Thursday, 2015-07-02

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #359 of nightly-ipk is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #355 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #354 of nightly-deb is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #25 of nightly-arm64 is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
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parrot1how do I enable dri3 in mesa? I have DEPENDS += "dri3proto presentproto libxshmfence" which should fulfil dri3 requirement but dri3 is still configured as disabled02:05
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parrot1sorry I mean xorg-server not mesa02:20
Jo_90hai, i was trying to build fsl-image-gui for freescale i.mx6 platform with wayland and systemd, the build fails during do_rootfs saying " Can't install obexftp-0.23-r0@cortexa9hf_vfp_neon: no package provides", but its there in /manifest provided by bluez5, any idea how to fix this ?02:22
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joshuaglhmm. "running 20 hrs, 21 mins, 39 secs "06:24
joshuaglI think I may have upset the autobuilder...06:24
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_4urele_jmleo, if you are using "INHERIT += "buildhistory"" there is a file named installed-packages.txt06:33
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ericbuttershey.. how to print the DISTRO_FEATURES?07:43
joshuagl`bitbake -e <some-target>` will dump the environment07:47
joshuaglthen apply grep to taste07:47
redenginanyone work on hardening processors?07:48
redenginmy more direct question is, can the mmu be used to securely provision memory on a processor?07:50
LetoThe2ndredengin: care to elaborate?07:55
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redenginI'm looking at powerpc architecture and it looks like you could set the zpr and tlb at will07:56
redengini.e. you could browse through memory without faulting07:56
LetoThe2ndusually the OS has quite some freedom in manipulating these, yes07:56
redenginthe only way I see to stop that is an ISR that restores the TLB07:57
redenginLetoThe2nd, would such things work on other architectures as well?07:58
LetoThe2ndwell are you thinking userspace or kernelspace? FWIW such instructions usually require some kind of processor-superuser mode07:58
redenginI thought I remembered some way on x86 to hide the tlb in private space07:58
LetoThe2ndits really not my field of expertise, i can only offer common knowledge07:59
redenginLetoThe2nd, yes, I was pretty sure that x86 enforced a processor-level register protection07:59
LetoThe2ndso if the register is protected, what is the problem?08:00
redenginI've not delved into cpu architectures enough to know which ones actually have such modes08:00
redenginthis was back in 2000 when I was looking at it08:01
LetoThe2ndx86 has rings, and ARM has supervisor mode08:01
redenginany idea what the powerpc would have in this regard?08:02
LetoThe2ndi'm pretty sure any reasonably advanced architecture has something comparable08:02
LetoThe2ndnever been a ppc man, so sorry no08:02
redenginfrom my quick googling, I'm led to believe that apple dumped ppc for that reason08:02
LetoThe2ndppc was dumped for the lack of availability of high-performance cpus and heat dissipation08:03
redenginwell possibly those as well  :)08:04
redenginand most likely primarily for those reasons08:04
LetoThe2ndi'm rather sure that register-level protection wa nowhere near that decision. and a really short google-fu from my side suggests that on ppc its called privileged mode and that this even goes back to the 68k days08:05
redenginLetoThe2nd, can you pass on the link that mentions a ppc privelege mode?08:06
LetoThe2ndredengin: do you really expect me now to open google again, enter "powerpc privileged mode", copy the first link and paste it here for you?08:07
redenginnm, I'm looking at it08:07
redenginLetoThe2nd, thanks, I found what I was looking for08:11
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ericbuttersi want to switch from sysvinit to systemd, i have a simple recipe that inherits update-rc.d and i want to modify to inherit systemd, can someone provide a simple example?08:28
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joshuaglhmm, someone should really add a system recipe to meta-skeleton08:42
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joshuaglRP: halstead: I think I've broken the AB: " triggered trigger_main-build trigger_main-build_nowait ( running 23 hrs, 20 mins, 6 secs )"09:14
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RPjoshuagl: its because nightly-lsb-ppc is still running09:35
RPjoshuagl: and I can't seem to ssh into fedora2209:37
joshuaglRP: right, that build has been running for >12hrs09:38
RPjoshuagl: congrats, you do appear to have broken that AB slave09:38
RPjoshuagl: 22 hours09:38
* joshuagl feels bad09:38
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_4urele_Hi all10:11
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_4urele_I just generated a sdk from a custom distro and image, it seems something is missing, when i try to use this sdk with an autotools based project, automake complains about LIBTOOL and LT_INIT10:12
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_4urele_(complains that there are missing10:13
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_4urele_is there something to do to specify what we would like to be built within the sdk?10:17
rburtonjoshuagl: erm your fido-next has been running for 24 hours10:18
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joshuaglrburton: yes, I already confessed that I appear to have broken the AB10:19
joshuaglI'm not sure how10:19
rburtoni have a git clone thats now 12 hours old10:20
rburtonso i'll go around killing things10:20
paulsherwoodhi folks, i'm new here but trying to help clarify how automotive-grade-linux should best organise its layers/repos... would this be a good place to ask about that, or would it be better in #oe or somewhere else?10:21
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rburtonpaulsherwood: here, or #oe, or one of the various mailing lists10:22
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rburtonpaulsherwood: you might have a better discussion on a mail unless you have some simple questions to start10:23
rburtonfwiw, the yocto compliance rules say to split your BSP layers from your recipe layers from your distro policy layers10:23
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paulsherwoodrburton: ok great, thanks. maybe my first question (i've not done much with yocto or oe) is what's the best way to think of demarcation between oe and yocto?10:24
paulsherwoodrburton: the background to this is agl is working on a distro now, wants to get good re-use out of existing layers, including oe layers and (for example) meta-ivi10:25
rburtonpaulsherwood: yocto is an umbrella project, oe-core is one of the pieces10:25
rburtonyou can't download yocto10:25
paulsherwoodi'm interested to help mimimise forking and duplication10:25
paulsherwoodrburton: ack -  so yocto is collections of layers and recipes from other places, plus some additional layers and recipes originated at yocto?10:26
rburtonsort of10:28
paulsherwoodso for example, should agl take from oe layers from yocto, or direct from oe?10:28
rburtonwhat would the difference be?10:28
rburtonoe layers are maintained at openembedded.org10:28
rburtonor github, or, depending on the layer10:29
paulsherwoodi don't know, tbh. does yocto change oe layers, or add things to them?10:29
rburtonthere's no forks10:29
paulsherwoodok, excellent10:29
paulsherwoodi'm assuming/hoping agl won't fork either... that woudl be dumb. but there's at least some discussion around forking wrt meta-ivi, which would not be ideal10:30
rburtonforking would be dumb, yes.  co-operating with the people who are working on meta-ivi makes a lot more sense, especially as i expect there's a lot of the same names involved.10:34
rburtonjoshuagl: beth fixed the ab. i've re-kicked my mut which shouldnt take long.  feel free to add a fido-next to the queue if it makes sense10:37
joshuaglrburton: hmm, OK - any idea what went wrong?10:38
joshuaglrburton: is another fido-next likely to cause the same issue?10:38
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rburtonnot sure, only one way to find out ;)10:40
rburtonJaMa: could your bitbake world builds have a shortlog of the difference between oe-core master and jansa/master in the mail?10:41
* joshuagl queues10:42
paulsherwoodrburton: i believe the issue with meta-ivi is that agl may have different needs, which would lead to (say) separating some parts out, leading to (say) meta-ivi-common, meta-genivi, meta-agl or similar10:43
paulsherwoodand iiuc the employer of the maintainers is reluctant to go that route (but i may be wrong)10:44
paulsherwoodin any case i've raised the question of whether additional engineers could participate in maintaining meta-ivi10:45
paulsherwoodalso, i'm trying to work out what agl should want to host in its own repos, vs at yocto or oe.10:45
ericbuttersanyone ever tried systemd with yocto > 1.7? it boots and looks good, but i do not get a login:10:46
ericbutters[ TIME ] Timed out waiting for device dev-ttymxc0.device.10:46
ericbutters[DEPEND] Dependency failed for Serial Getty on ttymxc0.10:46
shoraganericbutters, enable CONFIG_FHANDLE10:46
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ericbuttersshoragan: okay10:47
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rburtonjoshuagl: "util-linux-2.25.2/text-utils/pg.c:286:3: warning: implicit declaration of function 'vidputs' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]" <— in master!!10:48
rburtoni blame you josh10:48
JaMarburton: yes, current log:
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joshuaglrburton: !!!10:54
joshuaglrburton: master  is most definitely not my fault, I have ~3 recent patches in there10:54
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #379 of poky-tiny is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
ericbuttersshoragan: thanks! that solved it10:59
shoraganericbutters, nice11:00
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_4urele_I have a problem with libtool12:49
_4urele_with yocto 1.7 while generating the sdk I had files in "sysroots/i686-castelsdk-linux/usr/share/aclocal/"12:49
_4urele_now this folder is almost empty12:50
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #366 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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_4urele_is it possible to add packages to sdk?13:01
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nicolas_Hi guys !13:41
nicolas_I'm having a small issue. I tried to compile an imx6 image using an external armhf compiler, and linux boots, but the image is missing ldconfig (and probably a few other things).13:43
nicolas_Any thoughts on what could cause that ?13:43
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Ox4hey guys13:51
Ox4how can I compile kerenel with one toolchain but rootfs with another one?13:52
Ox4just appnd EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN to the kerenel recipe?13:52
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nicolas_Ox4: Maybe by finding a way to set the CROSS_COMPILE variable ? Or by setting the appropriate compiler prefix in the menuconfig ? Just throwing ideas :)13:59
* _4urele_ is currious about Ox4 idea...14:02
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nicolas_Ox4: But, yes ... why would you want to do that ?14:04
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Ox4I know it is not good approach, but the reason is in the following:14:11
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Ox4I have a kernel witch boots if it is compiled only by old toolchain (gcc-4.5.1)14:12
Ox4and I have a bunch of application which should be compiled with -std=c++11 flag14:12
Ox4but 4.5.1 doesn't support such flag14:13
Ox4and if I compile the kernel with the newest one toolchain it just freezes after unpacking14:13
Ox4that's why I decided to try such approach: compile the kernel by 4.5.1 toolchain and applications by 4.914:14
Ox4sorry for my english btw, it is in alpha version :)14:14
tf_Ox4: if you build your kernel with 4.9 does it hang just after the 'Starting linux' banner?14:15
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Ox4tf_: yes, it does14:26
Ox4tf_: the kernel version 2.6.3714:27
tf_Ox4: you are missing the memset patches, in a recent kernel look for 'fix memset-related crashes' in the commit log; there are two patches, apply that to your kernel14:28
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Ox4tf_: can I apply these patches for 2.6.37 kernel?14:29
Ox4tf_: btw, could you plese send me a link?14:31
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kimohi guys, how do we set autologin for a specific user in yocto?14:49
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nicolas_Guys, how is it that armhf isn't supported on the i.mx6 boards ?14:56
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wrock_hey, I'm trying to install an debian package with yocto, the process succeeds but when I'm trying to start the program I'm installed i get sh ./no such file or directory,16:14
wrock_archtiercture should be fine16:14
wrock_i think its more than an linking error16:14
wrock_line 2416:14
wrock_or 336 maybe?16:14
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kergothwrock_: you're on your own doing something like that. the odds of it working at all are slim16:24
wrock_what do you mean?16:25
kergothinstalling a package from one distro into another distro is always an iffy proposition, whether in embedded or on the desktop16:25
kergothcreate a proper recipe16:25
wrock_yeah thought so..16:26
kergothmight be possible to get it to work, but it'll never be officially supported16:26
* kergoth looks at the pastebin16:26
kergothI don't see anything wrong in that pastebin16:27
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rburtonno such file or directory when you run a binary tends to suggest that its trying to find the loader and the path isn't what it expects16:28
rburtonldd [binary] will let you verify this16:28
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wrock_k, let me check16:34
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wrock_rburton: not a dynamic excecutable16:40
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wrock_i guess it's some linking problem, while creating/isntalling the package16:44
wrock_i'll go for the cmake recipe, to compile it seperately16:44
wrock_might be better on the long run...16:44
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ambrosiusI'm trying to compile a base yocto image with Mono. I'm using an Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit system to compile the image. I followed the steps on the yocto documentation. But when I run bitbake I get error compiling sqlite3. The error seems to be related to multilib:lib32. I would appretiate any help. I'm very new to yocto.17:36
ambrosiusThe error log is as follows:17:36
ambrosius| i586-lib32-linux-libtool: install: warning: `' has not been installed in `/usr/lib'17:36
ambrosius| i586-lib32-linux-libtool: install: /usr/bin/install -c .libs/sqlite3 /home/ghost/yocto/build-changeling-appsec-vm/tmp/work/x86-lib32-linux/lib32-sqlite3/3_3.8.10.0-r0/image/usr/bin/sqlite317:36
ambrosius| make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ghost/yocto/build-changeling-appsec-vm/tmp/work/x86-lib32-linux/lib32-sqlite3/3_3.8.10.0-r0/sqlite-autoconf-3081000'17:36
ambrosius| /home/ghost/yocto/build-changeling-appsec-vm/tmp/work/x86-lib32-linux/lib32-sqlite3/3_3.8.10.0-r0/temp/run.do_install.24772: 120: /home/ghost/yocto/build-changeling-appsec-vm/tmp/work/x86-lib32-linux/lib32-sqlite3/3_3.8.10.0-r0/temp/run.do_install.24772: pushd: not found17:36
ambrosius| WARNING: exit code 127 from a shell command.17:36
ambrosius| ERROR: Function failed: do_install (log file is located at /home/ghost/yocto/build-changeling-appsec-vm/tmp/work/x86-lib32-linux/lib32-sqlite3/3_3.8.10.0-r0/temp/log.do_install.24772)17:36
ambrosiusERROR: Task 548 (virtual:multilib:lib32:/home/ghost/yocto/poky/meta/recipes-support/sqlite/, do_install) failed with exit code '1'17:36
kergothplease don't spam the channel, use a pastebin17:36
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ambrosiussorry.. will do that17:37
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kergothlooks like the sqlite recipe should be fixed to not use pushd.17:39
ambrosiusI downloaded the recipe from yocto project17:41
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kergothyes, i realize that, and i'm saying the recipe seems to have a bug in it. you can work around it by running sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash and telling it to use bash rather than dash as /bin/sh17:43
kergothit's not supposed to be necessary anymore, but that'd work around it until the recipe is fixed17:43
kergothi'd suggest opening a bug in the yocto bug tracking system17:43
ambrosiusoh ok17:43
ambrosiusI will try that.. Thanks17:43
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denixshould a package dependency on virtual/kernel force sstate repackaging in multi-machine build?18:50
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rburtonSUCCESS \o/19:32
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rburtonCrofton|work: see i can make the AB complete a build19:35
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rburtonotavio: do you use ubi filesystems?19:40
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cferenceHi guys! I have an image for the BBB and the meta-virtualization layer setup (it boots up fine), but I'm not sure where to start to get OVS up and running on my device since I can't find the binaries or kernel modules for it. Anyone could point to me in the right direction?20:06
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khem`when disabling GPLv3 gcc5 fails now in gcc-runtime packaging21:59
khem`home/kraj/work/rdk/build-b2120-h412-a9/tmp/work/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-rdk-linux-gnueabi/gcc-runtime/5.1.0-r0/temp/run.buildhistory_list_pkg_files.12960: 124: /home/kraj/work/rdk/build-b2120-h412-a9/tmp/work/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-rdk-linux-gnueabi/gcc-runtime/5.1.0-r0/temp/run.buildhistory_list_pkg_files.12960: cannot create /home/kraj/work/rdk/build-b2120-h412-a9/buildhistory/packages/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-rdk-linux-gnueabi/gcc-runtime/gcc-runtime-dbg/files-in-gcc-22:00
khem`runtime-dbg.txt: Directory nonexistent22:00
khem`anyone has some quick pointers to what might have changed before I go on hunt22:00
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kergotha patch just hit the list for that22:02
kergothit wasn't an ideal patch, however. see the thread '[OE-core] [PATCH] buildhistory.bbclass: Check output folder is present before creating files-in-$pkg.txt'22:03
khem`i see22:03
*** jimBaxter <jimBaxter!> has quit IRC22:03
kergothobviously related to the merged '[OE-core] [PATCH] buildhistory.bbclass: Create a files-in-<pkg>.txt containg recipe's pkg files'22:03
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khem`yeah, sometimes things go through cracks22:17
khem`I wonder why we dont have a GPL3-less option as a gate22:19
khem`its too commonly used option in embedded space22:19
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto22:19
realBigfootdoes any know if I can make an "IF [ DISTRO_FEATURES = "systemd" ]", inside do_configure ?22:20
rburtonkhem`: we do, obviously theres a difference between your no-v3 and the AB's no-v322:20
rburtonthat's missing A and L22:21
rburtonthe docs are right, the ab is wrong22:21
khem`well there you go22:23
khem`realBigfoot: you need to use some bitbake magic22:23
realBigfootkhem`, inside a python (), you mean ?22:24
khem`if [ "${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'systemd', 'systemd', '', d)}" = "systemd" ]; then22:24
khem`do something22:24
realBigfootgot it22:24
realBigfootthank you22:25
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* khem` reverts e013fe79cdf67429ff986d8ee6af510b34b31c9d22:26
khem`thanks kergoth22:26
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kergothanother similar option is if "${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'systemd', 'true', 'false', d)}"; then :; fi22:40
kergothi should probably test gplv3-less builds more often myself22:40
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