Thursday, 2015-06-04

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #316 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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parrotwhat's the env variable that holds the location of file:// in a recipe?05:07
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niteshnarayanlalrecently I had added few things to the rootfs05:47
niteshnarayanlaland now at the time of linux boot up I am getting05:47
niteshnarayanlalKernel panic - not syncing: No init found.  Try passing init= option to kernel. See Linux Documentation/init.txt for guidance.05:47
niteshnarayanlalany help05:47
niteshnarayanlaldoes it something to do with the rootfs size ?05:48
niteshnarayanlalwhich is been modified after I have packaged extra things05:48
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AndersDniteshnarayanlal, normally not, though if you're using initramfs there might be an issue.06:05
AndersDniteshnarayanlal, it's more likely that something else has screwed up.06:05
AndersDDo you have any init in you're rootfs?06:05
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parrothow do I specify git cloning https repo in my recipe?06:24
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mckoangood morning06:51
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AlexVaduvagood morning guys07:18
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bluelightningmorning all08:06
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aralditI have a major problem, which perhaps some of you know how to deal with. Im  trying to build my own custom image based on the arago distro, but as I compile some QT5 packages I get a linker error: x86_64-arago-linux-g++: error: unrecognized command line option '-fuse-ld=gold' . Anyone know how I can resolve this09:00
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abelloniarago for an x86 platform ?09:12
abelloniwhat a weird choice :)09:12
bluelightningaraldit: I'd assume the toolchain has been built without support for the gold linker09:22
aralditI honestly dont know - im digging into that right now09:23
bluelightningaraldit: depending on what you want to do, you could either enable it, or find how that -fuse-ld=gold is getting into the compiler command line and stop it09:23
bluelightningor... hmm, could it be that the version of gcc being used simply doesn't support -fuse-ld ?09:24
aralditbluelightning: It could be that.09:24
aralditbluelightning: Im using 4.709:25
bluelightninggranted that was qt4, but still09:25
aralditbluelightning: Im currently trying to remove the gold linker through in my file by adding LDGOLD = "" and DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = " ld-is-gold"09:27
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bluelightningaraldit: that's not going to work09:28
aralditbluelightning: why is that?09:28
aralditI mean im bulding the sdk by usiing bitbake image -c populate_sdk09:29
bluelightningaraldit: the first problem is that you cannot set a variable read in one recipe or read at the global level from within another recipe09:29
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bluelightningif you want to remove ld-is-gold from DISTRO_FEATURES you will need to do so at the configuration level09:30
aralditbluelightning: I did this because i found this line in binutils: oe-core/meta/recipes-devtools/binutils/ ?= "${@base_contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'ld-is-gold', '--enable-gold=default --enable-threads', '', d)}"09:30
bluelightningright, I get that09:30
aralditbluelightning: Ok, what do you mean by at the configuration level09:30
bluelightningbut then there's the question of whether that will actually result in -fuse-ld=gold not being passed to the compiler in the qt build, I can't immediately tell if this will actually influence that09:31
aralditI can - It didn't work :-)09:31
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bluelightningaraldit: effectively I mean in local.conf, although when you are changing things like this you should consider whether it would be better to create your own distro config09:32
bluelightningaraldit: ok, well I guess it's an academic point then09:32
bluelightningaraldit: I think you'd need to patch the Qt source as hinted by that Qt bug I linked above09:33
bluelightningassuming that -fuse-ld=gold is coming in from the Qt build process itself as it appears to be there09:33
aralditbluelightning: K, thanks for the advise. I will try to do that.09:33
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skfaxHow can I expand upon a .bbappend defined in one layer X from another layer Y?09:53
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jku skfax: all bbappends should get applied, in layer priority order. Does that answer the question?10:24
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skfaxjku: yes. i guess i've just made some mistake when naming the new bbappend files or something10:26
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rburtonskfax: bitbake -e is your friend in this situation10:27
skfaxrburton: i tried it for the image i'm building now; but the file is massive10:27
skfaxdoing some searching now to see if i can figure it out :)10:28
bluelightningskfax: you can also try bitbake-layers show-appends10:29
skfaxwell the "-e" gave me 21k lines. this option gave me 71. easier :D10:30
bluelightningif your bbappend isn't listed there, either it's not matched by BBFILES in your layer's layer.conf (in wrong location or BBFILES isn't set up to match .bbappend files); or the layer itself isn't actually enabled10:30
skfaxit is listed, but there is a warning showing which might be relevant: "WARNING: missing append for preferred version"10:31
bluelightningah right, yes10:32
skfaxdoes the "show-appends" command show all bbappend files found within the active layers? or does it show all bbappend files which successfully match an available recipe?10:33
skfaxsorry, i misread the file. yes it does the latter10:35
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likewiseJaMa: thanks for updating meta-qt5 to match 4.5.x. Did you test this against a certain platform?10:51
JaMalikewise: qemux86(-64) and couple ARM devices10:52
likewiseJaMa: Did you test the QtWebEngine? I have trouble getting it to work on i.MX6.10:54
JaManot much, we haven't integrated it fully yet10:55
likewiseJaMa: There is this bugfix, that is now in the 5.5 branch, but I'm not sure if it applied to the 5.4.x branch:
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likewiseJaMa: Also, in the I had to add "-qpa eglfs" to the PACKAGECONFIG[gles2] entry in order to use the new QPA EGLFS. Otherwise it would fall back to xcb, which however I didn't have. (removed x11 and wayland DISTRO_FEATURES).10:58
JaMatru I should probably revisit qpa in PACKAGECONFIGs, we're using:10:59
JaMameta-luneui/recipes-qt/qt5/qtbase_git.bbappend:EXTRA_OECONF += "-qpa wayland-egl"10:59
ryoshuwhat to do if I need an external toolchain to build packages for my platform?11:00
ryoshuit consist of libc, gcc, binutils, gdb..11:01
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likewiseJaMa: are you testing on i.MX6 as well?11:01
likewiseryoshu: Look for bitbake meta-toolchain and variants11:02
ryoshulikewise: thanks!11:05
likewiseJaMa: ok, thanks. I will build master first, see where that gets me, then also build against the 5.4.x update.11:07
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Crofton|workryoshu, also look at bitbake -c populate_sdk image-name11:27
Crofton|workhmm, but qt stuff has dedicated toolchain recipes also11:27
ryoshuthank you, my task is to add new armv8 bsp and put it onto the website, I need your assistance11:28
ryoshutoday are holidays but I will go to my work and check your tips :)11:28
likewiseryoshu: nice, what metal are you targeting?11:32
ryoshuCavium ThunderX11:32
ryoshuI have my 3.10 kernel, my toolchain11:34
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skfaxI'm trying to use a .bbappend file to add a .cfg file to FILESEXTRAPATHS. Using "bitbake-layers show-appends" I can see that my .bbappends file is found. However I'm not getting the end result I want. How can I know if the .cfg file is taken into account when building?12:06
skfaxAlso; are .cfg files reserved for kernel configuration in yocto?12:07
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bluelightningskfax: .cfg files are interpreted as config fragments in the context of kernel recipes that use, yes12:55
bluelightningskfax: if the kernel recipe doesn't "require recipes-kernel/linux/" (or perhaps indirectly via inherit kernel-yocto) then I'm fairly sure .cfg files won't be acted upon12:57
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skfaxbluelightning: when i use "bitbake -s" both linux-netmodule-zx3, linux-xlnx and linux-yocto are listed. I'm not really understanding how they are connected12:59
skfaxbluelightning: But I've been appending to the linux-xlnx recipe: maybe I need to try to append to linux-yocto instead13:00
bluelightningskfax: in almost all instances, the one that will actually be used to provide the system kernel will be the one selected as PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel13:00
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bluelightningit is not unusual to have multiple available kernel recipes in the metadata, but only one should actually end up being built for a given machine13:01
joseppcbluelightning: In what cases it won't be PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel?13:02
skfaxbluelightning: When I use "bitbake -e <target>" I can find: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel="linux-xlnx"13:02
bluelightningjoseppc: well, our metadata is flexible, if you removed references to virtual/kernel everywhere then it wouldn't be used...13:04
bluelightningskfax: right, so linux-xlnx would be the kernel recipe being used in your current configuration13:04
skfaxbluelightning: I'm not sure if linux-xlnx is based on linux-yocto though. So if using linux-yocto is needed to use configuration fragments then that might explain why it is not working13:05
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bluelightningskfax: it doesn't have to be the actual linux-yocto recipe, it just has to make use of linux-yocto.inc13:05
skfaxI'm looking at now, and it has "inherit kernel", "require" and "require". No direct mention of ""13:06
skfax(the file only includes the file + adds some version info)13:07
skfaxI guess I can go for a "defconfig" approach instead and just keep the entire configuration in one file in my layer13:08
joseppcbluelightning: ok, I asked because a friend recently had a problem where _virtual/kernel did not work, but using _yocto-kernel did. I never quire understood what was caused that13:09
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bluelightningjoseppc: I'd probably need more contextual information to give a proper answer; it could simply be that the desired setting of PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel was being overridden13:11
bluelightningskfax: right, the other option would be to add the require of linux-yocto.inc13:11
bluelightningyou can do that from your bbappend FYI13:12
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skfaxbluelightning: And that will likely not break something?13:14
bluelightningit should be OK as long as the kernel recipe and the other inc files aren't doing anything that would conflict with it13:15
skfaxok cool will try it13:15
joseppcbluelightning: yeah, I did not have the time to investigate it further either. He set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel in his local.conf, iirc13:17
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bluelightningjoseppc: right, then it's possible that PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel was being set to some other value either later on (e.g in a machine or distro config file) or with an override, the result being that the local.conf value wasn't taking effect13:19
bluelightningjoseppc: FYI you can always see when that kind of thing is happening by looking at the output of bitbake -e - you get a full history of how each variable has been set13:19
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joseppcbluelightning: I rechecked, I did not remember it correctly. It seems the problem was with PREFERRED_VERSION_virtual/kernel. The provider and version looked correct with bitbake -e.13:24
joseppcbluelightning: Anyway, I think it must have been a configuration problem from his part13:24
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bluelightningjoseppc: well, let's deal with it when it next comes up :)13:27
skfaxbluelightning: When I do "bitbake -s <target>" I find "linux-xlnx" listed. When I do "bitbake-layers show-appends" I find that both "" and "" is being appended to. However I cannot seem to find any of the assignments done in these bbappend files when using "bitbake -e <target>". Is the full history shown with -e ?13:29
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kanupatarI need to build u-boot and kernel for beagle board..version C3. May I know any yocto env porting guide?14:33
kanupataralso, I need to have QT 4.814:33
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rburtonkanupatar: there's a beagleboard BSP14:50
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kanupatarrburton: i need to build the bsp using yocto env14:50
kanupatarrburton: git:// -b daisy  ?14:50
rburtonthat's a basic BSP, meta-ti has a better one14:51
rburtonwell, different.14:51
kanupatarbeaglebone-daisy-11.0.0.tar.bz2 ?14:51
kanupatarI have bb C314:51
mckoankanupatar: and probably branch 'dizzy' would be better option14:51
kanupatargit:// -b dizzy?14:52
kanupatarmckoan: ?14:52
mckoankanupatar: yes14:53
kanupatarmckoan: rburton then how can I start building it? any build procedures?14:53
kanupatarI have beagle board C314:54
kanupatarAlso, I need QT 4.814:54
mckoankanupatar: this may be a good starting point
kanupatarmckoan: not english?14:55
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mckoankanupatar: the important parts are the commands :-D14:56
kanupatarmckoan: okay.. what are all commands I need to follow for baegle?14:56
kanupatarmckoan: it is generic isn't it14:56
ryoshuI want to upload my 3.10 kernel to your repositories14:57
kanupatarmckoan: sorry, yes it is beagle board specific14:57
ryoshuand have there a branch for my hardware14:57
ryoshuwhat's the proper procedure14:58
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kanupatarmckoan: thanks...shoudld it include QT package also?14:58
kanupatarI need to build QT 4.8 for beagle c314:59
mckoankanupatar: no, but start with a minimal image14:59
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kanupatarmckoan: OK ok14:59
kanupatarmckoan: so for QT, just add it in script?14:59
bluelightningryoshu: the typical way to do this is to create a BSP layer for your hardware and push that as a git repository somewhere14:59
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ryoshubluelightning: aha15:00
ryoshuand ask for merge?15:00
mckoankanupatar: Qt4.8 should be traightforward: bitbake qt4e-demo-image15:01
kanupatarmckoan: thanks15:01
kanupatarits okay15:01
kanupatarcan I open hob and build?15:01
bluelightningryoshu: for additional machines, the idea is that you (or at least someone with interest in support for the machine) maintains the BSP layer rather than it being part of a central repository of support for multiple machines15:02
mckoankanupatar: gosh! I don't like HOB, use command line15:02
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kanupatarmckoan: okay okay.15:03
kanupatarmckoan: I need to learn git thoroughly, means it is building flow, customisation for different build etc15:04
kanupatarsorry, yocto15:04
kanupatarbitbake qt4e-demo-image --> what is the exact meaning  ? mckoan ?15:04
kanupataralso, I would like to have wayland15:05
*** challinan <challinan!> has joined #yocto15:05
kanupatarqt4e-demo-image --> is the qt lib build or for entire kernel build?15:05
mckoankanupatar: Qt4 don't support wayland15:06
mckoankanupatar: I'd suggest you to study a bit how Yocto works15:06
kanupatarmckoan: yes yes15:06
kanupatarmckoan: from scratch15:06
kanupatarmckoan:so I can learn from the beagle board exercise15:07
kanupatarmckoan: then QT5 wayland build?15:07
kanupatarmckoan: thanks, I will go through the link completely15:08
* kanupatar interested to become a contributor for ycoto project..can start as a tester15:08
* kanupatar would like to become an intern under mckoan :)15:08
ryoshubluelightning: I see15:09
ryoshubluelightning: thanks15:09
bluelightningryoshu: it may be worth noting, once you have created your layer, we can provide hosting for it on in its own repository, or alternatively you can set up a repo on github or similar15:10
bluelightningryoshu: once it's publicly available it can be added to the openembedded layer index at http://layers.openembedded.org15:10
bluelightningwhich will make it easy for others to find15:11
ryoshuI will try to see how is done for Cavium Octeon15:11
ryoshubluelightning: I will resume it today and be at IRC, today are holidays in .pl :)15:12
ryoshuI mean resume it tomorrow! :)15:12
bluelightningryoshu: ok, enjoy your holiday :)15:12
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kanupatarmckoan: how can I build QT 5.3. with wayland for bb C3?15:24
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #321 of build-appliance is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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khem`is there some docs on how to use BUILD_IMAGES_FROM_FEEDS17:59
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skfaxlayer-a/conf/machine/x.conf is being picked instead of layer-b/conf/machine/x.conf even when layer-b has a higher priority than layer-a19:12
skfaxif i remove x.conf from layer-a; x.conf from layer-b is found19:12
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skfaxWhen a variable is being "set?" from two different configuration files; why is the configuration file from the layer with the lower priority chosen?19:30
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cazzelittle question, when i try to bitbake, i get some "Could not include ***-extraconf.inc21:20
cazzei don't see any difference with other recipes where the last line is require ***-extraconf.inc21:22
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cazzewhat do i have to do to correct these errors?21:23
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cazzecan't they be ignored or created at bake time?21:44
bluelightningcazze: I'm not sure what you're asking, but if you use "require ..." , the file must exist21:53
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cazzebluelightning: ok, i did a touch and it was ok. File was not in the git tree :-(22:30
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staylorIs it possible to distribute the generated SDK using something like Debian packages instead of a single shell script installed?  Specifically I'd like a better way of distributing minor updates to a specific library in a cleaner way then shipping out a new .sh file or sending out replacement files.22:51
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