Friday, 2015-08-14

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miandonmenmiandoes journalctl store everything from stdout stderr on tmp ? where can i change the configuration of journalctl ?06:11
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drouhi guys06:26
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droui've got a problem with a recipe. I'd like to build nmea lib. everything looks ok when i build the recipe, but when i want to add this dependancy into an image, i get an error, saying that nothing provides "" from -dev pkg06:32
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parrot1drou: mind posting the error message when u tried to bitbake the image?06:36
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drouhere the error log: and here is the recipe: (recipes-devtools/nmea/
drou error occurs when bitbake is doing the do_rootfs06:42
drourpm -qlp ./tmp/deploy/rpm/core2_32/nmea-dev-0.5.3-r0.core2_32.rpm  (contains no files)06:46
parrot1drou: perhaps I would recommend next time....somehow the links you posted contained some NSFW materials that wouldn't be pleasant when I'm on work06:46
drousorry for that, didn't know :(06:46
parrot1a quick try would be to clear the tmp dir and try again06:48
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drouyou mean, clear everything ?06:48
parrot1u can retain the sstate-dir06:48
parrot1just clear the tmp directory inside your build dir06:49
droui'll try but i guess the build will take a while then06:49
parrot1hopefully not too long since your builds are already cached06:50
drouis there any way to avoid those -dev pkgs ?06:57
parrot1drou: not really sure06:57
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parrot1tmp trick didnt work?06:58
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droui don't know atm, it's building. but i was just asking06:58
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drouno, it's not working :(07:08
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parrot1you can take a look at your packages-split directory07:11
drouhere is what i have in the rpm generated :
drouwhere is the packages-split dir located ?!07:12
parrot1tmp/work/<your arch>/nmea/<version>/packages-split07:13
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drouthere is no such directory07:17
drouunder ~/yocto/build/tmp/work/core2-32-poky-linux/nmea/0.5.3-r0 i only have 'pseudo' & 'temp' directories07:17
parrot1hmm...that's weird07:21
drouone strange thing is that when i tried to build the image, the last build failed and when i start it again, bitbake is doing do_package_setscene it hasn't do in the previous build07:23
drounow i got the packages-split directory07:25
droui have 3 subdirectories, nmea, nmea-dbg, nmea-dev. the two first are not empty, the last one is...07:26
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droui guess there is something wrong with my recipe :(08:04
droui also have another error:  ERROR: QA Issue: bni-debug rdepends on bni-debug-dev [dev-deps]08:07
parrot1drou: I'm afraid the is not really installed08:07
parrot1so like u said u will need to check your recpie08:07
drouyes, but i can't understand why the lib is not added into the -dev package08:09
parrot1I noticed that both FILES_${PN} and FILES_${PN}-dev contain ${libdir}/*.so*08:12
parrot1not sure if that's the roote08:12
parrot1perhaps bluelightning: can help?08:12
bluelightningthis stuff can be tricky at times unfortunately08:13
bluelightning(morning all)08:13
bluelightninglet me examine the recipe a bit more closely08:13
parrot1bluelightning: it certainly can be :-(08:14
drouhi bluelightning08:14
drouyes parrot1, the install error tells that nothing provides "/usr/lib/" so I added into the -dev package08:15
drouotherwise, i don't really need this08:15
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bluelightningdrou: so.. this is probably the result an RPM per-file dependency that for some reason isn't being provided by the package08:16
bluelightningI'm a little hazy on how those get set for shared libraries08:17
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droui understand, so how can i get rid of this ? is there any way to avoid generating those dev-pkgs ?08:19
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khalebioshello guys.08:21
khalebiosI want to know. if my linux can't mount my mmc device (SDCARD) .. is it a kernel problem or an electronic one?08:23
bluelightningdrou: I don't think the -dev packaging is an issue with the nmea recipe08:25
droubluelightning: you think this is something related to the image recipe?08:27
bluelightningdrou: no, it's either about the packaging or about how the library is being compiled08:28
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bluelightning(and when I say packaging, I mean what rpmbuild is doing to actually create the package file)08:28
bluelightningdrou: with bni-debug I suspect a binary (probably a non-symlink .so) is going into the -dev package when it really ought not to be in this case08:28
bluelightningdrou: to explain, our default FILES values are set up assuming that when you build a library, it uses standard library versioning such that the main file is a symlink to the library rather than the library itself, and the library itself has a version number in the name08:30
bluelightningthe .so symlink is for development only, hence it goes into the -dev package08:30
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droubluelightning: actually, this library has a makefile i don't use, because it builds a static library, maybe the problem is the way of building nmea as a shared library?08:31
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drouit was working as a static library, but i wanted to get rid of a warning message that said one of my library has a relocation in .text08:35
bluelightningdrou: well, just building it as a shared library isn't going to be the cause, we build just about everything as a shared library08:38
drouyes, i guess so08:39
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tasslehoffis there a command to build all packages? I want to create a package feed.08:46
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bluelightningtasslehoff: bitbake world perhaps?08:47
tasslehoffbluelightning: sounds promising :)08:47
nerdboyyo, verified on gentoo x86 and amd64 (with full multilib ABI_X86="64 32" build)08:47
bluelightningtasslehoff: that's probably a lot more than you want though... you could either use a bunch of EXCLUDE_FROM_WORLD_pn-xyz = "1" settings to reduce that, or create a "meta" recipe which depends on all the others you want - so basically blacklist vs. whitelist08:48
nerdboyno more libpseudo fail08:48
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* nerdboy building ancient kernel fsl-imx28 image on laptop08:48
nerdboyand still warning me i'm "unsanitary" or some ting...08:49
tasslehoffbluelightning: Ok. I'll try the build and see how bad it is :)08:49
nerdboy*or something even08:49
nerdboyHost distribution "Gentoo-2.2" <= works just fine08:50
nerdboyalways did on 32-bit...08:50
bluelightningdrou: can you pastebin the libnmea file from pkgdata/runtime in the libnmea workdir?08:52
sm0ketstmorning all08:52
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bluelightningdrou: interesting, so the lib mentioned by name in the error is in FILERPROVIDESFLIST09:07
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droubluelightning: what does that mean?09:12
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topikcan you do something like "python do_configure_prepend() { ..."?09:13
nerdboyoh, and i needed to make a stupid perl patch to build that old fsl kernel09:14
bluelightningdrou: it means that I don't understand how you'd see that error, since what it's complaining about *is* provided09:14
bluelightningtopik: I'm afraid not, however you can do something like do_configure[prefuncs] += "myfunc" and then define myfunc as a python function09:15
nerdboyi guess only fsl cares about that, although i can't figure why it's not building 4.1 instead...09:15
nerdboyprobably only otavio knows for sure...09:16
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: so do_configure_append is basically a shorthand for adding a python wrapper around a shell function and adding that to do_configure[myfunc]?09:17
droubluelightning: it's complaining about bni-debug-dev. <image>-dev can't find /usr/lib/ because nmea-dev doesn't provide it09:17
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bluelightningLetoThe2nd: no, not at all, do_configure_append just says stick this on the end of do_configure without regard for its content - which means it must be written in whatever language the original function was written in09:23
bluelightningdrou: what's in bni-debug-dev?09:24
drouhere is the pkgdata/runtime/nmea-dev
topikhmm, ok thanks09:24
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: ah ok. *mentalnote*09:24
droui don't know, because this recipe is not explicitely written.09:24
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: prefuncs/postfuncs on the other hand can be whatever you want them to be since they're executed through separate explicit function calls09:25
bluelightningdrou: er, what do you mean by that?09:25
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: so the prefuncs come before _prepend, while postfuncs come after _append?09:25
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: effectively yes - we execute the prefuncs (if any), then the entire task function with all overrides/prepends/appends applied, and then all the postfuncs (if any)09:26
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: i see, thanks for the explanation!09:27
bluelightningprefuncs and postfuncs aren't often needed, though we do use them quite a bit internally in OE-Core classes and within bitbake09:27
LetoThe2ndguessed something like that, yes.09:28
LetoThe2ndsounds very much like half-internal facility that *can* be used in a recipe, but isn't primarily intended to.09:28
droubluelightning: i defined a but no the error given when doing the image is on bni-debug-dev (??)09:29
droubluelightning: here is the recipe:
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drouerror was: error: Can't install bni-debug-dev-1.0-r0@core2_32: no package provides /home/cedric/yocto/build/tmp/sysroots/vecow-jdebug-bni-desk-chief/usr/lib/libnmea.so09:29
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bluelightningdrou: oh... well... that is definitely wrong09:34
bluelightningdrou: you definitely shouldn't have that sysroot path mentioned at this stage, that points to something wrong in how a binary within that package has been linked09:35
bluelightningdrou: you wouldn't have a, bni-debug-dev is a _package_ defined by the bni-debug _recipe_ (different namespaces)09:36
drouyes but i can't figure out what part of the recipe defines this -dev package09:41
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bluelightningdrou: it's defined in meta/conf/bitbake.conf, it provides default values for PACKAGES and FILES09:44
bluelightningamong a number of other things09:44
bluelightningdrou: if you need to examine everything that's being set in the recipe context, I'd recommend bitbake -e recipename | less09:45
bluelightningit provides full history of where each value is set also09:45
drouyes, -e option is very useful09:46
drou#   set /home/cedric/yocto/build/../meta/conf/bitbake.conf:264 #     "${PN}-dbg ${PN}-staticdev ${PN}-dev ${PN}-doc ${PN}-locale ${PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN} ${PN}"09:47
droubut obviously i cannot edit this09:48
khalebiosif my linux can't mount my mmc device (SDCARD) .. is it a kernel problem or an electronic one?09:57
bluelightningdrou: you can set your own value easily in the recipe though09:59
bluelightningwhich will override what's set there09:59
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agherzanHello guys.10:12
agherzanI have a tiny issue.10:12
tasslehoffbinaries built with my sdk use the wrong dynamic loader. does anyone know how the loader is chosen? could be I'm misusing the sdk...10:12
bluelightninghi agherzan - what's the issue?10:13
agherzanI want to add a file to SRC_URI which has an odd name. This is due to the way systemd encodes strings while using mount services. So i need the seq "\2d" to be in the file name. Well, this confuses yocto badly with errors.10:13
agherzanbluelightning: was typing :) thanks for fast reply10:14
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agherzanDid anyone before used mount services with yocto so it would be able to add services like this?10:15
bluelightningagherzan: does the source filename need to be that or could it be named correctly at do_install time?10:15
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agherzanbluelightning: If i do it at install time i loose the auto detection of systemd class and installment. But i can do it manually I think...10:22
agherzanYou propose to rename it at install time?10:22
agherzanObviously, as a workaround.10:23
bluelightningagherzan: what is the actual error? I'm not sure where this is going wrong yet...10:32
yoctiBug 8161: normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , Can't use "\" characters in SRC_URI entries - not even escaped10:34
bluelightningagherzan: ok thanks10:36
bluelightningI think you may have to work around this for now10:36
agherzanI know. I submitted the bug just for traceability .10:36
agherzanI'll take a look on it if I have time.10:36
bluelightningok, great... even if not, it's definitely worth having the bug so we have it tracked as you say10:37
agherzanbluelightning: thanks mate.10:38
bluelightningtasslehoff: not sure; I know the SDK itself has its own dynamic loader for the host side, but that shouldn't be affecting anything you build with it10:39
tasslehoffbluelightning: it is my own fault in some way. a simple Makefile project did the right thing after sourcing the env setup10:39
tasslehoffmy attempt at bringing the env into our SCons setup fails. some envvar that affects the linker selection.10:40
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pohmelieHi guys. Yesterday I ask about g_ether driver for rndis-usb device (actually my smartphone as hotspot over usb). And now driver is on board, but modprobe says "could not insert 'g_ether': No such device"11:22
pohmelieusb-devices command says, that "Driver=(none)", and I think this is the problem11:23
pohmelieany suggestions? :)11:23
bluelightningpohmelie: I think there might be some device list that the driver recognises, but there is possibly a parameter that lets you influence that? I don't recall the details, but there should be some documentation for g_ether out there on the web somewhere - maybe part of the kernel docs11:24
pohmeliebluelightning: hm, nice idea, thanks ;)11:25
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tasslehoffbluelightning: I think -mfloat-abi=hard should be in LDFLAGS as well.11:34
bluelightningtasslehoff: isn't that a CFLAGS type option?11:34
tasslehoffbluelightning: if I don't include it in my linker command line it chooses the wrong dynamic loader11:35
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bluelightningtasslehoff: ah ok...11:36
tasslehoffbluelightning: unless I'm missing/misunderstanding something, I think that is a real bug.11:37
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tasslehoffthat I'll have to resume next week. have a nice weekend.11:41
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #434 of nightly-x32 is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests_1] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #95 of nightly-rpm-non-rpm is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #427 of nightly-rpm is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
khalebiosI want to know what happens if I set SRC_URI="file://myprog.c" and myprog.c file is located at ../file/mydir/myprog.c ???12:24
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sm0ketsti'm buidling the image with multilib support (config as wiki) and a hello world app with the lib32- prefix. Should i build the image as lib32- prefixed?12:38
sm0ketstif i try to deploy the deb pkg to the image in the target pkg manager complains about package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64). so im missing something.12:40
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bluelightningsm0ketst: I'm not sure if deb + multilib is very well tested in our system13:00
bluelightningsm0ketst: the lib32- image may not be that interesting.. typically you build just the libs you need to support whatever it is that requires them, rather than having the entire contents of the image also mirrorored in the multilib (which is what lib32-imagename will do)13:01
sm0ketstbluelightning: so is it better to use ipk? i think i was doing the monkey... defining the ml support in the bsp/machine config. BTOH the image complains about lib32-glibc not provided. so I'm indeed testing to put the multilib:lib32 in the local.conf. seems to build and the mannifest is including the lib32-glibc... im trying...13:02
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sm0ketstbluelightning: i saw the lib32-<image> google regarding to multilib support... but no way in my case13:03
acidfuwhat tools do you guys use to flash a UBI image in NAND from u-boot ?13:05
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sm0ketstbluelightning: works. i had to move the ml32 lines to  the local.conf instead of the bsp layer/machine. then add to the corresponding the corresponding lines. seems to work.13:10
bluelightningsm0ketst: yeah the machine conf is not the right place for this kind of thing - local.conf will work for testing, otherwise it really belongs in a custom distro conf13:13
acidfuzecke, hi ! -- when you flash a ubi/ubifs image in NAND, do you flash it from u-boot using 'ubi write' or use flash it form linux using ubiformat ? -- If I don't use ubiformat, i'm getting a bunch of ECC error when I boot a linux from a NAND13:13
sm0ketstbluelightning: I'm still confused about bsp/local.conf... my head sometimes is like a rock13:15
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #427 of nightly-ipk is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests_1 Running Sanity Tests_2] Build details are at
bluelightningsm0ketst: I don't think you need that BBCLASSEXTEND to the multilib13:19
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sm0ketstbluelightning: which line? native? both?13:26
*** leowt <leowt!> has quit IRC13:26
bluelightningsm0ketst: BBCLASSEXTEND += " multilib:lib32"13:27
*** likewise <likewise!> has quit IRC13:28
sm0ketstbluelightning: going to try, thanks13:28
bluelightningsm0ketst: also you shouldn't need the MLPREFIX line13:28
*** likewise <likewise!> has joined #yocto13:28
bluelightningsm0ketst: this is all I need to add to my local.conf to enable multilib here last time I needed to do it:
*** likewise <likewise!> has quit IRC13:31
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sm0ketstbluelightning: ok, so then nothing is required in the bb recipe for the application/lib since it is enabled in the config if I understood well. Going to check it. Thanks again!13:36
bluelightningsm0ketst: no worries13:36
bluelightningsm0ketst: and yes you understood perfectly :)13:36
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gjohnsonGood Morning all,  I am wondering if anyone else is having issues with qtwebengine linking from the meta-qt5 layer?  I keep getting a link failure related to icu.  From what I can tell qtwebengine seems to be looking for icu 4.6 but poky has it at 52.1.13:40
*** pohmelie <pohmelie!bca24024@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC13:41
sm0ketstbluelightning: indded folks/oe/yocto ur doing good work. have a nice weekend all13:42
*** sm0ketst <sm0ketst!c207a193@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC13:42
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rburtondamnit autobuilder14:17
*** pohmelie <pohmelie!bca24024@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto14:17
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pohmelieFor log: to use usb-eth device (RNDIS) (your smartphone, for example), which is not your board and just is a way to share internet, you  need build kernel with "CONFIG_USB_NET_RNDIS_HOST=y" and all prereqs (probably specific modules for kernel, to activate your usb AMD5536UDC as example for geode, but probably you don't need this).14:20
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC14:21
pohmelieFor log: next step after start system and plug-in your "internet" you should see your usb0 in "ifconfig" command result. Then you need start dhcp via "udhcpc -i usb0".14:21
pohmelieFor log: after that you can ping hosts and open them in browser14:21
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nerdboyNOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 6530 tasks of which 3467 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded. <=  yippee-doo16:10
nerdboyjust the one kernel fail and a few QA warnings...16:11
*** imphil <imphil!~philipp@2001:a61:307e:d01:4143:5a1b:c103:2e2c> has joined #yocto16:15
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lpapphi, is opkg still developed these days? It seems that opkg list-installed foo would return 0 in both cases whether or not foo is installed16:31
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!besquive@nat/intel/x-iwvshvhsapsofrsl> has joined #yocto16:31
lpappit is a bit difficult this way to differentiate between the two outputs without actually parsing the string.16:32
bluelightninglpapp: I believe there is a new maintainer yes16:33
lpappI think opkg list-installed | grep foo will be my friend this time. I prefer exit code over parsing output :)16:37
lpapp(especially in C)16:37
bluelightningI guess for now you'd use grep -q and you'd have your exit code, but I know what you mean16:39
rburtonthe maintainer is stepping back a bit now iirc16:40
kergothlpapp: if you're going to do that, you might want grep -x, which matches a whole line, not substring16:41
* kergoth yawns16:41
lpapphmm, yes, but that means doing output parsing based on expectation :)16:41
lpappbut I can hear you because grep foo can also fall apart.16:43
lpappthe best would be to address this in opkg, I think.16:43
kergotheither that or use anchors (^/$)16:43
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lpappthanks to all16:47
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away16:51
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bluelightningrburton: the one after Paul as well?16:57
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rburtonah maybe i didn't notice someone take up after paul16:58
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* kergoth loses track of opkg maintenance status16:58
rburtonah yes, alejandro del castillo has been adding tests and fixed a bug16:58
*** ambrosius <ambrosius!~textual@> has joined #yocto16:59
rburtoni should tell him that we don't need three ways of doing opkg compare-versions, where the only sensible candidate (using the same logic) makes random comparisons and returns inverted responses16:59
rburtoni seem to recall tableflipping and giving up when i root-caused that problem in my test suite17:00
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* nerdboy glad he saved state-cache20:04
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nerdboyotavio: yo20:34
* nerdboy having a thought...20:34
nerdboyand please don't call the fire dept20:34
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nerdboyas behan runs from the bldg...20:35
nerdboyi said it wasn't an emergency20:35
otavionerdboy: hi :) what's up20:39
nerdboywho would care about broken imx28 kernel build?20:39
nerdboyand i guess i'm wondering why linux-fslc isn't default provider for imx28-evk20:40
nerdboythe fail in the olde kernel is a perl thing20:41
nerdboywhat was once a deprecation warning is now a hard error20:41
nerdboy*in perl 5.2220:41
nerdboyplus it appears not to use perl-native20:42
nerdboyeasy fix is change provider20:42
nerdboywe'll push a couple of imx28 products onto latest yocto/fsl20:43
nerdboy*be pushing even20:44
nerdboyso we'll probably have to fix stuff, maybe even make a new machine20:44
*** alimon <alimon!~alimon@> has quit IRC20:44
nerdboydetails are still forthcoming, so not sure how much hacking is required yet20:45
*** alimon <alimon!> has joined #yocto20:45
nerdboyi'm rebuilding fsl-image-machine-test with new kernel now20:46
nerdboyit completed last night with kernel patch20:46
nerdboy*the old one20:46
nerdboyotavio: this is all plain follow-the-instructions build with fsl-community-bsp btw20:48
otavionerdboy: but this failure is in master?20:49
nerdboyand gentoo-x86/amd64-multilib-strict are now certified platforms as far as i'm concerned20:50
nerdboyotavio: is that what "fido" is?20:50
nerdboymeta-yocto        = "(nobranch):08f9fbbc97909698b56200aa9be5fe50b99a44b2"20:50
otavionerdboy: fido is stable; 1.8 release20:50
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@2001:470:b26c:0:9ceb:ec34:5b6b:22e2> has joined #yocto20:51
nerdboywhatever that commit is i guess...20:51
* nerdboy poking debian people20:51
nerdboyotavio: after this test build, and when i get more hardware data, i will make my own layer setup (no repo manifest junk) and do a master build of everything20:53
nerdboy*everything imx28 that looks close anyway...20:53
otavionerdboy: fido uses linux-imx; master uses linux-fslc20:53
nerdboyokay, well, stable is broken then20:54
nerdboyyou guys get more like gentoo every day20:54
* nerdboy been on full ~arch for a long time now...20:55
nerdboywho needs "stable" anyway20:55
nerdboystill, i suppose it would be nice if the default Just Worked when new people try following instructions20:56
nerdboyhere's the kernel patch for "fido" if you want it...20:59
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otavionerdboy: send the error report21:57
otavionerdboy: but as far as I know it is working; it was working last time I tried it21:57
otavionerdboy: but we can fix it, if you send the fix21:57
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nerdboyotavio: it's an error in perl 5.2223:23
nerdboyi assume that's newer than build machine but it should not be using build host anyway23:24
nerdboyshould depend on perl-native i would think...23:24

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