONFIG option13:15
lpappI would make it optional.13:16
bluelightningHappycat: ideally it would be great if you could make a patch and send it to the openembedded-devel mailing list (since it's for meta-oe) - see
HappycatOk i'll read that , thanks ! i already made a patch but i am patching the recipe , another solution is to make it a .bbappend, is that what you mean by PACKAGECONFIG option ? i started working with yocto several days ago i don't know a lot about it sorry :/13:18
Happycatthanks, well i missed a lot of things on internet obviously , i'm gonna read all of it, thanks a lot for your help13:19
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HappycatHmm on last question , i was reading the PACKAGECONFIG  option description but i don't see anything saying that i can add something to the do_configure function , i have to set a dependecy , and the --enable-directfb flag that's totally possible but i also have to add a line to the do_configure method , am i missing something ?13:29
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Happycatoh my bad the line i have to add can be unconditional , and the option would only be activated by the PACKAGECONFIG13:31
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lpappbluelightning: I am lost for a second... if the -dev package carries the SO, how can I install the application to be run on the target without the -dev package?14:08
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lpappI thought the -dev packages are never necessary to be installed.14:09
bluelightninglpapp: the -dev package does not contain .so*, just .so14:09
bluelightningby default14:09
lpappoh, star meant correction.14:09
bluelightningthe .so file is meant to be a symlink, not an actual binary14:10
bluelightningand applications shouldn't be linking to it, they should be linking to the versioned file14:10
bluelightningthe .so symlink is there for development purposes14:10
bluelightninghence why it goes into the -dev package14:10
lpappah, ok, that is how I remembered, too. In that case, I do not know why I am getting this: /usr/bin/foo: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:11
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lpappit is looking for, not
bluelightningit's probably not correctly linked, then14:12
lpapphmm, good question why not.14:12
lpappI just use the regular -lmylib14:13
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lpappThe lib is installed in /usr/lib fwiw.14:14
lpappso all looks ok to me.14:14
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AlexVaduvahello guys I have one curiosity:15:00
AlexVaduvalog_check: NOTE: warning: libstdc++-staticdev-4.9.1-r0.0@ppce500mc is already installed15:00
AlexVaduvabut there does not seem to be a duplicate15:00
AlexVaduvaany ideas of what the cause of such a bug should be15:02
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RPkergoth: FWIW, basically works. Its a bit slower than the current data store but no update_data is needed15:42
RPbluelightning: you might be interested in the above too. Obviously needs a bit more cleanup to the commit messages and so on15:42
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kergothlooks promising, will take a look15:46
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RPkergoth: just realised the data store no longer uses COW with these changes. VariableHistory still does but not DataSmart...16:36
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khem`RP: I am not able to reproduce the qemux86-64 failures w.r.t. iptables coreutils and elfutils17:35
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khem`are these still happening on AB17:45
khem`this is what I was looking at
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denixso, oprofile gets rebuilt between machines with different kernel - should it be marked as machine-specific or added to safe deps/abi list?18:37
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Crofton|workdenix, use perf :)19:04
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denixCrofton|work: heh :)19:11
Crofton|workI hav ea patch I'm going to send to remoe oprofile from tools-profile19:12
Crofton|workpartly becuae it leaves an open port (oprofile-ui)19:12
denixCrofton|work: good that you don't suggest using openwrt... :)19:12
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kergothHmm, should enhance `bitbake-layers add-layer` to warn if the added layer depends on layers which aren't in bblayers.conf yet20:01
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khem`denix: machine specific if it has kernel module20:04
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kergothhmm, shouldn't the create-recipe script in scripts/ be obsolete in favor of `recipetool create` at this point?20:10
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denixkhem`: it doesn't have a kernel module -
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denixand one more question about sstate...20:37
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denixwhen EXTRA_OECONF points to staging dir, it changes between machines due to different sysroots and forces package rebuilds... am I missing a fix or is it expected?20:40
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kergoththat doesn't make a great deal of sense. sstate includes *unexpanded* versions of the variables20:41
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kergothe.g. it includes ${STAGING_DIR_HOST} which includes ${STAGING_DIR} which is ${TMPDIR}/sysroots, and TMPDIR is realtive to TOPDIR, and TOPDIR is excluded from checksums20:42
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kergothso the full absolute path will *not* be part of the checksums unless you forced early expansion with :=20:42
kergothpresumably overriding TMPDIR to some other path could cause reuse problems since i think TOPDIR is excluded but not TMPDIR, but would have to doublecheck BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST20:43
denixkergoth: was this *unexpanded* condition always the case? or was it implemented recently?20:43
kergoththat's always been the case20:43
kergoththe version richard pulled in has always been based on unexpanded variables20:43
kergothmy initial implementation, which his was based on but still differs substantially from, used expanded forms, which had some advantages, but increased complexity20:44
denixkergoth: ok, thanks. I'm seeing expanded EXTRA_OECONF when running bitbake-diffsigs - Variable EXTRA_OECONF value changed from ...20:45
kergoththen something is forcing it to be expanded early20:45
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kergothe.g. with := or a getVar() at parse time20:45
kergothwell, getVar+setVar, i should say20:45
denixkergoth: yeah, let me check that20:45
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kergoththe downside to unexpanded is the checksums end up caring not just about what things were set to, but also how they were set20:47
kergothe.g. there's no real reason for hte checksum to be different between FOO = "${BAR}" and FOO = "bar" if BAR is bar20:48
kergoththe end result is the same, after all20:48
kergothoh well20:48
denixkergoth: yep! both packages with different EXTRA_OECONF try to mangle the value in .bbappend and hence use :=20:48
kergothsadly common, most will use :=+oe_filter_out before using anonymous python to remove/alter the value20:48
kergoth_remove isn't really an option for bbappends, not if you want to play well with others20:49
kergothbest to convert that to anonymous python20:49
denixkergoth: thanks!20:49
denixkergoth: can you comment on oprofile question from above? :)20:50
denixalso sstate related...20:50
kergothif the resulting package isn't machine specific, andn has no kernel modules, i'd be inclined to say it should be added to the safe deps for its dependency on the kernel, but i haven't played with oprofile much20:51
denixkergoth: yeah, me neither. I'm inclined to add it to safe deps, but looks like it pokes into kernel internals, so I'm a bit worried if the ABI is not entirely safe20:52
* kergoth nods20:52
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denixoprofile been around in oe-core for long time, but looks like not many use it these days, as I'd expect it to be fixed one way or another...20:54
kergothcould always try marking it safe and using it on a few machines to check sanity20:55
kergothnot full proof, but better than nothing20:55
denixkergoth: btw, doing getVar/setVar in __anonymous will also expand it, isn't it?21:00
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kergothdenix: if it's getting the expanded version, yes21:16
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