Wednesday, 2015-08-12

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parrot1anyone else got the same msg WARNING: Failed to fetch URL git://;bareclone=1;branch=standard/base,meta;name=machine,meta, attempting MIRRORS if available ?00:47
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parrot1anyone here has issues using linux-yocto-dev as preffered provider?05:32
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mckoangood morning08:04
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bluelightningmorning all08:28
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parrot1bluelightning: did u have issues using linux-yocto-dev ?08:40
parrot1Mine has issues with git revision....08:40
parrot1but it did complain about WARNING: Failed to fetch URL git://;bareclone=1;branch=standard/base,meta;name=machine,meta, attempting MIRRORS if available08:41
bluelightningparrot1: it's not something I've built myself, I have to be honest08:41
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parrot1and I can attest that my network configuration should be good08:42
parrot1hmm....I found similar issues like in , but I'm not sure if that will spread to yocto-dev since SRCREV is set to ${AUTOREV}08:44
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bluelightningparrot1: your best bet is to mail the mailing list and CC bruce ashfield08:57
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parrot1bluelightning: ok. Does bruce hang out in IRC?09:10
parrot1wanna avoid emailing mailing list if I can help it lol09:10
bluelightningyes, he's zeddii09:11
bluelightningbut he's not around atm09:11
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parrot1bluelightning: ok...thanks :-) Will try my luck in IRC and if that doesnt work out, I guess mailing list is the better bet09:17
rburtonbruce is on holiday right now iirc09:21
parrot1rburton: u know who took over his task atm?09:23
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mcfriskIs anyone else using sstate cache in large scale build farms? Any writeups about their setup? We have quite a few problems with it lately, e.g. an uptodate state cache triggering builds of libgcc-initial for example which triggers other bugs and missing build dependencies or race conditions in sysroot.
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neverpanicShouldn't I see one variable with flags per task defined in the output of bitbake -e $recipe?13:04
neverpanicE.g., I would expect a variable $do_deploy_archives if the recipe inherits archiver, but my bitbake -e output contains no such thing13:04
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khalebioseveryone:: my bitbake version is bitbake version 1.20.0 .  I want to know if I have to change something in my own recipe to be able to use them in the last version of bitbake.???13:41
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bluelightningkhalebios: the migration section of the reference manual should serve as a guide for what might need changing:
bluelightningit's not just the bitbake version that counts, which yocto project version / branch you are using is the important bit of information to know13:45
neverpanicHow do I control the current work directory of a task?13:46
neverpanicIs that always $WORKDIR?13:48
acidfuI'm trying to bitbake the ubi-utils-klibc package, but I'm getting an error, anyone has an Idea how I could fix it ? --
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acidfuthanks in advance for your help :)13:48
bluelightningneverpanic: it's the first directory specified in the dirs varflag value for the task, if no dirs varflag value is set then its ${B}13:49
neverpanicbluelightning: thanks13:49
khalebiosbluelightning: by branch you mean .. dora , fido?13:49
bluelightningkhalebios: yes13:50
bluelightningkhalebios: you may find a useful reference also13:50
khalebiosthanks bluelightning13:54
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neverpanicOK, so do_deploy_archives from archiver.bbclass fails because it runs in ${B} (which defaults to ${S}) and can (in recipes that are exempt due to licensing) run before do_unpack, which creates ${S} in recipes that set S to a directory created by do_unpack13:58
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acidfuanyone having problem with the ubi-utils-klibc recipe ?14:17
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rburtonneverpanic: luckily thats easily fixed with a [dirs] assignment14:31
neverpanicOr an "after do_unpack"14:35
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Ox4`guys, if I perform bitbake -c cleanall for the image and then execute bibacke image will be packages included to the image re-built?14:35
frayno, they'll be pulled from the sstate-cache (unless the checksum has changed)14:36
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bluelightningOx4`: contrary to what fray said, since you used -c cleanall, the sstate packages would have been removed, so yes14:41
bluelightning(unless you have set up SSTATE_MIRRORS yourself, that is)14:42
Ox4`bluelightning: ok, so I can just use bitbake -c cleanall image in jenkins then :)14:47
Ox4`it's very cool!14:47
bluelightningoh, wait14:47
bluelightningno, I've misread your comment, sorry...14:47
bluelightning-c cleanall on the image will not result in any packages in the image being rebuilt14:48
bluelightningOx4`: why do you want to do that?14:48
Ox4`bluelightning: because I am developing some package for the image and would like to rebuild the image with the package everytime when I push changes to the git.14:51
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frayOx4` when you rebuild the package the image will know to be rebuilt automatically14:52
fraythe image has dependencies on all packages that are contained within14:52
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frayif for whatever reason your changes do not automatically trigger the package to be rebuild, you can use: bitbake -C <first task> <recipe>14:53
frayi.e. if you are modifying sources where bitbake can't detect the checksum change.. for the package foo14:53
fraybitbake -C configure foo14:53
fraythat will cause configure and all later steps to be run-rune, and a new checksum to be generated (it'll be a false checksum, but different).  THis will signal later recipes (dependent on 'foo' to also rebuild, including images)14:54
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bluelightningright, in this instance you shouldn't need to do anything, building the image should pick up any changes and re-execute tasks as needed14:55
fray(I should be clear, -if- use need to use -C the full comamnd would be something like bitbake -C configure foo ; bitbake image... since the -C stops at the end of 'foo' recipe tasks)14:56
fraybut if you are not modifying files "out from under" bitbake, it will detect the changes and it will all just work..14:57
fray(out from under, i.e. going into the extracted source directory and modifying things)14:57
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Ox4`fray: understood, thanks15:00
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CardoeHow would I filter out the -mfpmath=sse CFLAG being added by Yocto for a particular package?16:05
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kergothRP: any objections to my improving how our python code is compiled so it has correct filenames and line numbers without our having to manually adjust them when examining the traceback?18:51
kergothcode from the metadata, tha tis18:51
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kergothokay, with the fetch core modified to support ud.mirrortarballs, the git fetcher will now first try shallow tarball, then full tarball, then clone. now need a flag to separate *use of / fetch of* shallow tarballs from *creation of* shallow instead of full, which right now are the same variable19:09
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seebsI may be doing a non-trivial pseudo update in the next week or so. Performance hackery. Gonna go do some measurements and stuff first.19:18
kergoththen need at least one, possibly three options to control clone depth..19:18
seebsActually, first I'm probably going to add a profiling feature to it.19:18
kergothseebs: nice. best test the crap out of that :)19:19
seebsSo the profiling thing, gonna try to make the client dump a hunk of timing info into a file on exit, if configured to do so.19:20
seebsAnd then you can do a run and sum the info from that file and get total client/server times, in theory.19:20
seebsThen do that without other changes to collect some current timing info, then make changes, then compare build results and collect more timing info. Wheeee.19:21
seebsThe basic change: Where applicable, instead of storing permissions info in the database, store them as extended file attributes.19:21
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seebsSo the database would hold a lot less info. The big question is how to determine whether or not to check the database, because it's not obvious how to tell a file that we never tried to store info about from a file that we failed to store extended attributes on. So I'm still pondering that part.19:22
seebsBut the theory is, for a lot of the common cases where nothing ever sees a file but the client anyway, there'll be about 99% less IPC traffic and waiting for the server.19:22
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kergothhuh, sounds promising19:23
seebsIt appears that xattrs work for files, but not for symlinks, so symlinks will still need db entries.19:25
seebsWill also likely need some kind of db/fs sync operation.19:26
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fishey1seebs: what metadata do symlinks need?20:42
seebsDepends on filesystem, but they can in theory have permissions or owner distinct from that of the thing linked to. Sometimes.20:42
fishey1I suppose I'd wonder if it's ever the case that symlinks could have perms but not have xattrs.20:43
seebsI believe so on ext3ish.20:45
seebsAt least, on my test system, it appears to be the case.20:45
seebsI think. I am a little unsure.20:45
seebsyeah. I have an ext4 fs on which I can chown links but not set attributes on them.20:46
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fishey1ah, yes. ownership can be changed.20:47
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seebsLooks like the simple answer is I can store things as extended attributes for files and directories, but not for other things.20:47
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kergothwho exactly are you pinging? if you have a question, ask it21:37
aj_I want to add as alternative in oecore  toybox instead of busybox. I'm trying adding a virtual dependency,  but there is a particular recipe that is getting me an error21:50
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aj_this is happening when i try to modified meta/recipes-core/packagegroups/ the errros state that Nothing RPROVIDES 'virtual/anybox'21:58
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aj_this is happening when i try to modified meta/recipes-core/packagegroups/ the errros state that Nothing RPROVIDES 'virtual/anybox'22:02
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aj_i have tried adding  PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/anybox ?= "toybox" PREFERRED_RPROVIDER_virtual/anybox ?= "toybox" at local.conf  but the error keeps comming22:04
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kergothyou can't use a virtual/ in a runtime context. it's a build provide, not target22:12
kergothe.g. you can't add virtual/anybox to IMAGE_INSTALL or an RDEPENDS22:12
kergothonly DEPENDS22:12
kergothif you want to be able to choose a runtime provider, you'll need to define and use a VIRTUAL-RUNTIME variable. e.g. VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_anybox ?= "busybox", IMAGE_INSTALL += "${VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_anybox}"22:13
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aj_cdo you have any documentation or example I can used of a VIRTUAL-RUNTIME22:23
kergothit's used for many packages already22:32
kergothbut there's nothing special about it, it's jsut a variable, a convention, and i just told you how to use it22:32
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aj_cso  I should add to VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_anybox = "toybox" at distro.conf and  at the recipe with the  RDEPNDS as ${VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_anybox}22:45
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kergothyep, though i'd recommend ?=, not =, so the local.conf can override it easily if you want to change it to something else23:03
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ma-o-nigiriahoy! i was wondering if someone coudl point me towards the right command to see what file is causing a packagegroup to be included? I've grepped everywhere, and it's getting built in, hob even shows it as an added packagegroup!23:32
ma-o-nigirii could remove it with hob, but i don't use it - i was just trying to figure out what was pulling in the dependency23:33
kergothbitbake -g -u depexp <your image or other target>23:34
kergothx11 dependency explorer, both forward and reverse23:34
ma-o-nigiridoes that work for packagegroups?23:34
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kergoththe real question is does it work for runtime or just build time. packagegroups aren't special, they're just empty packages that depend on other packages23:34
kergothi think it should work, yes, but try it and find out :)23:34
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto23:34
* kergoth hasn't used it in a while23:34
kergothbitbake -g your-target and then examining the .dot files it produces may be of use as well23:35
ma-o-nigirihmmmh, so depexp says it reverse depends on itself!23:35
ma-o-nigiriso actually, what I'm trying to figure out is why inetutils-syslogd is being installed instead of the busybox-syslogd23:35
kergoththat likely just indicates interdependencies between the packages the recipe produces23:35
kergothwhich isn't unsurprising23:35
kergothrecipes often produce many packages which depend on one another23:36
ma-o-nigiriinterestingly enough that package group isn't included in any files anywhere23:36
ma-o-nigiriand no other place is installing inetutils23:36
ma-o-nigirithe packagegroup is from a vendor and isn't even included in my build which is what's stumping me23:36
ma-o-nigiribtw, thanks for the help kergoth23:36
ma-o-nigirii appreciate it23:36
kergothif you used hob in the past, it may well have added its own layer / image recipe / whatnot, so its changes could still be around, if the build directory was retained. check conf/bblayers.conf23:38
ma-o-nigirinope, i don't see a hob layer in there (build/conf/bblayers.conf)23:39
ma-o-nigirii was just trying to use it because it's dependency display is helpful occasionally23:39
kergothheh, shallow git tarballs causes serious issues with linux-yocto, its branch validation process expects to be able to check the parent branches that fed into the current branch, so it's not enough to keep just the head of the current branch, need its dependent branches as well. will definitely have to make it an opt-in process, not default. was wondering if that might be the case due to the complexity of its branch and metadata management23:46
* kergoth ponders23:46
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ma-o-nigiriinteresting things to ponder ;)23:53
ma-o-nigirithat's actually quite messy when i think about it. where would you make that process opt in?23:54
* kergoth is trying to get git shallow clone support working, as git mirror tarballs for kernel repositories are freaking huge, and whether you download one of those or clone, it takes forever either way, and takes up a lot of space to distribute sources to customers23:54
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