Wednesday, 2015-06-03

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #313 of nightly-deb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests_1] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #324 of nightly-multilib is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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[w00t]Hi, I'm crafting a recipe for a project depending on protobuf.. As I'm building the project it complains that it does not include the header files. From what I can see the header files are present in the -dev rpm package, how do I make them available in my project upon building it?04:46
[w00t]I've added protobuf to the DEPEND parameter04:46
redengin[w00t], have you tried changing the dependency to protobuf-dev?04:48
redenginnot sure if you need both protobuf and protobuf-dev04:49
[w00t]redengin: Yes, it complains that nothing provides protobuf-dev04:50
[w00t]redengin: when using both protobuf and protobuf-dev as well as only protobuf-dev04:51
redenginwhich protobuf recipe are you using?04:51
[w00t]2.5.0 from meta-virtualization/recipes-container/criu04:52
[w00t]Could I potentially add the include files in an bbappend file?04:54
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redengin[w00t], it looks like that recipe is hacking on the pkg-config files to try and add the headers and libraries04:55
redenginsorry, but I'm kinda busy right now to turn my attention to debugging it.  It doesn't expose a protobuf-dev so that is out04:57
[w00t]redengin: Ok, thanks04:58
redengin[w00t], my suggestion would be to edit the recipe and drop all the pkg-config hackery, and do the necessary copies in the do_install05:01
[w00t]redengin: Ok, it seems like the hackery is only related to the ptest though05:03
[w00t]redengin: I'll try to fix it..05:03
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redengin[w00t], ah, true05:03
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #314 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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irontiaGood morning folks.06:33
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irontiaIs there a methodology to have a repository created by yocto builds? Perferably i want to manage a standard debian repository.06:35
redenginirontia, what do you mean?  as in you want to store all the generated rpms separate from the image?06:36
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LetoThe2ndirontia: it's possible to create a package feed out of an openembedded build, but my google-fu is too weak at the moment to find proper instructions. maybe look at what the angstrom project does, as they basically do exactly that.06:50
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mckoangood morning07:01
irontiathanks LetoThe2nd07:01
irontiaredengin: I want to build an distribution. From my past experiences that means to have a webserver providing a package repository so the targets can install packages and update...07:03
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irontiaI want to be able to add and update packages to that repository also from the build system. And it should not always build everything. Packages that didn't change should not be rebuild. I don't feel i have the full yocto-understanding to fullfill this. I will look at package feeds first.07:04
redenginirontia, the only way I know of is to create an image based on a distro that uses all the recipes and then you'd have a set of rpm's that you could host07:04
LetoThe2ndirontia: to go nitpicking, you don't want to create a distribution (that is what poky, respectively its distro.conf does). you probably want to create a package repository, preferrable reachably through some webservice, for the distribution that you already have/are creating anyways.07:05
LetoThe2ndirontia: so your buzzwords are not "distribution" or such, but rather "package repository" or "package feed"07:06
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irontiaRight, i would fork poky or parts of it as a basis for distribution. And part of that is a need for package management / package repository management.07:07
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LetoThe2ndirontia: you're still mixing it up a bit. you can instantly get package management in a poky build by IMAGE_FEATURES += "package_management"07:09
redenginirontia, I think LetoThe2nd is referring to how distro is used inside yocto/bitbake, its more of a customization level to put things together, rather than a giant library07:09
irontiaI guess i found someone describing my needs:
LetoThe2ndirontia: so you're really looking just for a way to crate a proper download feed. the "distribution" and "package management" part are all already finished07:10
LetoThe2ndredengin: people just seem to be constantly confusing "distribution" and "package repository server somewhere on the web"07:11
redenginLetoThe2nd, it kinda makes sense, it'd be a cool feature if you could build a package repository to support an image07:12
LetoThe2ndredengin: because the latter is just a means of comfortably handing out the former, but its *not* part of it or necessary07:12
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LetoThe2ndwe've had proper distributions with package managers and all that on floppies and cdrom for years.07:12
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LetoThe2ndso clearly some online means cannot be an integral part of the term "distribution"07:13
redenginLetoThe2nd, I'm not disagreeing, I'm just thinking a bitbake "repository.recipe" would be  a cool feature  (i.e. generate a full set of packages not specific to an image)07:14
LetoThe2ndredengin: and yes, of course its useful, "cool" and certainly possible to have an online paackage repository to support an OE created image. but to get there, its first crucial to get the terminology sorted out, because otherwise everybody just says "distribution".07:15
redenginbut it'd still have all the distro/machine/etc customizations specific for an image07:15
LetoThe2ndredengin: and its been done before, i repeat: just look at what the angstrom project does. its opkg and not rpm as irontia asked for, but basically its exactly that. an OE build that feeds an online package repository.07:16
redenginLetoThe2nd, sorry, I missed the part about the angstrom project07:18
LetoThe2ndredengin: np, thats why i repeated it :)07:19
bluelightningmorning all07:27
* LetoThe2nd mourns all, too.07:27
LetoThe2ndbut hey, long weekend ahead!07:28
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erbororic: morning07:38
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[w00t]Is there someplace where the bitbake build process is clearly specified..? In particular I'm interested in how dependencies are pulled in when building a package08:32
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bluelightning[w00t]: do you mean build-time dependencies or runtime dependencies?08:33
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[w00t]bluelightning: build-time08:36
bluelightningI don't know that we have documentation that covers this specifically (or at least I can't immediately find it)08:38
bluelightningultimately bitbake deals with almost everything it needs to actually carry out in the form of tasks, and thus dependencies end up being dependencies between tasks08:39
[w00t]bluelightning: ok, thanks08:40
bluelightningif recipe 'a' has DEPENDS = "b" that translates to recipe a's do_configure task depending on recipe b's do_populate_sysroot task08:40
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bluelightningthere are other subtleties (and a few explicit task dependencies declared within the metadata) but DEPENDS is how most of the dependencies are expressed08:41
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redenginbluelightning, I think its best to go off the most recent docs, since the legacy code has a lot of alternative ways to get it done08:44
hitlin37hi, i'm thikning of trying buildbot for build/release management stuff. since yocto uses it, i thought if someone could share their expereince using it.08:44
hitlin37i'm newbie to build bot, so wanted to know if its not too big to setup or try.08:45
redenginhitlin37, what are you trying to do?08:45
hitlin37we have some private project that has different parts that needs to be build.08:46
hitlin37suhc as OS and other software components08:46
bluelightningredengin: sure, I'm simplifying... I can go into more details in response to specific questions ;)08:46
hitlin37so, sommething that could make the job easier to make a release08:46
LetoThe2ndhitlin37: can't share too much, just: we use jenkins, and it works(TM)08:47
hitlin37and easier to share the releases method with other developers in the team, so that anyone could commit and make a release08:47
hitlin37ah, thanks LetoThe2nd08:48
hitlin37i have heard jetkins, it looks good08:48
LetoThe2ndhitlin37: in the end, its just a git repo watcher and trigger that runs our project specific build scripts08:48
LetoThe2nd(at least for us)08:48
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hitlin37right now, i run these scripts manually :)08:49
hitlin37but its good to have some systems08:49
LetoThe2ndthen stores some 'artifacts' away, and starts over08:49
redenginhitlin37, what kind of scripts?08:49
hitlin37so that other people can do it in easier way.08:49
hitlin37redengin: its like build script that do bunch of stuff and creates an os image08:49
LetoThe2ndreminds me, our new build server should arrive very soon ;)08:50
redenginhitlin37, I've done a lot of build management, usually when ppl say scripts, the build system is full of incongruent variations08:50
hitlin37or packages software from bunch of libraries08:50
hitlin37redengin: yes, you are very true08:51
hitlin37the script will fail on other people machine08:51
redenginmy advice is to map out what you want the ideal build for everything to do, and then figure out how to incrementally refactor the current stuff08:51
LetoThe2ndredengin: depends, it can also mean: there is aproper automation script that just needs the target and credentials08:51
hitlin37that's why i need a build management on some server08:51
redengina build engine isn't going to magically do it08:51
LetoThe2ndredengin: ++08:52
LetoThe2ndfirst step is always, make your build reproductible, take out magic that you need to do manually or that works only on your box08:52
LetoThe2ndafter that, you can add some automation to trigger that and take the outcome08:53
redenginI'd even posit that you should be able to build your build system from a script, then you know it's consistent08:53
LetoThe2ndredengin: you could even add a script that creates a script to script the creation of your build script!08:54
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LetoThe2ndwhat we have right now here needs only python and the prerequisites stated in the yocto quick start. then everything from checking out, through getting the right commits/branch and setting conf/*.conf etc is fully automated08:56
redenginLetoThe2nd, I believe the singularity lies in creating the build system, so all attempts to go further backwards lead to the big bang08:56
LetoThe2ndredengin: i like big bangs! corben dallas to the rescue!08:56
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hitlin37thanks LetoThe2nd and redengin . i like the part "figure out how to incrementally refactor the current stuff"10:18
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aralditanyone can explain how I get to have the x86_64-arago-linux-g++ compiler understand the -fuse-ld=gold command?10:50
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ionteuhhmm.. so.. i'm once again trying to install a custom kernel config for raspberrypi...12:17
iontei struggled with this some year or so ago, found out there was no fragment support, etc...
iontei finally got it working with this method:
iontebut now when i've returned to this project, new kernel has arrived and i can't get it to work anymore :(12:18
ionteanyone familiar with meta-raspberrypi who could give me some hints?12:19
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mckoanionte: what's wrong into following again the same steps?13:22
iontemckoan: it did not work for some reason, not sure why. i finally got it working though...13:23
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roricerbo, go eftermiddag =)13:57
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vmrod25HI team , yesterday I did the final experiments with MPI + Yocto . And it works like a charm :) . If you have any specific feedback please do not hesitate to tell me . The next phase is to test it with some real HW ( minnowboards ) and publish the results. The real goal is to modify MPI to make it lighter and faster for embedded and IoT.15:11
vmrod25in the end I will try to look for a way to merge it into the Open Interconnect standard15:11
vmrod25open for comments :)15:11
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DS__Hi, I want to extend a defconfig file defined in a layer. The configurations I want to change are already present in the defconfig file. I created a .cfg file in my layer, added it in my bbappend of the kernel recipe, however the changes are never included in the final defconfig16:18
DS__If I make the changes in the defconfig directly, those changes are applied, but that breaks the entire point of not changing a layer that isn't "mine"16:18
*** belen2 <belen2!Adium@nat/intel/x-lwdprqwpwohzqcps> has joined #yocto16:18
DS__Why is this happening? Any ideas? Any ideas of how to solve this as well?16:18
*** belen1 <belen1!Adium@nat/intel/x-zckxoxxzslskyvnn> has quit IRC16:20
joshuaglcfg files only work for kernel recipes that inherit kernel-yocto16:20
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-gfwkmebyhldwnbjh> has quit IRC16:20
DS__joshuagl in my case I'm adding them in a .bbappend of the kernel recipe16:20
DS__So it should work, shouldn't it?16:20
DS__Ah, just found that in the recipe it inherits "kernel" only16:21
DS__Not "kernel-yocto"16:21
DS__How should I proceed in this case?16:21
*** jku <jku!> has joined #yocto16:22
joshuaglprobably the easiest thing to do is cp the defconfig into your layer and make the modifications you require16:23
DS__And prepend the FILESEXTRAPATHS variable to "force" bitbake to find my defconfig before the original?16:24
DS__Would that work, considering this is an append of the original recipe?16:24
joshuaglyes, I'm pretty sure that works16:24
* joshuagl vaguely recalls doing the same16:24
DS__Right. I'm gonna try that joshuagl and will report back in some minutes. Thanks :)16:25
*** dvhart_ <dvhart_!~dvhart@> has joined #yocto16:30
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*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away16:37
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DS__joshuagl: things didn't work very well. bitbake is still using the "old" defconfig file16:37
DS__Is it a thing of appending or prepending my path? I'm prepending right now, but I'm not sure if bitbake searches forward or backward in the paths provided16:39
joshuaglDS__: I'd expect a prepend to work, do you know what tasks were run? do you need to cleansstate?16:41
DS__joshuagl: I'm running a "bitbake <recipe_name> -c clean", which in my experience forces the entire rebuild of that recipe16:42
DS__in my experience as in: I see the configure, compile etc. tasks running again16:42
joshuaglah, OK - hmm16:42
joshuaglOK, my bbappend that overrides the defconfig looks like:16:43
joshuaglFILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"16:43
joshuaglSRC_URI += "file://defconfig"16:43
DS__That's what my bbappend does16:44
joshuaglhmm, all I can tell you is that the lines I pasted WFM16:45
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-mylecjtorjnqiuxm> has joined #yocto16:46
DS__joshuagl: which version of yocto are you using?16:47
joshuaglfido 1.816:48
DS__Same as me. This is weird :(16:48
DS__Well, I'll try some more things. If I find anything that works I'll let you know. Thank you for your help!16:49
joshuaglyou could cleansstate or even cleanall to make sure you're starting from a clean slate, I'd imagine adding an append invalidates the cache but I don't know that for certain16:50
joshuaglthen pass some -V's to increase the verbosity and see whether the file is being used16:50
joshuaglwhen I say -V's I mean -D's i.e bitbake virtual/kernel -c cleansstate && bitbake virtual/kernel -DDD16:51
* joshuagl heads off16:51
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DS__joshuagl: yeah, I'm gonna try that. Thanks for the tip16:55
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DS__joshuagl: you're awesome! :)17:11
DS__joshuagl: thing is: bitbake was searching for <path>/<machinename> first, before searching only in <path>, and it didn't come to me that in the other layer the defconfig file was inside a <machinename> folder17:12
DS__I updated my files directory to have this <machinename> directory and things worked :)17:13
DS__That -DDD trick was awesome. I didn't know it. Thank you for your help!17:13
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AethenelleBefore I bang my head against it again, is jdk 1.8 still only supported on aarch64?19:11
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DS_Hi! I've created a python recipe that uses cffi. I need to compile something locally and output that in the site-packages directory. To do that in my machine, I just have to set an option in the, and cffi's integration will do the job for me. However, it appears that bitbake uses a different python than my machine's, and because it doesn't have cffi, the file never gets compiled as a result. How do I make yocto have cffi as a mod20:06
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onoffonadd it to python-native20:06
*** onoffon is now known as khem`20:06
khem`RP: do we have latest build runs with gcc-5 somewhere ?20:07
khem`RP: I am interested to see x86_64 builds after binutils fixes20:07
*** ddalex1 <ddalex1!~ddalex@> has joined #yocto20:07
DS_onoffon: what do you mean? I've googled a bit and found this python-native thing, but didn't understand it very well. Does that mean I have to turn python-cffi into a native package?20:07
khem`as well20:08
DS_And then specify nativesdk-python-cffi in the TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK?20:08
khem`OE's dependency on python meant that we ended up building our own and not rely on the one from build host20:08
khem`if you want that it should go into SDK then yes20:09
DS_I just want bitbake's python (whatever that is) to have cffi as a module20:10
DS_That way the option I've set in will work20:10
*** dfaught <dfaught!> has joined #yocto20:13
khem`OK then you just need native version20:13
khem`not sdk one20:13
DS_khem`: so I inherit "native" instead of "nativesdk"?20:14
DS_What should be the name I put in TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK?20:15
DS_I've tried 'native-python-cffi' but bitbake didn't pick it up20:16
khem`you dont have to20:18
khem`just add the proper dependency on the  recipe needing it20:18
DS_Bitbake will automatically parse the recipe and know it is a native recipe, and then automatically build it?20:19
DS_I just tried baking stuff, but it doesn't seem the native recipes got picked up20:20
khem`add a dependency on native-<blah>20:22
khem`or <blah>-native20:22
DS_Ah! Gotcha20:24
DS_I did that and got this feedback from bitbake: "WARNING: QA Issue: python-tss rdepends on python-cffi-native, but it isn't a build dependency? [build-deps]"20:24
DS_And then the build failed because when trying to install python-tss, it said no package provided python-cffi-native20:25
DS_That recipe was just created exactly for that to work :(20:25
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DS_Duh, maybe it should've been "depends" instead of "rdepends"20:26
DS_Of course it wouldn't work with rdepends :)20:26
DS_khem`: this doesn't appear to have worked. Bitbake's python still didn't recognize the option in setup.py20:28
DS_"/home/...../tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/lib/python2.7/distutils/ UserWarning: Unknown distribution option: 'cffi_modules'"20:29
khem`DEPENDS += "python-cffi-native"20:29
DS_Yup, I did that20:29
khem`ok and you wrote recipe to provide it ?20:30
khem`if not you will need that20:30
DS_Basically I copied the recipe from meta-opembedded and added an "inherit native" as the last clause20:32
DS_No errors with the baking happened, but from the log of python-tss, I get this warning, which shows that bitbake's python didn't get the module20:33
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DS_Damn this is beautiful. native recipes to build the stuff you need to build the image. Now I only gotta make it work haha20:37
DS_khem`: ok. I have confirmed that python-cffi-native is being built. It's inside the site-packages directory of the native python20:39
DS_For some reason it's not integrating with the native distutils20:39
DS_I'll figure this out now20:39
DS_Thanks for your help20:39
*** jku <jku!> has quit IRC20:44
DS_Ok khem` ! Got it working :) Thanks for all your help20:50
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gabrbeddDoes 1.9 have a codename? (wiki sez no, but I don't believe that. )21:22
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RPkhem`: no, I should queue one up21:44
RPgabrbedd: not yet, no21:45
gabrbeddRP: thanks21:45
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ryoshuI'm working on BPS, having 3 questions21:47
ryoshu1. I need custom toolchain for my platform, how to "connect" it to the yocto target21:48
ryoshu[Sno]: hi!21:50
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btpanyone here?22:38
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