Wednesday, 2015-07-15

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aehs291gabrbedd: thanks!01:16
aehs291gabrbedd: yeah that ";" is waht I was looking for01:16
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miandonmenmianis it possible to create meta packages for yocto? as in a package that just installs other packages? but is not a software/package it self?06:18
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dvhartmiandonmenmian there are package groups06:18
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dvhartmight be what you're looking for06:18
miandonmenmiandvhart: sounds right, where do i look for more info about it? is it related to opkg? or just a recipe on yocto ?06:19
dvhartshould be information in the reference manual06:19
dvharttry that06:20
miandonmenmiandvhart: thanks! that's it06:24
dvhartwelcome :)06:24
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mckoangood morning06:59
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Ox4it's me again07:18
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Ox4I have the following module bb file, but when the image is built, I don't see my modules in the lib filders07:20
Ox4what's wrong?07:20
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Ox4and the second question: WARNING: QA Issue: /usr/bin/locale_glibc-external-utils contained in package glibc-external-utils requires, but no providers found in its RDEPENDS [file-rdeps]07:56
Ox4what does it mean? ^^^07:57
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sm0ketstmorning all08:02
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Ox4bluelightning: hey, I waited for you :)08:18
Ox4bluelightning: WARNING: QA Issue:08:19
Ox4      /usr/bin/locale_glibc-external-utils contained in package08:19
Ox4      glibc-external-utils requires, but no providers found in08:19
Ox4      its RDEPENDS [file-rdeps]08:19
bluelightningmorning all08:19
sm0ketstmorning bluelightning08:22
Ox4bluelightning: ok, another quiestion08:22
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Ox4bluelightning: I have the following module bb file
Ox4but I don't see my modules in the lib filder08:22
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bboozzoois there a tool that I can use to quickly deploy contents of ${D} to a target host? something line devtool's deploy-target08:43
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bluelightningbboozzoo: devtool deploy-target is basically what we have for that08:49
bboozzoobluelightning: but that does not work with out-of-workspace recipes right?08:50
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bluelightningbboozzoo: no, but adding a recipe to the workspace is trivial, just do devtool modify recipename08:58
bluelightning(which doesn't actually move or even touch the recipe itself, in case that's not clear)08:58
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bboozzooseems like itl'll do :)09:07
Ox4where the IMAGE_LINGUAS and GLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES variable should be located?09:09
bboozzoobluelightning: btw. devtool is really nice, cograts on making the yocto experience much better09:09
bluelightningbboozzoo: thanks, if you think of any improvements, please let us know :)09:15
bluelightningOx4: you can set them from local.conf, but long term you should be thinking about creating your own custom distro config and setting it from there09:15
bluelightningOx4: there's a section of the manual on creating your own distro09:15
mansanderssonmorning all. Is it possible to use psplash withot fbcon activated in kernel?09:16
mansanderssonmine stopped working when I disabled fbcon.09:16
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bboozzooOx4: for example meta-ivi sets it in ivi-image
bluelightningright, IMAGE_LINGUAS can (and probably should) be set from a custom image recipe09:24
bluelightningGLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES cannot be though09:24
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Ox4thank you guys09:28
Ox4could somebody support me with meta-sourcery?09:30
Ox4 omg :-(09:36
bluelightningnot me, I always use our built-from-source toolchain09:37
bluelightningmansandersson: I don't believe so09:38
bluelightningmansandersson: if you look at psplash's code it's pretty trivial, there's not much in the way of output options built in09:39
mansanderssonbluelightning: I'm looking at it right now and it seems to me that it wants a raw access to the fb device. If that's true it should work from my understanding (got a lot to read up on regarding fb though)09:42
bluelightningmansandersson: you're at the limit of my knowledge as well I'm afraid09:43
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mansanderssonbluelightning: I'll just continue my search then. Thanks anyway09:45
Ox4hm, I don't see modules which should be built :-(09:55
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ftonelloother toolchains should work in theory, but they are always a pain in the neck.10:11
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JaMabitbake no longer prints content of log.* files for failed tasks by default? was that intentional change?11:06
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bluelightningJaMa: no, bugfix is on the list11:18
bluelightningmy fault :/11:18
bluelightningI hope it should get merged soon11:19
bluelightningI'll have a couple of follow-up fixes for bbfatal usage in meta-oe as well11:19
JaMaok, thanks for info11:21
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HyP3rHey all, I'm building with the yocto poky (dizzy) project a small linux for my beagle bone black.12:59
HyP3rIts working fine with dylan and the meta-beaglebone layer and also with dizzy without this layer.13:00
HyP3rMy simple question is how can I configure yocto that way it compiles me another kernel version?13:00
HyP3rAt the moment I get 3.8.13 with my dylan project and with fido I get
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bluelightningHyP3r: kernel is selected through PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "<recipename>" (and also PREFERRED_VERSION_<recipename> = "<version>" )13:07
bluelightningyou'd need to add a recipe providing the version of the kernel you want to be built, and set those to point to it (if there's only one version of that <recipename> then you don't need to set PREFERRED_VERSION_<recipename> though)13:08
HyP3rbluelightning: ugh that sounds complicated13:09
bluelightningit's not really ;)13:10
HyP3rIn first step I grepped: meta-yocto-bsp/conf/machine/beaglebone.conf:PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ?= "linux-yocto"13:12
HyP3rAnd now?13:12
mansanderssonHyP3r: many recipes has include files (.inc) that does all the hard work and you only have to provide the git repo and sha.13:13
HyP3rIn this file meta-yocto-bsp/conf/machine/beaglebone.conf  under this line is: PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto ?= "3.14%"13:13
HyP3rWould I work if I change that line?13:14
mansanderssonyes, as long as you have a recipe for that version (look in recipes-kernel/linux)13:14
HyP3rI only have 3.14 and 3.1913:15
HyP3rSo in that way I have to create a new recipe?13:15
mansanderssonyes, if you'd like to build something else than 3.14 or 3.1913:17
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mansanderssonif all you want is to make changes to the kernel configuration you can also try "bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel"13:18
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bluelightningHyP3r: normally you wouldn't edit that file, you would set the value elsewhere in your configuration13:19
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HyP3rbluelightning: how can I find out which file is included? Where I can set the config?13:21
HyP3rBut I think to create a new kernel recipie is not a bad Idea beacause there is git-fork for the beaglebone black13:22
HyP3rWhich is Including the beagle bone black specific functions13:22
bluelightningHyP3r: for testing you can set it in conf/local.conf under your build directory13:22
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bluelightningHyP3r: bitbake -e | less is a good way to explore how variables get set (and what config files are read)13:22
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HyP3rbluelightning: thank you13:26
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joshuagldvhart: around? just wondering what's the right way to refresh my memory on the -tiny effort?14:26
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ericbuttershi.. is it possible to create a rpm/ipk containing packages that should not be included in image? i mean one ikp containing all packages to install manually?14:29
bluelightningericbutters: er, do you mean a packagegroup perhaps ?14:30
ericbuttersbluelightning: yes some kind of that.. i created a packagegroup, but this builds all packages and i can find them seperately in tmp/deploy/ipk .. but i want to have all of them in one ikp14:31
ericbuttersipk i meant14:31
bluelightningwell, we have no mechanism to create a megapackage from individual packages, no14:31
rburtonericbutters: you *could* have a recipe that depends on the deploy of your set of packages, and creates the megapackage and deploys that14:32
ericbuttersrburton: how to do this?14:33
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rburtoni imagine something like do_unpack['depends'] += "some-package:do_deploy another-package:do_deploy" would work14:34
rburtonthat means you'll only get past unpack once those packages have deployed themselves as binary packages14:35
kergoththen you'd have to map the dependency to the exact binary package filename..14:35
ericbuttersokay i try14:35
kergothnames, that is14:35
rburtonthen write a do_install to unpack all of the packages to $D together, and re-package them14:35
* kergoth yawns, morning all14:35
rburtonkergoth: yeah, and that14:35
rburton(totally not saying this is a good idea)14:36
rburtoni dare not ask why :)14:36
kergothmy guess would be he wants to install something with a lot of deps bu tdoesn't have a feed set up14:36
kergoththe right answer to that is, set up a feed, even a temporary one, i think.. or write a standalone tool which copies a package and its deps from a feed to a target path (e.g. sd card or usb stick)14:37
* kergoth shrugs14:37
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ericbutterskergoth: i never used feeds, can feeds be on a usb stick? how to create feeds?14:38
kergothyes, you could put a package feed on a usb stick. it depends on the package manager, they each have an appropriate tool for creating a feed / updating the feed metadata from the packages in it14:39
ericbuttersi find all packages in tmp/deploy/ipk .. so how to create a feed from that with packages i want to provide?14:40
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JaMabluelightning: do I need some oe-core patch together with this one?
JaMa maybe?15:38
JaMawhich doesn't apply, because it's already there :)15:39
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bluelightningJaMa: you should take all of , though strictly only 2/4 and 3/4 are required to make things work properly again15:51
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kergothshould probably get those messaging fixes in relatively quickly15:53
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kergothlovely, yesterday my unit tests were fine, today i'm getting random parse hangs again. gah. i don't know if it's something with these VMs, the machine they're running on, or something bitbake related15:55
JaMabluelightning: trying that now..15:56
bluelightningI haven't seen breakage due to the issue fixed by 1/4 but I'd expect there to be some15:57
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kergothbluelightning: nice work on the messaging stuff, by the way, that's a feature we've wanted since early days of oe16:01
*** loggerbox <loggerbox!~todor@> has joined #yocto16:01
bluelightningkergoth: thanks... I now appreciate why noone got around to implementing it until now ;)16:01
kergothhah :)16:01
kergothi didn't even think about the showing vs not showing the log aspect until i saw your fixes for it. didn't even cross my mind after reading the first patches..16:02
bluelightningright, nor me (and I may have written the log suppressing code ...)16:03
bluelightningone remaining annoying thing though is that if you Ctrl+C out of the build, the FIFOs get left behind - I guess the worker is being terminated before it has a chance to unlink it16:04
kergothguess the workers need to catch whatever signal the server is sending to shut them down and do some cleanup?16:05
* kergoth shrugs16:05
* kergoth grumbles16:05
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JaMabluelightning: thanks worked, now I can see that intltool-native is broken16:14
JaMa| checking for perl >= 5.8.1... 5.22.016:14
JaMa| checking for XML::Parser... configure: error: XML::Parser perl module is required for intltool16:14
JaMa| Configure failed. The contents of all config.log files follows to aid debugging16:14
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ftonelloHow can I remove a REPDENDS package from one recipe but in another recipe, a image recipe for instance?16:37
ftonelloThe  thing is that installs init-ifupdown package, but I don't want it to install in one image, but it can install in another image.16:38
ftonelloSince it doesn't use any type of DISTRO_FEATURE or anything, it always install.16:38
kergothcan't be done. packagegroup-core-boot emits a binary package, that package is installed in any image you build16:39
kergothone recipe can't alter another recipe's metadata16:39
kergotheither do two builds with different cofniguration, or use multiple packagegroups16:39
ftonelloOk, thats what I though.16:39
ftonelloIs there any reason why init-ifupdown package is installed in this packagegroup?16:40
ftonelloI mean, why not use some network DISTRO_FEATURE to select it?16:40
kergothi don't think networking has ever been optional16:41
kergothyou could certainly create such a distro feature, yeah16:41
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* kergoth swipes the logging bits from for selftests18:32
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kergothI clearly don't write unit tests often enough, this is taking me much longer than it should19:20
kergothcourse the random parse hangs don't help, but still19:20
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* kergoth finds a number of irritating issues with the bb.fetch.URI class20:06
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rburtonmore success!23:44
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