Thursday, 2015-07-16

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #381 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #392 of nightly-multilib is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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topikis it a bug or a feature that example image recipes use IMAGE_INSTALL = ... (a hard assignment) instead of eg. +=?07:12
topikit is kind of implied in the documentation that IMAGE_INSTALL may not be the best variable to modify in local.conf07:12
topikbut if the image recipes used += instead, the behaviour would seem to me much more expected07:13
topikin other words, world wouldn't fall apart from using IMAGE_INSTALL += in local.conf07:14
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lpappgood morning07:20
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vincenetHello, Could you confirm my understanding : lighttpd does not provide itself the PHP support, right ? is there one that provide PHP in the folowing list ?
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mckoangood morning07:53
mckoanvincenet: I usually use lighttpd + php php-cgi php-cli07:56
ericbuttersgood morning07:56
ericbutterssomeone here ever used meta-virtualization and lxc?07:56
lpappvincenet: perhaps you can check in #php?07:57
ericbuttersbasic question is how to use it, i read that that you will use it like: lxc-create -n mycontainer -t debian --> are there templates for the yocto poky ditribution then?07:58
ericbuttersany detail on that would be perfect ;)08:00
vincenetOk, thank you mckoan : more widely about recipe, how to know a package exist ? up to there, I used but it is not the first time a library name is not explicitely listed. (I will have training about yocto... in october)08:01
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lpapppackage or recipe? Can you give a concrete example?08:09
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vincenetthere is nothing about php php-cgi php-cli in also I remenber something similar when adding mp3 support from gst library. I am may be confused with the difference between package and recipe... To add new feature, I add in recipe of my embedded board something like IMAGE_INSTALL += new_feature08:13
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Ox4morning guys08:26
Ox4kernel modules part 2 :)08:27
lpappnice nick name :)08:27
Ox4thank you08:27
Ox4here is bb file for the kernel modules08:28
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Ox4and here is the error:
Ox4I need your help guys08:29
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Ox4sadly :-(08:49
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jmleoHi !09:04
jmleoHow can I list all the installed rpms for a given image ?09:04
jmleoI have tried to use bitbake -g image and use pn-buildlist to get the rpms, but seems a bit weird09:05
Ox4jmleo: look at the manifest file for the image09:09
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lpappjmleo: hmm, cannot you use rpm on the platform itself?09:22
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bluelightningmorning all09:25
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bluelightningjmleo: right, we really only know the full list of packages in the image after it's built, so the manifest file is the place to look - you can also enable buildhistory if you want package dependency graphs to figure out how the various packages got in there09:26
jmleobluelightning: Ox4 thx, manifest file is the correct one :)09:31
jmleoI have scripted a bit to list file sizes, and sort it to get the biggest packages09:31
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abelalhi guys09:35
bluelightningjmleo: FYI buildhistory already does that for you, so you might want to take a look at it ;)09:35
abelali have an x86_64 machine09:36
abelali am running linux-yocto on it09:36
abelalI tried the system with the standard kernel type but now I would like to give preempt-rt a try09:36
abelali thought it would just be a matter of changing the <machine>-standard.scc to <machine>-preempt-rt.scc09:36
abelalbut that did not suffice09:36
jmleobluelightning: ok, let's try that :D09:36
abelalI then updated the KBRANCH from standard/common-pc-64/base to standard/preempt-rt/base09:36
abelalbut now I am getting patch time failures09:36
abelalany pointers will be really helpful09:36
abelalprecisely i get "SRCREV baad552ea168dc31db31f0be188edefaa28a4aec was specified, but is not reachable"09:37
abelali was using the standard 3.14.24 kernel earlier so i picked the commit where the same tag is merged into standard/preempt-rt/base09:37
jmleobluelightning: nice :)09:39
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Ox4and what about the kernel module of mine? :)09:45
bluelightningabelal: I don't know anything about that stuff, but are the linux-yocto-rt recipes useful as a reference perhaps?09:52
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abelalbluelightning: thanks for the reply, i will look at that09:53
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ftonelloDoes this really works for setting root password?
ftonelloI am getting warnings saying that the root user already exists.09:58
bluelightningftonello: yeah, it's wrong - it should say usermod not useradd10:01
bluelightningwe should really get that fixed10:01
Ox4ftonello: look at this
ftonelloOx4: Do I have to pass an encrypted password or not?10:07
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bluelightningftonello: with -P no, with -p yes10:10
bluelightning(-P is an option that we have patched into the native version of useradd/usermod that we build)10:11
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ftonellobluelightning: Oh, ok. Thanks.10:13
abelalbluelightning: i was not setting the LINUX_KERNEL_TYPE in the recipe but it fails the same way still10:13
ftonellobluelightning: to send a patch for the documentation, just change the xml under documentation?10:13
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bluelightningftonello: I just sent a patch for the usermod/useradd thing FYI10:18
bluelightningftonello: but to answer your question, the docs actually live in a separate yocto-docs repo and then they get pulled automatically into poky10:18
ftonellobluelightning: Ok, I see.10:19
ftonelloIf you can, add a note too explaining the -P option.10:19
ftonelloI was doing that, but I noticed that I don't have the yocto-docs repo here :(10:20
Ox4I am using meta-sourcery10:23
Ox4and always receive the message WARNING: QA Issue: /usr/lib/glibc-external/getconf/POSIX@underscore@V7@underscore@ILP32@underscore@OFF32_glibc-external contained in package glibc-external requires, but no providers found in its RDEPENDS [file-rdeps]10:23
bluelightningabelal: well, linux-yocto-rt should be working, so there must be a difference somewhere10:23
Ox4without this library the kernel panics10:24
bluelightningabelal: what if you actually build linux-yocto-rt, does that work?10:24
Ox4but if I copy that library manualy it works10:24
abelalbluelightning: that's the next thing i'll be doing :)10:24
bluelightningOx4: you'll have to speak to the meta-sourcery folks if nobody has an answer here, I certainly don't know what's going wrong there10:24
Ox4bluelightning: I looked through this but I don't see the problem10:26
Ox4anyway I've created an issue here:
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Ox4ok, what about backports?10:36
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abelalbluelightning: using linux-yocto-rt did the trick and things are working although I am unable to point out a difference between bitbake env for linux-yocto with rt settings and linux-yocto-rt11:17
abelalbluelightning: anyhow it does what's needed :)11:17
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jmleoI have a compilation error on fido I don't understand, any clue ?
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Ox4jmleo: ca-certificates?13:19
jmleoOx4: What do you mean ?13:19
Ox4jmleo: do you have ca-certificates installed?13:20
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jmleoOx4: yes13:24
Ox4I don't know then13:26
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Ox4can I write my own function in a bb file?13:31
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Ox4not rewrite but write from the scratch13:31
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bluelightningOx4: yes13:52
jmleoOx4: seems to be fido related, as master seems (still compiling) to pass this step13:53
Ox4bluelightning: and it will be called during compilation?13:53
bluelightningOx4: if you mean adding your own task, you have to specify when you want it to be executed13:54
bluelightningOx4: see
Ox4bluelightning: is there a convention how to write functions?13:56
Ox4and as I understood I can write bash function also, right?13:57
bluelightningOx4: shell or python, yes13:58
jmleoOx4: nop, same error on master13:59
Ox4jmleo: well, I think it is python related issue. Try to do the same in devshell and debug14:02
Ox4bluelightning: shell or bash?14:03
bluelightningOx4: bash is shell ;) but we don't assume bash, if that's your question14:03
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Ox4bluelightning: thanks :)14:07
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bluelightningwe do assume a posix-compliant shell as /bin/sh, I guess14:08
Ox4and where yocto locates kernel sources fetched from the git?14:09
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Ox4tmp/work/powerbeacon-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-yocto-custom/2.6.37+gitAUTOINC+meta_machine-r0 correct path?14:09
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Ox4and I see linux-powerbeacon-standard-build with the kernel sources14:09
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bluelightningOx4: it depends on the version of the build system, in fido (1.8) and later things have changed in the way the kernel gets built14:11
Ox4bluelightning: I am using master branch14:11
bluelightningAIUI, STAGING_KERNEL_DIR is where you can find the kernel source, STAGING_KERNEL_BUILDDIR will give you the build artifacts14:11
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raykinsella781any idea how to disable LTO in Yocto?14:20
Ox4bluelightning: can I enumerate several function in the addtask?14:22
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bluelightningOx4: you mean specify multiple dependencies ?14:24
Ox4addtask printdate after do_fetch before do_build14:25
Ox4but I want addtask foo bar baz printdate after do_fetch before do_build14:25
bluelightningthat looks like adding more than one task in a single addtask command - that won't work14:26
Ox4as I see I cannot14:26
Ox4so I have to write multiple tasks, right?14:26
bluelightningif you want them to be separate tasks - note that functions can call other functions...14:27
Ox4I know, but don't want that approach14:27
Ox4I want to call my functions independently14:27
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bluelightningok so what is it exactly that you are trying to do?14:27
Ox4just want to call several functions, written by me14:28
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bluelightningif those functions are truly independent tasks, then separate tasks make sense14:29
bluelightningif not, not...14:29
Ox4currently only this works for me:14:29
Ox4addtask idiocy_output after do_fetch before do_build14:29
Ox4addtask make_backport after do_fetch before do_build14:29
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bluelightningyep, each task you want to add needs its own addtask command14:29
Ox4understood, thank you14:29
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Ox4bluelightning: this is correct one?
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jmleobluelightning: maybe do you have an idea on this error ?
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bluelightningjmleo: I don't I'm afraid14:46
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raykinsella781how do I run configure from devshell ?15:03
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kergothfirst run configure once outside it, which will emit a run.do_configure script in the temp dir, then run devshell and run ../temp/run.do_configure*15:09
Ox4bluelightning: why STAGING_KERNEL_BUILDDIR points to work-share/../../ but WORKDIR points to work/../../?15:09
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em|fbJaMa: hi, I reported a problem using qtwebengine. It took me some time to build qtwebengine and the included blink with debugging symbols. In the end the problem was caused by missing fonts15:12
em|fbI installed ttf-bitstream-vera and now it works15:12
em|fbperhaps this or another font which satisfies blink was included in the image that you build for testing and so this did not happen.15:13
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mcfriskHi! Howto get a plain bash in devshell? I'm ssh'ing into remote build server, and into a container which doesn't run X or gnome.15:26
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kergothwhich links to
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wrockhello everyone15:36
wrockI got a problem with a cmake recipe15:36
wrockAfter the configuartion step, I receive a toolchain.cmake, which has 2 entries in set( CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH *** ***)15:38
wrock1. is the location of the cross compiler, so x86 and 2 ist the destination archtiecture(arm)15:38
wrocknow 2 libraries files are found15:39
wrock*.so in x86 archtiecture and arm archtiecture15:40
wrockbecause x86 is primary, it takes this one and during compiling stage i get assembler command errors15:40
wrockI can get rid of thtat path, but then the pkg_config is missing, since there isnt one for arm?15:41
wrocki have a so there is the folder /yocto/openembedded-core/build/tmp-glibc/sysroots/zedboard-zynq7/pkgdata15:43
wrockbut not a file, which can be found by cmake15:43
wrockanyone got an idea?15:43
*** lamego <lamego!lamego@nat/intel/x-xklgaefzkacryvie> has joined #yocto15:46
JaMaem|fb: heh, one would expect missing fonts to cause some reasonable error message .. :/15:47
JaMa~blame software developers15:47
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Ox4once again15:53
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* nerdboy waves at JaMa 15:54
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Ox4here is the recipe of the wireless module backport:
Ox4and here is compilation error:
Ox4could somebody help me with this issue? I am fighting with it two days already :-(15:55
* JaMa waves back15:58
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zedd0x4: you are building a ARM conf file, and then attempting to execute on your host.15:59
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-kuljrbhvugehzael> has joined #yocto15:59
zeddI don't know much about what exactly you are trying to do, but if you are building modules against a kernel that you have in your DEPENDS, you shouldn't need to build any defconfig, or configuration pieces.16:00
zeddif for some reason the package itself has that requirement, and doesn't separate TARGET and host toolchains, you'll need to fix the package, it isn't a build system thing at that point.16:00
* zedd has to go get lunch16:02
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Ox4zedd: here is instructions from kernel dev of mine16:02
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nerdboyOx4: those are manual instructions16:06
Ox4nerdboy: I know, that is the problem16:09
Ox4conf is built for arm16:09
Ox4how to build it by system toolchain?16:10
nerdboyone sec, wife talking...16:16
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away16:18
Ox4nerdboy: I will ping you in hour ok?16:19
nerdboyshouldn't take her that long...16:19
nerdboyOx4: you should probably just copy an existing recipe16:20
nerdboyi assume you have the kernel package already, so your module package should build against that16:21
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nerdboylook at one of the TI module recipes like meta-ti/recipes-bsp/powervr-drivers/omapdrm-pvr_1.9.2253347.bb16:29
nerdboynotice how it points to KERNELDIR="${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}16:30
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nerdboyyou should also inherit module16:35
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nerdboy"ain't nuthin' with that..."16:55
nerdboytoo damn early apparently16:55
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zloynerdboy: hey, it's me - Ox417:27
zloynerdboy: so, what about my problem?17:27
nerdboyuse the proper recipe variables and it should work17:28
zloynerdboy: which variable?17:28
nerdboylook at one of the TI module recipes like meta-ti/recipes-bsp/powervr-drivers/omapdrm-pvr_1.9.2253347.bb17:28
nerdboynotice how it points to KERNELDIR="${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}17:28
zloyok, thanks17:28
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zloynerdboy: I saw it, but I should compile drivers before17:30
nerdboythere are a bunch of drvier recipes17:30
nerdboyinherit module and point stuff to the right places as needed17:31
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nerdboyminimal EXTRA_OEMAKE options might do it, or you might need to add a manual make and/or make modules_install17:32
zloynerdboy: hold on, I will show you something17:33
zloynerdboy: when I perform make defconfig-PowerBeacon CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- ARCH=arm KLIB_BUILD=[kernel code folder] KLIB=[rootfs folder]17:35
zloyit compiles c sources from the kconf directory17:35
zloyend then binary file conf is launched17:35
nerdboydon't make defconfig17:36
nerdboythat's part of the kernel recipe17:36
nerdboyyour package should assume it's already there since it depends one it17:36
nerdboy*on it even17:36
zloyso I need set the options from the backport to kernel and then just compile, right?17:37
zloyanyway without defconf it still compiles the kconf sources :-(17:38
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zloynerdboy: if I set compiler in a Makefile will it be proper approach?17:40
nerdboyit should be doing out-of-tree build17:40
nerdboydon't hardcode stuff like that17:40
nerdboythere are toolchain variables, etc17:40
zloynerdboy: but I can patch it in runtime for example17:42
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mcfriskkergoth: thanks, will try those18:08
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seebsHey, a heads up for anyone curious about it, the lxsetattr bug and the performance issue with fifos that were recently reported to me are now fixed in pseudo 1.6.6, available from fine Yocto git servers everywhere.19:05
seebsI haven't done the oe-core integration and am not sure I'll be able to soon.19:05
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zloynerdboy: are you here?19:47
zloyI have to run make defconfig :-(19:49
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nerdboyno, no you need to run that offline and use the (new) config as your custom defconfig21:41
nerdboyonce you can run "make foo_defconfig" cleanly in a terminal it should work in the recipe21:42
nerdboyassuming the recipe is close enough...21:43
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