Tuesday, 2015-06-16

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #339 of nightly-multilib is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-multilib/builds/33900:37
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #342 of nightly-mips is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-mips/builds/34202:34
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_4urele_Hi everyone!06:44
_4urele_does someone knows where I should put the "SYSTEMD_DEFAULT_TARGET"? in my image receipe, in my distro, or in any other receipe?06:47
erbo_4urele_: image recipe06:48
_4urele_erbo, thx06:48
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parrothow can I install a symlink in a yocto recipe? I tried install -m <mode> <symlink> <destdir> but I got file not found error while the link is definitely there07:37
parrotso I think the install command takes the link it points to, hence the error07:37
_4urele_parrot, usually I do it manually but maybe there is a better way...07:39
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_4urele_parrot, (by manually i mean ln -sf inside the recipe ;) )07:41
parrot_4urele_:  -f means force right? not sure how that will solve the problem though. I too prefer the manual way but since I'm making the image for someone else so I would prefer them to do less job.07:45
_4urele_parrot, if I understand well the symlink target can change?07:47
_4urele_parrot, maybe the only way is a dirty "cp" as it is for a symlink you shouldn't have to change privileges? but maybe there is a clean way that I don't know ;)07:49
parrot_4urele_: I tried cp but same error :-(07:52
_4urele_parrot, a bare cp will take the symlink destination but did you tried "cp --preserve=links"07:55
_4urele_parrot, test on a shell first ;) i never tried...07:56
_4urele_maybe it could preserve the link to the good file and not the link path...07:56
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_4urele_parrot, on my computer "cp -a " and "--preserve" did not work as expected08:00
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erboparrot: Using ln directly seems to be the way. Try grep "ln -" -r poky/meta for examples08:00
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_4urele_erbo, I think He maybe don't know the link destination but he knows it is a symlink08:02
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_4urele_parrot, if you want to create the link again you can also read the path destination with "readlink"08:03
parrotI actually know the destination but it's relative08:03
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_4urele_so why don't you use "ln" ?08:04
_4urele_parrot, this is one of my own : ln -s ../castel-prepare.target ${D}${systemd_unitdir}/system/multi-user.target.wants/castel-prepare.target08:06
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bluelightningmorning all08:10
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* nerdboy eyeballing pillow08:29
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gourve_lbluelightning: just for your information, I added a profile in /etc/profile.d and it did not what I wanted (I wanted to set PATH system-wide not only when I log in). So, thanks for the help, I'm going to ask on #busybox why their shell doesn't read /etc/environment09:26
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sm0ketstHi all10:03
sm0ketsti'm having issues booting a celeron-m / i586 unit when init-live.sh is called; it stops at "Waiting for removable media". It boots fine with Qemu so I saw the Qemu image starts fine 'md' but fails in the real target with "md: linear personality registered for level -1".10:16
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gourve_lI have a recipe which inherits from cmake and update-rc.d. /usr/bin is shipped, but /usr/lib isn't. I tried to add FILES_${PN} += "${libdir}" but it didn't work (whereas FILES_${PN} += "/opt/toto" works)10:31
gourve_lI installed some libs in "${D}${libdir}/"10:31
gourve_lHow do I ship the libs?10:31
bluelightninggourve_l: are these libraries using standard library versioning?10:32
gourve_lhmm. No10:32
gourve_lit's just my_lib.so10:33
bluelightningso the default package splitting for libraries assumes you are using standard library versioning (assuming what you are installing is a library rather than a plugin or optional module)10:35
bluelightningif you really want to avoid using library versioning you will need to set FILES_${PN} to include /usr/lib/yourlib.so and set FILES_${PN}-dev so that it _does not_ include all .so files (because the default, again based on the assumption you're using versioning, is that .so files are development symlinks rather than actual libs and thus should go into the development package)10:37
gourve_loh. OK. So if I use toto.so.1.0.0 and toto.so -> toto.so.1.0.0 instead of just toto.so, it should work?10:38
bluelightningyes, but hopefully whatever build system your lib is using supports that easily, it shouldn't be something you have to hand-code ;)10:38
gourve_lok :) Thanks for the answer!10:39
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rionHi. is it possible to override do_patch in bbclass with shell function and call base realization from it?12:45
rionit seems file://*.patch stop working if I override do_patch. at least in 1.612:46
rburtonno, do_patch is python12:46
rburtonwhat do you want to actually do?12:47
rionI need to do some seds12:47
rburtonits fairly common to use do_configure_prepend() or do_compile_prepend() for something like that12:47
rburtonor, add a new task between patch and configure12:47
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rburton(or just do the seds in a patch…)12:48
rionfor now I use next hack in my recipe http://pix.academ.org/img/2015/06/16/c53d1fab29c028e7625f44434fccfc89.png where umfticc is my bbclass which does additional pathing and call patch_do_patch from patch.bbclass12:51
rionall of these looks to complex.12:51
rionregarding do_configure_prepend. I don't like it too. since I expect my sources to be fully ready for compilation after patching.12:53
rionok. thanks for your help12:53
rions/after pathing/after do_patch/12:54
rburtonthen just add a new task between patch and configure to do the seds12:54
rionI'd prefer if it were implemented like in Gentoo Linux.12:56
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Crofton|workzeddii, can you point me at the patches that make older kernels boot when built with newer gcc? I think they were in a linux-yocto at some point12:59
* Crofton|work goes to ride before the furnace turns on outside ....12:59
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Ox4hey guys14:23
Ox4could somebody help me with this issue -> http://dpaste.com/0Z5RX7X.txt ?14:24
bluelightninglooks like it failed to get the glibc version from the external toolchain you pointed to14:25
bluelightningperhaps you are pointing to an external toolchain that meta-sourcery simply does not support ?14:26
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Ox4bluelightning: actually I don't change the default toolchain in the local.conf file14:27
bluelightninghmm... maybe meta-sourcery isn't designed to be included if not being used?14:28
bluelightningI honestly don't know14:28
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Ox4anyone else?14:42
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* darknighte just realized that the ELCE submission deadline is tomorrow16:31
* darknighte has been considering doing an update/intermediate version of the YP talk from 201216:32
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seebssgw_ and or RP around? I have thoughts pertaining to bootloaders, and if people are around IRC is probably faster than email.17:32
seebs... I say right before realizing I have to go AFK for a minute or ten.17:33
paulg_gives 'em enough time to run away.   :)17:33
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otaviorburton: saw the patch and log?17:47
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seebsBack now, though. Hah!18:03
otavioseebs: are you working on bootloaders revamp?18:04
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!~User@port-35-adslby-pool45.infonet.by> has quit IRC18:06
seebsSort of!18:06
seebsWe have a thing internally which provides a Generic Bootloader Manager.18:06
seebsThe idea is that the kernel can have a postinst script that looks roughly like "bootloader-mgr register /path/to/kernel; bootloader-mgr select $version"18:07
seebsand then a separate package does the actual whatever-is-needed to make the new kernel be what gets loaded.18:07
seebsSo we don't have to write all the fancy logic once per bootloader, all we need is the tiny little script for each bootloader that does the magic.18:07
seebsAnd something like PREFERRED_PROVIDER_bootloader-imp = "bootloader-imp-grub-efi".18:08
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sgw_seebs: here now18:13
seebs*runs away*18:13
seebsAnyway, we currently have all this magic in a layer called, imaginatively enough, meta-bootloader.18:13
seebsBut that name is wrong (there are no bootloaders in the layer), but I'd find a longer name like meta-bootloader-manager to be sort of unwieldy.18:14
sgw_very imaginative!18:14
*** dorileo <dorileo!~dorileo@> has joined #yocto18:14
sgw_but not intuitive then!18:14
seebsRight now we only have about one and a half of the implementations written, so more are needed, but I *think* the interface is reasonably-flexible.18:16
seebsAnd we'd like to contribute this, whether as a layer or as some other kind of feature.18:16
*** jbrianceau_away <jbrianceau_away!uid10952@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-dpwvipmhbwjxakag> has quit IRC18:16
sgw_So it's generic for the case of 1 right now (rounding of course)18:16
frayThe key really is the interface has everything needed for on-target kernel upgrades..18:16
fray(packages or otherwise)18:17
seebsAlthough the implementation isn't there, the idea is to make something that is a suitable replacement for the kernel-grub bbclass.18:17
seebsIt's been thought-checked for a couple of other likely bootloaders, but I don't have enough hardware/time to actually go do all the typing.18:17
frayI've thought that the implementation is 'bsp' specific in some ways.. with generic implementations available (along side bootloaders) where possible18:17
seebsBut I'm pretty sure that what they need to do is possible with it.18:17
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kergothrburton: you hit that oserror with your bitbake builds, was that using an external toolchain, or internal?18:20
*** manuel_ <manuel_!~manuel@p4FDAC4BE.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #yocto18:20
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otavioseebs: fray: this is in fact interesting18:34
otaviohowever I am wondering how much it adds when comparing to the distro-agnostic script which has been involving in u-boot18:34
frayso next step is for seebs to publish the code somewhere.....18:34
seebsI think there was an open bug that related to this topic, but I haven't gotten to comparing notes with people yet, because that would be far too much like planning ahead.18:35
otavioand been being adopted by some distros18:35
seebsI think that's solving the opposite problem.18:35
seebsThat's solving "we want to install u-boot kernels without knowing what distro we're on".18:35
seebsI want to solve "we want to install yocto kernels without knowing what bootloader we're using".18:35
otavioyou got a point18:35
seebsSo the likely answer is that you'd use both on yocto targets with u-boot, and bootloader-imp-uboot would basically just call their distro-agnostic script for the magic it needs.18:36
otaviodid you wrote the plugin for u-boot as well?18:36
seebsNot yet. And that's a good thing apparently because I don't think I knew about their distro-agnostic script, so I would likely have wasted effort. :)18:36
otaviothe distro-agnostic one uses syslinux format18:37
otaviomost eval and community boards are moving to this18:37
otavioeven though I didn't make it work on yocto yet18:37
fraythe imp-uboot could simply generate the syslinux format, and make the call to the script18:37
fraythat is the hope with this work.. we can do whatever the backend needs to work properly.. since we have generic "YP" inputs.. and the script can also do validation and -fail- if something isn't right.. i.e. the wrong format kernel18:38
frayscripts can be inserted into YP / OE kernel package automatically or run manually by the user if they don;t want packages18:38
frayand it really is supposed to be bootloader agnostic.. we simply shouldn't care what that board uses.. u-boot, grub, grub-efi, gummiboot, some random binary loader, etc..18:39
otaviofray: agreed18:40
otavioseebs: fray: when this code will be made avail?18:40
frayas soon as seebs has a name and place to post it18:40
otaviofray: agnostic bootloader interface - abooti :P18:43
* fray looks over at seebs..18:44
*** dvhart <dvhart!dvhart@nat/intel/x-lefwqgauhxvrkyxp> has joined #yocto18:44
otavioI think this should all be done using a layer for now18:45
otavioso we can do the necessary cooking, cleanup, integration and testing18:45
otavioonce this is complete, it can go to oe-core18:45
frayif there is any chance of this going into the fall release, I'd love to see it there.. but it was implemented in a layer specifically because we knew that it requires some oversight and such18:46
otavioI can help in u-boot integration18:48
rburtonkergoth: internal18:51
fraymy guess is that it will be a day or so, simply to get the project setup on git.yoctoproject.org (or another suitable location)18:52
kergothhmm, interesting18:53
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otaviofray: to be honest, this kind of work I think would be nice to have in github or similar18:57
otaviomakes easier for forking, pull request, issue report and like18:57
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otavioseebs: I hate this double meta18:58
seebsHmm. This is not getting better.18:58
* paulg_ fines fray $219:00
* fray notes that is only one argument19:00
seebsReminds me of one of my first proposed names: TARGET_NO_REALLY_THIS_TIME_WE_MEAN_IT_FUNDAMENTAL_CFLAGS19:00
fraymeta-abi  (abrstract bootloader interface)  that won't be confusing19:00
seebs... So basically I've been thinking about this name thing for a bit and not making much progress.19:01
zeddiimeta-kernel-bootloader-interface (kbi)!19:02
frayseebs, there ya go.. zedd is the kernel guy, so what he says goes.. :)19:03
seebsmeta-grand-unified-bootloader, or meta-gub for short.19:04
fraycalling it 'gub' would be great..19:05
fray"hey did you know you had a typo with 'grub'?"19:05
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fraygubi - grand unified bootloader interface  ;)19:07
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kergothrburton: it's the execution of pseudo — it's trying to run a fakeroot task without pseudo in the sysroot, somehow — at least, that's the behavior i'm seeing19:21
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kergothguessing we need an appropriate exception handler when executing bitbake-worker to at least give a nicer error for this..19:21
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rburtonkergoth: aah, interesting19:40
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dasabhihello i am having massive amounts of trouble getting bitbake to work on my computer20:33
dasabhii have followed steps online but nothing gets bitbake working20:33
dasabhimy terminal still says bitbake command not found20:33
RPkergoth: I can't help think of the new sstate code somehow removing pseudo...20:33
dasabhican some one here help me set up bitbake?20:33
RPkergoth: even if it didn't something should presumably rebuild it before it got there...20:34
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kergothRP: that was my first thought, too. but then i noticed that i had a task flagged as fakeroot, but without virtual/fakeroot-native:do_populate_sysroot in its depends flag, so testing fixing that first20:34
kergoththen will bisect and see20:34
RPkergoth: the missing depends could do it...20:35
RPkergoth: the noupdatedata branch is pretty much working in any of my tests now btw. Not sure if you're had a chance to look at it?20:37
kergothonly just got back from a 2 week vacation, playing catch-up20:37
*** dasabhi <dasabhi!~dasabhi@wn-campus-nat-129-97-124-16.dynamic.uwaterloo.ca> has quit IRC20:37
RPkergoth: fair enough. It does have some pretty significant behaviour changes although nothing that seems to affect the majority of our metadata20:38
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zuzHi guys, how to I enable multicore compilation in my Yocto local.conf?23:19
zuzThe Quickstart says I should set BB_NUMBER_THREADS, PARALLEL_MAKE, and BB_NUMBER_PARSE_THREADS23:20
zuzHowever these strings don't exist in conf/local.conf ??23:20
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zuzThe reference manual says "By default, the OpenEmbedded build system automatically sets this variable to be equal to the number of cores the build system uses."23:22
frayyou only need to set them if you don't want hte defaults..23:23
zuzSo how do I know how many cores the build system uses?23:23
frayThe defaul is to use as many cores as your build system has23:23
zuzOh that's different, thanks.23:23
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto23:26
paulg_fray, does it do sth sane with BB_NUMBER_THREADS too?   I've never tried to rely on the defaults before...23:26
frayBB_NUMBER_PARSE_THREADS is based on BB_NUMBER_THREADS (but can be manually set)23:26
paulg_oh well, i'm guessing it it won't be as agressive as I am, in trying to preemptively unravel inter pkg dependencies ASAP.23:27
paulg_nothing worse than having a big machine 99% idle as you wait on some pkg that everyone depends on23:28
fraydefault is:23:28
frayBB_NUMBER_THREADS ?= "${@oe.utils.cpu_count()}"23:28
paulg_someday I'll get around to looking at that fancy dependency graph feature again.23:28
frayPARALLEL_MAKE ?= "-j ${@oe.utils.cpu_count()}"23:28
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frayoe-utils.cpu_count more or less does:23:29
fray[mhatle@msp-dhcp23 conf]$ getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN23:29
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* paulg_ fines whoever didn't type out ONLINE in full $2.23:32
paulg_aha, figures.  tinfoil hat glibc kooks.23:33
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zuzThanks guys. Bitbake underway on all cores :-)23:43
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zuzUh oh ncurses failed to build23:44
zuz|                  from ../ncurses/lib_gen.c:19:23:44
zuz| _18469.c:835:15: error: expected ')' before 'int'23:44
zuz| ../include/curses.h:1594:56: note: in definition of macro 'mouse_trafo'23:44
zuz|  #define mouse_trafo(y,x,to_screen) wmouse_trafo(stdscr,y,x,to_screen)23:44
zuz|                                                         ^23:45
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zuzHmm binutils fails too23:59
zuz| Makefile:1182: recipe for target 'tc-i386.o' failed23:59

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