Monday, 2015-06-29

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drixhi guys05:12
drixi'm trying to move from openbox to matchbox. i'm wondering if there is any post-start script just like the openbox "autostart" file in which i can run several programs ?05:17
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drixanyone ? :p06:18
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zloyguys, could somebody take a look: ?07:36
zloywhat the | {standard input}: Assembler messages:07:36
zloy| {standard input}:661: Error: symbol `.LPIC6' is already defined does mean?07:36
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nrossizloy: looks like a toolchain bug with PIC?07:44
zloynrossi: but I built another yocto image with this toolchain and had no problems07:45
nrossiare you targeting the same architecture? (aka cflags/etc)07:46
zloynrossi: yes07:46
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nrossizloy: ok, so just the versions of util-linux are difference between your builds?07:47
zloynrossi: let me double check07:47
ericbuttershi.. i am building my distro on 64bit machine, but i need the sdk to be installable and used on a 32bit machine.. how to setup this?07:47
nrossiericbutters: as in the sdk built by yocto for target development?07:48
ericbuttersyes, the resulting yocto-sdk to be used to compile source code for the target.07:49
nrossiericbutters: All you need to do then is setup the SDKMACHINE to a 32bit machine. e.g. SDKMACHINE = "i686"07:49
ericbuttersin my local.conf?07:50
nrossiericbutters: yep07:50
zloybtw, can I locate local.conf in my bsp-layer, or I have to edit it in the build/conf/ directory?07:51
nrossiyou need to have it in conf/local.conf of the build07:51
nrossibut you can set your conf/local.conf to include a .conf from a layer that could provide all your setup. Or simply just symlink07:52
zloynrossi: according to util-linux07:52
zloynrossi: I have 2.26-1-r0 version on the both machines07:53
zloynrossi: understood, thanks07:53
nrossizloy: interesting, run "bitbake util-linux -e > fooenv", for both setups. And do some diff'ing07:55
zloyok, just a second07:55
zloyoh, the logs have a huge size07:57
nrossizloy: for simplicity just compare the variables, so pass the environment setup through a grep of something like "\w*="07:58
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zloynrossi: hm, I've just found in the correct env that it has recipes-bbappend/util-linux/util-linux_2.26.1.bbappend where TARGET_CFLAGS has "-fgnu89-inline"08:02
zwerchGood morning lovely people :)08:02
zwerchHow can I put my own xmodmap into the system? I already tried to append the x11-common recipe, but it didn't work at all (it didn't use my files!). What is the yocto way to achieve this?08:02
zloyit is interesting08:02
nrossizloy: could be, keep looking though i would expect something a little more significant as that is just setting a dialect08:05
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zloynrossi: -fgnu89-inline helped me08:24
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zloynrossi: thank you for the support08:24
nrossizloy: getting rid of that fixed it?08:25
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zloynrossi: getting rid?08:28
zloywhat do you mean?08:28
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zloyI've just created bbappned file and set TARGET_CFLAGS08:28
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nrossizloy: oh ok the working one had the "-fgnu..."?08:32
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sm0ketsthello good morning08:34
sm0ketstare still valid the instructions regarding to deploy yocto in the HD? bzImage is not deployed in the ext3 rootfs ??08:35
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zloynrossi: yes08:38
zloynrossi: and currently I have another issue08:38
zloyI know about kernel-modules08:39
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zloybut what's wrong with locales?08:39
zwerchzloy: how did you add your locales?08:40
zloyzwerch: I didn't add this08:40
zloyand what about 214 line?08:40
nrossizloy: looks like an issue with the external toolchain recipes your using08:40
zloynrossi: I am using sourcery08:41
nrossizloy: meta-sourcery?08:41
zwerchzloy: I added my locales in my layer.conf:08:41
zwerchGLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES = "en_US.UTF-8 de_DE.UTF-8 fr_FR.UTF-8 it_IT.UTF-8 nl_NL.UTF-8 es_ES.UTF-8"08:41
zloysourcery-sstate-fixes this branch08:42
zloyzwerch: hm, thanks, I will try this08:42
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zwerchzloy: why is there meta-sourcery twice in your log?08:43
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zwerchzloy: L 20 / 2608:43
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zloyzwerch: my mistake08:52
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ericbuttersabout toaster i got from /opt/bitbake/lib/toaster/ migrate orm: Cannot reverse this migration. 'Project.bitbake_version' and its values cannot be restored.09:01
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zloyfails on do_rootfs function :-(09:11
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mckoangood morning09:49
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ericbuttershey, i build on 64bit machine and set SDKMACHINE="i686" to get sdk for 32bit machine. that worked, but i am missing "wayland-scanner" in my 32bit sdk. i find "wayland-scanner" in tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux but not in tmp/sysroots/i686-nativesdk10:15
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zloyguys, could somebody help me with this one:
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #355 of nightly-ipk is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests Running Sanity Tests_1 Running Sanity Tests_2] Build details are at
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zloyappended bash and gcc-external packages10:38
ericbuttershey, how to enable wayland-scanner for the nativesdk?10:39
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darkspikezloy: what command are you running to get that error ?10:53
zloydarkspike: bitbake image-PowerBeacon-minimal10:55
darkspikezloy: if you go into build/tmp/work/xxxxxx-linux-gnueabi/base-passwd-3.5.29-r0/deploy-rpms/...10:59
darkspikezloy: can you find the base-passwd-3.5.29-r0 rpm ?10:59
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #23 of nightly-rpm-non-rpm is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
zloydarkspike: in a 30 minutes, I am rebuilding the image now11:02
darkspikezloy: you should have stuff in the build/tmp/work/xxxxxx-linux-gnueabi/base-passwd-3.5.29-r0/image dir and also you should check if your files did not end up in other rpms like (-dev -dbg) by looking at the build/tmp/work/xxxxxx-linux-gnueabi/base-passwd-3.5.29-r0/packages-split dir11:04
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zloydarkspike: I don't have base-passwd at all11:08
zloydarkspike: I have base-files directory11:08
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zloydarkspike: here is the latest build attempt:
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #368 of nightly-non-gpl3 is complete: Success [build successful CheckForGPLv3] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #356 of nightly-intel-gpl is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages BuildImages_1] Build details are at
ericbuttersrburton1: i filed a bug regarding missing wayland-scanner in the native-sdk:
yoctiBug 7931: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , wayland-scanner mssing in nativesdk where buildmachine is different to sdkmachine11:56
rburton1erbo: what version?11:57
ericbuttersversion is set, 1.711:58
rburton1i mean, ericbutters: what version11:58
rburton1wasn't sure if that was right :)11:58
rburton1well, wayland doesn't have a nativesdk form11:59
rburton1ericbutters: add "nativesdk" to the bbclassextend statement and see if that helps11:59
rburton1wouldn't be surprised if its just not being installed as weston-dev doesn't depend on wayland-dev12:00
ericbuttersrburton1: where should i add nativesdk to bbclassextend? in which file?12:01
rburton1ericbutters: wayland_*.bb12:01
rburton1its probably a missing dep though12:01
ericbuttersrburton1: should i also add wayland-dev to DEPENDS in weston*.bb?12:02
rburton1just looking at that no12:03
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ericbuttersrburton: adding nativesdk to BBCLASSEXTEND did not help.12:10
rburtonyeah its not getting into the image because nothing says it should be included12:11
ericbuttersyes, but where to add it :) somewhere packagegroup-nativesdk ..12:11
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zloyvery interesting:
zloyis it true?12:15
ericbuttersrburton: but wayland-scanner also should be be built for SDKMACHINE, not only for BUILDMACHINE12:19
rburtonericbutters: at the moment its not build for sdk at all - building nativesdk-wayland says "error" :)12:22
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ericbuttersrburton: yes, i remember, i always missed it! also when SDKMACHINE is the same like the buildmachine.. but i need wayland-scanner for the sdkmachine!12:24
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wrockheyo, is it possible to fetch data locally(receipe)? so instead a git repository i'd like to use the files from a folder12:26
rburtonwrock: you mean you want the SRC_URI to point at local files?12:27
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wrockyes, i know its not the identend way to to, but i have the binaries already(which was quite a lot work to make it compile)12:28
rburtonwrock: just use file: uris then12:28
wrockand i'd like to just copy them into the rootfs then12:28
wrockah , yea12:29
ericbuttersrburton: are you going to fix this "nativesdk-wayland" issue??12:29
rburtonericbutters: having a quick look at it now12:30
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rburtonericbutters: and turning it on breaks the build12:39
rburtonyeah that's going to be a pain to fix12:39
rburtonericbutters: bzzt non-trivial.  needs fixing in wayland's build files.12:45
ericbuttersokay, so for now i need to build on i686 to get wayland-scanner and then copy it to the sdk manually..12:46
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #358 of build-appliance is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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jmleoHi !13:35
jmleoI have a functionnal image, but all the locales are compiled and installed, so it takes ~650MB13:35
jmleois there a quick way to tell it to install only en version ?13:35
zloyjmleo: try to add GLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES = "en_US.UTF-8" in layer.conf file13:41
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zloyBTW, I have an issue:
zloyFailed to create file '/usr/lib64/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders.cache.42W40X': Permission denied13:42
zloywhy it tries to create file in my system?13:42
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jkuzloy: which yocto version is this?14:01
zloyjku: the latest one poky14:03
zloyI've cloned git repo14:03
zloywhen I changed PACKAGES_CLASSES to  package_deb it installed rootfs normaly14:04
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jkuzloy: and package_rpm fails? can you show me a bit more context for the failure (maybe "bitbake -v") ?14:11
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ericbutterstoaster -- error in var/log/apache2/error.log: Unable to create ''14:14
zloyjku: origingit:// (fetch) commit: commit 2578ff3dfe55a1c07208401861f96e2e327eacaf14:17
zloyjku: branch master14:17
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belenericbutters: most of the people that could help with Toaster are not around this week. Which branch are you using?14:21
zloyI built an image, but my board doesn't boot :-(
zloysomething wrong with libraries14:21
zloybut if I compile kernel and do rootfs manually then everything works perfectly14:22
zloywhat's wrong?14:22
ericbuttersbelen: i am using master for the poky that toaster runs14:24
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belenericbutters: right, I was afraid of that. Toaster is not in very good shape in master right now . We are going through some major refactoring that is causing us a bit of pain. Sorry :/14:25
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ericbuttersbelen: okay thanks for info, so better to go with fido?14:26
belenericbutters: yes, fido should be better14:27
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belenericbutters: I hope ;)14:27
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ericbuttersbelen: that fixed it14:30
belenericbutters: ah, great :)14:33
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ericbuttersbelen: i followed the toaster docu ( chapter 3.1.2. Setting Up a Hosted Service and Running in Analysis Mode -- i can see the toasterui in my webbrowser, in a build folder i started bitbake with --server-only and one bitbake with --observer-only -u toasterui -- but then starting bitbake core-image-minimal does not show up in the webbrowser.. i created the toaster.conf manually, i did no14:40
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ericbuttersbelen: btw, with fido i get: "dirname: missing operand" when calling: "source toaster start"14:43
ericbuttersbelen: but i can see errors in toaster_ui.log ;)14:45
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belenericbutters: mmm, that's no good. Sourcing the toaster script should still work in Fido14:46
ericbuttersbelen: i got it to work, i did the wrong collectstatic14:48
belenericbutters: good :) I just tested it and it seems to be working for me, so I was wondering what could have gone wrong14:50
belenericbutters: by the way, if you are starting Toaster this way, I assume you are not interested in the building features.14:51
ericbuttersbelen: that is the first try here, i am interested in the build feature also14:52
belenericbutters: right, I see. If you have any feedback, let us know :)14:52
ericbuttersbelen: thanks!14:52
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jmleoI have a package and can't find what is installing it...14:54
jmleoI tried bitbake -g14:54
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ericbuttersblen: one more question: i only see the image build at the toasterui frontend after i cancel the "bitbake core-image-minimal" .. all infos are correct. but i can not get that info while bitbake core-image-minmal is running15:05
ericbuttersbelen: ^15:06
belenericbutters: yes, that is true. Right now, Toaster provides the information once the build is finished. While the build is in progress, so you can only see a rough approximation of build progress15:07
ericbutterswhen i click on one image, i see the build summary, machine and distro are okay, but layers is empty, also tasks and recipes etc15:07
ericbuttersbelen: but, i saw this with toaster start working, on friday :) with a progress bar15:07
belenericbutters: when you say "I saw this", what do you mean?15:08
ericbuttersbelen: i saw image build info while bitbake was building the image15:09
belenericbutters: more than just a progress bar?15:09
ericbuttersprogress bar and est time15:09
belenericbutters: yes, just the bar and time estimate. You will get nothing else about builds in pogress15:10
belenericbutters: hang on, what you meant is that you cannot see builds in progress?15:11
ericbuttersokay.. you said toaster will get some major changes, when will toaster be stable again?15:11
ericbuttersbelen: right15:12
ericbuttersbelen: how do i tell toaster where my layers are? toaster start asked for that. but i do not execute toaster start, i do syncdb, migrate orm, migrate bldcontrol15:13
ericbuttersall from chapter 3.1.2 of the 1.8 toaster doc15:14
jmleozloy: I tried to add IMAGE_LINGUAS and recompiled coreutils15:14
jmleobut still has a lot of locales15:14
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away15:14
belenericbutters: if you have custom layers you want to use, the easiest way is importing them using the web interface. Toaster projects come with an import layer option15:16
belenericbutters: if you have loads of layers, you might want to consider setting up a layer source15:16
ericbuttersbelen: okay. but if you have any idea why i can not see the active build would be great! i only see the build after it finished.. that is not the correct bahavior right (for chapter 3.1.2) ?15:17
jmleoin my conf/local.conf I added IMAGE_LINGUAS = "en-us fr-fr" but the coreutils (after a -c cleanall and relaunch of bitbake coreutils) still installs hungarian, russian, etc.15:18
ericbuttersand after cancel, there are no infos about time, cpu usage etc.. so something is wrong with my setup..15:18
belenericbutters: no, it is not. Sounds like a bug. Would you be ok with opening a Bugzilla issue?15:18
belenericbutters: thanks!15:18
ericbuttersbelen: np15:19
belenericbutters: and about when master will be stable again, I have no answer I'm afraid. I guess, as soon as we can possible make it :)15:20
ericbuttersokay :)15:21
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zloyjmleo: GLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES = "en_US.UTF-8" in layer.conf15:40
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jmleozloy: why in layer.conf ? in local.conf, right ?15:45
jmleoI did it15:45
jmleobut still15:45
zloyjmleo: in layer.conf15:46
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto15:46
kergothputting that in layer.conf doesn't make a great deal of sense15:47
zloykergoth: why?15:49
_4urele_is it possible to display compile logs of one recipe (without openning the last log) like if there was an error15:49
kergothlayer.conf is for settings specific to that layer, and should never be used to manipulate global configuration, as it's not user-visible15:49
kergothbasically if you think something should go there, you're almost certainly wrong. vars only go there with a very, very good reason to do so15:49
zloyanyway, could somebody help me with this one:
rburtonbasically, adding a layer to your bblayers shouldn't change any configuration15:50
rburtonthat's what distros are for15:50
zloykergoth: ok, where do you suggest shoud he put GLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES = "en_US.UTF-8"?15:50
zloybin and sbin directories contain a lot of broken symlinks to busybox15:53
kergotheither the distro or local.conf, as is the case with every other similar variable15:54
gabrbeddI know that PR's are deprecated... but I still see them in the packagegroup recipes. Is there a reason for keeping them there?15:58
frayonce there is a PR, you can't "remove it", unless you upgrade the version of the package15:58
kergothremoving an existing PR will cause package versions to go backwards, unless PV is being bumped. given packagegroups don't track upstream, PV will never increase15:59
frayotherwise people trying to do an on-target upgrade will cause the PR to go backwords, causing a failure15:59
fray(I would almost suggest we change the PR of the packagegroups to a PV...)15:59
fray..or go through and assign them all a PV15:59
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zloyas far as I understand I have to compile either busybox or sysvinit, correct?16:11
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gabrbedd@fray @kergoth: I.e. it's only important for people providing "upstream feeds," right?16:13
gabrbeddAs someone create end-user software with no package feeds, it's still not very useful.16:13
frayno package feeds, it's still useful, but not nearly as useful as those with feeds16:16
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fishey1What is the right way to mark a .bb that can only be built on certain build machines? (ie: depends on running a binary built for a particular build machine to build the package)16:55
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fishey1Actual use case is `rustc` needing a `rustc` snapshot to bootstrap itself (to clarify)16:56
fishey1Right now I expect it will just fail at some point in the build, and I'd rather it warned/errored sooner.16:56
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rburtonyou could depend on something that there isn't actually a recipe for, and add that to ASSUME_PROVIDED on the particular hosts17:00
rburtonthen you'll get an error that rustc-snapshot isn't available on build if its needed17:01
skfaxGiven "meta-alpha/conf/machine/my-machine.conf" - is it possible to amend this machine configuration in some way without creating a new machine? I.e. I would like to have "meta-bravo/conf/machine/my-machine.conf" appended to the first; can this be done in some way?17:02
zloyguys, why rootfs contains broken symlinks everywhere?17:03
kergothzloy: on the host? looking into tmp?17:03
kergothmany of the links are absolute, they'll only be valid on target17:04
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zloykergoth: on the host, yes. I am booting from nfs-root17:25
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fishey1rburton: and then I suppose I'd need to add BUILD_SYS (or some portion of it) to overrides so I could do something like: ASSUME_PROVIDED_build-sys-linux-x86_64 = "rustc-snapshot"?17:45
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tripzerotrying to run on fido with python3.  I get the following error: File "/usr/lib/python3.3/distutils/", line 19, in <module> PREFIX = os.path.normpath(sys.prefix).replace( os.getenv("BUILD_SYS"), os.getenv("HOST_SYS") )17:51
tripzeroTypeError: Can't convert 'NoneType' object to str implicitly17:51
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #367 of nightly-mips is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
skfaxAre there ways of setting layer priorities outside of conf/layer.conf ? Anything more official than ?17:58
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fishey1Is there something speical that needs to be done for -native packages that use cmake? I'm seeing failures here with configure "gcc  is not a full path and was not found in the PATH."20:48
fishey1It appears that commenting the CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_MODE_* var assignments allows configure of native packages that use cmake to work.20:49
fishey1Perhaps I'm using a newer system cmake that has started respecting those variables?20:49
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fishey1Alternately, maybe my toolchain.cmake file isn't getting generated with the right paths in it, could anyone paste theirs so I can check?20:59
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zloyis it ok ---> ?21:33
limbrikHey, running into trouble trying to customize an SDK. I have BBCLASSEXTEND="nativesdk" in my recipe and "bitbake nativesdk-my-recipe" appears to work. But do_populate_sdk says it cannot satisfy nativesdk-my-recipe as a dependency...21:38
limbrikSource is here if anyone wants to take a look. Trying to build meta-toolchain-pru.
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limbrikOkay, my recipe was inheriting native.bbclass and then I BBCLASSEXTENDed nativesdk.bbclass oops22:55
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