Tuesday, 2015-08-04

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parrot1hello, so if I find a file under sysroots/<recipes-package>/ , can I expect to find that file under the resulting final image?05:28
parrot1for some reason, i915_dri.so is missing from the final image although I can clearly see the library in /tmp/sysroots/intel-corei7-6405:29
kergothnope. sysroots are directory hierarchies which hold files for recipes to share with one another, e.g. libs an dheaders to satisfy dependencies05:29
kergothrecipes can emit any number of binary packages, whereas sysroots are monolithic, everything the recipe installed to certain paths05:29
kergothpackages listed in IMAGE_INSTALL in the image are installed into the image05:30
kergothsee the yocto documentation on that05:30
parrot1ok. So if I want to see the list of packages installed i can simply refer to the manifest file right?05:32
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drouhi guys05:35
droui'd like to have my keyboard layout as azerty & qwerty but i'm not able to do it.05:39
drouHere is what I have when I ran the bitbake -e command : IMAGE_LINGUAS="fr-fr en-us"05:39
drounot sure if it's the appropriate variable05:40
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bluelightningmorning all08:07
miandonmenmian_morning bluelightning08:07
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marek__hi all08:11
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marek__is there some example hot to add external binary kernel module to final image?08:12
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bluelightningmarek__: binary, no, not really... however it would be a fairly straightforward recipe, just copy the files into the appropriate place and ensure they get packaged08:15
marek__yes this was also my idea but what if kernel version will change08:15
marek__bluelightning: I want to keep /lib/modules/xxx/ to be extracted somehow08:15
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bluelightningmarek__: your recipe can inherit linux-kernel-base then set KERNEL_VERSION = "${@get_kernelversion_file("${STAGING_KERNEL_BUILDDIR}")}" and then install the files within do install to ${D}/lib/modules/${KERNEL_VERSION}08:20
marek__bluelightning: many thanks08:20
bluelightningoh, you should also have DEPENDS = "virtual/kernel"08:21
miandonmenmian_how can I change this line to use http protocol? : SRC_URI = "git://github.com/mygit/mygit.git;branch=2"08:21
bluelightningmiandonmenmian_: add ;protocol=http08:21
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marek__bluelightning: unparsed line: 'KERNEL_VERSION = "${@get_kernelversion_file("${STAGING_KERNEL_BUILDDIR}" (I have poky daisy)08:26
bluelightningmarek__: ah, I see08:28
bluelightningmarek__: in which case try KERNEL_VERSION = "${@base_read_file('${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}/kernel-abiversion')}"08:28
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marek__bluelightning: second version works fine, many thanks again08:52
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bluelightningmarek__: np09:05
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miandonmenmian_that hit the spot, thanks09:19
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mcfriskDoes yocto have/do any tests for the generated sdk's?11:28
sujith_hmichaelw_: ping11:32
bluelightningmcfrisk: yes, IIRC bitbake -c testsdk <image>11:38
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mcfriskbluelightning: thanks! is there any documentation to go with that? e.g. how to execute and write tests for the sdk packages.11:47
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sujith_hmichaelw_: May I know if I am missing anything in my modified code ( which I have posted in mailing list)? When I tried to check request.POST ( in toastergui/views.py), the dictionary was empty.11:56
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zwerchHello together. I have a question concerning the package management. We are using an image based on core-image-x11. We have defined all packages needed on the image via "IMAGE_INSTALL" variable. Updates are handled over the air, installed via "opkg update / upgrade". But we didn12:37
zwerch* Is there a way to install new packages over this mechanism?12:38
zwerchWithout doing it manually12:38
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orzenHi, I wonder when aclocals end up in sysroot and where they're coming from? From a recipe or the host system?12:40
bluelightningmcfrisk: I don't believe we do have any documentation on testsdk, no, but see meta/lib/oeqa/sdk/ for the current tests which should serve as examples12:49
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michaelw_sujith_h: yep, let me reply on the email thread12:50
bluelightningzwerch: you mean as part of an upgrade? wouldn't you just make them a dependency of some already-installed package?12:50
mcfriskbluelightning: yes, I read meta/lib/oeqa/sdk/ but am failing to execute them on dizzy. tried to backport the gcc tests for example but something is wrong in my config since they fail with "Test ping specified in TEST_SUITES could not be found in lib/oeqa/runtime under BBPATH"12:52
michaelw_sujith_h: what is the 'json' for in " client.post(reverse('xhr_importlayer'),data,'json' "12:52
bluelightningmcfrisk: strange, that sounds like testimage rather than testsdk12:53
zwerchbluelightning: Yes. We need a mechanism that upgrades the whole system with one command / small failsafe-script, not via images but via intelligent incremental upgrades (and opkg does this very well, but not with new packages). So in this case it wouldn't be bad practice to use all packages as a dependency of a virtual package instead of installing them via "IMAGE_INSTALL"?12:54
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zwerchmichaelw_: I assume it sets the content-type header to "application/json"12:55
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bluelightningzwerch: I don't see a problem with that... but you need not add all packages as dependencies, in fact you could install a packagegroup and have no dependencies initially, just adding them as needed as time goes on12:55
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davisi can use hob to build custom targets, but how can I get a list of targets available at bitbake prompt?12:57
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bluelightningdavis: bitbake -s  or  bitbake-layers show-recipes  perhaps12:58
zwerchbluelightning: okay, thanks so far. How do I define runtime dependencies? And what is a packagegroup?12:58
davisbluelightning: many thanks.12:59
bluelightningzwerch: RDEPENDS_<packagename> (RDEPENDS_${PN} for the main package of a recipe)12:59
bluelightningzwerch: a packagegroup is a way of grouping together packages as the name suggests; but fundamentally on the runtime end it's just a package with no contents and a list of dependencies on other packages12:59
bluelightningzwerch: on the recipe end it's a recipe that inherits packagegroup13:00
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bluelightningzwerch: loads of examples in meta/recipes-core/packagegroups/13:00
sujith_hmichaelw_: If I have: response = client.post(reverse('xhr_importlayer'), data,  HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH='XMLHttpRequest'). I am getting same error.13:00
zwerchbluelightning: awesome, thanks!13:00
mcfriskhmm, how to run bitbake python snippets things like run.do_testsdk in a devshell?13:04
bluelightningmcfrisk: I don't think you can13:04
mcfrisksigh, then I'll debug this in some other way...13:07
bluelightningmcfrisk: to be honest I almost never use devshell myself, I just insert bb.warn() calls in where I need to see what is happening13:08
bluelightningcrude, but effective#13:08
michaelw_sujith_h: hmm odd it works here13:13
mcfriskbluelightning: thanks, I saw that TEST_SUITES wasn't defined in my local.conf and ping was a default. Now I need to fix those tests for our setup...13:13
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abellonibluelightning: that reminds me of when people are asking how to debug the kernel, my only answer is pr_err13:15
abellonithey are always disappointed :)13:15
michaelw_sujith_h: http://pastebin.com/bkLAwtjm13:16
bluelightningmcfrisk: the error would suggest that it's looking in the wrong place, perhaps the error is simply incorrect for testsdk13:22
bluelightningabelloni: indeed13:23
davisi read someplace that mods done in hob do not take affect bitbake cmdline builds.  Is that correct? I see changes in my local.conf files and it does seem to affect my bitbake builds.13:26
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* paulg_ wonders how accepting folks would be of patches that turn tar based pkgs into git based...13:31
paulg_bisecting within a pkg within yocto is a heck of a lot easier if the pkg is already git based.13:31
paulg_at the cost of a slightly larger download.13:32
bluelightningdavis: that might have been true in older versions of Hob13:34
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davisbluelightning: that makes sense. thanks13:35
bluelightningpaulg_: across the board, I think we would prefer not to make that change13:35
paulg_bluelightning, ok, then my next suggestion would be to somehow have it there, but off by default then.13:36
davisfwiw, i learned you can do "bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel" and it will pull up make menuconfig for the virtual kernel.  Is there a way to run menuconfig for the specific kernel I am using? ie. Not edit generic/virtual kernel config but arm/beaglebone kernel.13:37
paulg_not sure the implementation specifics of how best to make that work...13:37
ndecdavis: you can use the kernel recipe name instead of virtual/kernel, no?13:37
bluelightningpaulg_: it may be something to open up a discussion on on the OE-Core mailing list - the topic of git vs. tarballs has come up in a couple of threads lately but we haven't had a proper discussion about it13:38
bluelightningdavis: virtual/kernel should be the kernel for your machine if MACHINE has been set13:38
davisndec, got me. I'm not sure how to specify the particular name.  Is there a way to list the different kernels available?13:38
davisbluelightning: hmm. I don't see any arm specific options.  When this build finishes. I'll try again.13:39
bluelightningvirtual/kernel isn't a "generic" kernel, it just points to the selected kernel for your configuration13:39
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC13:39
paulg_bluelightning, yeah - it just seems fresh on my mind since I had to bisect both libdrm and xf86-video-intel to solve that latest X11 segfault mess.13:40
bluelightningpaulg_: in order to bisect easily though wouldn't you need to be pointing to a local source tree? in which case "devtool modify" would be the recommended way to set that up for almost any recipe13:42
bluelightningalthough that still provides no shortcut to the upstream git for a recipe that fetches from a tarball instead, admittedly13:43
paulg_bluelightning, in this case, I wanted to be sure of what libdrm was putting in the sysroot, so while I ran the bisect commands on a local tree, I used the output of those commands in a SRCREV in the bb to ensure I wasn't changing two things at once.13:45
paulg_and of course put the git repo in the SRC_URI  and put S="${WORKDIR}/git"13:45
* paulg_ has never used "devtool modify"13:46
neverpanicIs there a recipe that should provide cc and c++ symlinks? I would expect GCC to use update-alternatives to do that, but it doesn't seem to be happening for me...13:47
zwerchbluelightning: what is the name I need to use in IMAGE_INSTALL if my packagegroup-recipe is "packagegroup-core-mystuff.bb"?13:47
bluelightningzwerch: packagegroup-core-mystuff13:47
zwerchbluelightning: ok, thanks13:48
bluelightningzwerch: also, it should not be named including "core" - it's not a core recipe if it's not in OE-Core ;)13:48
davisbluelightning: you are correct. I must have been using qemu before. It indeed shows arm config. cool.13:48
davisbluelightning: many thanks13:48
bluelightningdavis: no worries13:48
zwerchbluelightning: ok 😄13:48
bluelightningpaulg_: it's new as of the last release... if you get a chance, give it a try13:48
* paulg_ reads13:48
davisdoes it matter what the order is when you add layers? I have built a bootable rootfs with the stock layers. I would like to add the meta-ti layer since it has the cape manager.  supposedly it modifies the kernel config as well.13:50
davisowuld I add this to BBLAYERS at end or beginning or does it matter?13:51
zwerchbluelightning: so if I install "packagegroup-mystuff", it automatically installs all packages defined in there? :O13:51
denixdavis: it doesn't have the cape manager13:52
bluelightningzwerch: yes13:52
zwerchbluelightning: cool!13:52
davisdenix: the ti kernel or the stock one?13:52
denixdavis: but the order is important when you have overlapping configs13:52
daviswhen I boot the stock one, and I do the grep config.gz I don't see it.13:52
bluelightningzwerch: well, it'll install all the packages defined as dependencies in RDEPENDS_${PN} in that recipe, to be specific13:53
davisdenix: I figured, the meta-ti one would since I found the cape-manager user space tools in the meta-ti layer via some tool13:53
neverpanicnevermind, c++ and cc are in gcc/g++-symlinks, I just need to install them13:53
denixdavis: neither13:54
davison the kernel i am running, this fails zcat /proc/config.gz | grep CONFIG_BONE_CAPEMGR13:56
davisthis is from https://github.com/beagleboard/bb.org-overlays readme13:56
denixdavis: as of the order - meta-yocto-bsp provides beaglebone.conf as well as meta-ti, so depending on the order, you get one machine definition or another. best to remove meta-yocto-bsp reference bsp when switching to real bsp13:56
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto13:56
davisdenix, sorry pal I am so new to this I don't know what I am doing. So I should remove the meta-yocto-bsp and add meta-ti.13:57
davisi'll try that and see what happens.13:57
davisi removed the meta-yocto-bsp and only have the meta-ti one. Any idea where in menuconfig the cape manager would be? under what heading?13:59
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC14:00
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zwerchbluelightning: I must've done something wrong, I'm getting " * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package packagegroup-mystuff", what could cause this?14:04
*** madisox <madisox!~madison@64-71-1-115.static.wiline.com> has joined #yocto14:05
*** tsramos_ <tsramos_!~tsramos@> has quit IRC14:05
bluelightningzwerch: your recipe does "inherit packagegroup" right ?14:05
zwerchbluelightning: yep14:06
bluelightningzwerch: then you should not see that... what that indicates is the recipe claimed to produce that package and in the end didn't14:06
*** afxez0r <afxez0r!afxez0r@nat/intel/x-byzlogofhzlpdrga> has joined #yocto14:08
zwerchbluelightning: https://gist.github.com/zwerch/d797d5ce3e411d6f39fc14:09
bluelightningzwerch: having set PACKAGES to what you have set, you have stopped it providing the main package14:09
bluelightningzwerch: which is probably not what you want14:10
zwerchbluelightning: so deleting the PACKAGES part fixes it?14:11
bluelightningzwerch: well, decide what you want - do you need more than one packagegroup package defined by the recipe or not?14:11
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC14:13
davisdenix: this seems to be important. I added ti before and it simply busted my build. Now that I removed meta-yocto-bsp it is at least fetching new sources or so it seems. that appears to be an improvment.14:13
zwerchbluelightning: I need a "dynamic" packagegroup that also allows me to add a new group if necessary with new packages but is installed via one IMAGE_INSTALL (so new packages are automatically added via opkg upgrade)14:14
bluelightningzwerch: you can comfortably add new packagegroups to that recipe as dependencies of the main package, but when you do that, use PACKAGES += not PACKAGES =14:15
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto14:18
*** lamego <lamego!~lamego@> has joined #yocto14:19
zwerchbluelightning: it seems to have worked, thanks again!14:20
bluelightningzwerch: np14:20
daviszwerch: congratualtions!14:21
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC14:22
zwerchhaha, thanks14:23
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*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_brb14:32
*** hsychla <hsychla!~hsychla@pd95c9392.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #yocto14:32
hsychlaHi all! I am getting "WARNING: Inode check for /srv/yocto-dl-dir is unavaliable, will remove it from disk monitor". "df -i" shows14:33
hsychlaFilesystem      Inodes IUsed   IFree IUse% Mounted on14:33
hsychlarootfs               0     0       0     - /14:33
hsychlaam I missing a dependency?14:33
bluelightninghsychla: what fs is in use there?14:33
hsychlabluelightning: btrfs14:33
bluelightninghsychla: I suspect you can ignore the warning, it probably shouldn't be shown14:34
hsychlait's not only dl-dir but sstate-cache etc as well. and it want's to build all packages from scratch which I guess is related14:34
bluelightninghsychla: I doubt that that's related, the disk monitor is unconnected to sstate14:35
hsychlaah ok14:35
*** marek__ <marek__!~marek@> has quit IRC14:35
hsychlawe moved the buildroot from a VM into a docker container. did it before without problems but this time bitbake want to rebuild everything14:37
sujith_hmichaelw_: Thanks for help. But I still not getting "error": "hint-layer-version-exists". Instead what I am getting is http://pastebin.com/JMhTP0p514:37
bluelightninghsychla: you would have to do comparisons of siginfo/sigdata files with bitbake-diffsigs to determine for sure what changed, but something must have14:38
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto14:40
*** hamis <hamis!~irfan@> has quit IRC14:40
hsychlabluelightning: is that always for one package or can I check the diffsigs for a whole core-image14:42
bluelightninghsychla: one task at a time I'm afraid, though -t is supposed to allow you to trace back in practice it doesn't work as well as it should14:42
hsychlaok, thanks. this helped a lot14:43
bluelightninghsychla: simplest thing is to do it for the earliest task that ran; you can look at the latest log under tmp/log/cooker/ to find what that was14:43
hsychlaalready found a difference14:44
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sjolleyYPTM: Stephen Joined14:57
belen1YPTM: belen joined15:00
halsteadYPTM: Michael present.15:00
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sonahi, sona here !15:03
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OvidiuOvidiu Poncea @ windriver15:04
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sjolleyMusat, George L <george.l.musat@intel.com> - QA contact.15:10
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sjolleyYPTM is over.15:12
michaelw_sujith_h: Does the layer you're adding actually already exist? Remember that the unit tests run on a clean database, the only layers the system knows about are the ones added in the setUp function15:13
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC15:16
sujith_hmichaelw_: yes it does exist in location : /home/sujith/MEL/toaster_work/meta-oe15:17
michaelw_sujith_h: is that in the database then?15:20
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gatekeeper.gentoogeek.org> has quit IRC15:21
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto15:21
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sujith_hmichaelw_: give me a min15:22
sujith_hmichaelw_: checking15:22
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otavioRP: did you look at mesa fixes?15:34
*** wschaller <wschaller!~wschaller@82-70-136-246.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk> has joined #yocto15:35
davisthere is this git repot https://github.com/beagleboard/meta-beagleboard15:37
davisif I download all these sub repots, and replace the ones I'm using in yocto now. meta-yocto-bsp with meta-beagleboard, openembedded-core, etc. Will I be able to build the beaglebone reference or will it break yocto and I need to do this from openembedded instead?15:38
*** T0mW <T0mW!~Tom@> has joined #yocto15:39
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sujith_hmichaelw_: Is it orm_layer table which has the info?15:45
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto15:45
bluelightningdavis: that should work fine15:47
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC15:50
davisbluelightning: somehow, I think i'm going to fsck it up though15:50
sujith_hmichaelw_: I couldn't find it in orm_layer table. In orm_layersource, I have only 3 entries15:50
davisi pulled the layers referenced here https://github.com/beagleboard/meta-beagleboard15:51
daviswhich is meta-beagleboard meta-openembedded and openembedded-core15:51
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has joined #yocto15:51
davisand then in poky/build/conf/bblayers.conf I have the following layers set:15:52
davis"/home/davis/progs/poky/meta /home/davis/progs/poky/meta-yocto /home/davis/progs/beagle-ref/meta-beagleboard /home/davis/progs/beagle-ref/meta-openembedded /home/davis/progs/beagle-ref/openembedded-core"15:52
davisbut I notice that openembedded-core has its own oe-init-build-env which looks like a script similar to the one I source in yocto15:53
kergoththe poky repository is an integration of bitbake, oe-core, and meta-yocto15:53
kergothso yes, the oe-init-build-env from oe-core is exactly the same as the one you source from poky15:54
davisthats good15:54
davissadly bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel no longer works though.15:55
davisif I cc ~/progs/poky and then source oe-init-build-env and then bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel it fails. it is looking for a meta-beagleboard/conf/layer.conf file15:57
davisim totally confused16:02
kergothif you read https://github.com/beagleboard/meta-beagleboard#introduction, you'll see that the meta-beagleboard repository includes two layers, it itself isn't a layer16:04
kergothassuming you want the beaglebone machine, you'd want common-bsp, see https://github.com/beagleboard/meta-beagleboard/tree/master/common-bsp/conf/machine16:04
davisok one sec, let me read that.16:05
davisi'm not sure how you know it includes two layers and is not itself a layer16:06
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto16:07
davisare you looking at the list of files and see that it has two subdirs? common-bsp and meta-beagleboard-extras?16:07
davisso https://github.com/beagleboard/meta-beagleboard/tree/master/common-bsp/conf/machine that beaglebone.conf should be put where the missing config file was mentioned by bitbake?16:09
*** SoylentYellow <SoylentYellow!~SoylentYe@> has quit IRC16:10
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*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@2001:470:b26c:0:8124:ab83:8ad4:e6ed> has joined #yocto16:14
mcfrisksigh, sdk installer shell script is quite crappy. full of non-quoted variables, non-checked return values... A run with shellcheck would be in order, as would 'set -euxo pipefail'. Are there any standards for shell scripts in yocto?16:16
*** dlan_ <dlan_!~dennis@gentoo/developer/dlan> has quit IRC16:18
*** dlan <dlan!~dennis@gentoo/developer/dlan> has joined #yocto16:19
kergothdavis: just add meta-beaglebone/common-bsp/ to bblayers, not meta-beagleboard.16:26
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto16:29
daviskergoth: ok. i'll try that. I appreciate your expertise. I'm really lost in this whole layer thing.16:31
davisi belive this is the change you suggest16:32
davisBBLAYERS = "/home/davis/progs/poky/meta /home/davis/progs/poky/meta-yocto /home/davis/progs/beagle-ref/meta-beagleboard/common-bsp  /home/davis/progs/beagle-ref/meta-openembedded /home/davis/progs/beagle-ref/openembedded-core"16:32
davisnope. fails again.16:33
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC16:33
kergoth'fails again' tells us nothing16:35
davisits the same error. ERROR: Unable to parse /home/davis/progs/beagle-ref/meta-openembedded/conf/layer.conf: file /home/davis/progs/beagle-ref/meta-openembedded/conf/layer.conf not found16:36
kergothmeta-openembedded is the same thing. it's multiple layers, not one.16:37
davisi'm thinking i need to revert the layers16:37
kergothwhich of its layers are you wanting?16:37
kergothmost likely it's meta-oe16:37
kergothso add meta-openembedded/meta-oe16:37
davisall i'm trying to do is get the LCD cape working on this beaglebone with a custom build.16:37
davisI know that the build which I downloaded in binary form has it, but the one I built as a result of pulling down poky does not.16:38
davisi asked around and found that git repot which I am trying to use.16:38
davisthis one worked for building java but no lcd16:39
*** wschaller <wschaller!~wschaller@82-70-136-246.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk> has quit IRC16:39
davis#BBLAYERS = "/home/davis/progs/poky/meta /home/davis/progs/poky/meta-yocto /home/davis/progs/poky/meta-yocto-bsp /home/davis/progs/meta-oracle-java "16:39
davisadding the meta-openembedded/meta-oe as you suggests gives the same error16:41
davisBBLAYERS = "/home/davis/progs/poky/meta /home/davis/progs/poky/meta-yocto /home/davis/progs/beagle-ref/meta-beagleboard/common-bsp  /home/davis/progs/beagle-ref/meta-openembedded /home/davis/progs/beagle-ref/openembedded-core /ho16:41
kergothyou didn't remove the old non-existant meta-openembedded16:42
kergothas i said, it's not a layer16:42
*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has joined #yocto16:42
*** jonathanmaw <jonathanmaw!~jonathanm@82-70-136-246.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk> has quit IRC16:45
*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has quit IRC16:47
daviskergoth: sorry man. I don't really know how to determine if something is a layer. I just saw on that git repot it said it depended on it. so every thing it depened upon I pulled and then added to the layers.16:48
davisBBLAYERS = "/home/davis/progs/poky/meta /home/davis/progs/poky/meta-yocto /home/davis/progs/beagle-ref/meta-beagleboard/common-bsp  /home/davis/progs/beagle-ref/openembedded-core /home/davis/progs/beagle-ref/meta-openembedded/met16:48
davisthat still fails with the same error.16:48
kergothyou'll note bitbake complains if <layer path>/conf/layer.conf doesn't exist. if a path has no conf/layer.conf, it's not a layer. now you know16:49
frayat a minimum a layer includes a 'conf' directory containing the file 'layer.conf'16:49
davisin beaglebone-ref, the meta-beagleboneboard does not have a layer.conf in top dir16:50
fraylayer.conf is in the 'conf' directory of a layer..16:50
davisditto for the other two dirs, meta-openembedded and openembedded-core16:50
frayif there is no conf directory and a conf/layer.conf, they're not layers16:50
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto16:50
fraylayers in the openembedded-core are in the 'meta', 'meta-selftest' and 'meta-skeleton' directories..16:51
frayNote, your first BBLAYERS= value is your 'meta' directory..16:51
daviswell, none of these things that I pulled are layers then16:51
fraypoky is based on OpenEmbedded-core.. so including both 'poky' and 'openembedded-core' is going to also cause problems16:51
davisnone have a conf/layer.conf file16:51
fraythey're directories that may contain layers, but they are not layers themselves16:52
davisok this is frustrating. i should go back to buildroot16:52
*** SoylentYellow <SoylentYellow!~SoylentYe@209-234-137-234.static.twtelecom.net> has joined #yocto16:52
davisi just dont have the expertise for this16:53
bluelightningdavis: you just need to get the paths correct... you're like two steps away now16:53
davisif I revert back to what I started with, at least I can do the make menuconfig ok16:54
davisBBLAYERS = "/home/davis/progs/poky/meta /home/davis/progs/poky/meta-yocto /home/davis/progs/poky/meta-yocto-bsp /home/davis/progs/meta-oracle-java "16:54
fraythat is a correct bblayers configuration16:54
frayall four of those are layers AFAIK16:54
davisand Robert Nelson made this for me16:54
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC16:55
*** likewise <likewise!~likewise@ip4da37457.direct-adsl.nl> has quit IRC16:55
davisi'm going to try and see if I can build core-image-sato with the original layer. If that finishes, i'll try this agian.16:57
davisi appreciate the help16:57
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away17:00
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davishmm. After i reverted my bblayers variable,  bitbake of core-image-sato and the other image I built jfd-image-recipe fails at the last task.17:58
davisError: min. I/O unit was not specified (use -h for help)17:59
*** silviof <silviof!~silviof@unaffiliated/silviof> has quit IRC18:04
*** dryawgmoth <dryawgmoth!~varx@> has joined #yocto18:08
davisso what is the yocto way of solving this problem? I look at the create_image.ubifs script and I don't see any path wrong at the end where it invokes mkfs.ubifs, but I do see some .lock files around.18:20
davisie. in the dir where rootfs is located, there is a rootfs.lock file.18:21
davisperhaps its an error where a lockfile has kept something from being used18:21
davisi read something about cleaning a build results using the term sane. i can't remember where I saw it though.18:22
frayI'm unfamiliar with that error message.  I'd suggest a quick google search or look in the docs specific about building a ubifs under OE18:22
frayBut my suspicion is that the machine you choose does not have UBIFS support enabled or configured properly18:22
davishmm. i remember when I was using hob there was a button you could press which would bring up a config for those tyupe of things18:23
fraythat would be the toaster in modern items..18:23
davisi don't remember adjusting it though.18:23
davisi tried to use toaster. I played with it sunday in analyze and build mode18:24
fraydocs explain how to start the toaster and how to conncet to it with your web browser.. I don't know if those configuration settings are available or not.  The docs on the Yocto Project site should explain the various configuration parameters.. otherwise look in meta/conf/documentation.conf18:24
frayif there is a setting needed and it's not listed, then it's likely a bug in the docs18:24
davisi could start it. I think I even used it to do a build.18:25
daviswhen I used it, I was able to find the layer for pulling in capes. When I added the layer, it would fetch things for me.18:25
davisdo you use toaster or use the command line?18:25
frayyes.. that is what toaster allows you to do..18:26
frayI use command line mostly.. but rarely need ubifs18:26
davisi don't have a clue where that would be specified in command line18:26
davisi imaging its a conf file18:26
davisin my local.conf there is this18:27
davis#added by hob18:27
davisIMAGE_FSTYPES = "jffs2 ext4 ubi tar.gz tar.bz2"18:27
davisthat would lead me to think I have ubi specified18:28
frayyes, but you or your MACHINE need to configure the filesystem..18:28
fraythus the error from the mkfs ubifs18:28
frayit sounds like something is not configured and doesn't have a default value18:29
*** bongo <bongo!~bnogo@> has joined #yocto18:29
*** bradfa <bradfa!~andrew@clr-vpn01.kodakalaris.com> has quit IRC18:29
davisi did a diff of my tree and the only thing I see is meta-yocto-bsp/recipes-bsp/formfacotor/beagleboard/machconfig has an entry for HAVE_TOUCHSCREEN=1 instead of 018:30
davisbut that does not sound like a ubi file system issue18:31
*** silviof <silviof!~silviof@unaffiliated/silviof> has joined #yocto18:31
davisis there a command for bitbake which does a check to see if files are valid?18:34
kergothOT, quick prototype of prefixing task log messages with the recipe/task they came from: https://gist.github.com/kergoth/50af1ca12692d39f0338 - haven't decided if that'd be better in a subclass of the log formatter rather than directly modifying the message in the ui main loop, though18:34
davisor at least removes the .lock files? maybe they are stale and causing a problem. i don't know but it seems odd that it no longer would work.18:35
kergothif the lock file was stale, the build wouldn't even begin18:36
*** jmpdelos <jmpdelos!~polk@delos.delosent.com> has quit IRC18:37
davisi opened a new terminal, reran the init script and I'm trying to build it again. its on task 5039 of 504118:37
davislooking at ps, it seems to be building various archives. at first i saw jffs, then tar18:40
*** jmpdelos <jmpdelos!~polk@delos.delosent.com> has joined #yocto18:40
davisthen it failed again on create_image.ubifs18:40
daviswhat is ubifs used for?18:41
davisif I take it out of the conf/local.conf file maybe it will work18:42
*** pohly <pohly!~pohly@p5DE8CA2B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC18:46
*** dryawgmoth <dryawgmoth!~varx@> has quit IRC18:49
*** bradfa <bradfa!~andrew@clr-vpn01.kodakalaris.com> has joined #yocto18:50
*** dlerner <dlerner!~dlerner@50-198-55-145-static.hfc.comcastbusiness.net> has left #yocto18:53
davisinteresting. I removed the ubi specification from local.conf and my old custom image built18:53
davisso i'm back where i started.18:53
davissince the whole oe versions rabbit hole did not work. How would a newbie go at enabling the lcd on a beagleboard?18:54
davisi have this meta-beagleboard-kernel from Robert. it has a recipes-kernel with a .bb file and a defconfig but no conf/layer.conf.18:57
daviscould I stick this in my recipes-kernel dir and enable it?18:57
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@ip-86-49-34-37.net.upcbroadband.cz> has quit IRC18:58
frayin the original meta-beagleboard.. the 'common-bsp- was the layer18:59
frayI haven't used a beagleboard in a long time though, so I have no idea what is correct or current18:59
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@ip-86-49-34-37.net.upcbroadband.cz> has joined #yocto19:00
davishmm. i don't understand.19:01
fraythe git repository 'meta-beagleboard' has a directory in it called 'common-bsp'.  That is the layer that would be added to yoru bblayers entry..19:01
davisi see that meta and meta-yocto-bsp both have a recipes-kernel19:01
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@24-212-184-107.cable.teksavvy.com> has quit IRC19:01
frayI don't know of any other beagleboard layers, but that one is fairly old.. so it's likely not correct19:01
davisthis guy Robert, seems like he is a guy who is knowledable was kind enough to give me a recipes-kernel tree19:02
frayI don't know anything about that work.. sorry19:02
davisi think he was assuming I would know how to plug it in to my existing tree19:03
*** thaytan <thaytan!~thaytan@> has quit IRC19:03
davisi'm thinking if I add the tree in my tree under meta-yocto-bsp perhaps I can select it via a prefered version sting or something19:03
fraythat really isn't the right way, but it might work.. I don't know..19:04
davishmm. ok lets not do that then19:04
fraythis is why the layer mechanism was created so you -never- had to hack on a repository..19:04
frayyou always just add to it, and the addition allows you to replace or amend existing work19:04
davisi'm trying to understand the layer idea19:04
davishe gave me a .bb and defconfig19:05
davisbut since its not a layer, I know now I can not add it to my BBLAYERS variable19:05
frayAt a minimum, a Yocto Project compliant layer has three things..  a README file, something (might be in the readme) that explains how to use it and contribute back fixes, and a 'conf/layer.conf' file19:05
frayFor something that "works" w/ OE, you can skip the readme and contribution info..19:05
davisthis does not have a readme or a conf19:05
*** jbrianceau_away <jbrianceau_away!uid10952@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-arweptmpeeervist> has quit IRC19:06
fraythe conf/layer.conf is quite simple... look at meta-skeleton in your install for an exmaple..19:06
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!~User@> has quit IRC19:06
fraysimply copy that.. and change references to 'skeleton' to whatever you want to name your layer19:06
davisso if i copy it, where do I copy it too?19:07
fraythe BBFILES entry is the set of wildcards used to find the recipes and bbappends19:07
fraymkdir my-new-layer19:07
fraymkdir my-new-layer/conf19:07
fraycp meta-skeleton/conf/layer.conf my-new-layer/conf/.19:07
davisare you saying mkdir at top level? As a peer to meta, meta-yocto and meta-skeleton?19:08
fray<edit> my-new-layer/conf/layer.conf19:08
frayswap references to skeleton to "my-new-layer"19:08
fraymake sure BBFILES path matches the layer and directory structure you have choosen for your layer..19:08
fraythats it19:08
frayyou can put it anywhere you want19:08
davisfray you are my hero19:08
fraythe BBLAYERS= has the path to the layer19:08
fray(this is all in the Yocto Project manual on creating a layer BTW)..19:09
daviswhich one? the meta manual?19:10
fraymega manual, Chapter 5. "Common Tasks"..  5.1 Understandign and Creating Layers19:11
fray'meta-' is a convention BTW for layer names, but not required.. a layer can be called anything that the filesystem allows..19:12
davisfwiw, that layers.conf has BBFILE_COLLECTIONS +="skeleton" so that should be "my-new-layers" but it also has BBFILE_PATTERN_skeleton would that be BBFILE_PATTERN_my?19:12
frayall of them have to match19:13
frayand be unique within your configuration..19:13
frayyou can't have two layers with the same 'collections' name19:13
daviswould you mind looking at a pastebin?19:14
frayI can19:14
frayya, as a minimum that works..19:16
fraythe BBFILES says that your new recipes will be installed into the layerdir/recipes-*/*19:16
frayand be called *.bb and *.bbappend19:16
frayif that is correct you are good.. if you want a different path breakup, you can change the wild cards..19:17
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@24-212-184-107.cable.teksavvy.com> has joined #yocto19:17
fraythe only other thing you might want to change:19:18
frayThe BBFILE_PRIORITY variable then assigns a priority to the layer. Applying priorities is useful in situations where the same recipe might appear in multiple layers and allows you to choose the layer that takes precedence.19:18
*** challinan <challinan!~chris@173-10-226-189-BusName-WestFlorida.hfc.comcastbusiness.net> has quit IRC19:18
fraythe higher the number the higher the priority..19:18
frayso if you want to force your layer to have precedence, put it at 10019:18
fray(or higher)19:18
davissounds good, i made it 10019:18
fraythe priority only matters say if you have two recipes with the same name in multiple layers..19:19
davisgive me a second to catch up on your instructions19:19
fray(I'm always a little sketchy when it comes to the BBFILE_PRIORITY field.. it's not used all that often in reality)19:19
davisok so i a tree which looks possibly correct19:21
* kergoth has setup scripts that reorder his BBLAYERS by BBFILE_PRIORITY so his recipe priority is aligned with bbclass/conf priority.. need to add a new sub-command to bitbake-layers to do that19:21
*** vmesons <vmesons!~rmacleod@24-212-184-107.cable.teksavvy.com> has joined #yocto19:22
davisand I've added it to my BBLAYERS variable19:23
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@24-212-184-107.cable.teksavvy.com> has quit IRC19:24
fraylayer format looks fine19:24
fraykergoth, honestly I'm surprised we still have a BBFILE_PRIORITY.. and don't just use the BBLAYERS order19:24
davisi imagine, I need to edit that recipe I used which just completed building to specify the linux-beagleboard.org-4.1 kernel19:24
davisie  vi recipes/images/custom/jfd-image-recipe.bb19:25
fraythis is where I don't know.. I don't do many kernel builds19:25
fraybut I suspect there is only one 'linux-beagleboard.org' recipe on your system19:25
frayso either it needs to be formatted properly (having the right virtual provide) or you'll have to manually trigger it19:26
davisif I edit that file, it has a bunch of packages which I could enable/disable in hob. ie. kernel-module-libcrc32c, xauth, kernel-module-ppp-generic etc.19:26
kergothfray: that's what i wanted when i responded to richard's original bblayers implementation, but he strongly felt it should be a variable, iirc. my original "collections" implementation controlled all priority via the order in the COLLECTIONS variable.19:26
frayya, and I'd rather it only be controlled by inclusion order.. ;)19:27
davisdoing a search. nothing pops up as beaglebone19:27
frayI don't really like the priority value at all19:27
frayI could see a few cases where we automate the priority during including, and only specify it when necessary19:28
kergothit was a matter of who owned the knowledge, he thought the layer owner would know better than the user on that, iirc19:28
kergothbut the problem with that is, they don't always know best, and priorities are only useful in context19:28
davishere is not the whole line, but here is where I just added it19:28
davisIMAGE_INSTALL = "linux-beagleboard.org-4.1 kernel-module-nf-conntrack-ipv4 ke19:29
fraykergoth, yup19:29
kergothi end up overriding the meta-oe priority so it never overrides oe-core19:29
frayIMAGE_INSTALL requires package names, -not- recipe names..19:29
fraythere likely won't be a package named 'linux-beagleboard.org-4.1'19:29
davisit did not even get that far19:30
davisERROR: Unable to parse /home/davis/progs/my-new-layer/conf/layer.conf: file /home/davis/progs/my-new-layer/conf/layer.conf not found19:30
frayverify the file is there at that exact path.. if not.. correct the BBLAYERS19:30
davisyeah, that was a typo19:31
*** bongo <bongo!~bnogo@> has quit IRC19:32
davisso its not a package name not a recipe name. but maybe with priority it will be used?19:32
*** thaytan <thaytan!~thaytan@> has joined #yocto19:32
davisi imaing this will fail but I can edit the jfd-image-recipe2 and remove it. I'm afraid to kill it while its trying to build since I'm afraid it might leave behind files19:33
kergothinterrupting a build is harmless. it'll pick up where it left off19:33
davisahh, very good19:33
davisWARNING: No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_my-new-layer '^/home/davis/progs/poky/my-new-layer/'19:33
davisNOTE: Resolving any missing task queue dependencies19:33
fraythe the pattern listed in BBFILE_PATTERN is wrong.. make sure the pattern works using something like 'ls' and returns files19:35
davisi removed the entry from recipes/images/custom/jfd-image-recipe2.bb and the warning comes back no bb files matched BFILE_PATTERN_MY-new-layer19:35
fraycat your layer.conf.. and from the head of the directory specified in 'bblayers =' verify the pattern19:36
davisls  my-new-layer/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-beagleboard.org_4.1.bb19:36
davisis that what you mean?19:36
fraycd my-new-layer19:36
frayls recipes-*/*/*.bb19:36
fraydid you get a result?19:36
frayls /recipes-*/*/*.bbappend19:36
frayagain get a result?  if not fix it19:36
davisyeah, that ls above is what I just did19:36
fray(second one remove leading '/'19:37
davisi just used tab completion19:37
fraykergoth both patterns don't have to match right, just one of them?19:37
*** jimBaxter <jimBaxter!~jbaxter@jimbax.plus.com> has quit IRC19:37
davisBBLAYES has /home/davis/progs/poky/my-new-layer19:38
kergothyeah, as long as anything matches it'll shut it up19:38
frayso something si wrong..19:38
frayls /home/davis/progs/poky/my-new-layer/recipes-*/*/*.bb19:38
frayls /home/davis/progs/poky/my-new-layer/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend19:38
frayone of those needs a match.. if it matches, I don't know19:38
davisi only have one bb file19:39
fraydoesn't matter.. the pattern has to match.. it's globbed.. so a simple 'ls' with the path should show you if the glob is right or not19:39
davisit is my-new-layer/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-beagleboard.org_4.1.bb19:39
davisthat appears to match to me19:40
fraywell, the error is saying that the system didn't find anything matching the glob19:40
frayyou'll have to figure out why19:40
davisi think this is key19:41
davisNo bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_my-new-layer19:41
davisthe original was of the form BBFILE_PATTERN_skeleton19:41
fraythe system collections everything from BBFILES into a big list (or pathnames based on globs)19:41
davisyet it was meta-skeleton19:41
frayit then looks at BBFILE_PATTERN_<collection> and matches that pattern against the overall file list19:41
fraythat says that at least ONE file found must start with the path to the layer directory'/'19:42
fraythe error is saying that no files were found that match that pattern..19:42
frayLAYERDIR is the immediate directory of the layer as specified by BBLAYERS = when processing.. it's evaluated immediately not not stored as "LAYERDIR", but as the evaluated value19:43
davisif I take the error message and copy and paste it, it shows the conf and recipes-kernel dir19:43
fraypastebin it then19:43
davisthe error says no bb file matched19:43
davisthe bb file is in the recipes-kernel subdir and not at that level19:43
davisi'll pastebin it19:43
fraythat doesn't show the error19:45
davisone sec ill generate it again19:46
fraythe warning is saying.. that after processing BBFILES, the pattern listed (regex) was NOT found19:48
fraythus no bb files from your "/home/davis/progs/poky/my-new-layer/" were foiund by the system19:48
fraythey're found by the globbing in BBFILES19:48
frayyou can try bitbake -e , then search the result for 'BBFILES' and see what it was looking for, and verify that something starting with that shows up when you look for globs.19:49
*** bongo <bongo!~bnogo@> has joined #yocto19:49
frayBBFILES=" /home/mhatle/git/oss/oe-core/meta/recipes-*/*/*.bb"19:49
fray[mhatle@msp-dhcp23 build]$ ls /home/mhatle/git/oss/oe-core/meta/recipes-*/*/*.bb | wc -l19:49
frayso we have 883 items that match the 'core' layer pattern.. so I don't get a warning19:50
davislol, i am so lost. omg19:51
fraybitbake -e is like typing 'env' in a shell.. you get everything that is set in the environment..19:51
frayjust pipe it to less and search for 'BBFILES='19:51
frayyou will see all of the BBFILES += ... lines from your layers  conf/layer.conf expanded there..19:52
davisok bitbake -e | less and then search for my19:52
davisi see /all the .conf files in that tree19:53
*** sameo <sameo!samuel@nat/intel/x-yrxuinuhmmwiuxwk> has quit IRC19:53
frayignore the lines starting with '#'.  These are debug info on how the variable was constructed19:53
davisi see this /home/davis/progs/poky/my-new-layer/recipes-*/*/*.bb19:53
davisand if I use that at prompt like so, ls /home/davis/progs/poky/my-new-layer/recipes-*/*/*.bb19:54
fraythat is glob that you should be able to check if it expect19:54
davisi see the linux-beagleboard.orgxxxx.bb file19:54
frayI don't know then..19:54
davissame here19:55
fraythe system it telling you it didn't find it..19:55
fraybitbake -DDDDDD might show you way more then you want19:55
frayyou should be able to watch it evaluate everything19:56
davisdo i need to resource the script?19:57
*** bongo <bongo!~bnogo@> has quit IRC19:57
frayno.. just add -DDDDD to your bitbake call19:57
fray(each -D adds more debugging)19:57
*** bongo <bongo!~bnogo@> has joined #yocto19:57
frayit wouldn't surprise me if it was something like the '.' in the name that wasn't allowed..19:58
*** adelcast <adelcast!~adelcast@> has joined #yocto19:58
davishmm. it says debug:exclude form world a bunch of times and then parsing complete and then warning, no bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_my-new-layer19:59
davisat top it says  DEBUG: Adding layer /home/davis/progs/poky/my-new-layer20:00
*** afxez0r <afxez0r!afxez0r@nat/intel/x-byzlogofhzlpdrga> has quit IRC20:01
davisit seems to be it wants a .bb file in the root of my-new-layer20:01
frayadd -s20:01
davisbut poky/meta does not ahve a .bb file20:02
fraydoesn't matter.. you are providing your own20:02
frayadding -s will also show you everything it did find20:02
davissame thing. WARNING: No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_my-new-layer '^/home/davis/progs/poky/my-new-layer/'20:05
*** nighty^ <nighty^!~nighty@hokuriku.rural-networks.com> has quit IRC20:06
davisthat message means its literally not finding the dir, right?20:07
fraybut since your conf/layer.conf was loaded it found the dir, but not the recipe(s) inside the dir..20:08
davisim comparing the my-new-layer and meta-skeleton20:08
frayjust on a wild change, rename the recipe and get rid of the beagleboard.org piece..  call it something like linux-beagleboard_4.1.bb20:09
davisboth have a conf/layer.conf20:09
davisbut have a recipes-kernel20:09
davisas a peer to conf dir20:09
davisonly diff is in that recipes-kernel the dirs/filenames inside differ in form20:10
davislinux/linux-yocto-cutom and linux/linux-yocot-custom.bb vs linux-beagleboard.org_4.120:11
davismaybe I sould rename it to linux-beagleboard.bb20:11
frayrecipe filenaems are:  <recipe name>_<recipe version>.bb20:12
fraythe _<recipe version> is optional20:12
frayso the way it's currently named "linux-beagleboard.org" is the name.. and I'm wondering if the '.' isn't allowed..20:12
davisthe one with custom.bb has a . in it20:13
davisi wonder if the recipe name must have my-new-layer in it20:15
frayno it shouldn't20:17
davisi noticed a naming convention error20:20
*** RP <RP!~richard@> has joined #yocto20:21
*** afxez0r <afxez0r!afxez0r@nat/intel/x-zmdrudlqtwelmduz> has joined #yocto20:21
davisarc  linux-beagleboard.org-4.1  linux-beagleboard.org-4.1.bb20:21
davisi made it so that the .bb file had the same pattern as the dir20:21
davisthe original had a _ in one and a - in the other20:22
davishowever that did not fix the problem20:22
davisWARNING: No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_my-new-layer '^/home/davis/progs/poky/my-new-layer/'20:22
davisi don't get it. i can literraly copy and paste that string excluding the leading ^ and I see the layer20:22
davisand the subdir pattern matches the meta-skeleton path20:23
*** jjmb <jjmb!~jjmb@50-204-55-34-static.hfc.comcastbusiness.net> has joined #yocto20:33
frayI've replicated your problem here..20:34
*** afxez0r <afxez0r!afxez0r@nat/intel/x-zmdrudlqtwelmduz> has quit IRC20:40
*** psnsilva <psnsilva!~psnsilva@> has joined #yocto20:42
frayok.. I've verified inside of bitbake, it never loaded the recipe..20:44
fraynow to figure out why20:44
frayI know what the problem was!  the item (I was testing with) was broken.. so the system was ignoring it intentionally20:48
fraywhen I did 'bitbake linux-yocto-custom' I get a reasonable eror:20:49
frayERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'linux-yocto-custom'20:49
frayERROR: linux-yocto-custom was skipped: We shouldn't have multilib variants for the kernel20:49
frayERROR: linux-yocto-custom was skipped: incompatible with machine qemumips64 (not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE)20:49
frayERROR: linux-yocto-custom was skipped: We shouldn't have multilib variants for the kernel20:49
frayon your system try bitbake linux-beagleboard.org20:49
fraysee if you get an error like above..20:49
frayif so, the recipe doesn't work, so it was being ignored.. which is why the warning was being issued..20:49
fray(I'd say there is a bug in the warning then.. it shouldn't kick the warning if it loaded something, even if it was disabled)20:50
kergothhuh, interesting20:50
frayya.. that explains the problem.. but confusing as hell20:50
*** bongo <bongo!~bnogo@> has quit IRC20:54
*** bongo <bongo!~bnogo@> has joined #yocto20:54
*** bongo <bongo!~bnogo@> has quit IRC20:56
*** bongo <bongo!~bnogo@> has joined #yocto20:56
davissorry i was in a meeting20:58
davisi'm back20:58
*** bongo <bongo!~bnogo@> has quit IRC20:59
kergothHmmm, not sure if I'll be able to implement shallow clones without enhancing the fetcher core, since I want to try fetching a shallow tarball and then fall back to trying to fetch a normal git tarball, and there's only one field of the urldata for the tarball filename/path, not a list of them20:59
* kergoth ponders20:59
davisdavis@yoshi:~/progs/poky/build$ bitbake linux-beaglebone.org20:59
davisgives same error as before20:59
*** bongo <bongo!~bnogo@> has joined #yocto20:59
davisWARNING: No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_my-new-layer '^/home/davis/progs/poky/my-new-layer/'20:59
davisand then20:59
davisERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'linux-beaglebone.org'. Close matches:21:00
davisahh, typo21:00
davisERROR: linux-beagleboard.org-4.1 was skipped: incompatible with machine beaglebone (not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE)21:01
fraydavis no there ya go..21:01
davisbeagleboard not beaglebone21:01
frayit DID read it.. the recipe is missing stuff.. so the item was skipped because it was broken21:01
frayso same thing I found here..21:01
frayso there is likely a bug (or something) in the WARNING..  but the recipe was loaded and the layer was generated properly21:01
daviscompatible machine in the new .bb file is ti33x|ti43x|omap.. etc21:03
davisbut at top level, my layers.conf is beaglebone21:03
frayya, I have no idea at this point.. I don't do kernel work normally21:03
davisso is that the problem?21:03
frayprobably.. the MACHINE setting in layers.conf and the kernel recipe must match as to what is supported, or it will disable the configuration21:04
davisi just added beaglebone to the list of ORs21:04
davisand it went to next step which failed for parsing the hit21:05
*** bongo <bongo!~bnogo@> has quit IRC21:05
*** mago_ <mago_!~mago@> has quit IRC21:05
davis Invalid protocol - if you wish to fetch from a git repository using http, you need to instead use the git:// prefix with protocol=http21:06
davisi tweaked that up a bit. at least it seems to be doing a pull21:10
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!besquive@nat/intel/x-wezjqeraflhhuwvj> has quit IRC21:12
davisfray, what is your address? i'll send you a postcard. I appreciate your help immensely21:13
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