Tuesday, 2015-08-11

kergothhmm, anyone know if it's possible to fetch multiple git branches shallow with different depths? I think I might need to manually construct the graft(s) that it usually does automatically after touching the shallow file00:01
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kergothah, good, .git/shallow can contain multiple refs, was wondering about that00:05
kergothmore than that, you can set up .git/shallow manually, and ahead of time, and fetch will obey it when determining what objects to get00:07
kergothbasically i can shove every SRCREV for every name in ud.names into that file and run git fetch00:08
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kergothah, wait, need to also limit the branches being fetched, otherwise any non-grafted branches will be fetched with full history, wouldn't want that00:09
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parrot1Hi, I've been getting weird error of not finding revision thingy when I use linux-yocto-dev02:08
parrot1Full err msg at http://pastebin.com/eJt0m7eH02:08
parrot1I don't think there's network error though since it did download the the git repo02:09
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kergoththere we go, fixed the expansionerror handling to be best of both worlds now, we do show a traceback, but only of the entries from the metadata, nothing from bitbake internals (previously we had none of the traceback from the metadata function calls)02:29
kergothstill some minor visual issues due to how we compile the inline python, but not too bad02:29
kergothdamnit, why does bitbake want a SRC_URI checksum for my mirror tarball02:32
kergoththis makes no sense02:32
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kergothokay, i have a functioning prototype of use of shallow mirror tarballs. the problem with it is, it's still using a core that only supports a single mirror tarball, meaning it won't fall back to fetching a full git mirror tarball if there's no shallow tarball available, which isn't ideal03:53
kergothso addressing that situation will be up next03:54
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kergothWIP: https://github.com/openembedded/bitbake/compare/openembedded:master...kergoth:shallow-git-mirror-tarballs#diff-a54c921e60fabbe307d2e90cf3bebb9cR20104:06
kergothre: the ExpansionError: https://github.com/openembedded/bitbake/compare/master...kergoth:useful-expansionerror-traceback (includes example output)04:07
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neverpanicIs there a variable in a recipe or bbappend that points to the current file, similar to python's __file__?06:53
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neverpanicOK, $FILE is what I'm looking for according to the definition of $THISDIR in base.bbclass; it's not documented, though.07:00
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manishthattehas anybody build a set top box image?07:08
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topikis it possible to add a .bbappend file to a .inc?07:39
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LetoThe2ndtopik: AFAIK not.07:42
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khalebiosHello everyone!!07:49
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edbartsujith_h: hi, how is it going with your layer config? Did you see the error I posted yesterday?08:01
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parrot1Hi, I've been getting weird error of not finding revision thingy when I use linux-yocto-dev08:20
parrot1Full err msg at http://pastebin.com/eJt0m7eH08:20
parrot1I don't think there's network error though since it did download the git repo08:21
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Ox4`hey guys08:25
Ox4`how to build an image without password?08:26
Ox4`I want just type root to login and to be logged in08:26
LetoThe2ndOx4`: check the debug-tweaks feature, one of the things it does is exactly that.08:27
Ox4`LetoThe2nd: thanks08:31
bluelightningmorning all08:32
Ox4`bluelightning: c\_/08:34
ftonelloGuys, anyone going to OEDEM? The wikipage has no info regarding how to join the meeting.08:38
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sujith_hedbart: Hi. Did you sent to mailing list?08:46
sujith_hedbart: I saw your feedback regarding patch review.08:47
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edbartsujith_h: no, I didn't. I've sent it here.08:47
edbartsujith_h: it may be fixed by your changes, I think.08:47
edbartsujith_h: Can you explain your changes again please? I'm afraid I didn't get the idea.08:48
sujith_hedbart: Sure.08:49
edbartsujith_h: I only understood that current toaster code looks for 'yocto' for some reason.08:49
sujith_hedbart: so let me open my config file08:49
edbartsujith_h: and you had to add 'yocto,mel' to handle that.08:49
sujith_hedbart: Initially I had yocto only in the bitbake area08:50
sujith_hof the config08:50
sujith_hedbart: And when I ran loadconf command, i was getting errors08:50
sujith_hedbart: after debugging I realized that its trying to compare "yocto" with each of the repos I have added in the config file.08:51
edbartedbart: can you show me your config file, please?08:51
sujith_hedbart: So then I thought why not add mel to that and modify the code accordingly. And I added mel, later modified the code08:52
sujith_hedbart: sure.08:52
sujith_hedbart: http://pastebin.com/kACPy46L08:53
edbartsujith_h: I can see 'yocto,mel' in bitbake part.08:54
sujith_hedbart: yah08:54
sujith_hedbart: So, this will help us if we have multiple remote branches08:55
sujith_hnamed as mel or yocto or anything else.08:55
edbartsujith_h: still don't get why do you need 2 remotes for every rpo.08:55
sujith_hedbart: There are some repos with mel and some repos with yocto08:56
sujith_hso I thought by adding names comma separated would help.08:57
sujith_hedbart: sorry if the way I handled it was absolutely wrong :(08:57
edbartsujith_h: no, it may be not wrong. I'm still trying to get it :)08:58
edbartsujith_h: can you give me example of two repos with yocto and mel remotes?08:58
edbartsujith_h: from your config.08:59
sujith_hedbart: there are no two repos with yocto and mel08:59
sujith_hedbart: only one of them is there08:59
ftonelloGuys, where is recommended to put the PR definition, in the include or recipe file?08:59
edbartsujith_h: I'm lost :)08:59
sujith_hedbart: I wish I could call you :)08:59
sujith_hedbart: Let me explain again.09:00
sujith_hedbart: There are lets say 10 different layers09:00
sujith_hedbart: Among them, some of the layers have remote output -> "yocto"09:00
sujith_hedbart: Some of the layers have remote output -> "mel"09:00
sujith_hnone of the repos have both of them09:01
sujith_hedbart: if I add only "yocto", then it will fail for repos which have output "mel"09:01
sujith_hedbart: similarly If I add only "mel" it would fail for repos which have output "yocto"09:02
edbartsujith_h: ok, so in bitbake configuration you can't say which layer to use, right?09:02
edbartsujith_h: and this causes the issue in finding bitbake.09:02
edbartsujith_h: Have I understood that correctly?09:03
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sujith_hedbart: bitbake configuration as in bblayers.conf?09:03
edbartsujith_h: nope, in your config09:04
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edbartsujith_h: it starts from this line: "bitbake" : [09:04
sujith_hedbart: yah09:04
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sujith_hedbart: so the first error that hit me was when it started searching for remote output of meta-mentor layer09:04
sujith_hedbart: and it has "mel", whereas loadconf.py file was searching for "yocto" as per the configuration.09:05
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edbartsujith_h: yes, and you fixed that by changing yocto to mel in layer configuration.09:07
sujith_hedbart: yes09:07
edbartsujith_h: that looks like correct fix to me.09:09
edbartsujith_h: but having yocto,mel in bitbake section still puzzles me.09:09
sujith_hedbart: give me a moment, let me revert change yocto,mel.09:10
edbartsujith_h: git checkout -b test HEAD^ ?09:11
edbartsujith_h: I mean you don't need to revert it. Just switch to the branch without it.09:11
sujith_hedbart: When I remove yocto,mel to just yocto in bitbake area: http://pastebin.com/aMNBxGdf09:14
edbartsujith_h: why does it look for bitbake in ssh://git@github.com/MentorEmbedded/meta-mentor.git ?09:18
edbartsujith_h: is there bitbake in that repository?09:18
sujith_hedbart: no there is no bitbake in the repo09:18
edbartsujith_h: where is it then?09:19
sujith_hthere is no bitbake in meta-mentor. Its in the poky repo which I have added in the config file09:19
sujith_hedbart: What I understood is that in the loadconf.py file09:20
edbartsujith_h: yep, so you need a way to point out to it in bitbake configuration.09:20
edbartsujith_h: otherwise it's a guess game.09:20
sujith_hedbart: the first 3 layer name openembedded-core, meta-yocto, meta-yocot-bsp have yocto09:21
sujith_hedbart: so till then its ok09:21
sujith_hedbart: and the moment it finds a different layer with "mel" it will fail.09:22
edbartsujith_h: do all of them have bitbake?09:22
edbartsujith_h: I don't think so.09:23
sujith_hedbart: no09:23
edbartsujith_h: so, toaster code is trying to find bitbake in every layer from the configuration.09:23
edbartsujith_h: it doesn't look good to me.09:23
sujith_hedbart: yah09:23
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sujith_hedbart: instead it should look into the vcs_url accordingly and then add the layers09:24
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edbartsujith_h: I think proper fix would be to point to the layer+remote in bitbake section.09:28
edbartsujith_h: it will also speed up the process as toaster will not be looking for bitbake in every layer.09:28
edbartedbart: let me sketch patch for you and you'll try it, ok?09:29
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sujith_hedbart: Sure09:29
sujith_hedbart: I didn't got layer+remote09:30
edbartsujith_h: for now configuration poits to the remote without specifying the repository.09:31
edbartsujith_h: so, toaster is looking for every repository.09:31
edbartsujith_h: which is qute strange approach.09:31
edbartsujith_h: and it fails because not every repository has remote specified in bitbake config.09:32
edbartsujith_h: and it shouldn't09:32
sujith_hedbart: ok09:32
sujith_hedbart: I did a 200% hackish approach :(09:33
edbartsujith_h: I may be wrong too. I'm relatively new to the project and don't know why it's designed this way.09:34
edbartsujith_h: what I see in the code that _read_git_url_from_local_repository called only if giturl starts with 'remote:'09:35
edbartsujith_h: just wondering would it work if you can specify full url there?09:35
edbartsujith_h: I mean url of bitbake repo.09:36
edbartsujith_h: I'll look at toasterconf from master.09:36
edbartsujith_h: try to use "giturl": "git://git.openembedded.org/bitbake", there instead of remote...09:38
sujith_hedbart: so if I am using poky, the /path/poky/bitbake, like that?09:38
sujith_hedbart: sure09:38
edbartsujith_h: I'm off for lunch. will be back in 30 mins.09:39
sujith_hedbart: sure, I will update what happens I if I update with "giturl" and bitbake path09:39
sujith_hedbart: This is the error I get : http://pastebin.com/FpmhuRC709:42
sujith_hedbart: after replacing "remote:yocto" with "git://git.openembedded.org/bitbake"09:44
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edbartsujith_h: do you use loadconf.py with your modifications?10:11
edbartsujith_h: your code breaks at this line: bvo.giturl = _read_git_url_from_local_repository(bvi['giturl'])10:12
edbartsujith_h: in my code that line is executed only if giturl starts with 'remote:'10:12
edbartsujith_h: are your layers public? I can't debug this as your config points to the local paths on your machine, i.e. /home/sujith/MEL/toaster_MEL/poky/meta10:15
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sujith_hedbart: I did a git stash10:49
sujith_hedbart: Let me bring back my changes10:49
edbartsujith_h: you shouldn't bring back your code changes.10:56
edbartsujith_h: only config changes.10:56
sujith_hedbart: ok. let me  remove my code changes10:56
sujith_hedbart: This is the config change I have: http://pastebin.com/xQML6J8T10:58
sujith_hedbart: and it gives me error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12054837/10:59
edbartsujith_h: this is another story.11:02
edbartsujith_h: previously it was happening when toaster was trying to load bitbake section.11:02
edbartsujith_h: this crash happens when it tries to load layer.11:03
edbartsujith_h: so, bitbake section is fixed I think.11:03
sujith_hedbart: If we specify, git url which points to git://git.openembedded.org/bitbake, will toaster try to clone bitbake?11:05
edbartsujith_h: most probably11:06
sujith_hedbart: oops. My requirement is bit different. I would provide toaster all cloned layers. But any ways will see that part later.11:07
edbartsujith_h: yep, let's look at it later.11:09
edbartsujith_h: which of your layers has this remote: mel ssh://git@github.com/MentorEmbedded/meta-mentor.git ?11:10
edbartedbart: I don't see meta-mentor in your config.11:10
edbartedbart: but I see that url in the traceback.11:11
sujith_hedbart: meta-mentor is a repo which has layers inside it. Just like meta-oe11:12
sujith_hedbart: meta-mentor has layers meta-mentor-staging, meta-mel, meta-mel-support etc11:14
sujith_hedbart: So in the layers section local_path, I have provided my local path to the layers.11:14
edbartsujith_h: hm, why remote yocto is used there then?11:19
sujith_hedbart: You mean vcs_url?11:21
sujith_hedbart: I had used it based on the output I got from git remote -v on each layer11:23
edbartsujith_h: I mean this: Error while looking for remote "yocto" in "mel ssh://git@github.com/MentorEmbedded/meta-mentor.git (fetch)11:23
edbartsujith_h: it means that remote:yocto is specified for one of your repos in config.11:24
edbartsujith_h: however, that repo has only 'mel' remote.11:24
sujith_hedbart: Only 4 layers have "remote:yocto" 1) Poky's : meta, meta-yocto, meta-yocto-bsp 2) meta-fsl-arm11:26
edbartsujith_h: hm, let's see. may be it's a bug in the code.11:27
sujith_hedbart: yah, may be11:29
edbartsujith_h: can you apply this patch please: https://gist.github.com/bart0sh/ee6e25e1a7c41fb1e93211:31
edbartsujith_h: and show me the output.11:32
sujith_hedbart: sure11:32
*** joshuagl <joshuagl!~joshuagl@host109-158-221-19.range109-158.btcentralplus.com> has joined #yocto11:32
sujith_hedbart: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12054991/11:35
edbartsujith_h: thank you. one more patch, please: https://gist.github.com/bart0sh/baa69ee1a5edddded97511:40
sujith_hedbart: sure11:40
sujith_hedbart: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12055021/11:42
*** imrehg <imrehg!~imrehg@59-115-104-141.dynamic.hinet.net> has joined #yocto11:42
*** gizero_ <gizero_!~gizero@ppp-169-40.30-151.libero.it> has joined #yocto11:42
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edbartsujith_h: can you show me the output of this command on your system: cd /home/sujith/MEL/toaster_MEL/poky/meta && git remote -v11:47
sujith_hedbart: sure11:47
*** Daemon404 <Daemon404!~who_knows@pdpc/supporter/student/Daemon404> has quit IRC11:48
sujith_hedbart: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12055043/11:48
*** Daemon404 <Daemon404!~who_knows@> has joined #yocto11:51
edbartsujith_h: one more patch: https://gist.github.com/bart0sh/592fceb5bd384c85708211:52
edbartsujith_h: it includes two previous changes11:52
sujith_hedbart: sure11:53
khalebiosI want to know how the kernel mount the SD slot and make link in /dev repertory . /dev/mmcblk0p111:54
sujith_hedbart: may be 1% resemblance with change I made to loadconf.py :)11:54
edbartsujith_h: I'm not sure about that :)11:55
edbartsujith_h: I have last tiny suggestion regarding v3 of your patch, btw. Other than that it looks great, thank you!11:57
*** gizero_ <gizero_!~gizero@ppp-169-40.30-151.libero.it> has quit IRC11:58
edbartsujith_h: this line 'self.assertTrue(data["error"], "ok")' should be replaced with 'self.assertEqual(data["error"], "ok")11:59
*** imrehg <imrehg!~imrehg@59-115-104-141.dynamic.hinet.net> has quit IRC11:59
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sujith_hedbart: sure12:03
*** davis <davis!~davis@rrcs-96-10-245-18.midsouth.biz.rr.com> has joined #yocto12:03
sujith_hedbart: I made a small modification in your patch, it was local_path , key. and this is the debug output: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12055115/12:04
*** davis is now known as Guest2609712:04
sujith_hedbart: This was my old change : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12055122/12:04
edbartsujith_h: ah, now I see the recemblance :)12:06
edbartsujith_h: I forgot about it. looked mostly at two remotes for bitbake.12:07
edbartsujith_h: so, that patch fixes the issue with layers, right?12:07
*** grma <grma!~gruberm@HSI-KBW-46-237-193-133.hsi.kabel-badenwuerttemberg.de> has quit IRC12:08
sujith_hedbart: Well that patch, actually uses split line no.28. That was because I was using remote:yocto,mel in the bitbake section of the config12:10
edbartsujith_h: I mean my patch fixes the issue with layers configuration.12:10
edbartsujith_h: let's go back to bitbake configuration.12:10
edbartsujith_h: there are two ways to fix it12:11
sujith_hedbart: This is the webpage I get after running loadconf and reloading webpage : http://imagebin.ca/v/2BlnXN8eZveo12:13
edbartsujith_h: first way is to replace "giturl": "git://git.openembedded.org/bitbake" with "giturl": "/home/sujith/MEL/toaster_MEL/poky/"12:13
edbartsujith_h: toaster will still clone the repo, but it will do it locally.12:14
*** grma <grma!~gruberm@HSI-KBW-46-237-193-133.hsi.kabel-badenwuerttemberg.de> has joined #yocto12:14
edbartsujith_h: let's finish with the loading issues first.12:15
*** imrehg <imrehg!~imrehg@111-250-150-195.dynamic.hinet.net> has joined #yocto12:18
sujith_hedbart: sure.12:19
sujith_hedbart: I have updated the patch. Need to take a small break. I am down with fever, cold and cough.12:22
sujith_hedbart: brb12:22
edbartsujith_h: get better!12:23
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*** ddalex <ddalex!~ddalex@> has joined #yocto12:33
ddalexedbart: hi12:33
ddalexedbart: what's the toaster channel ?12:33
edbartddalex: it's in internal jabber12:34
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ddalexsujith_h: i'm looking into what you're seeing with Toaster12:45
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sujith_hedbart: i am back13:10
sujith_hddalex: sure13:10
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ddalexsujith_h: hi13:42
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ddalexsujith_h: for a bit of reference, in the poky tree, do a diff between meta/conf/toasterconf.json and meta-yocto/conf/toasterconf.json13:42
ddalexthe "meta/conf/toasterconf.json" is designed to use an out-of-tree bitbake13:42
ddalexand the bitbake giturls are given as absolute paths13:43
sujith_hddalex: sure let me do a diff13:43
sujith_hddalex: ok13:43
sujith_hddalex: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12055564/13:46
sujith_hddalex: oops i shouldn't have pasted the diff :(13:46
sujith_hddalex: I have replaced giturl with absolute path in my config13:48
ddalexsujith_h: the question that is answered by this config file is:13:50
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has quit IRC13:50
ddalexsujith_h: what "bitbake" do I need to build the version of the layer imported here for the specified "branch" of the layer13:50
*** roccof <roccof!~rocco@> has quit IRC13:51
ddalexsujith_h: so you need to be careful to specificy valid bitbake values for the layers defined in your config file13:51
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto13:51
ddalexsujith_h: hope this helps13:52
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sujith_hddalex: sure. In the bitbake section of the config file, I have pointed giturl to the location of bitbake: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12055618/13:57
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* sujith_h leaves for the day15:37
mcfriskHi! Why can't I set MACHINE = "vmwx86" and why must I set it with MACHINE ?= "vmwx86" so that env. variables can override it?15:37
kergoththat doesn't really make sense15:38
bluelightningmcfrisk: er, you *can* set it with ?=15:38
kergothyou don't have to use ?= unless you want to be able to set it from the environment15:38
kergothif you want to do so, go ahead15:38
kergoth?= is "set only if not already set". if it was set in the environment, then it was already set.15:38
kergothwhereas = will blow away the existing value15:38
mcfriskyes, I'm writing a build script which creates a valid local.conf and sanity complains that MACHINE is bad if I don't define it with ?=15:39
mcfriskI don't want any env variables to override the MACHINE that I set in this local.conf. Or any other variable for that matter.15:40
kergothagain, that doesn't make any sense. sanity doesn't care if you use ?= for MACHINE in local.conf15:40
kergothi never do15:40
mcfriskyes it does15:40
kergothwell, hundreds of folks don't15:41
kergothso don't know what to tell you15:41
mcfriskok, I'm on dizzy where this happens15:41
mcfrisk"Please set a valid MACHINE in your local.conf or environment" when I have MACHINE = "vmwx86"15:42
kergothsounds like that isn't a valid machine, and you had MACHINE set in your env, so when you set it with ?= it wasn't set to vmwx86 at all15:42
kergothPersonally, I've never set machine from the environment, nor defined my vars to expect it to be set that way in my personal builds15:43
mcfriskAnd no warnings from sanity if I set it with MACHINE ?= "vmwx86" in conf/local.conf15:43
mcfriskand I don't have MACHINE set in env15:44
frayI user MACHINE from the nevironment all the time..  calling like:  MACHINE=qemux86-64 bitbake core-image-minimal15:44
mcfriskso I assume this is a bug in sanity15:44
fraythat way I can follow it up with a different machine and use the same project15:44
kergothdid you bother to check bitbake -e and see if MACHINE is what you think it is?15:44
kergothcheck your assumptions15:44
*** tsramos_ <tsramos_!tsramos@nat/intel/x-blzgrajvvvnorlye> has joined #yocto15:46
mcfriskwhere in bitbake -e output is MACHINE? I see MACHINEOVERRIDES="vmwx86", and MACHINE_ARCH="vmwx86" but not plain ^MACHINE there.15:46
kergothit's probably commented out due to unexport15:47
kergothcheck for ^#MACHINE15:47
*** alimon <alimon!~alimon@> has quit IRC15:48
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kergothdenix: do you happen to know what upstream branch/release meta-arago master is supposed to go with? not upstream master, given all the old now-incorrect paths in meta-arago-extras..15:50
mcfriskwith bitbake -e I also see just the sanity error if I set MACHINE="vmwx86" in local.conf. If I set it with MACHINE ?= "vmwx86" it is set correctly and sanity error is gone. I assume there's a bug in sanity check for MACHINE...15:50
denixkergoth: currently fido15:50
denixkergoth: which paths are incorrect?15:51
kergothdenix: gstreamer0.10 now lives in reicpes-multimedia/gstreamer-0.10/ in meta-multimedia, now that 1.0 is default, not recipes-multimedia/gstreamer/15:51
kergothi'll try fido though, thanks15:51
denixkergoth: yeah, will have to remove gst0.10 soon anyway, since we switched to 1.x now15:52
* kergoth nods15:52
kergothmcfrisk: all sanity.conf checks is whether conf/machine/${MACHINE}.conf exists, using the value from the metadata. it doesn't poke into *how* it's set in local.conf at all. that was true in dizzy and it's true in master.15:54
kergothmcfrisk: sanity.bbclass, that is15:54
kergothso again, its value almost certainly isn't what you think it is15:54
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mcfriskkergoth: ok, thanks. Then I guess it might be a template problem. I'll dig into that. Thanks!15:56
kergothdenix: btw, minor issue, but you guys should set LAYERDEPENDS_meta-processor-sdk in meta-processor-sdk to make clear the dependence on both meta-arago-distro and meta-arago-extras. I'm guessing you don't get many folks wanting to use that bsp layer with other distros, but best to be explicit15:57
kergothon a related note, you can't use meta-arago-distro wtihout meta-arago-extras: meta-arago/meta-arago-distro/recipes-core/meta/meta-toolchain-arago-tisdk.bb:5: Could not include required file recipes-core/meta/meta-toolchain-arago-qte.bb15:58
kergothso extras aren't very extra ;)15:58
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has quit IRC15:58
denixkergoth: meta-processor-sdk is not supposed to be used on its own :) it's just a staging area before it gets to upstream - either meta-arago, meta-ti or even higher to meta-oe or oe-core15:59
*** dfaught <dfaught!~dfaught@cpe-70-119-105-90.tx.res.rr.com> has joined #yocto15:59
denixkergoth: heh, I know of some interdependency, which I need to clean, but haven't had time16:00
kergothheh, no worries, i probably have some of that between the meta-mentor layers too16:00
kergothperiodically have to go back and make sure the distro layer is still yocto compliant16:01
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gatekeeper.gentoogeek.org> has joined #yocto16:01
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto16:01
denixkergoth: btw, thanks for the reminder! anything specific you are looking for in meta-arago? or just poking? :)16:03
kergothjust poking at the moment :)16:03
*** bryan__ <bryan__!012722a4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:10
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mario-goulartdenix: I tried meta-arago yesterday too, and I was under the impression it depends on an external toolchain by linaro.  Is that right?16:29
*** roric <roric!~roric@h196n19-vrr-a31.ias.bredband.telia.com> has joined #yocto16:29
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denixmario-goulart: it can use any toolchain or build one from sources, but DISTRO sets external linaro by default16:30
denixmario-goulart: pass TOOLCHAIN_TYPE and TOOLCHAIN_BRAND to control that16:30
mario-goulartdenix: ah, ok.  I think the error I got was due to meta-arago-extras/recipes-core/meta/external-linaro-toolchain.bbappend , which caused an error because elt_get_bfd_version returned None.16:31
mario-goulartI wasn't using the arago distro, BTW.16:33
denixmario-goulart: I see. I guess it could depend on something from distro part - I need to clean that...16:33
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kergothRP1: https://github.com/openembedded/bitbake/compare/master...kergoth:useful-expansionerror-traceback16:41
kergothdenix: i'd recommend in that particular case you think about adopting the pattern where you can put appends in a subdir for the layer their recipe lives in, which lets a distro layer append on bits in layers that might or might not be available. See https://github.com/MentorEmbedded/meta-mentor/blob/master/meta-mel/conf/layer.conf#L5-L10, https://github.com/MentorEmbedded/meta-mentor/tree/master/meta-mel/fsl-arm16:43
kergoths/append on/depend on/16:43
kergothRP1: the comment at the bottom shows an example16:44
denixkergoth: ah, very nice! I'll definitely steal that bit! :)16:45
kergothRP1: the filenames, lack of code context, etc aren't ideal, but we can improve that as a later step16:45
kergothdenix: :)16:45
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khem`kergoth: your change reminds that python3 has far better backtrace than python217:24
khem`may be bitbake should plan on using python317:24
khem`I see that after systemd moved to using github infra for patch management the spike in patch contribution is huge17:26
khem`so afterall a complete orchestration tool for codeflight has lot of value17:26
*** jku <jku!~jku@d-lltyxzqsj--98wl3k-3.rev.dnainternet.fi> has joined #yocto17:27
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kergothreally? that's quite interesting17:27
kergoth(re systemd)17:27
kergothi agree on python317:27
khem`given the advent of tools like github and gitlab etc. the days of using mailing lists for patch management has served its purpose17:28
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Croftonkhem, the concern would be github starts to charge at some volume of activity17:42
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC17:42
Croftonor other metric, and all of a sudden we find outrselves forced to pay for workflow17:43
kergothwe'd probably have to host a gitlab17:43
kergothwould avoid that issue17:43
Croftonyeah, we'd need to think it through17:43
kergoththere'd be a lot of resistance from the community to any change of any sort, though :P17:43
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto17:44
*** realBigfoot <realBigfoot!~realBigfo@> has joined #yocto17:46
rburtonnothing to stop oe hosting a gitlab and migrating a couple of layers to see what happens17:47
rburtonwhat's gitlab like compared to github? never used it.17:47
rburtonimportantly, does it let you merge a pull request with a fastforward instead of adding merge commits?17:48
rburtonbastards, that's an enterprise feature17:49
rburtonhooks are enterprise too17:49
zeckeopen core :}17:49
rburtonand money for the features everyone wants in github17:50
rburtongod i bet their planning meetings are evil17:50
rburtonno discounts for non-profits too17:50
zeckehave you considered gerrit?17:54
khem`zecke: gerrit is fine but needs hosting17:55
khem`I think its easy for patches to get lost in mailing lists thats why tools like patchwork etc.  are but github, bitbucket etc. take it to different level17:57
khem`llvm uses yet another tool called phabricator17:58
khem`hooking up travis ci to github is nice for CI too17:59
khem`I did it for meta-musl18:00
khem`but problem is its limited for free use18:00
khem`building full platforms like we do in OE world is way above the limits travis allows18:00
khem`so all my builds fail due to "build running for too long" error :)18:01
khem`systemd wont have this problem18:01
*** AndersD <AndersD!~anders@h83-209-191-235.dynamic.se.alltele.net> has joined #yocto18:05
abellonimain issue with github is that the pull requests are insane18:09
khem`in what way ?18:10
*** roccof <roccof!~rocco@93-40-7-198.ip36.fastwebnet.it> has joined #yocto18:11
zeckekhem`: if you could cache sstate it might help as well.. but sure if you modify musl everything will rebuild :}18:11
khem`zecke: yeah and I need to host that sstate somewhere18:13
khem`zecke: I saw you use musl whats yuor usecase ?18:13
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abellonikhem`: you can send a PR18:18
abellonithen rebase your branch18:18
abelloniand rebase again18:18
abelloniand again18:18
abelloniand the PR is based on the last rebase18:18
*** roric <roric!~roric@h196n19-vrr-a31.ias.bredband.telia.com> has joined #yocto18:18
khem`abelloni: yes but isnt that whats required anyway ?18:18
abelloniwhich means the maintainer has to be extra careful18:19
khem`right so one can sneak in unreviewed changes18:19
khem`but that will happen only once18:19
khem`rburton: is some one trying glibc 2.22 builds on AB ?18:20
abelloninot if the goal is to get more contributions18:20
abellonipeople will send PRs18:20
khem`so how does kernel folks solve this issue18:21
khem`that model is similar to github's18:21
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kergothabelloni: you can see, easily, when looking at a PR if the content has changed. each push is shown in the history18:23
kergothjust need to pay attention18:23
abellonikhem`: simple, Linus doesn't take PRs from random people18:23
khem`so here its flat structure compared to Linux pyramid model18:24
zeckekhem`: I have been toying around. I started a project to have full image updates for our BTS devices. I have a system0/system1 partition and then a rescue system (update controller, dropbear)18:34
khem`zecke: ok18:34
zeckekhem`: and my rescue system should be as small as possible, uclibc doesn't seem buildable for amrv5t in fido/master.18:34
khem`zecke: yeah ok. let me know how it goes18:35
khem`I have got lot of stuff building/running using musl18:35
zeckekhem`: yes will do. I didn't run it on the HW yet but the size is promising. Only barebox (the target utility) in addition to coreutils didn't build18:36
zeckekhem`: thanks for the integration work. musl really looks interesting!18:37
khem`yeah generally in my experience if something doesnt build with musl its due to applications sloppiness18:37
zeckekhem`: right, barebox has its copy of strlcpy (it obviously clashes) and is using ulong instead of off_t/size_t18:37
khem`OK glibc doesnt have strlcpy :)18:39
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abelloniI would think that barebox can't clash with the libc18:41
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*** harisokanovic <harisokanovic!~harisokan@> has joined #yocto18:43
khem`abelloni: strlcpy is not posix function18:53
khem`so its signatures could vary18:54
khem`although I think it originates from BSD18:54
khem`so musl matches that18:55
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zeckeabelloni: barebox the bootloader can't clash with a libc, but it is building a target utility as well and this clashes with the libc19:00
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CardoeIs there a way that I can see what the final result for a variable is like DISTRO_FEATURES for a recipe?19:13
zeckeCardoe: bitbake -e?19:13
Cardoezecke: thanks19:15
rburtonkhem: what branch is your glibc 2.22 upgrade on?19:24
rburtonkhem: you refer to a branch but there's no mention of what it actually is :)19:25
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khem`rburton: I would be interested to see some of failures on x86/coreutils with gcc5 go away with this19:34
*** grma <grma!~gruberm@HSI-KBW-46-237-193-133.hsi.kabel-badenwuerttemberg.de> has joined #yocto19:34
rburtonyeah let's see19:34
rburtoni'll smoke test locally now, and hit the ab tonight maybe19:35
khem`my usual targets are mips and arm19:35
khem`and it has been doing fine on those system s19:35
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seebsSo, I have a pseudo thing coming up which might improve performance. And this leads me to a question:19:44
seebsWhat if anything have we got for build profiling right now?19:44
seebsI want to have some kind of useful measurements so I can tell whether I'm even making progress, or how much, etcetera.19:45
seebsI mean, I can time builds, I guess. But I also want to try to get more detailed information on, say, how much time is spent in or waiting on pseudo, specifically.19:47
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rburtonkhem: valgrind fails (| checking the GLIBC_VERSION version... unsupported version 2.22)19:59
khem`yes thats a patch needed for valgrind20:00
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khem`its a ritual we need to do everytime we upgrade glibc20:00
*** balister_ is now known as Crofton20:01
khem`see http://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/tree/meta/recipes-devtools/valgrind/valgrind/glibc.patch20:01
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CardoeIs there a way to just mirror git repos and only git repos?20:19
Cardoelinux-yocto is painfully slow to grab20:19
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khem`rburton: http://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core-contrib/commit/?h=kraj/master&id=b3de9a8af00095a42641131d42d6ab8e6450f2e121:37
khem`for valgrind fix21:38
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khem`you can cherry-pick it21:38
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