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kergothHuh, hadn't come across before, interesting00:03
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archer121HI, I am a hobbyist, and build a core-image-sato for my new Nvidia Jetson TK1. But I can't find any guides on how to flash the board's emmc with it. If anyone here on this chat room, has ever did this on the nividia board, would you please give me a hint as to how you did it? If you used script provided by nvidia, did you do a what were the initial steps?04:54
archer121Crofton|work: Crofton  You knew someone who did the same. Maybe you can guide me in the right direction?04:55
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archer121khem: I am using your BSP. JUst give me a brief summary of what you do to flash it, and I will take it from there.05:07
archer121I will be afk, but will respond to any replys.05:28
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khalebioshi guys.09:01
khalebiosI am trying to build an uImage instead of a zImage with Yocto.09:01
khalebiosi try this : KERNEL_IMAGETYPE ?= "uImage" . but i get error09:02
khalebioswho can help me?09:02
LetoThe2ndkhalebios: maybe someone if you actually name the error you see.09:03
khalebios Function failed: do_rootfs (log file is located at /home/ep/rootfs_builder/build-npe-x1000-initrd/tmp/work/npe_x1000_initrd-poky-linux-gnueabi/initramfs-mtdutils-image/1.0-r0/temp/log.do_rootfs.3232)09:04
LetoThe2ndso please push that given file into a pastebin for us to look at.09:05
LetoThe2ndkhalebios: you just pasted the message. it would be more helpful if you pasted the file you can find at the path given in the error message.09:14
LetoThe2ndfor that is the full log.09:14
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khalebiosLetoThe2nd <= sorry but it is the same09:15
LetoThe2ndkhalebios: i have to admit that i doubt that.09:15
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lpapphi, it is mostly a Linux question, so pardon me, but is it possible with install in a recipe to preserve symlinks or I need to use cp for that?10:15
lpappour software ships a library and that also creates, an However, when using install for those, it does not respect the symlinks. It will do a deep copy./10:16
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xataHello. Trying to compile an image for i.MX6, their fsl-multimedia-full. Got undefined reference to `cap_set_file' on ltp-20150420-r0. Why this can be so?10:36
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lpappor would this symlink creation better placed in Yocto itself?11:20
lpappoe_libinstall will take care of that, maybe?11:28
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topiki have a bbclass which implements a command, along the lines of bitbake image-name -c gather_data11:51
topikis it possible to add a DEPENDS which affects only that gather_data step?11:51
_valle_Hi. When I'm trying to build qtmultimedia I get the following error in fido. fatal error: gst/video/videooverlay.h: No such file or directory11:52
lpapp_valle_: can you build it without Yocto?11:52
_valle_lpapp: I haven't tried. I am able to build it if I have meta-qt5 layer on the daisy branch. But for dizzy and fido it fails with the same problem11:55
lpapp_valle_: try to compare the differences11:56
xatain libcap cap_file.c does not compile that results in no cap_set_file in what leads to troubles in other packages. how do i configure libcap to include cap_file.c?12:12
lpapphave you checked its buildsystem?12:14
xatalpapp: makefile says it needs libattr for file support, i've added it to local.conf and tried bitbake libcap -c clean, unpack, patch, configure and compile thus it gives no result12:16
xatano results like in the same result12:16
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darkspikeHi All. I have some packages in PACKAGE_EXCLUDE. All works well for do_rootfs, but when i try to run populate_sdk it complains about not finding the "-dev" packages. how can i fix this ?12:40
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_valle_lpapp: By removing the patch Initial porting effort to GStreamer 1.0, qtmultimedia builds. However when playing a sound from Qt it gives the output: using null output device, none available13:07
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_valle_lpapp: Solved, thanks13:27
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lpapp_valle_: great to read :)13:33
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kergothhmm, I think 'devtool reset' interacts badly with BBCLASSEXTEND. I did a devtool modify -x on autoconf-native, then a reset autoconf-native, but that did nothing, it only accepted autoconf, but that reset didn't actually do anything either, the append hung around int he workspace15:09
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mcfriskHi! Does yocto build -doc packages by default and is there a feature switch to enabled them?15:17
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kergothmcfrisk: we're not as consistent in our doc generation handling as we'd like, as of yet. we do split off -doc packages reliably, but we don't always consistently enable/disable doc generation. for docs that aren't generated, generally they're generated by default, but we don't have a nice distro feature to cover all the generation, and some ofthe generation doesnt' even work at this point15:27
kergothits a work in progress15:27
* kergoth makes a pkgconf recipe to test out15:29
neverpanicI assume you'd take a patch to install documentation for a recipe that doesn't yet?15:30
kergothmost likely, yeah15:31
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mcfriskkergoth: thanks, so I'll just need to try out and maybe send patches back.15:35
neverpanicIs there some magic that avoids executable files in ${docdir}? My install -m 755 comes back with files as 644 :/15:36
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kergothaha, i figured trying pkgconf instead of pkg-config would cause a failure somewhere due to reliance on direct flags modifications rather than dependencies17:20
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kergothHmm, wonder if PREMIRRORS works properly with file:// URIs17:42
kergothah, had the wrong pattern, seems the answer is yes17:47
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neverpanicjust wanted to say, I see this config at work daily18:02
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kergothwas using PATH, forgot that PATH is the entirety, not just the portion matched18:08
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kergothhmm, does DEFAULT_PREFERENCE only work as one would expect between versions, not provides?18:19
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kergothHmm, it'd be really nice if externalsrc avoided nostamp and instead kept a closer eye on the externalsrc directory / git repo19:28
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marcospsHi guys. I'm currently using the docker bbfile ( Is there a way to bundle docker itself and all his dependencies into just one package?19:38
kergothno, there's no feature for merging or combining binary packages in general19:38
kergothyour best bet is likely to make use of a package feed19:39
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marcospskergoth: thanks for you quick answer. I'm now reading the yocto documentation about Package Feeds. It seems to work like: "place all ipks into the docker deploy dir and them will be packed together"?19:44
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kergothno, a package feed is a directory containing a set of binary packages and metadata, which you point your package manager to. it's not "packed" in any way19:45
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marcospskergoth: Hum, got it. So package feed is the place where the generated package is placed? If so, there is a way to merge ipk files, or to especify to merge two or more bbfiles into one package?19:47
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marcospskergoth: sorry to annoy you with silly questions ;). I'm currently trying to create just one IPK with docker and its dependencies to be more easy to manage from the user perspective.19:53
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* paulg locally reverts the libgphoto2 and xfce4-notifyd uprevs since they both break the build.20:27
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paulgwoot, finally able to make it to do_rootfs w/o a screen full of red.  :-/20:36
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kergothmarcosps: [12:38:55]  <kergoth>no, there's no feature for merging or combining binary packages in general20:46
marcospskergoth: Ok, thanks for your time :)20:46
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* kergoth grumbles22:39
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