Wednesday, 2015-06-17

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zuzMaybe it's my build host's toolchain? gcc (GCC) 5.1.000:02
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zuzMaybe I don't need to build x86_64-linux/ncurses-native anyway?00:16
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zuzMaybe I need
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #339 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #345 of nightly-world is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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zuzIt seems these problems exist only on the fido branch - switching to master solves all02:02
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parrothow do I make yocto include debug packages? what should I add to local.conf?02:28
zuzhow about EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES=dbg-pkgs02:32
parrotzuz:  thanks for the pointer...I have a test package that whose name is FILES_${PN}-test. So I wonder how can I get that particular package gets included in the final image build as well02:36
parrotI wonder if appending "test-pkgs" would work02:36
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parrotno it doesn't work...02:55
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #368 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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erboRP: are you the one to ping about backporting a build fix in fido? (
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RPerbo: joshuagl is the person you want for fido07:59
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RPzuz: sounds like you have gcc 5 on your build system which is known to have issues with fido :/08:01
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iontehi, quick question: what is the best way to make a minor change to the kernel source and rebuild the kernel and image, without overwriting the edits with a fetch?08:19
iontei just need to put some debug prints in a driver, and don't want to build a patch etc08:20
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_4urele_ionte, when i need to test some lines, i modify directly the tmp/work/*/linux-*/git/.../08:32
_4urele_ionte, then I launch bitbake -f -c compile <your linux recipe>08:33
_4urele_ionte, then you can bitbake your image again, it will update the kernel and build a new image08:33
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bluelightningmorning all08:34
_4urele_hi bluelightning08:35
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ionte_4urele_: thanks!08:41
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Ox4hello everyone08:42
Ox4I have a problem whilst building the minimal image:
Ox4could somebody take a look and help to resolve this issue?08:42
Ox4437 line08:43
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LetoThe2ndOx4: looks like meta-sourcery is broken for your usecase08:44
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Ox4LetoThe2nd: ok, I will try to switch to the more stable version08:51
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Ox4LetoThe2nd: thank you08:52
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zuzRP: yes my hunch is it's the reorganization of tc- libs in ncurses09:10
zuzGood news is GCC 5.1.0 works fine with master as of June 1509:11
Ox4as I see they have sourcery-sstate-fixes branch09:14
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Ox4I have another one issue:
dbozecHi! I'm stuck with kernel compilation on Yocto. I need to use gcc-4.4 to compile kernel but poky-daisy seems to use an other gcc version. Any clue on how to solve this ?09:54
mie_Hi ! I would like to use my own recipes-devtools (binutils-cross, gcc-cross , etc). So i override by a .bbappend file.  It fetch my own files & directory on /git pointed by S variable. But just before to do do_configure() It seems that inherits autotools ("i'm not sure") override some files ( config.guess config.sub autom4te.cache/) .  Do you have any suggestion ? I will try to patch it, seems good ?09:54
_4urele_mie_, if i understood well this is normal, I think do_configure, reconfigure everything:)09:56
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_4urele_so it replaces "config.guess config.sub autom4te.cache/, configure"... and so on (if i'm not wrong09:57
mie__4urele_: yes09:57
bluelightningdbozec: you shouldn't need such an old gcc - just patch your kernel so it can build properly with a recent gcc09:57
_4urele_mie_, maybe you should modify your
dbozecbluelightning: I'm importing an old project in Yocto, so I got the kernel archive on Where can I find such a patch ?09:59
bluelightningdbozec: you would need to look through the kernel commits for changes relating to gcc from onwards09:59
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dbozecbluelightning : thank you, I'll take a look on that10:00
bluelightningdbozec: if it's for ARM you will need these two at least:
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dbozecbluelightning :  no, it's for i38610:01
bluelightningah ok10:01
bluelightningshould be a bit simpler then AIUI10:01
dbozecok, thank you10:03
bluelightningfortunately 2.6.32 is in fact the oldest that recent glibc will support ;)10:03
bluelightningalthough that's for glibc 2.20+ so that wouldn't be a factor until after dizzy IIRC10:05
dbozecthe idea is to import the actual project with 2.6.32 then to move to a newer kernel version in the next months :)10:05
bluelightningfair enough :)10:06
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #343 of nightly-non-gpl3 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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erboRP: thanks!10:55
erbojoshuagl: have you seen ?10:56
joshuaglerbo: yup, I even have a partial reply drafted somewhere in this stack of windows10:58
joshuaglerbo: already queued in my fido-next branch
erboah, awesome. thanks!10:58
joshuaglnp. Just need to get a succesful autobuilder run before I request a merge10:58
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sm0ketstHi all11:59
sm0ketstUsing the meta-intel and I'm having issues with and old celeron/M unit. Which is the best way to build a bsp based for this unit? use the instead the
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_4urele_hi all12:08
_4urele_is it possible to build a package without installing it (just building the rpm for example)12:09
_4urele_I mean automatically like with "IMAGE_INSTALL"12:11
rburtonbitbake [recipe]12:13
_4urele_rburton, i knew someone will say this I would like to add some packages to rpms during the build (some tools like valgrind gdb and so on)12:15
rburtonbitbake myimage my-package-group-that-lists-everything-id-like-to-build12:15
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_4urele_rburton, ok thx rburton12:29
bluelightningif you don't actually want a packagegroup to be created for runtime use, you can "inherit meta" and set DEPENDS to point to the recipes to be built instead12:30
_4urele_bluelightning, thx! looks like what I was looking for12:32
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RPbluelightning: I continue to wonder if that class should exist...12:41
bluelightningRP: we don't use it like this in the core, but I can see it being useful for this use case12:42
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bluelightningi.e. if you have more than a few things you want built, perhaps for populating a feed, and would rather not have to explicitly mention them all on the command line12:43
RPbluelightning: agreed, I've just never liked the name of that class12:46
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bluelightningRP: right, perhaps "recipegroup" ?12:49
lpapphmm, what is the best way to exclude certain binaries from the generated SDK?12:50
lpappsome binaries that go into the image are not necessary to build applications with the platform.12:50
rburtonbluelightning: ooh useful12:51
Crofton|worksuch metaness12:54
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uenihi guys, have anyone tried to add perl to yocto via meta/recipes-devtools/perl?12:57
RPbluelightning: yes, something like that would be better12:57
otaviorburton: RP: news about the piglit fix?13:01
rburtonotavio: its in mut13:01
otaviorburton: it should be send upstream, as well13:02
otaviorburton: are you in touch with the maintainer?13:02
ueniafter creating the rootfs the modules for perl such as are missing. what must i do to include this modules in my build/rootfs?13:03
ntlueni: perl-modules will pull them all in13:04
uenithank you.  i will try that13:05
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RPpidge, halstead_: Just posted a patch to python which gives a 25% parsing speedup. We might have to consider that for the autobuilder and using a standalone python tarball...13:13
RPit likely speeds up do_package too13:13
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pidgeRP: we can get it installed when we get a buildtools build with the patch13:25
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RPpidge: Looks like my test was flawed, the fast python is actually the ubuntu one and ours is a lot slower. Now I want to know why...13:31
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rburtonotavio: done already :)13:31
otaviorburton: ? merged?13:32
rburtonotavio: upstream, yes, and patch in mut updated13:33
* rburton goes13:33
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lpappanyone any idea for my question? :)13:54
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_4urele_lpapp, write an image recipe, and a new distro if needed?13:56
_4urele_which image are you using?13:56
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #346 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
bluelightninglpapp: there was a thread here relating to this:
bluelightningshort answer is it's complicated13:58
bluelightninghaving said that the poster was experiencing behaviour that wasn't immediately explainable13:58
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lpappbluelightning: it is very important for me14:46
lpappbluelightning: I do not want to give proprietary binaries with the SDK14:46
lpappthose our apps, but others can develop software based on our platform14:46
lpappit would only be that, but also licensing issues14:47
lpappso I really want to get rid of certain apps that we wrote.14:47
lpappand provide only the libraries that we wrote and meant for application developers.14:47
bluelightninglpapp: PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_COMPLEMENTARY ought to provide what you want there I would think14:47
lpapp_4urele_: custom image, based on core-image-minimal14:47
lpappor whichever the smallest is :)14:47
bluelightningwe don't have anything else for filtering the contents of the SDK right now that I know of14:48
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bluelightninglpapp: the other very straightforward solution is you simply create a separate image that does not have the items in it that you don't want, and use that as your image target when building the SDK14:49
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lpappbluelightning: any near future plans to improve this?14:57
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bluelightninglpapp: it's pretty much the first time someone has asked about it, so I don't think anyone had thought it was needed...14:59
bluelightninglpapp: is there a reason why a separate image recipe won't work?14:59
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lpappbluelightning: too much work15:03
lpappI guess the easiest option would be to be able to exclude packages, no?15:03
bluelightninger - even if all that recipe does is require your original one and uses _remove to remove the unwanted packages from IMAGE_INSTALL ?15:04
bluelightningPACKAGE_EXCLUDE_COMPLEMENTARY effectively does that, but of course it will not help you if there is a dependency pulling in the package15:05
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lpappbluelightning: remember that we use daisy.15:12
bluelightninglpapp: the separate image will still work there15:12
lpappwas that feature backported into 1.6.3? Guess not?15:12
bluelightningPACKAGE_EXCLUDE_COMPLEMENTARY was in 1.6.3, as it happens15:13
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #64 of nightly-world-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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lpappbluelightning: have you got a ticket for documenting that variable?15:39
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bluelightninglpapp: probably not, it's on my own docs todo list I think15:40
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lpappyou mean I shall not create one for you?15:41
bluelightningsure, you can if you wish, but it will eventually get taken care of even if not15:41
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lpappok, I will skip it then, just do not leave it out please :)15:41
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lpappbluelightning: I am still unsure if it is really that variable that I need.16:05
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:05
lpappbluelightning: I would like to keep the binaries for the "normal" image.16:05
lpappAlso, I would not know how to use that variable. I cannot find an example for it in daisy.16:06
bluelightninglpapp: then you are not on 1.6.316:07
bluelightninguse a separate image16:07
bluelightningit's the simplest solution16:07
lpappI am on
lpappI can see ../meta/lib/oe/        exclude = self.d.getVar('PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_COMPLEMENTARY', True)16:08
lpappbut I cannot see /example/ use.16:08
bluelightningright, then support for it is there16:08
lpappthis is the implementation.16:08
bluelightningno, you wouldn't expect any, it's not required for anything in OE-Core16:08
lpappI will have some difficulty to use it then :)16:09
bluelightningI'll grant you it's undocumented but we've discussed that16:09
bluelightningit's a straight list of packages, just like IMAGE_INSTALL16:09
lpappbut that means the normal image would be truncated, too?16:10
*** dorileo <dorileo!~dorileo@> has joined #yocto16:10
lpappif so, does that mean that I have to create an SDK recipe separately from the image?16:13
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lpappbluelightning: ?18:02
bluelightningmust've missed your last message sorry18:05
bluelightningunfortunately I need to leave to get my train, should be back later18:05
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Crofton|workhave a nice ride home18:05
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tripzerowhat's the proper way to handle out-of-tree kernel module recipies?  is there an existing meta-something where such would land?18:29
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ionte_any idea why devicetree is built for kernel 3.16 with meta-raspberrypi (fido), even though it should be disabled by default for all kernels before 3.18??18:55
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kergothRP: that 'no such file or directory' issue, it was indeed the missing depends. or similar might be worthwhile to avoid the long traceback with no info about what the first fakeroot task is (the culprit)19:02
*** dasabhi <dasabhi!> has joined #yocto19:02
dasabhihello there any one currently active?19:02
kergoth was the culprit — had the fakeroot flag set without the necessary dependency19:05
kergoth fixed it19:05
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rburtonkergoth: i was going to say, we should fix the core so the dependency gets generated automatically surely19:07
kergoththat would be nice, yes, i thought about that too, just not sure how it'd be best implemented19:08
fray'fakeroot-provider' or something like that, then just add that dep?19:12
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kergothHmm, I should add a check like but against the rootfs after its constructed, via a postprocess hook, to immediately spot the ownership issues introduced by postinsts19:47
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rburtonkergoth: yes, and you should send that other test to oe-core too :)19:49
kergothyeah, planning on it. the only reason its' in meta-sourcery is I kept getting nailed by the external recipes cp -a'ing external files in without sanitizing the ownership :)19:50
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otaviorburton: can piglit patch to be merged today?20:24
rburtonotavio: my MUT broke in interesting ways, constructing a subset for the AB to test now actually (with the piglit fix in)20:25
otaviorburton: ok; I am awaiting for this to be able to get master-next fully build here20:26
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seebs_RP or halstead_, around? I would like to upload a shiny new layer to contrib so I can show it off to the list and such.21:52
*** seebs_ is now known as seebs21:52
seebsThanks to a very clever friend, I have renamed the bootloader manager to "bootlace", so the layer is now meta-bootlace.21:52
halstead_seebs, I'm around. What do you need in order to push the layer?21:53
seebsMostly a clue. I don't think I've added a layer to the git server before and don't know whether I need special permissions or something.21:54
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halstead_seebs, As far as I know you can just push to poky-contrib if you want to put the code up there. If you want a new repo at you need to request it via e-mail to RP. (CC me)21:57
seebsDoes it ever become a problem that lots of totally unrelated trees end up in poky-contrib?21:58
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Crofton|workI never look there since I do not use Poky21:59
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RPseebs: it can be mildly annoying but we'd just do a pruning cycle...22:00
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seebsFair enough.22:01
*** bfederau <bfederau!> has joined #yocto22:01
halstead_seebs, Yeah we eventually move them to if they aren't active to keep the size down.22:01
seebsOkay, pushed there for now so people can see it and discuss it.22:02
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