Monday, 2015-06-22

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parrotI tried a new mainline kernel and while the build process went fine, I got error ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'i915' when I tried to build my final I'm not sure what went wrong in the process02:19
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parrotI tried a new mainline kernel and while the build process went fine, I got error ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'i915' when I tried to build my final I'm not sure what went wrong in the process06:38
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mckoangood morning07:16
mckoangood morning07:16
_4urele_good morning07:16
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_4urele_did someone already tried to build openjdk with wayland?07:17
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parrotI tried a new mainline kernel and while the build process went fine, I got error ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'i915' when I tried to build my final I'm not sure what went wrong in the process07:19
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lpappgood morning08:08
cristianiorgahello all08:11
parrothello all08:12
parrotI tried a new mainline kernel and while the build process went fine, I got error ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'i915' when I tried to build my final I'm not sure what went wrong in the process08:13
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Aurelien_hi all08:32
Aurelien_I need some help buildind maliit08:33
Aurelien_there is a layer wich is deprecated, and when removing the line got an error : cannot access *.pro: No such file or directory08:33
Aurelien_but S variable is correctly st08:34
Aurelien_also, when I try to buils from source with QtCreator, I get : dbus-binding-tool: Command not found08:36
Aurelien_but this one is located at /usr/local/oecore-x86_64/sysroots/armv7at2hf-vfp-neon-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/usr/bin/dbus-binding-tool (and environment variables are set)08:37
Aurelien_can someone help me ? thanks08:37
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lpappI suggest that you build the project successfully without Yocto first.08:42
lpappand once that is done, paste a bit more error.08:42
Aurelien_if I specifically add folder containing dbus-binding-tool in PATH and then compile again, I get dbus-binding-tool: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")08:46
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cdrixhi guys12:39
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realBigfooti wanted to run a python3 script on a do_configure_append(), but it always uses python217:54
realBigfootis there a var like ${PYTHON} to do it ?17:54
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* kergoth works on his prototype recipetool appendsrcfile18:12
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ftonellorealBigfoot: I believe bitbake only supports python219:05
kergothnot relevent. bitbake uses python2, that doesnt' mean you can't build python3 or python3-native19:06
realBigfootftonello, kergoth i got figured out i had to inherit python3native19:15
kergothah, yeah, makes sense, that'll add its bindir to the PATH19:16
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zloyhey guys19:50
zloycould somebody help me with this one: ?19:53
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realBigfootzloy, i have never seen this error however, it looks like he failed on do_patch phase of linux-yocto-custom20:02
realBigfootyou have to take a look at the patches to see what the problem is20:03
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zloyrealBigfoot: actually, I think the problem in this line(s): ls: cannot access .meta*: No such file or directory20:05
zloyfind: '.meta/cfg/scratch': No such file or directory20:05
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redenginzloy, try this (  sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash20:10
zloyredengin: actually I am using Exherbo with bash shell :)20:14
redenginhmm, can you make the /bin/sh -> dash?20:17
redenginperhaps just installing dash will do it?
kergothcurrent yocto doesn't require that /bin/sh be bash20:19
kergothhasn't been required for quite a long time, actually20:19
redenginkergoth, yes, but the link made it sound like there might be a dependency on dash20:20
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kergoththat link is from 2012.20:21
kergothand it would have been a dependency on bash, not dash20:21
kergothyou reconfigure dash to tell it not to use dash as /bin/sh and use bash instead20:21
kergothbut again, that's not needed anymore20:21
redenginkergoth, ah, my mistake I figured reconfigure would reset the link to dash20:23
kergothreconfigure pops up an ncurses interface to let you decide which you want as /bin/sh20:23
kergoth(or whatever other debconf mechanisms you have available)20:23
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blackfi_shHey, I am planning to buy an Nvidia Jetson TK1, and plan to do intensive Image-processing on it. It comes out of the box with Ubuntu + Unity and all those shit. Moreover, I've used yocto on a old pandaboard before and I love it. But nevertheless, I am not a yocto expert.  For this nvidia board, there is no official yocto bsp. But I found one on GitHub. Can anyone plase take a look at it, and see if it is full featured, and a good20:52
blackfi_shThis is the BSP:
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blackfi_shThe main thing is that I need CUDA support. Can anyone help me with this? I need to finalise the purchase tomorrow itself.20:54
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rburtonblackfi_sh: that bsp ships the binary drivers, including libcuda21:09
blackfi_sh@rburton, thanks for responding. Do you see anything that it lacks?21:11
blackfi_shrburton, I am just asking it here because I am not an expert at it21:12
rburtonits got a custom kernel and the binary drivers, that's probably all you need21:12
blackfi_shrburton, So it's green light, and I can go ahead with the purchase?21:15
Crofton|workblackfi_sh, you are not alone in your quest21:16
Crofton|workI ahve a freind working on a build also21:16
Crofton|worksimilar reasons21:16
Crofton|workI'm tryin gt help him as I can21:16
blackfi_shCrofton|work, can I contact him? I've never talked with someone who owned the board21:17
blackfi_shWhere exactly is he stuck?21:17
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Crofton|worklast report (a an hour or so agao) was he had a build but needed to test21:18
blackfi_shis he on freenode? How was his experience with the OS that came with the box?21:19
Crofton|workI told him you are asking in here, but look slike he is afk21:20
blackfi_shhe on freenode?21:20
blackfi_shi see21:20
Crofton|workI'm sure oe can make images for it that work :)21:20
blackfi_shHe using he same bsp?21:21
Crofton|workI think he is using kraj's which has some more work I think21:21
Crofton|worksearch github21:21
blackfi_shI am kindof a noob when it comes to crosscom[iling, eventhough I've build youcto builds before.21:22
blackfi_shis making an ISP a complex task?21:22
Crofton|workBSP, depends on what you are good at21:27
Crofton|workI suspect we can make the ones on github work21:27
blackfi_shso then how do they perform against the os provided by the board makers(Nvidia in my case)?21:29
blackfi_shperform in comparison to*21:29
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staylor_blackfi_sh: do you plan on having a display always connected and running X11?  At least their GL drivers required a running X11 session not sure on CUDA.21:31
blackfi_shI wont be having a display at all. No X1121:32
blackfi_shX11 session means what? won't an X11 server running be enough?21:34
staylor_blackfi_sh: yes but I've had issues with some boards not being able to run X11 if a display wasn't probed and NVidia does not provide RAW framebuffer drivers for GL afaik.21:36
blackfi_shCan I fake a display by soldering a resistor or something? I've heard of that before. Never know if it works.21:37
staylor_it's probed through i2c so no, but you should be able to modify the u-boot scripts.  I had this issue on a nitrogen6x board where if hdmi wasn't probed on i2c in the bootloader they'd remove hdmi from the dts (why oh why!?).21:39
blackfi_shstaylor_, wht are the consiquences of whatever you are saying? in layman words?21:40
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staylor_blackfi_sh: you might need to do some fiddling around to get CUDA/GL working without an HDMI plugged in.  More of a heads up than anything ;-)21:41
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blackfi_shHow difficult would that be/21:42
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blackfi_shalso it just came to my mind, I don't know if it's feasible, but can I send the I2C acknowledgment and fake a monitor by using a microcontroller?21:44
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blackfi-shsorry I had a connection loss, will see the logs to find if i missed anything22:04
blackfi-shCrofton|work will your friend be back anytime sooon? should I wait?22:06
Crofton|workI do no thinnk so, I'll let him know you are interested,22:10
blackfi-shyes please, It's almost the morning ow, have to get some sleep. I will be back.22:11
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rburtonhm, is there a magic way to get all multilib-variants of library packages into an image?22:28
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zwerchHello guys. How can I get a list of all the licenses (best case: all the paths of all the license files) of the software baked into my image?23:05
zwerchI already found build/tmp/deploy/licenses/$imagename-$machine-$date/license.manifest, but this is not really what I am looking for.23:05
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