Wednesday, 2015-05-27

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bltzfsckabelloni: you still there?  i had to step away.  im running yocto on an edison00:57
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Marexbltzfsck: you still need the help about GPIO or something ?01:07
Marexbltzfsck: did you read for example ? :)01:07
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Marexbltzfsck: btw he's French, I doubt he'd be around now (it's 2 or 3 am in there now)01:17
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Valentin_hi all!!07:07
bluelightninghi Valentin_07:07
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Valentin_i cross-compiled Qt for yocto, but when i'm trying to qmake my project i get error "Could not find qmake configuration file i586-poky-linux-g++", but config for i586-poky-linux-g++ exists in mkspecs folder07:08
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Valentin_also, if i'm trying cross-compile from ubuntu, i get this error "error: iostream: No such file or directory", I created in Qt Creator new kit, set right sysroot and compiler from this sysroot07:31
Valentin_i mean my project07:31
ericbutterstry to add §CXXFLAGS to $CXX command07:34
ericbutters$CXXFLAGS i meant07:34
ericbuttersbut that should be used anyway..07:35
Valentin_I don't think this is a reason07:39
ericbuttersokay.. try to do: "which qmake" to be sure you use the right one, then do "qmake -query" to see settings..07:41
ericbuttersyou can modify qt.conf to match the paths..07:43
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Valentin_I solved this! in qmake step in project configuration I override argument "-spec i586-poky-linux-g++"07:53
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Valentin_but now i have another problem, when trying launch my executable, i get error "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"07:54
Valentin_in Qt folder in lib folder exists
Valentin_it seems like version conflict07:55
ericbuttersexport qt=/where/qt5/is  then export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$qt/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH -- export PATH=$qt/libexec:$PATH -- export QML2_IMPORT_PATH=$qt/qml -- export QT_PLUGIN_PATH=$qt/plugins07:57
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Valentin_ok! i have another question: how can i get permanent export effect? after reboot all environment variable no longer exists07:59
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ericbuttersadd them to your .bashrc08:00
Valentin_in the yocto /etc/skel/.bashrc, is this a right file?08:02
Valentin_your solution with variables now working :( as i sad earlier it seems like a miss filename08:05
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ericbuttersso you are able to compile and link your executable right? but the executable does not find the libraries, so LD_LIBRARY_PATH has be set.08:07
ericbutters*has to be set08:07
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Valentin_i duplicated and renamed this files and it worked!!08:13
Valentin_i have another question)08:14
Valentin_how can I enable bluetooth on system start?08:14
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Valentin_without manual command input: rfkill unblock bluetooth08:15
Valentin_after Edison reboot i get this "Could not chdir to home directory /home/root: No such device" what does it mean?08:21
Valentin_"-sh: /home/root/.profile: No such device"08:21
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parrotwhat does PACKAGECONFIG variable do?08:24
parrotthe example I have here PACKAGECONFIG[uxa] = "--enable-uxa,--disable-uxa" ...what does it mean really?08:24
parrotI read this which is good enough. But then how do I enable a feature (let's take uxa as example)?08:28
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joseppcparrot: in PACKAGECONFIG08:33
parrotu mean setting the PACKAGECONFIG variable?08:34
joseppcyou could add configuration options depending on distro features, for instance08:35
parrotok...I think I'm starting the get the drill now...thanks joseppc08:36
joseppcparrot: you're welcome!08:36
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bluelightningmorning all08:56
likewisebluelightning: morning09:04
bluelightninghi likewise09:05
parrotdoes autotools support
bluelightningparrot: if you mean autotools.bbclass, not really, it does all of the work that usually does09:10
parrotthe thing is my package only has which autotools doesn't seem to recognise09:10
bluelightningparrot: it should, it definitely does for other recipes09:11
bluelightningparrot: would you be able to pastebin your recipe?09:11
parrotbluelightning: with pleasure
parrotI assume I don't even need to define do configure, compile and install if I dont specify anything special?09:13
bluelightningparrot: right, you should remove those definitions - it's the do_configure one that is getting in the way of autotools.bbclass doing what it needs to09:13
bluelightningparrot: oe_runconf effectively only does the part where ./configure is executed with the appropriate arguments09:14
parrotbluelightning: ok..I removed the definition of do_configure and now I got  error: must install xorg-macros 1.8 or later before running autoconf/autogen . AFAIK, we do have xorg-macro don't we?09:16
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bluelightningparrot: we do indeed - took me a second to find it, you need to add util-macros to DEPENDS09:22
bluelightningsomewhat poorly named but at least it's there...09:22
parrotheh I thought the same thing too. now it compiles, I just fiddling with files installed but not shipped thingy09:23
parrotbut I think I'm good from here09:23
parrotbluelightning: thanks for your helping hands09:25
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milanbluelightning: During  build of a package, I get this warning "include location "/usr/include" is unsafe for cross-compilation" , followed by build failure11:49
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milanNot sure why it tries to fetch headers from system path, when the same are available in staging11:50
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JaMamilan: read configure script12:18
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Marexmilan: which package does that ?12:22
Marexmilan: I had this issue with perf, I am gonna post a patch for that once more testing is done here12:23
Marexbluelightning: Hi! Is there any chance the fitImage patches would get applied for Yocto 1.9 please ?12:23
MarexJaMa: sometimes there are hard-coded paths in some pieces of software :(12:24
milanMarex: It's for samhain-server12:26
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JaMaMarex: yes or calling some foo-config from host12:32
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bluelightningMarex: I believe they just got merged to master12:40
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MarexJaMa: I'm a BFU :)12:43
Marexbluelightning: oh wow, right, I didn't notice, thanks !12:44
bluelightningMarex: np, thanks for developing & polishing them :)12:44
Marexbluelightning: nah man, thanks for your help and help from others :)12:45
tmcguireI found a bug in the Vivante Wayland support in Yocto, what is the best place to report that, Freescale forums?12:46
tmcguire(there is no freescale IRC channel, right?)12:46
abelloniotavio: ^12:46
Marexotavio: you again released something which is completely broken ? :-)12:46
Marexabelloni: right :)12:46
Marextmcguire: there's no IRC channel, no12:47
tmcguiredo you mean me? yes, linux-imx.imx6qsabresd to be precise.12:49
tmcguirethe frame gets corrupted after a client is resized.12:50
tmcguiregot a standalone minimal testcase even.12:50
tmcguireit would be nice if that testcase could somehow make its way to the Vivante devs.12:51
LetoThe2ndheh no, i meant maybe there is a #linux-imx channel12:51
tmcguireah, #imx6-dev12:52
tmcguirehmm no, that is for a specific project.12:53
otaviotmcguire: send this to meta-freescale mailing list12:56
otaviotmcguire: I can than add GPU guys in the email afterwards12:57
otavioMarex: me? No way .. I just put the released shit in a less bad form12:57
tmcguireah, there is a freescale-specific product on that bugzilla, I see. Thanks octavio!12:57
Marexotavio: waste management :-)12:58
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otavioMarex: kkk12:58
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tmcguireotavio: reported as now, thanks for pointing me to the right place.13:19
yoctiBug 7811: normal, Undecided, ---, otavio, NEW , Buffer corruption after resizing wayland client13:19
tmcguireCCing the GPU guys would be fantastic.13:19
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otaviotmcguire: I did this privately13:24
otaviotmcguire: they are not in bugzilla13:24
tmcguirethanks, that's more than I had hoped before coming here :)13:24
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leowtis there any way to make toaster build specific layer fsimages?13:30
leowtsince i cant add more than those on the IMAGE_FSTYPES13:31
leowtrunning bitbake after toast build is kinda not cool13:31
bluelightningif the extra types are available in the command line, they should be available in Toaster13:34
bluelightningif not, that would be a bug...13:35
leowtit builds, but it doesnt create the imagefs13:35
leowtcreates all fs but not the specific appended one13:35
belenbluelightning: they might not be. I am not sure how the list we currently provide is generated13:35
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leowtthis one13:37
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belenleowt: this looks like a bug. Could I ask you to open a Bugzila entry?13:44
leowtbelen, shure13:44
belenleowt: a Bugzilla one, I mean … having typing problems today :/13:44
belenleowt: thanks!13:45
bluelightningleowt: can you tell through the variable history in Toaster whether the value you set actually applied?13:47
bluelightningleowt: this sounds like it's not getting applied rather than that it isn't understood13:47
bluelightninghmm, maybe I missed that we're actually prescribing the allowed values in the interface13:49
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gardarhHello, I have a bitbake recipe ( ) where I'm trying to add the file to /usr/lib/python2.7/ dir for my image14:26
gardarhHowever, when I build my recipe I'm getting the error:  The recipe python-ast is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist. Those files and their manifest location are:    /home/gardarh/yocto-toradex/build/out-glibc/sysroots/qemuarm/usr/lib/python2.7/ast.py14:27
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gardarhHowever that file is never installed into my image14:27
gardarhdoes anyone know how to bypass this error or how to install that existing file into the image?14:28
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gardarhthis line from the error might be relevant as well:  Matched in manifest-qemuarm-python.populate_sysroot14:32
bluelightninggardarh: do you actually need that as a separate recipe? the python recipe already provides ast.py14:33
bluelightningthat's basically what it's telling you14:33
gardarhmy original problem is that it doesn't appear in my image14:34
gardarhbluelightning: This is really what is confusing to me, it seems like this file is listed in some manifest but never ends up on the system14:34
bluelightninggardarh: whether or not it ends up in your image depends on which package you install into the image14:35
bluelightningpython is split up into a number of different packages14:35
gardarhYeah, I tried running 'grep -rI ""' on my root meta directory14:36
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gardarhwithout any luck14:36 does not appear anywhere in the openembedded-core/scripts/contrib/python/generate-manifest-2.7.py14:37
gardarhis there any way to determine what recipe defines this file?14:37
bluelightninggardarh: based on the output of "oe-pkgdata-util find-path */" it looks like you need to add python-misc into your image14:37
mario-goulartor "git grep -l" in the buildhistory directory14:38
bluelightningmario-goulart: if you have buildhistory enabled, yes14:38
mario-goulartyeah, assuming buildhistory is enabled. :-)14:39
bluelightningthe nice thing with pkgdata is it's always there, so provided you have a recent enough version of the build system, oe-pkgdata-util should be able to answer these kinds of questions14:39
bluelightning(the recipe does need to have been built first, of course)14:40
gardarhhmm, thanks, looking through buildhistory indicates python-misc brings this file14:40
bluelightningright, that's what I just said ;)14:41
gardarhlet met try adding it, see how it goes14:41
gardarhright, thanks :)14:41
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gardarhWorked fine when I added python-misc, thanks so much for the advice14:48
gardarhone thing, for the oe-pkgdata-util, what should the pkgdatadir point to?14:50
bluelightningtmp/sysroots/<your machine>/pkgdata14:52
bluelightningin newer versions it figures out the directory for you14:52
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belenleowt: can you get a screenshot of what you get when you click on IMAGE_FSTYPES on that page?15:20
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leowtbelen ive started a new yocto env and i am building a clean rpi image, will post as soon as it concludes15:59
belenleowt: Thanks!16:01
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otaviotmcguire: the gpu guy has reproduced it16:50
otaviotmcguire: is on fix queue16:50
otavioit is16:50
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rnerihi #yocto gurus! I have a question for you regarding populating the LICENSE_DIRECTORY . I have a recipe to build a initramfs. When I build the  initramfs LICENSE_DIRECTORY gets populated correctly. Howerever, when I try to build a live image, the directory is not populated.17:01
rnerimy live image recipe depends on my initramfs:do_rootfs task17:01
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #305 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
rnerihow do I get to populate the LICENSE_DIRECTORY from my live image recipe? I tried to make it depend on do_build in such a case it only runs do_populate_lic on the components but not all the other tasks (unpack, patch, compile, etc)17:03
*** DS___ <DS___!c9529440@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto17:03
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #326 of eclipse-plugin-juno is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
DS___Hi! I'm doing an append to a uboot recipe. This append should build something that depends on the finished kernel image (in case you're wondering, it should build a FIT). What is the best way to proceed with that? The biggest problem is that the final image is an initramfs, which already has to run the kernel recipe twice.17:12
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RPkergoth: I've updated quite a bit. The commit messages are right now (ignoring the debug junk one and the keys tweak/revert)17:31
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cleiton_There is something I can use in the case of SD-CARD, Compact Flash. analyzing the provided datasheet and use in Linux Embedded? To estimate useful life of the flash device?17:38
Marexcleiton_: automotive-grade emmc should have some guarantees on lifespan17:39
MarexRP: hey, is it normal that Yocto SDK toolchain puts compiler option into $CC variable when I source the environment-setup... script ?17:39
MarexRP: I was always under the impression that CC holds just the name of the compiler, nothing else17:39
cleiton_Marex, some commnad Linux to this analyse?17:39
Marexcleiton_: I don't know of any, try googling 'sd card torture test' or 'sd card stress test' or 'sd card life expectancy'17:41
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cleiton_Marex, I go googling hehe...17:42
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #324 of eclipse-plugin-kepler is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
RPMarex: its very normal, this is how OE compiles most things too17:46
MarexRP: yeah, but I cannot use the SDK toolchain to compile U-Boot tools outside of Yocto anymore, since U-Boot picks $CROSS_COMPILE and from that generates it's own internal $CC by setting it to ${CROSS_COMPILE}-gcc17:51
MarexRP: thus, the --with-sysroot and all other options which are coming from the Yocto's "$CC" are omitted and the build fails17:51
MarexRP: can you give me a hint which part of this chain shall I fix please ?17:51
kergothjust pass CC into the u-boot build instead17:51
kergothproblem solved17:51
Marexkergoth: I'm using the Yocto SDK toolchain, I build U-Boot outside of Yocto17:52
Marexkergoth: I have $CC set, but the U-Boot Makefile overrides the CC17:52
kergothmake "CC=${CC}" would probably d17:53
Marexlet me try17:53
kergothmost buildssytems don't obey the environment variables in preference to their own definitions.17:53
kergoththat's typical17:53
kergothbut variables set on the make commandline override what's in the makefiles17:53
Marexkergoth: oh, this works, thanks !17:53
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Marexkergoth: thanks a lot :)18:04
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DS___What is the best way to get "debug" information from a recipe? I want to echo some variables and check that everything is as it's supposed to be, however when baking stuff I don't see the output anywhere18:32
kergothbitbake -e to examine global configuration metadata, bitbake -e recipename to examine recipe metadata18:36
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DS___That was helpful kergoth. Thanks!18:42
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kergothOT, but for any other zsh users in the crowd, in case it's of use:
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denixj #beagle20:03
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Marexbtw is there a Yocto support for NIOS2 ? (Altera softcore) ?20:10
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nerdboyCrofton|work: got a minute?21:32
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kergothbluelightning: any thoughts on future devtool sub-commands? we're mulling over adding the functionality for for 1) injecting random files into ${S}, e.g. copying dts files into an appropriate place for compilation, and 2) easier overridding of file:// URIs, e.g. defconfig22:30
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