Wednesday, 2015-07-01

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vmrod25HI team01:32
vmrod25I am having this issue with a package ( mpich ):
vmrod25apparently  QA Issue: package mpich contains bad RPATH01:33
vmrod25any clue how to fix it ?01:33
vmrod25is more than welcome01:33
vmrod25fixed :
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #396 of nightly is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
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jmleoHi !07:41
jmleoIs it possible to list by a simple command all the rpm packages installed in the target rootfs07:41
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sm0ketsthi all08:23
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joshuaglrburton: RP: AB appears idle, OK for me to kick off a build?09:29
sm0ketstim checking initrdscripts and 'modprobe isofs' fails when is called. Also checked in udev-extraconf. Using debugshell=5 im able to have a shell in initrd and i can see and mount /dev/hda and see the rootfs.img (also able to mount it as loop device from the debugshell). Any clues??09:33
sm0ketstCONFIG_ZISOFS=y , so i don't know if the problem is the modprobe or something i'm missing. If i boot with sysrescuecd i can see 'ata_piix' but booting the yocto image instead what i see now from initramfs is 'piix'.09:37
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RPjoshuagl: yes09:48
joshuaglthanks RP, away it goes09:52
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RPjoshuagl: had hoped to trigger that last night, I just forgot :(09:53
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joshuaglRP: oh, I triggered one yesterday which had a couple of failures (qemuarm and qemuppc have gcc5 issues with u-boot-mkimage and mtd-utils) and this one is to test those patches :-)09:54
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wrockgood day10:13
wrocki've got problems fetching from a gitlab repo and compiling with cmake10:13
wrockactually, SRC_URI = "" should do the trick or not?10:13
wrockerror at do_configure (no CmakeList found..)10:14
wrockalso, in the build folder is only the *.git file10:14
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joshuaglthe protocol part of your SRC_URI should tell bitbake which fetcher to use, you want something like SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=https"10:17
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RPjoshuagl: ah, good then :)10:33
RP(that there was testing, not the failures)10:33
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wrockah k nice, it's working now10:34
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wrockQA Issue: /usr/bin/qkd-debug_aitqkd contained in package aitqkd requires, but no providers found in its RDEPENDS [file-rdeps]10:52
wrockmight that be a version issue?10:52
wrocki just added "boost" to dependencies10:53
wrockRDEPENDS_${PN} += "libcrypto util-linux-libuuid zlib gmp libssl libqtdbus4 bash boost"10:53
Ox4hello guys10:54
Ox4what does it mean: ?10:54
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wrock0x4: do you have a checksum in your receipe?10:55
Ox4ah, I am an idiot10:56
Ox4I have no such file at all :)10:56
jkuwrock: I believe you need to RDEPEND on the specific boost packages your binary depends on10:56
wrockjku: you thinking of: RDEPENDS_${PN} +=""?10:57
wrockthen i get an "nothing provides"  error10:58
wrocktried that already10:58
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jkuwrock: the package name is probably "libboost-filesystem" or something like that11:00
sm0ketstwrock: i can see at Dizzy 'poky/meta/recipes-support/boost/' && ../poky/meta/recipes-support/boost/boost.inc11:03
wrockyeah, i also found
wrockbut it stil fails to append11:04
wrockRDEPENDS_${PN} += "boost" will be found11:05
wrockbut it failes to resolve @ cmake11:06
wrocknot cmake11:06
Ox4could somebody help me with this one: ?11:07
Ox4wrong link11:07
Ox4 here is the correct one11:07
Ox4something wrong with the float point?11:08
wrock{standard input}:306: Error: symbol `.LPIC22' is already defined11:08
wrockmultiple header incklusion?11:08
jkuwrock: the package name is "boost-filesystem", at least on yocto master11:10
wrockmaybe a version issue?11:12 is required11:12 is provided11:12
jkuhow did you conclude that 1.58 is provided?11:14
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jkuwrock:  that sounds like yocto master11:17
wrockalso,with: bitbake -v module, i have messages like: NOTE: selecting db to satisfy runtime db due to PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/db = db11:18
wrockbut there isn't one for boost11:18
wrockaltough RDEPENDS_${PN} += "boost" is added11:18
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wrockit seems it just ignores the dependencie..11:20
jkuwrock: I'm sure that dependency is handled fine, but you want an additional library as well, boost-filesystem11:21
wrockbut boost-filesystem should be included in boost11:32
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #364 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
Ox4another one problem whilst building json-c:
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wrock0x4: maybe to compiler just says: the program has no use, i don't compile it?11:45
wrockcc1: error: -Werror=unused-but-set-variable: No option -Wunused-but-set-variable11:46
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Ox4wrock: do you suggest just exclude this package?11:48
wrockpackage? you have an invalid flag11:49
wrockNo option -Wunused-but-set-variable11:49
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Ox4wrock: how can I exclude this flag for particular package?12:06
tf_Ox4: are you using the old source compiler on purpose?12:09
tf_sourcery, I mean12:09
Ox4tf_: the manufacturer of the cpu which I use recommends this toolchain :-(12:11
tf_you need to find out where the option is coming from; if it's part of the CC defintion in Yocto, you will need to tweak that, and if it is coming from the package you are building, you will need to patch that package12:13
tf_just run devshell for the package and echo $CC12:13
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jkuwrock: are you aware that recipes do not map to packages 1-to-1?12:19
wrockwhat do you mean?12:19
jkuwrock: e.g. boost recipe produces multiple packages, one of which is boost-filesystem12:20
jkuand RDEPENDS deals with packages, not recipes12:20
wrockbut I still think its an version issue12:24
wrockboost 1.55 != 1.5812:24
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wrockso either i have to upgrade my chroot, where i compiled my binaries to boost 1.58, or downgrade the recipe to 1.55 somehow..12:27
jkuwrock: how is your binary built? it sounds fairly unlikely you could end up in that situation if it's built with the yocto you are now using to package it12:27
wrocki set up a chroot12:28
wrockthen cmake12:28
wrockthen i got an debian_armhf package12:28
wrockwhich should be fine12:28
wrocki also tried to let  yocto build it, but cmake couldn't find any *.h header files12:30
wrockthe images works fine now, but when i try to start a module from this specific packes, i get an "sh: could not find ./qkd-bnb84"12:32
wrockaltough its there12:32
wrocki think thats the missing boost lib issue12:32
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neverpanicI'm building a dizzy system with recommendations disabled. Consequently the system doesn't spawn a getty on boot because the systemd service file starts /sbin/agetty from util-linux-agetty. Shouldn't this be a dependency then, or should it by replaced by busybox' /sbin/getty by default?12:44
neverpanicNote that already does that, but for some reason that's only being applied to systemd when the libc is uclibc12:44
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Ox4guys, what is the correct way to set DISRTRO_FEATURES_{append,remove} variable: set is in the machine.conf file, or build/conf/local.conf?12:55
Ox4and the same question for the PACKAGECONFIG[param]12:56
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wrockdoes bitbaking with cmake use an different include directory than with the normal make?13:32
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Ox4ok guys, I surrender. I cannot replace libcap with libcap-ng. How can I do this?13:57
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Ox4as I see avahi-utils, avahi-daemon, pulseoudio-doc, avahi-doc, libpulse, pulsaudio-server, libavahi-core, libpulse-simple libgcrypt-staticdev, etc depend on libcap. So should I remove these packages also?14:01
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leowtis there anyone here that maintains meta-raspberry?14:47
leowthave anyone tried gstreamer-omx on fido lately?14:48
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Ox4guys, could somebody help me with this one: ?15:34
wrockjku: it was the version issue, i foudn an old boost 1.55 recipe, and now the errors are gone15:36
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neverpan1cOx4: that constant should be defined after including time.h. Does the code not include time.h? Does your sysroot lack time.h?15:45
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neverpan1cAnd the code functions working with this constant need _POSIX_C_SOURCE >= 199309L, so the constant may need that as well15:48
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Ox4neverpanic: just a second, I have to double check15:56
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Ox4neverpanic: it has
Ox4neverpanic: no, it has no time.h :-(15:59
Ox4libevdev includes time.h16:01
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neverpanicso time.h is present, it seems.16:05
neverpanicand if libevdev includes time.h and the constant is still not defined, you either don't have the correct feature test macros, or the header is faulty.16:05
neverpanicsince the issue seems to be related to your toolchain, I'd bet on the latter.16:05
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC16:06
Ox4neverpanic: latter?16:06
neverpanic"the header is faulty"16:06
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ulf`sjolley: Do you know who owns the channel meeting bot?16:19
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neverpanicOx4: That would be an option, or patching the issue. Or fixing your toolchain.16:28
neverpanicI doubt the maintainer will be interested in fixing a problem in your toolchain.16:28
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realBigfootDoes anyone know if there is a way to inherit kbuild ? Like we do with autotools21:09
rburton1realBigfoot: like busybox? inherit cml1?21:14
realBigfootrburton1, dunno actually.. let me check.. what is cml1?21:16
kergothit's the configuration language used by busybox and the kernel. make menuconfig, etc21:17
rburton1(if that's what you meant by kbuild)21:17
kergothkbuild is the specifics of how they use their makefiles and whatnot, doesn't really affect how we build that much, other than the bits handled directly in kernel.bbclass, afaik21:17
realBigfootkergoth, rburton1 yeap the same21:18
*** Crofton|work <Crofton|work!> has quit IRC21:19
realBigfootkergoth, I see, I will see how yocto do with the kernel and try to replicate for my recipe21:19
realBigfootthanks :)21:19
kergothnot sure what you mean by that. if your buildsystem uses cml1, then just inherit cml1 and call it a day.21:20
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realBigfootkergoth, you are right! I just got some other errors which with do_rootfs21:22
realBigfooti will try removing my tmp21:22
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realBigfootkergoth, rburton1 do you know what this error mean in do_rootfs ? ERROR: PACKAGE_I_AM_BUILDING not found in the base feeds (intel_corei7_64 corei7-64-intel-common corei7-64 core2-64 x86_64 noarch any all)21:44
kergothmost likely the package contained no files, so didn't get created21:44
kergothcheck the image directory in the recipe's WORKDIR (aka ${D})21:44
*** roric <roric!> has quit IRC21:45
realBigfootkergoth, indeed, it has no files in image directory... so it looks like cml1 is not enough21:46
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kergothcml1 only handles configuration (e.g. make menuconfig, oldconfig). how the buildsystem works beyond that would be up to the person who wrote the buildsystem. if it truly uses kbuild, not just cml1, then you'd want to copy/paste bits from kernel.bbclass, otherwise you'll nee dto write do_compile & do_install yourself, because there's no standard for the behavior of make-based buildsystems21:51
kergothe.g. in that way busybox and the kernel are entirely different21:51
realBigfootkergoth, What I have to do is to copy a custom .config in configure phase. Maybe using cml1 is not needed at all.21:55
realBigfootI will see what else I have to do.. Maybe you are right I will have to it manually anyway. Thanks!21:55
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Crofton|workgo to bed!22:41
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rburton1i should before more errors appear22:49
rburton1cooled down enough now i guess22:49
* rburton1 hacking in the garden22:49
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