Monday, 2015-06-15

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #339 of nightly-ppc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #339 of nightly-x86 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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parrotanyone got the error  No gnu/libc-version.h found, please install glibc-dev[el].  Stop. while compiling perf02:05
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parrotis there something like yocto kernel mailing list? I'm having issue with perf and I'm thinking to write to yocto's mailing list about this but I'm not sure if there's a more specific mailing list out here06:35
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mckoanparrot: yes it exists
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mckoangood morning07:10
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redengingood morning07:28
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parrotmckoan: splendid. Thanks07:47
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bluelightningmorning all08:18
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LetoThe2ndbluelightning: concerning our discussion about externalsrc not picking up files, it was a false positive. $coworker had added some magic i wasn't ware of09:02
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bluelightningLetoThe2nd: ah ok... well, glad you tracked it down in the end :)09:03
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: e.g. no bugreport/action needed, thanks for your input.09:03
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lpapp__good morning11:12
lpapp__what is the way of building both the image and sdk?11:12
lpapp__it seems that bitbake -c populate_sdk myimage only created the SDK, not the image.11:13
lpapp__and I cannot see a "do_image" thing, perhaps because the image is just a recipe.11:13
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erbolpapp__: the default task for an image is do_build11:22
lpapp__so perhaps -c populate_sdk build or the problem might be somewhere else as -c populate_sdk is supposed to build the image, too?11:23
erboDo -c accept multiple argument?11:24
erboI don't think populate_sdk is supposed to build the image, but I'm not sure11:24
LetoThe2ndlpapp__: the sdk doesn't depend on the image, so it doesn't get built. it only need the things *in* the image, not the image itself11:24
rburtonno, populate_sdk doesn't build images11:24
rburton(what LetoThe2nd said)11:25
LetoThe2nderbo: and no, multiple commands are not supported so far.11:25
rburtonbut you can do this :11:25
rburton$ bitbake somerecipe:task somerecipe:task11:25
rburton(yes, bitbake needs to shout that it can do that)11:25
lpapp__interesting, thanks to all :)11:26
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lpapprburton: so would bitbake myimage myimage:populate_sdk work12:34
rburtonthat would generate the image and the sdk at the same time, yes12:34
rburtonyou might need do_, can't remember12:34
lpappok, let me test that12:34
bluelightningthere is already a bug open about noting that in bitbake's help output FYI12:35
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bluelightningassigned to me ;)12:35
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lpappthanks. Yes, it needs do_12:37
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rburtonprobably worth fixing that tbh13:00
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gourve_lhow does /etc/environment is generated?13:36
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bluelightninggourve_l: I can't immediately find any reference to that...13:48
bluelightninggourve_l: you may be able to get an answer for your configuration using: oe-pkgdata-util find-path /etc/environment13:49
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gourve_lthx bluelightning. I didn't find any clue with oe-pkgdata-util14:11
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garghouleAnyone here has experience with Intel Edison / Mac OS X / Sparkfun Base Block? :)14:11
gourve_lmaybe I forgot to precise, basically, this file doesn't exist in my rootfs :/14:12
bluelightninggourve_l: ah, ok, in that case I'm not surprised that oe-pkgdata-util won't find it...14:16
garghouleAnyone? :P14:17
bluelightninggarghoule: not me... but I suspect you may have a better chance of getting an answer in the Intel Maker forum14:17
garghoulekk, some people pointed me to this irc :D14:18
garghouleand I really like the back and forth of irc :D14:18
garghoulebluelightning: thanks for the pointer, i'll try there too14:18
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bluelightningI can try to help if it's actually related to the build system, but as for using the board with MacOS that's well outside of my realms of experience (and not really on topic for this channel)14:19
bluelightninggourve_l: from googling it kind of looks like /etc/environment isn't used everywhere... it's blank on my Fedora system FWIW14:21
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garghoulebluelightning: Well.. I have the base block from sparkfun (which is very similar to Intel's mini breakout board, but the console port is also a power port) and I installed the drivers, installed everything from the getting started intel guide14:22
garghouleand when I plug both usb in, I get the Edison volume but there isn't another volume that mount.14:23
garghouleTrying to figure what is going wrong, but it's out of my realm of experience so far :P14:23
bluelightningyeah, that's definitely one for the forums14:23
garghouleSo I was wondering if its something well known pertaining to the sparkfun base block or mac osx specifically14:23
garghoulekk thanks :P14:23
garghoulehaha :D14:23
bluelightninggourve_l: I guess ultimately if nothing on our side is creating it you are free to create it in a recipe you write yourself, but I can't guarantee anything will read it14:24
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garghoulemor ning!14:29
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gourve_lbluelightning: I found /etc/profile which might be enough for my needs. I'll try to add my own profile14:41
bluelightningmorning kergoth14:41
bluelightningkergoth: no comments on the tinfoil RFC?14:41
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kergothhaven't had a chance to look over the code, just got back from a 2 week trip to visit family in minnesota14:46
kergothin general it sounds good14:46
bluelightningok, fair enough14:49
bluelightningthe bit I'm keen to have feedback on is what the API should look like14:49
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bluelightningCrofton|work: I've asked alejandro to talk to you re scipy15:00
bluelightningCrofton|work: I just remembered, at OEDAM we were talking about various people going away and figuring out alternatives for a demo UI - did anything happen with that?15:01
bluelightningmore of a question for #oe perhaps, feel free to reply there instead if you want :)15:02
rburtonbluelightning: for conference demos luna would be awesome, but its probably overkill for poky :)15:03
bluelightningrburton: the discussion covered all bases: a) having a UI for framework testing purposes, b) having a nice demo UI, c) having something that users could build on15:04
bluelightningpart of the problem is that we have up to this point been pointing at sato for b and c15:07
bluelightningat least as far as some of our documentation goes15:07
Crofton|workbluelightning, not to my knowledge15:07
Crofton|workJefro had an action to schedulke a meeting15:07
bluelightningScott's new rewrite of the QS guide should address at least that part15:07
rburtoni'll be the first to admit that sato certainly sucks for (b) and is only a contenter for some users of (c)15:08
rburton(vernier still use a fork of matchbox-* 0.9x for their ui)15:09
bluelightningrburton: you're still not in #oe btw ;)15:11
rburton#yocto and #oe - it's like the people's front of judea15:13
* Crofton|work aliases #yocto to #oe-intel15:13
rburtonfunny because its true15:13
bluelightningCrofton|work: it's more than just intel people in here...15:13
rburtonCrofton|work: i'll admit we do tell people to join #yocto instead of #oe.  if there were clear guidelines of what content is right for which channel we could update the guide…15:14
Crofton|workopenembedded is the build system15:14
Crofton|workYocto is the Project to embedded development easier15:14
joshuaglyeah, I don't work for Intel...15:16
joshuagl#oe always used to be noisier and less useful - has that changed? :-)15:16
rburtonjoshuagl: you'll always work for intel, you just dont know that15:17
joshuaglrburton: should I be expecting a paycheque?15:17
rburtonjoshuagl: no15:17
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joshuaglthen bah to you, says I!15:18
bluelightningjoshuagl: I'd say the two channels are about equal these days15:18
Crofton|workIt is annoying having to check who is in what channel15:19
bluelightningjoshuagl: I guess one thing that is very different about #oe now vs the old days is almost nobody talks about OE-Classic anymore15:19
bluelightningjoshuagl: which is of course a good thing :)15:19
tripzerojoshuagl: !15:20
joshuagltripzero: !15:21
tripzerooh hai :)15:22
tripzerohappen to know the proper way of adding python3 to an image?15:22
tripzeroI've got IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " python3" in my local.conf15:22
tripzerobut building the rootfs fails: ERROR: python3 not found in the base feeds (quark i586 x86 noarch any all).15:23
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joshuagltripzero: I don't know about python, but IMAGE_INSTALL and friends want package names not recipe names. Maybe try a find in tmp/deploy/packages for python15:26
joshuagla quick `find -name *python*` in my packages dir reveals python-lang-2.7.9-r1.cortexa9hf_vfp_neon.rpm15:26
joshuaglwhich I suspect is the name for the interpreter package15:26
tripzerodo i want to add via package name or recipe name?15:27
tripzeroi guess i could look at the python3 recipe15:28
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tripzeroPACKAGES =+ "${PN}-pyvenv"15:30
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tripzeroyep, that worked :)15:39
rburtonpython3-modules is the metapackage to pull in all the modules15:42
rburtonand iirc python3-core is the interpretter15:43
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cferenceHi! I'm looking for documentation to help me cross-compile a project (OpenVSwitch) for yocto, can anyone guide me to one?19:43
rburtonthe yocto documentation has examples on building19:47
rburtonbut its very particular to each project.  step one is understanding how it builds normally.19:47
cferenceWell, I tried building by passing specific arc and cross-compiler tools to make, but I think I might be missing the kernel source  in the things I specify19:48
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zeddii_homecference: are you talking about OVS .. i.e. the one that we alraedy have in meta-virtualization ?19:50
cferenceah, there's already something for OVS?19:50
rburtongood point, step 0 is check layers.openembedded.org19:50
zeddii_homeindeed. heavily used :)19:50
zeddii_homeOVS (and the
cferenceoh great! Much appreciated... maybe next time I'll google a bit more instead of bugging you guys19:51
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zeddii_homeno worries19:57
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rburtonotavio: curious, what function in piglit was from xutil?20:49
otaviorburton: I sent you the log20:50
otavioxulfer: XVisual... or something20:50
rburtonhm, don't have the log in my mail if that's what you meant20:51
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kergothdamn, i keep getting OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory from the subprocess which spawns bitbake-worker, in the middle of my builds22:08
kergothor at least, a short way in22:09
kergothsome tasks run fine22:09
kergothseemingly only after my latest updates of hte upstream layers, but will have to confirm22:09
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rburtonkergoth: hm, i started seeing that this afternoon too22:31
rburtonwhich is weird as on friday it was fine, but now its breaking22:31
rburtoni've just tried backing down meta-oe as i did update that layer earlier, just in case something in there is upsetting things22:33
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rburtonkergoth: fwiw, backing meta-oe to 9a5d25f2a717814f948b492b9c01c1ff0edb678d seems to stop it happening… may be unrelated, i didn't do lots of tests (about to go to bed leaving a series of builds running)22:44
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