Friday, 2015-05-29

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frackersknock knock01:36
frackersTrying to follow but I get an error from runqemu - "version `GLIBC_2.14' not found". All bug reports I can find are from 2012 :(01:37
frackersThis is on kubuntu 14.04LTS01:37
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frackersHmmm - busy channel01:49
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nerdboyCrofton|work: did you ever ack?03:39
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AlexVaduvamorning all06:16
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RagBalMy custom kernel is getting an IP by DHCP and uses NFS for the rootfs, during kernel boot I can see the IP config with nameservers and the system boots nicely. After it is booted I can ping IPs but no hostnames as it doesn't resolve them using the nameservers. resolv.conf is empty and when I place my nameservers in it everything works. Is there any way of auto configuring the resolv.conf for the nameservers my kernel fetches during boot?07:12
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chankitRagBal: perhaps u can take a look at the resolvconf recipe and go from there07:24
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RagBalchallinan, I have tried resolvconf but it doesn't seem to add the nameservers to resolv.conf07:26
RagBalchallinan, sorry meant chankit07:27
parrotRagBal: I think you can take a look the recipe and check which file inside the temp dir gets copied to /etc/resolv.conf. Then, u know where you can add the name servers07:35
parrotnot the most elegant one though. let's see if there's more expert here :-)07:35
parrotRagBal: perhaps this page can provide better clues07:39
RagBalparrot, thanks, will have a look at it07:50
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LetoThe2ndis there a kind of metapackage that just installs all kernel modules without having to list time explicitly?08:17
LetoThe2ndah, probably just "kernel-modules" :)08:20
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zwerchHello guys. I'm trying to write a recipe for the software tinyproxy 1.8.4. There is a `` and there are some in some folders. I tried with just `inherit autotools` but I got this error:
zwerchIt seems that the `` does all the necessary work here, but I couldn't figure out if autotools-class also uses this and I couldn't find another recipe where there is also a `` involved.09:06
parrotzwerch: did u define any methods in your recipe?09:08
zwerchparrot: no, i thought autotools would do all the work for me09:10
tmcguireotavio: btw, thanks for the status update, very glad to hear that a fix is in the queue!09:10
parrotzwerch: did u check log.do_compile to make sure that tinyproxy is indeed compiled?09:11
zwerchparrot: just did, you were right:09:14
zwerchNOTE: nothing to compile09:14
zwerchso, how do I approach this? execute the in the do_configure and then what?09:14
parrotzwerch: so you might want to go one further and check log.do_configure?09:15
zwerchDEBUG: Executing shell function do_configure09:16
zwerchNOTE: nothing to configure09:16
zwerchparrot: so, autotools does not help at all here?09:16
parrotzwerch: might have something to do with source directory thingy....I'm actually surprised do_configure and do_compile didnt complain at all.09:18
parrotdo you use git or http downloads to get the source?09:18
zwerchparrot: git09:18
parrotzwerch: add S="${WORKDIR}/git" to your recipe and see if it's any better?09:19
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gilskenhi all09:20
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gilskenI need some help: I've got a kernel panic error -8 (NOEXEC). please can anyone give some hint09:22
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zwerchparrot: i'm gonna try, mom09:22
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parrotzwerch: gonna leave now so good luck :-) bluelightning would be able to help if you are still stuck09:26
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zwerchbluelightning: first, please say thanks to parrot, he really helped, but now I'm stuck with this:
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zwerchbluelightning: it seems that this is a problem with tinyproxy itself, found an old version that did not have this problem, gonna look for a fix now, thanks09:32
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jaeckelI'm currently experiencing a weird issue where my bash 4.3.30(1) can not handle subshell IO redirection... is that already known?09:42
jaeckel# echo foo &> >(logger -s)09:42
jaeckel-sh: syntax error near unexpected token `>'09:42
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milanbluelightning: How can I build a native package without fetching it ?10:20
milanE.g. I need to build a native version of postgresql. But adding BBCLASSEXTEND="native" gives fetch error. As is tries to fetch source for postgresql-native.tar.gz10:21
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joshuaglthe SRC_URI line for the postgres recipe presumably contains ${PN}10:25
joshuaglchange that to ${BPN}10:25
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milanok..let me try10:29
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milanjoshuagl: Yes, it was ${P} actually. So changing to ${BP} worked.  Thanks!10:34
Crofton|worknerdboy, busy with a work conference10:41
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zwerchCan I tell autotools to add some parameters to `configure`?10:54
milanI would like to stage a file only for the native package build using a common recipe. How should I do it?10:55
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joshuaglzwerch: yes, you need to define EXTRA_OECONF in your recipe with the extra options you want to pass10:58
zwerchjoshuagl: thanks! i've seen this name quite often, but i never thought what it was for :D10:58
joshuaglmilan: you can define a do_install_append_virtclass-native()10:59
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lpappbluelightning: hmm, PATH=/sbin:$PATH did not quite work out as it got replaced by Yocto's development environment PATH11:36
lpappbluelightning: is there a way to echo literally?11:36
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lpappah, backslash!11:37
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lpappbluelightning: when I su foo, my path does not get set because I think /home/foo/.profile is not sourced12:56
lpappbut I do not have anything like su - either.12:56
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lpappoh, I just had to use busybox.suid su - nic due to the separation (again).13:04
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tmcguireotavio: hey, we are affected by another Vivante driver Wayland bug, this time Could you please forward that to the GPU guys again?13:15
yoctiBug 7825: normal, Undecided, ---, otavio, NEW , Vivante: Spurious frame sent to compositor after hiding Wayland window13:15
tmcguireAs before, contains a testcase and a detailed description of the problem.13:15
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abellonitmcguire: great bug report13:21
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tmcguirethanks. I have been on the receiving end of bug reports for a long time, so I guess writing them is easy for me :)13:22
tmcguireI wish Vivante had a bug tracker, reporting to feels kinda wrong.13:24
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joshuaglanyone know what the correct way to include locale data etc. in images is? I can't find anything in the docs13:35
joshuaglcurrently I'm just including LIBC_LOCALE_DEPENDENCIES in IMAGE_INSTALL, but there must be a cleaner way?13:36
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otaviotmcguire: yes13:38
lpappjoshuagl: IMAGE_LINGUAS is not what you are after either?13:39
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joshuagllpapp: I thought it might be, but setting it doesn't add any extra stuff to my image13:41
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lpappjoshuagl: is there extra stuff created though?13:42
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joshuaglthe locale stuff is all created, it's just not included in my images13:44
joshuaglI guess they end up in core-image-sato through some dependency chain...13:44
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* joshuagl decides to spend time with the output of bitbake -g13:46
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kergothbitbake -g -u depexp is also useful from time to time13:47
joshuaglkergoth: aye, very familiar with that one13:48
joshuaglsadly running on a headless system13:48
lpappthat is not sadly, headless systems are cool! :-)13:54
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joshuagldepexp is cooler :-p14:00
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gardarhwhen I want to add a service on my device I type "systemctl enable x.service" into the console, this creates symlinks in the /etc/systemd/system/y.wants dir15:54
gardarhIf I want this to be a part of my image, do I manually create those symlinks or is there some more automatic way to do it?15:55
gardarhi.e. I want to enable a service by default15:55
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bluelightninggardarh: your recipe should inherit systemd and set the appropriate variables15:56
bluelightning(the recipe that installs the service file, that is)15:57
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto15:57
bluelightninggardarh: there are some pointers here:
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gardarhbluelightning: Thanks, was actually already trying to inherit systemd.bbclass but stumbled upon that section in the docs, it's quite good16:06
gardarhguess I should look at the docs before googling :)16:06
bluelightningno problem, unfortunately the docs (or at least the latest docs) don't always show up in google16:07
bluelightningthey really should, but we don't have full control over that as you might guess16:07
gardarhright :)16:07
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tripzeroI've got a recipe that clones another git repo during the compiling.  when trying to build the recipe with bitbake, the clone fails.16:42
tripzeroany guesses why?16:42
tripzerofatal: unable to access '': Failed to connect to port 443: Connection timed out16:42
*** mario-goulart <mario-goulart!> has joined #yocto16:43
kergothnot offhand, but that's not ideal. It means the recipe doesn't obey BB_NO_NETWORK and the like. ideally, *any* contact to external sources should be done by our fetching16:43
*** Crofton <Crofton!> has joined #yocto16:43
kergothi'd recommend adding that repo to SRC_URI with subdir= set appropriately16:43
bluelightningis BB_NO_NETWORK material in this case?16:49
bluelightningit sounds like a simple connectivity issue16:49
bluelightningif you are behind some form of proxy it may be that parts of the environment that are needed to enable a proxy connection aren't exported through to the environment in which do_compile runs16:50
kergothyeah, i'm sure it is, but the recipe should still be fixed :)16:52
bluelightningright, I agree it shouldn't be doing any fetching outside of do_fetch16:53
bluelightningnpm is a massive offender in that regard :/16:53
tripzerokergoth: what do you mean by "our fetching"?16:55
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tripzeroI've been exporting http_proxy before running bitbake... but it's unclear if that environment is carrying through16:56
tripzero(and https_proxy...)16:56
bluelightningtripzero: within do_fetch16:57
bluelightning(i.e. that's what he meant)16:57
* rink__ bestelt bij es wat spul16:59
rink__oops, wrong window, sorry16:59
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tripzerobluelightning: npm being nodejs?17:02
bluelightningtripzero: right, yes17:02
khem`npm is not a separate package from nodejs I think17:03
khem`but its origins are nodejs17:03
bluelightningyeah, I guess I really meant to say nodejs rather than npm17:04
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bluelightningI've been more on the periphery of building and packaging it rather than actually using it17:04
*** sarahsharp <sarahsharp!~sarah@> has joined #yocto17:05
tripzeroBB_NO_NETWORK is an environment variable?17:05
khem`yeah, I think I have done a recipe for it in recent past17:05
khem`tripzero: its a bitbake variable17:06
khem`you set it in config metadata somewhere17:06
khem`local.conf is a prime location17:06
bluelightningBB_NO_NETWORK isn't going to actually help resolve this situation, in case that's what you're hoping...17:06
bluelightningall it does is tell bitbake's fetching code to blow up if it actually gets to the point of trying to fetch something from the network17:07
bluelightning(for cases where you don't want anything to be fetched)17:07
bluelightningin this case bitbake's fetching code isn't involved, so it wouldn't be affected by BB_NO_NETWORK17:08
tripzerothat makes sense17:08
tripzeroso it's some other cause in my case.17:08
tripzerolike proxy or general connectivity issues17:08
khem`tripzero: your network is blockinh 443 and git protocol i think17:12
khem`Can you try a normal git clone
khem`does that work on this box17:12
khem`and share the assignment of SRC_URI in your recipe as well17:13
khem`for more details17:13
tripzeroi can clone it on the box outside of bitbake17:14
khem`then show recipe plz17:14
tripzeroSRC_URI = "git://;protocol=https;name=iotivity \17:15
tripzerohere's a pastebin of the entire recipe:
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tripzerokhem`: anything obviously wrong with the recipe?17:33
khem`didnt look let me see17:33
khem`you showed me a github link17:34
khem`this recipe has some gerrit link17:34
khem`gerrit uses ssh based authentication17:34
khem`so you need to set it up17:35
khem`in your ~/.netrc you should set the username/password for gerrit access17:35
khem`machine <uname> <pw>17:35
khem`git clone
khem`works for me17:36
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* kergoth ponders17:47
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kidoHi, I use dizzy and I'm trying to build an image with systemd but somehow sysvinit is built and it RDEPENDS on "initscripts-functions" which can't be installed. Can anyone help me with that?18:36
*** sarahsharp <sarahsharp!~sarah@> has joined #yocto18:40
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khem`kido, how did you select systemd18:48
khem`RP: around ?18:48
JEEBsv see the first four lines in this one18:49
JEEBsvwhich add systemd to the features, set systemd to be the init_manager and then remove sysvinit from considerations + make sure initscripts don't get installed18:50
kidokhem`: like that18:50
*** paulg_ <paulg_!~paulg@> has joined #yocto18:51
kidoand I added manualy systemd to DISTRO_FEATURES some lines before18:51
kidoso basicaly like your instructions JEEBsv18:51
khem`you need DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd"18:51
JEEBsvI think it's not necessary to override the udev choice since the addition of systemd to features should have it provide that package18:51
JEEBsvat least I didn't have to do it, but I started with 1.7 so~18:52
kidokhem`: even if I added systemd manualy to DISTRO_FEATURES?18:52
JEEBsvthat's the same effect methinks :P if it's in DISTRO_FEATURES one way or another it's there18:52
kidoindeed :/18:53
khem`DISTRO_FEATURES goes across whole metadata18:53
*** berton <berton!~fabio@> has joined #yocto18:53
khem`DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd"18:55
khem`VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd"18:55
khem`VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_initscripts = "systemd-compat-units"18:55
khem`would do it18:55
kidoalright, I will try. thank you :)18:56
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gilskenhi all! anyone can help me plz?19:49
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darknightehalstead: how long would it take to throw up a placeholder for the compliance page on
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halsteaddarknighte, Do we have content already for the placeholder? Or can it be blank?20:28
darknighteNo content, but AFAIAC, it could be blank, or "coming soon"20:29
darknightehalstead: ^^20:31
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halsteaddarknighte, Should be easy. Do you just need the URL or should it be linked into the menus?20:40
darknightehalstead: not sure what the difference will mean to the end user20:41
darknightehalstead: page in question is already live:
* darknighte considers20:41
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darknighteyeah, ideally, there would be no reference to a "compliance program" at all, in the menus or otherwise20:43
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halsteaddarknighte, I'm sorry. I think I'm missing context. What's the goal?20:54
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kergothbluelightning: my current thinking is to create a `recipetool appendsrcfile` subcommand, which works much like appendfile, but instead of operating against target paths / target files, it arranges to overwrite files in WORKDIR or S before the build starts21:24
bluelightningkergoth: that sounds OK to me; the alternative I had thought of was to add an option to appendfile but then it's probably got enough options already and it's a different use case, so a separate command might be better as you suggest21:26
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kergothHmm, I'll prototype it this way, and if it has a lot of overlap and feels like it might be better merged, we can do that, but probably better to have small focused commands than larger ones, and just shift common code into common modules21:29
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tidhello, hello, i'm trying to build a image with read-only-rootfs it works if the rootfs is ext3 or 4 but not if its squashfs. it boot but the systemd fail to start networkd (at least) and there is absolutly no logs (journalctl is empty)23:42
tidany clues ?23:42
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