Thursday, 2015-05-28

bluelightningkergoth: both of those sound useful... the latter might be better placed in recipetool perhaps00:10
bluelightningI really have to get some sleep but we ought to talk more about this00:10
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kergothk, night00:57
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[w00t]Hi, I've been having trouble with booting the yocto-built linux kernel using extlinux. I've tried both the standard (no change in config) and altering the config (both with and without initrd) but it always complains that it is unable to find a valid root file system. Booting with my custom made kernel is however possible. Has anyone else encounter06:05
[w00t]ed similar issues?06:05
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redengin[w00t], does your custom include a different fstypes?06:13
[w00t]redengin: I've tried including as many fs types as possible in both the custom and for the yocto config06:15
redenginhave you tried a diff between the yocto .config and your custom .config?06:16
[w00t]redengin: I'm about to :) I'm guessing that there will be quite a big difference as the gentoo one features a lot less modules06:18
redengin[w00t], sorry, I don't have any experience with extlinux to know what it may specifically need06:21
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redenginwhat fstype is your root?06:22
[w00t]And it's included in the kernel06:23
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redengin[w00t], what device is it on?06:24
[w00t]It seems like either the module isn't loaded properly or it is somehow unable to find the root... at first I got a similar issue when the initrd failed to locate /sbin/init due to it being symlinked to /sbin/init.sysvinit06:24
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[w00t]redengin: It's a virtual machine06:24
[w00t]redengin: vmware06:25
redengin[w00t], it'll still need to be mapped to some sort of device scsi, ide, sata, etc.06:25
redenginand its only the kernel that changes between your test cases?06:27
[w00t]redengin: yes06:29
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[w00t]I'll try to build it as similar to my custom one as possible and se if it works. Probably just missed some small feature..06:36
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redenginwhile you're building, do a diff between the two configs...   thats probably going to show the critical difference06:46
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[w00t]redengin: I did.. It differs a lot06:54
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redengincan you pastebin it, there aren't a lot of things that would influence initrd or filesystems06:54
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[w00t]redengin: Unfortunately I'm not allowed to06:58
[w00t]redengin: But I've got different architectures in the config, and also the yocto sets CONFIG_EMBEDDED06:59
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[w00t]redengin: Pentium M vs i68607:01
kanupatarhi guys07:02
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #37 of nightly-world-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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jaeckelis there a way to create system-wide environment variables in yocto?08:13
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bluelightningjaeckel: can you explain what you mean by that?08:15
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jaeckelI currently have a problem when using gnupg from init scripts because it doesn't correctly resolve ~ to /root but to /, so I wanted to set GNUPGHOME to point to the correct folder08:25
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #314 of nightly-arm is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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gardarhIs anyone here familiar with the difference between inheriting distutils and setuptools when building python packages?10:32
gardarhI'm building this recipe: (it builds the SOAPpy package)10:33
gardarhwhich has dependencies... if I use setuptools it will put the SOAPpy folder directly under the site-packages, like this:
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gardarhHowever, when using distutils it will extract all dependencies but put in incorrectly under site-packages, like this:
gardarhI could just move all the site-packages subdirs to the dir above but I feel like I'm not using the tool correctly and should perhaps pass a flag or something10:47
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lpappgood morning11:43
lpappis Bernhard Reutner-Fischer available in this channel?11:43
lpappkhem: ping11:44
lpappkhem: what exactly did you mean by "may be you can insert a custom task after useradd_sysroot ?"?11:45
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lpappbluelightning: perhaps you know what a custom task would be? Sorry for the highlight.12:10
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abellonido_sometask() { }12:17
abelloniaddtask sometask after useradd_sysroot12:17
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lpappabelloni: literally like that in the recipe?12:27
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abellonilpapp: sure12:34
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lpappabelloni: actually it looks even simpler, it seems that the useradd task runs before do_install, so I can probably do my own thing in there?12:40
lpappPlease refer to:
lpapp"# The new users and groups are created before the do_install # step, so you are now free to make use of them:"12:41
lpappalthough it is unfortunate that things like ${datadir} is not documented.12:43
abelloniI'm not sure you understand what a community project is12:43
lpappgiven that I have been doing that for well over a decade, it is unlikely. :)12:44
lpapp(not that my comment does not stand still)12:45
lpapp(community project or not)12:45
abelloniI mean it has been at least one year that I see you complaining about things not working properly or not being documented12:47
lpappyeah, not very long time. I am relatively new to the project.12:48
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lpappand by complaining you mean providing feedback, right?12:48
lpapp(most of which were fixed by Scott, thankfully)12:48
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lpapphmm, it seems to be documented actually, just not searchable by the direct variable names:
lpapp(I guess I did not know what else to look for other than the variable names)12:51
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lpappI wonder if there is a better place to put this information at, in the documentation as this knowledge is not CONFFILES specific.12:54
lpappI was personally looking for it under the bitbake section.12:54
AlexVaduvahello guys I meet the following  do_rootfs warning: libstdc++-staticdev-4.9.1-r0.0@ppce500mc is already installed13:14
AlexVaduvaindeed the package appears in the log file defined twice13:15
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AlexVaduvain the "NOTE: Installing the following packages:"13:15
AlexVaduvabut I cannot seem to understand why13:15
AlexVaduvacould you please help me?13:15
lpappwhich recipe does it come from?13:15
lpapptwo different or the same?13:16
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AlexVaduvato be honest I do not know13:17
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AlexVaduvaI am now searcing for them :D13:17
lpappI think that is the first thing to figure out13:17
lpappbut if you do not mean to install it on your own, then PRIVATE_LIBS will not be necessary.13:17
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AlexVaduvait seems it is brought by two different packagegroups13:19
bluelightningthat shouldn't be a problem13:19
AlexVaduvathat is what I am thinking also13:19
bluelightningI think there's a bug here somewhere (possibly in smart) and we are only seeing it now because we are exposing warning messages printed during do_rootfs13:19
AlexVaduvabut I believe bitbake know to reunite two lists of packages13:20
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AlexVaduvasmart could impact the do_rootfs task?13:20
AlexVaduvanoob question because i do not know much about it :D13:20
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AlexVaduvaalso my image does not contain smart in its packages13:22
bluelightningAlexVaduva: when you have RPM packaging selected, we use smart to do the actual image assembly during do_rootfs - ultimately we just send a list of packages to smart and it figures out all of the dependencies and determines the final list of packages that need to be installed13:25
AlexVaduvaaah ok13:25
AlexVaduvaso it must be a smart bug somewhere13:25
bluelightningwell, the question is, are we sending the same package twice to smart, or is this coming about due to the internal behaviour of smart itself13:25
AlexVaduvaso this is why it finds duplicate packages13:26
bluelightningif we are sending the same package twice, that would probably be a bug on our side13:26
AlexVaduvawell the packages13:26
bluelightninganother option is we could whitelist this warning13:26
AlexVaduvabecause there are a few13:26
lpapphmm, there is no bitbake variable for the home holder.13:26
AlexVaduvaseem to apear in more then one packagegroup13:26
lpappfolder, sorry.13:26
bluelightningthough I don't know that we already have whitelisting functionality for the do_rootfs warning code13:26
lpappsomething like ${homedir}13:27
AlexVaduva588:NOTE: warning: libstdc++-staticdev-4.9.1-r0.0@ppce500mc is already installed13:27
AlexVaduva589:warning: libexpat-dev-2.1.0-r0.0@ppce500mc is already installed13:27
AlexVaduva590:warning: libc6-staticdev-2.20-r0.0@ppce500mc is already installed13:27
AlexVaduva591:warning: libstdc++-dev-4.9.1-r0.0@ppce500mc is already installed13:27
AlexVaduva592:warning: libusb-1.0-dbg-1.0.19-r0.0@ppce500mc is already installed13:27
AlexVaduva593:warning: gettext-dev- is already installed13:27
AlexVaduva594:warning: libgomp-dev-4.9.1-r0.0@ppce500mc is already installed13:27
AlexVaduva595:warning: libc6-dev-2.20-r0.0@ppce500mc is already installed13:27
AlexVaduva596:warning: libc6-dbg-2.20-r0.0@ppce500mc is already installed13:27
AlexVaduva597:warning: libgcc-s-dev-4.9.1-r0.0@ppce500mc is already installed13:27
AlexVaduvathese are the warnings13:27
bluelightningright, that doesn't really mean much without context though13:27
bluelightninglpapp: if you mean the home directory for a specific user, that wouldn't work13:28
lpappbluelightning: for the generic /home location.13:28
bluelightningI guess noone has cared to move that up to now...13:28
lpappit just feels a bit out of place to type /home/foo/.profile beside the other variables.13:28
bluelightningthere is only ROOT_HOME that specifies the home directory for the root user13:29
lpappI am still pondering if it is a valid thing to do, but I think it is.13:29
lpappsince it is common in server setup that services are run under a particular user, which is intentionally not root.13:29
lpappsure, /home does not have much meaning in desktop content for packages, but on servers, it may.13:29
lpappserver is a bit specific.13:29
bluelightningyes but for service users you shouldn't really be using .profile for anything13:29
lpappso what should I use then for extending the PATH?13:30
bluelightning.profile AFAIK is for interactive shells13:30
lpappor I should not extend the PATH in the first place?13:30
bluelightningeither don't, or do it in the script that starts the service13:30
lpappI think it is OK to put suid binaries into /sbin.13:30
lpappbluelightning: that is fine as long as the devs remember to run that services through that script and not manually.13:31
bluelightningso it is interactive13:31
bluelightningin which case .profile would be the way to do it then13:31
lpappbluelightning: the only problem with that approach is that you have to take care in the code when doing exec, etc.13:31
lpappwith .profile, that is no issue in the code.13:31
lpappwell, the other problem is obviously that you cannot run the services easily without using the init service13:32
bluelightningdid you consider auto-extending PATH in the global /etc/profile based on some other criteria (group membership) as I suggested the other day?13:32
lpappone more thing to replicate otherwise.13:32
lpappyes, I did consider and deemed complex :)13:32
lpappor unusual.13:32
lpappat least for me.13:32
bluelightningcomplex? it's trivial13:32
lpappcomplex in the sense that it makes the system non-standardy13:32
lpappprofiles were meant for this, I think.13:33
lpapptherefore I was looking for ${homedir/foo/.profile. /home/foo feels out of place when everything starts with variables in the recipe for the installation instructions.13:34
lpappit is just stylistic, sure, but still :)13:34
lpappwell, not necessarily stylistic, but yeah.13:34
bluelightningit's up to you, but that is my advice13:34
lpappbluelightning: etc has security issues, too.13:35
lpapp-> /home/nic/.profile is not visible by others13:35
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lpapptherefore, it is a bit unusual request from desktop point of view, but it makes sense to me from server point of view.13:36
lpapp1) I would like to make it distro policy, not hard coded in the services 2) I would like to constrain its visibility to that particular user 3) I would like to have consistent variable usage for that installation - These are my requirements.13:37
lpapp4) Ideally, I would like to make it so that the devs can avoid the initscripts, so that they can just use NFS and run the binary from there without adjustments.13:38
lpappit seems to me these are only fulfilled by /home/foo/.profile13:38
lpappunless you revoke the read access for /etc/profile13:38
lpapp(but that would have other problems, like users would not be able to read while this information relates to them, too!)13:40
lpappso that is why I think I wanted /home/foo/.profile over other solutions. It is not an easy decision as /home/foo/.profile looks painful from package point of view.13:41
lpappI may have missed something.13:41
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lpappI considered the busybox change that Bernhard created after my suggestion, but that also has issues :)13:44
lpapp1) You pollute your filesystem with a skeleton file 2) Busybox specific solution, not buildsystem specific.13:44
lpapp3) It is not yet in busybox, so it would mean some additional maintenance to me.13:44
lpapp(it is also questionable whether it gets at all, at this point)13:45
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paulgseems the fetcher change to not use sums for hg broke vim downloads...14:40
paulgreverting commit 70c1d222c08ba5bdca416c6f1c2bcb0f15c93126 fixes it14:41
paulgyou need to cleanall in order to force a fetch, else you won't see it.14:42
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paulgERROR: Function failed: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 255, output:14:42
paulgabort: repository /home/paul/poky/build/downloads/hg/ not found!14:42
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lpapphmm, interesting QA issue: gcc-cross-canadian-arm: found library in wrong location14:56
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lpappbluelightning: it seems that you have done some fixes for that claiming that it was still over zealous15:02
bluelightninglpapp: I believe it is yes, you may choose to simply disable it15:03
lpappbluelightning: so how can I pin it down whether or not it is a false positive?15:04
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kanupatarhi guys15:44
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kanupatarException: ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable SRCPV, expression was ${@bb.fetch2.get_srcrev(d)} which triggered exception FetchError: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 128, output: fatal: '/home/xxx/DriverSrc' does not appear to be a git repository fatal: Could not read from remote repository.  Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.15:51
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kanupatarany ideas?15:53
kergothsounds like you made your recipe point to a nonexistent local repositroy15:54
kergothwhich would be exactlyw hat it says15:55
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kanupatarbitbake core-image-weston gives me following error. Please check Exception: ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable SRCPV, expression was ${@bb.fetch2.get_srcrev(d)} which triggered exception FetchError: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 128, output: fatal: '/home/xxx/DriverSrc' does not appear to be a git repository fatal: Could not read from remote repository.  Please make sure you have the correct access rig16:01
kergothyes, you already said that. in multiple channels16:02
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kanupatarkergoth:my low connection16:04
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DS_Hello! I just tried baking an image (something very common), however I just got ~33 error messages like this one: "ERROR: QA Issue: Package version for package kernel went backwards which would break....... [version-going-backwards]". I googled and it appears the maintainers of some layer/recipe decided to change stuff around. How can I repair this in my system? Do I need to clean everything and start from scratch, or will this go away th16:53
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sm0ketsthi all. What is the best way to use the linux-yocto-rt? dependency in the image and preferred in the machine.conf only?18:18
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sm0ketstif i use the yocto-bsp to create mybsp, i can select only the 3.10 for the linux-yocto-rt kernel, and it also provides 3.10 bbappend with .scc files but not for the 3.14, no choice.18:20
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sm0ketstbut i can see the 3.15 for the rt in the dizzy branch, and if i remove the preferred version from 3.10 i can build the 3.14. In any case i can run only the standard but not the rt18:21
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TRoGd0RHow can I update my local.conf to include pgrep and pkill?  Thanks!18:46
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TRoGd0RI added IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "    procps" but it didn't give me pgrep or pkill18:48
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paulbarkerhalstead: I'm trying to upload an opkg release to but getting a time out from ssh. It's been ages since I last did this, anything changed?19:00
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halsteadpaulbarker, Yes. We moved it to a faster network but ssh is now blocked by the firewall. You'll need to bounce via another server. I'll send the config via e-mail.19:11
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paulbarkerhalstead: Cheers19:18
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RPkergoth: there is a problem with this update_data removal :(. d.keys() doesn't list the override expanded version of keys. Turns out making it do so is expensive too :(21:58
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