Tuesday, 2015-06-23

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mckoangood morning07:37
frscIs there some possibility to specify the order of packages being installed during do_rootfs? Because somehow NetworkManager can't communicate with ModemManager via dbus if it is installed before ModemManager.07:38
LetoThe2ndsounds like a missing dependency, then.07:39
frscLetoThe2nd: I tried adding ModemManager to DEPENDS and RDEPENDS of NetworkManager, but still NM is installed before MM, when I look into do_rootfs logfile.07:41
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frscDo dependencies even affect the installation order in do_rootfs? If so, something is wrong in my setup...07:54
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mieHi! I would like to build a custom recipes "processor" before "binutils-cross". I tried to add DEPENDS="processor" var on binutils-cross_2.25.bbappend but it fails by "circular dependencies" . I am wrong ?08:54
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mieThey are some priority about build recipes with bitbake ?09:01
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_4urele_Hello everyone!09:41
_4urele_mie I would say there are dependencies09:41
_4urele_mie, you can't build an application for your target if the crosstoolchain is not built ;) so the crosstoolchain will be built first09:42
mie_4urele_: however my custom crosstoolchain need this recipes to be built09:47
_4urele_mie, did you tried to add a depndency in your custom "crosstoolchain" (DEPENDS = "any_package")09:49
RagBalI bbappend qtbase from meta-qt5, in it is a SRC_URI where I want to fetch a file from the layer my bbappend is in, but the do_fetch doesn't look in other layers then meta-qt5 so it cannot find the file. What is the problem?09:49
mie_4urele_: yes and it fail by "circular dependencies"09:51
_4urele_mie, maybe you have a "runtime dependency" and a build "dependency" ? (check RDEPENDS in ref-manual), if it is not the case maybe you will have to split you recipe into two09:53
_4urele_mie, but obviously you can't have applications wich needs each others at build time, don't you think?09:55
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RagBalSolved it using: FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:"10:01
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skfaxI have a recipe which uses SRCREV=*${AUTOREV}". When attempting to do an offline build with the source already downloaded; the build fails since bitbake still attempts to check for a later commit15:15
skfaxIs there a way to fix this behavior without manually setting SRCREV to the latest offline commit availlable?15:16
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raykinsella78Yocto isn't checkouting the version of the code from the git repo I expect ..15:35
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skfaxWell the entire github repo is available offline15:35
raykinsella78well more accurately it ends up on wrong branch for some reason15:36
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raykinsella78[16:36 ][silv-debian7-yocto-build 160] git > git branch15:36
raykinsella78* (no branch)15:36
raykinsella78  svn/branches/UDK2014.SP115:37
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raykinsella78found the problem - stupid problem15:45
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cferenceHi all. I'm trying to compile an image with the meta-oe layer and I'm getting this error "Could not inherit file classes/bluetooth.bbclass" Not too sure how to resolve it, anyone can help me out?16:01
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rburtoncference: you're using meta-oe master and a release of oe-core i guess16:06
kergothsounds like you're using mismatched branches16:06
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cferenceOh, how can I fix this? I'm guessing I need to checkout a different git branch?16:07
rburtonif you're using oe-core dizzy, checkout meta-oe dizzy16:09
zloy`hello again, guys :)16:09
zloy`http://dpaste.com/0TQ5ZBW.txt is it ok?16:09
zloy`cference: what was your problem?16:10
cferencerburton, great, I'll try that out, much appreciated!16:10
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rburtonjoshuagl: can you replicate the problem with devshell on your ubuntu vm still?16:18
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joshuaglrburton: are you asking me to retry, or whether I have replicated?16:41
rburtonjoshuagl: there was a patch on the list16:41
joshuaglrburton: oh, I haven't retried with master recently16:41
joshuaglrburton: I'm just leaving for the day but can try tomorrow16:41
joshuaglyou may have to remind me16:41
rburtonjoshuagl: its in ross/mut16:43
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l3iggsHi everyone. I'm seeing exactly this error: https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto/2015-February/023730.html16:54
l3iggswhen I'm trying to build my toolchain with bitbake meta-ide-support16:55
l3iggsDoes anyone have a solution for this?16:55
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* acidfu brb18:42
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dasabhihello do you guys know if the default build config when you run bitbake core-image is compatible with the galileo?18:53
dasabhithe image that you build with the default settings, is that compatiable with the galileo***18:53
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rburtondasabhi: the "default" is a x86 qemu machine, which i doubt it compatible.  its best to use the galileo BSP.19:25
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cubicoolI just sent an e-mail to the meta-jetson-tk1 people from Github. If you use that layer and cloned from my original repo, keep an eye on your e-mail. There are a few different forks and I'd like to "get the house in order", so to speak.23:41
cubicoolI had no idea it had been forked and no upstream PRs until just a bit ago. :(23:41
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