Tuesday, 2015-06-30

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parrot1how to check which package provides a header file in sysroot directory?05:24
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mimetonboHello everyone, I'm facing some difficulties adding a driver to the kernel in the yocto dizzy project. Can anyone help me please06:27
parrot1mimetonbo: what kind of difficulties are you facing?06:28
mimetonboSo I have found an off the shelf driver for a digipot over i2c and am unsure how to proceed to add it to my kernel06:29
mimetonboI have read online I need to add it as a module however I can even add it directly to the kernel.06:30
parrot1https://www.yoctoproject.org/sites/default/files/kernel-lab-1.6.pdf might be able to help you06:30
parrot1it's a bit long but kernel job is never easy to begin with06:31
mimetonboyes I read that. Thing is it explains how to add a layer to yocto and the required bb files etc are already part of the git project. However All I have is the .c file of the driver06:32
parrot1so it looks like you will need to write a recipe to compile the codes, then find a way to install the resulting module to kernel modules directory...I'm not entirely sure of the mechanics of it though06:33
parrot1I'm afraid I cannot be of assistance any further :-(06:33
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mimetonboThank You for trying :)!06:35
parrot1the good news is there are better ones out here who can probably do better. You just need to bide your time06:38
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silviofis this now th right channel?11:34
silviofhups sorry11:34
silviofwrong channel :-)11:34
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Ox4what does it mean?11:39
Ox4why I don't have such recipes?11:40
Ox4I've just cloned yocto and meta-sourcery11:40
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_4urele_Ox4, maybe you should check your bblayers.conf (maybe you already did it...)12:14
jkuOx4: the version of the recipe has probably been updated12:14
jkuOx4: e.g. lttng-ust is 2.6.1 in master, not 2.6.012:15
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Ox4yes, you're right12:25
Ox4what about qt5?12:25
Ox4qtbase_5.4.2.bbappend is not correct12:26
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Ox4I've done checkout to 82b211aa423cd9ae46422823139b24a07e8b0fa9 commit12:26
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Ox4and I see in the diff the following:12:27
Ox4-PV = "5.4.1+git${SRCPV}"12:27
Ox4+PV = "5.4.2+git${SRCPV}"12:27
Ox4ERROR: No recipes available for: ...../qtbase/qtbase_5.4.2.bbappend12:28
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jkuOx4: qtbase is not oe-core. When you add a distro layer, you should add all the layers it depends on.  http://layers.openembedded.org/ should help12:43
jkuqtbase is not _in_ oe-core12:43
Ox4jku: I see12:44
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Ox4one more question12:50
Ox4according to this document http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Creating_a_Root_File_System_for_Linux_on_OMAP35x#Add_the_Shared_Libraries_Applications_will_Require I have to copy target toolchain libs to rootfs lib/ directory. How can I accomplish this by yocto?12:51
Ox4just add bbappend file?12:52
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Ox4well, I've appended meta-qt5 meta-oe and append the info to bblayers.conf file ( http://paste.pound-python.org/show/CS57unr8ws31PRgo0Oxv/ ), but still have a problem like: ERROR: No recipes available for:  /home/int/dev/leantegra/sandbox/yocto/poky/meta-powerbeacon/recipes-bbappend/qtbase/qtbase_5.4.2.bbappend14:09
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leowtis there a way to make bitbake update layers before cooking?14:26
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jkuOx4: same thing as before: there is no qtbase_5.4.2.bb in any of your layers (although meta-qt5 has qtbase_git.bb). Either meta-powerbeacon actually depends on some other layer for qtbase, or it isn't compatible with current meta-qt514:30
Ox4jku: but I cloned meta-qt5 from the github14:33
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Ox4hm, but I enumerated all layers from which my bsp layer depends on :-(14:40
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joshuaglrburton: RP: autobuilder appears idle, may I queue a build?14:45
rburtonfine by me14:48
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* joshuagl presses go14:55
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acidfoohello !, I'd like to understand how can I remove the "debug-tweaks" option, my image inherit from core-image which inherit from image which set debug-tweaks15:11
acidfoometa/classes/image.bbclass: IMAGE_FEATURES[validitems] += "debug-tweaks read-only-rootfs"15:11
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fishey1It looks like the recent update to cmake-native in poky has broken any -native packages that build using cmake as the new cmake enforces path restrictions for finding gcc based on CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH_MODE_PROGRAM15:24
leowtis there any way to make bitbake update layers?15:28
leowtbefore builds15:28
kergothwhat do you mean by update layers?15:29
kergothbitbake isn't what's responsible for cloning, updating, or configuring your layers15:29
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leowtkergoth, so whats responsible for that?15:33
kergothyou are15:33
kergothwhat you use to do so entirely depends15:33
kergothsome folks do it manually, some use submodules, some use repo, others use different tools, makefiles, etc15:33
leowtso, got to do some scripts to do that i see15:33
kergothangstrom has theri own scripts for it15:33
leowtok, tnks15:34
kergothnot ideal, but it's difficult to cover every use case with tools for managing such things, differnet people prefer different tools or methods for their use cases15:34
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leowtkergoth i see that toaster does just that15:38
kergothnot sure what you mean by that15:38
kergothtoaster is a bitbake frontend, handles configuration and build monitoring15:39
leowtupdating repos just before build15:39
kergothit's not going to replace a higher level tool for managing your layers, as far as i'm aware15:39
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rburtongod i'd hate bitbake to update layers when i did a build.15:40
rburtonintroducing something else changing whilst i'm trying to work would be a bad idea15:40
kergothagreed. stuff would just break on you15:40
kergothmultiple variables (excuse the term) changing at once is bad for diagnosis15:41
rburtonin a production environment it should be someones job to update layers locally, run regressions tests, and then commit the updated layers somewhere.  repo, submodules, whatever.15:42
kergothyep. that's my job here, i update the upstream layers in our repo manifest on a weekly basis after doing sanity test builds across all supported bsps15:42
vmesonHere's a SO question on the topic: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6500524/git-subtree-or-gitslave-if-switch-away-from-git-submodules15:42
kergothsometimes it gets postponed until something unrelated is fixed upstream15:42
vmesonHas anyone used git slave, I've only just heard of it.15:43
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CircuitsoftHello - I'm getting a strange error from multiple yocto commands, regarding a directory not existing. It seems like some bad string concatenation is happening somewhere.16:38
CircuitsoftOSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/alex/Client/project_yocto/build/../poky/meta-yocto:/home/alex/Client/project_yocto/build:/home/alex/Client/project_yocto/build/../poky/meta:/home/alex/Client/project_yocto/build/../poky/meta-yocto-bsp:/home/alex/Client/project_yocto/build/../directv/meta-hg1x/../directv/meta-hg1x/recipes-kernel/linux'16:38
CircuitsoftOkay, I guess I didn't sufficiently anonymize that, but I don't think there's any damaging info there.16:40
CircuitsoftAnyway, what is putting all those colons together, and why is it trying to CD to the whole string?16:40
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kergothdamnit bitbake. once again it's doing that hting where it says i need to define a preferred provider that's already defined18:55
kergothone that multilib_global defined, actually18:55
RP1kergoth: master?18:55
* kergoth digs18:56
*** RP1 is now known as RP18:56
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kergothRP: got it, it's the case where a preferred provider is set to a recipe which doesn't exist / a provider that isn't valid. we should catch that and warn the user that their preference is on something that doesnt' exist. would catch typos and other misconfigurations and be less misleading than the message saying it needs to be defined19:15
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* kergoth adds a note to open an enhancement request19:15
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kergothah, right, that's my problem20:59
kergothmultilib_global sets preferred_providers for the multlilibs, but it doesn't force expansion of the value with the multilib override applied.. i can see why, but it means use of variables affected by that override will be expanded in the wrong context20:59
kergothe.g. multilib-prefix + gcc-cross-${TARGET_ARCH} is expanded iwthout the multilib applied, so ends up pointing at a non-existent recipe21:00
kergoths/multilib applied/multilib override applied/21:00
CircuitsoftHi - so my BBPATH seems to be corrupted with a colon-separated list of all my BBLAYERS.21:00
kergothhave a related issue with pnblacklist, it handles multilibs, but tehre's the same issue, the PN value is conditional21:00
CircuitsoftHow would I debug what is causing that?21:01
kergothCircuitsoft: what makes you think that's bad?21:01
kergothits exactly what it's supposed to be doing21:01
kergotheach layer adds itself to BBPATH in layer.conf so config files and classes in the layer can be found21:01
kergothif the layer doesn't have any, it doesn't have to add itself to BBPATH21:01
kergothbut most do21:01
CircuitsoftI figured it was what was set in bblayers.conf and didn't change.21:01
CircuitsoftAh. So my BBLAYERS should be pointing to ${TOPDIR}/.../etc, not ${BBPATH}/.../etc21:02
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kergothbbpath is a colon separated list, i don't see how you could refernece it to refer to anything21:13
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kergothbut yes21:13
RPkergoth: good point, a variable set to something invalid is something we should warn about21:15
kergothbah, configparsed event handlers can't be prepended/appended, since it doesn't get the handler value from the finalized data21:16
RPkergoth: I could just merge the datastore changes which will fix that21:17
RPkergoth: Its sitting on the branch ready, just haven't summoned up the courage yet! :)21:17
kergoththat's true. sorry i still haven't had time to review the patch series, it sounds like you've been vetting it pretty thoroughly though21:17
* kergoth nods21:17
RPIts been through the autobuilder and through several regression tests. Have I caught everything?, unlikely. Its as good as I can reasonably get it though...21:18
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kergothaha, the bits in multilib_global use the expanded-with-the-multilib-override value when handling the case where the provide name might change due to the multilib override, but the bits which handle the multilib name don't use that expanded value, so e.g. PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/lib32-${TARGET_PREFIX}gcc = "lib32-gcc-external-cross-${TARGET_ARCH}" ends up using the non-multilib TARGET_ARCH21:54
* kergoth preps patch21:54
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