Thursday, 2015-08-13

ma-o-nigirii'm going to try to rebuild... is there any way to nuke only the cross compiled packages? or force a do_rootfs to actually do it from scratch?00:00
kergothif your SSTATE_DIR is outside of tmp, you can just wipe tmp and it'll rebuild from that rather than from scratch.00:01
kergothalso do_rootfs is always re-run from scratch00:01
ma-o-nigiriinteresting, i had an issue where i hadn't incremented a PR number in a recipe and it wasn't copying in a new file.00:01
kergothwhen the task is run, anyway. if it's not running, you can use -f on the bitbake line to force the matter. bitbake -f -c rootfs image00:01
ma-o-nigirii'm stuck on an old version of yocto00:01
kergoththat's really old00:01
ma-o-nigiri*sigh* i know. it's what my vendor gave me00:01
ma-o-nigirii had to layer in a ton of stuff to get it working, but i couldn't get a newer version working happily in time for my deadline.00:02
ma-o-nigiricould i ask a little about the sstate_dir? i googled for a second - is it just the build for a machine that gets cached and none of the other artifacts?00:04
kergothi don't even remember if we had sstate in 1.3, we had an equivalent, pstaging / packaged staging, though. instead of being metadata checksum based and task level, it was recipe level and version bound, hence the need to bump PR00:05
ma-o-nigiriooooh, that makes sense.00:06
ma-o-nigiriokay, btw i think i found my problem00:06
ma-o-nigirithere's a base_contains that is getting triggered, and a package i can't find any info for is causing inetutils to get included...00:07
ma-o-nigiriand it's not showing up in inetutils reversedepends00:08
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xulferbuffer 804:15
xulferwhoops.  sorry04:15
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miandonmenmianhow to tell a recipe to load a module after installation?05:28
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kergothsee KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD and module_autoload_*05:42
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Tamishello to all. In recipe, tiff and tiff-utils are build. But only tiff (libtiff) is included in core-image and not tiff-utils. Although I can see the tiff-utils in the work directory. How can I also include tiff-utils in the image?07:19
LetoThe2ndTamis: add tiff-utils to your IMAGE_INSTALL, probably07:19
LetoThe2ndjust like any other package you want to be included. you can basically do it as a quick hack in local.conf for testing, but i'd suggest pouring it into your image recipe as soon as possible.07:22
TamisLetoThe2nd: I read that I should use IMAGE_INSTALL_append with caution. But I am curious why although lib is included why utils are not. I will make a test production now07:24
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LetoThe2ndTamis: the _append is the part that need caution. The reason for only the lib being there is probably trivially to allow something to depend on it, or something already depends on it - but nothing needs the cli utils.07:25
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TamisLetoThe2nd: I see. yes Libtiff has many dependencies with ghostscript (gs) and others. Thanks a lot07:28
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LetoThe2ndTamis: YW07:35
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bluelightningmorning all08:16
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lpappgood morning10:44
lpappso the latest version of a recipe will be picked up from the packagegroup by default, yeah?10:51
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lpappwill specifying the preferred version in the image recipe work for a package?10:57
lpappso that we can make different images with different image recipes for different versions of our software?10:58
bluelightninglpapp: the image will use whatever version gets built; the one that gets built is determined by PREFERRED_VERSION, or if that is not present, things like layer priority, DEFAULT_PREFERENCE and latest version11:00
bluelightninglpapp: based on PV alone, you cannot have two images that ship different versions of the same package11:01
bluelightningyou'll need to have separate recipes (i.e. with a different PN value) to accomplish that11:01
lpappok, so it will not work if I have and foo_0.2.bb11:07
lpappand I say PREFERRED_VERSION_foo = 0.111:08
lpappin image-0.111:08
lpappand PREFERRED_VERSION_foo = 0.2 in image-0.2?11:08
lpappbluelightning: why would two image recipes, foo-0.1 and foo-0.2 in this case, not work if they both set the preferred versions respectively?11:11
lpappwhat is the recommendation for accomplishing this? foo-ng and foo recipes? :)11:11
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pohmelieHi guys, I have problem with usb eth gadget. I built poky for geode proc and trying to use my phone as usb-modem. I can see it with lsusb, but when call usbinit, it says, that there is no module g_ether, but in my machine.conf "usbgadget" presents11:51
pohmelieMACHINE_FEATURES += "pcbios screen keyboard pci usbhost ext2 ext3 x86 acpi serial usbgadget alsa"11:52
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lpappare you sure that g_ether is gadget serial? I do not think so.11:58
lpappit is more like g_serial11:58
bluelightninglpapp: you can't set PREFERRED_VERSION in an image, that sort of thing must be set at the configuration level because those kinds of decisions get made before the build even starts11:58
lpapphmm, I may be wrong, I take that back.11:59
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bluelightninglpapp: yes, different PN is really the only way to do it11:59
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lpappbluelightning: hmm, I see, but in my case, it is valid to build different images based on different versions.11:59
lpappso would it go against the principles to allow this in the future?12:00
bluelightningpohmelie: MACHINE_FEATURES don't influence the kernel configuration, though I can understand how you might assume that they do (and they ought to really)12:00
bluelightninglpapp: architecturally it would be difficult to do that12:01
lpappok, I see. Perhaps different branches are the way to go?12:03
bluelightningyou could use separate branches with separate TMPDIR yes12:04
pohmeliebluelightning: so, where can I tune kernel modules?12:04
bluelightningpohmelie: the kernel recipe, or a bbappend for it - see our kernel manual:
lpappbluelightning: ok, and the third option is to put the preferred version in the local.conf, yeah?12:06
pohmeliebluelightning: ok, I will try it. Thanks a lot! :)12:06
lpapphmm, we also do a fresh clean build for the release, so in that case, we can perhaps also drop the separate TMPDIR or would that still be needed?12:06
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bluelightninglpapp: well if you're to use separate configurations you probably can't use the same TMPDIR - building with the second version is going to remove the packages for the first12:17
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lpappah, ok, we would not do simultaneous builds.12:27
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #128 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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ericbuttershi.. how do i write a recipe that compiles for the host machine and brings binary into the host sysroot sdk?13:07
ericbuttersinherit nativesdk or something?13:08
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lpappbluelightning: thank you very much13:09
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* vmeson fights with the INTC bridge yet again... the darn thing hung up on me twice no 3 times!14:34
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kergothericbutters: yep, that's what nativesdk is for14:53
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csim_Hi, I have a question about debugging shared libraries15:09
*** TobSnyder <TobSnyder!> has quit IRC15:12
csim_I want to step through the source code of glibc. I have built with dbg-pkgs and I have added glibc-dbg to local.conf15:14
csim_However, when I get to a libc call, it can't find the source code, even though it is there in usr/src15:15
csim_I can get it to work with gdb commands like "dir /home/chris/MELP/rootdirs/rootfs/usr/src/debug/glibc/2.20-r0/git/sysdeps " but that seems like the wrong thing to have to do15:16
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lpappdebugging glibc? Interesting :)15:25
*** ntl <ntl!> has joined #yocto15:26
csim_Sometimes you just want to know what is going on :-)15:26
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lpappI think if your image is built with all the debug symbols, the issue must be on gdb's side.15:28
lpappis it remote debugging or are you running the whole gdb on the target?15:28
csim_Remote, using gdbserver15:29
csim_I am writing a tutorial on library debug. With Buildroot it "just works", but with Yocto I can't get the same behaviour15:30
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lpappoh, that worked for me.15:33
lpapplet me see.15:33
kergoththe debug info (from glibc-dbg) should know how to find the sources in /usr/src/ out of the box. if not, that's a bug.15:34
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*** dgm816 <dgm816!~dgm816@unaffiliated/orkim> has joined #yocto15:37
lpapphmm, for me IMAGE_FEATURES += "dbg-pkgs" works.15:37
csim_OK, this is what happens when I try to step into printf:15:40
csim_8printf("Hello, world!\n"); (gdb) s _IO_puts (str=0x84dc "Hello, world!") at ioputs.c:34 34ioputs.c: No such file or directory.15:40
csim_[that did not appeare across multiple lines as I had intended, but you get the gist]15:40
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto15:43
lpappand gdb sees the directory?15:45
csim_Yes, (gdb) set sysroot /home/chris/MELP/rootdirs/rootfs15:46
csim_Now, if I find out which directory ioputs.c is in and add that, it works fine:15:47
csim_(gdb) dir /home/chris/MELP/rootdirs/rootfs/usr/src/debug/glibc/2.20-r0/git/libio15:47
lpappok, so it is all good :)15:48
csim_So, I think the problem is that the compiled dir ($cdir) for glibc is wrong. It is not the full path, from the sysroot15:48
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto15:48
csim_It is only good so long as I go and add all the source directories in glibc15:49
csim_And that is way too much trouble for the average developer (me included)15:49
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rburtoncsim_: can you file a bug?15:53
csim_Sure. THis is Yoco 1.7.1. I guess I should verify it with 1.8?15:54
csim_How/where should I report this problem?15:57
lpapp ?15:57
rburtonyeah there15:57
lpapp(But I cannot reproduce it)15:57
lpappwhich does not mean there is no bug :)15:58
csim_So it works for you, without having to set the gdb directory then?15:58
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rburtonanyone (fray?) know what encoding rpm spec files are in?19:03
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*** RP <RP!~richard@> has joined #yocto19:06
frayanswer is none..19:06
fray(I assume you mean character encoding).. they're not.. they take straight characters..  occasionally you get people adding umlauts and other special characters.. but there is no defined character set..19:07
fraythere is a mode that you can define localizations.. but the main stuff is not..19:07
rburtonfray: fedora imply utf8 is default, can't find a reference to what encoding type string tags are in19:07
frayfedora's wrong..19:08
fraythere is no string encoding..  they're 8-bit chars..19:08
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fraywhat you CAN do is provide a localization package that will translate for you to any specific localization19:08
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has quit IRC19:08
rburtonso it basically says null-terminated 8 bit chars, good luck with that19:09
rburtonthat's tragic19:09
frayit's just been a long time since I've done nay of that.. but it's the only way to get the encodings other then 'default'19:09
frayyou have to remember RPM is circa 1996-199819:09
frayecondings were not an issue then19:09
rburtonsounds like "lets pretend the spec says utf8" is the best approach (and what fedora appear to be doing)19:09
frayya.. but thats the rub, it's not actually utf8..19:09
kergoththere's no such thing as 'no string encoding'. perhaps you meant ascii?19:09
fraykergoth, no as in undefined19:10
fraythey are 8-bit characters with no defined special characters..19:10
kergoththat doesn't make any sense. it'd be impossible to rpm to use it if it can't interpret the characters19:10
frayASCII is generally what is used, but RPM doesn't interpret characters19:10
frayit just displays what someone else has written19:10
kergoththat doesn't make sense. it has to interpret the field names19:10
fraythats not the RPM, thats the spec file.. :)19:11
*** ddalex1 <ddalex1!> has joined #yocto19:11
rburtonmy context is actually the spec input19:11
kergoth[12:03:33]  <rburton>anyone (fray?) know what encoding rpm spec files are in?19:11
frayspec files are all ASCII defined characters, with undefined contents for the fields.. (generally also ASCII)19:11
rburtoni'm reading that as "utf8 is fine" :)19:11
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frayhe program simply parses the spec files for various fields.. but the contents of the fields are simply 8-bit characters.. no defined character encoding.. so ASCII is generally correct19:12
frayI'm being a bit pedantic here.. because it's definitely NOT utf819:12
frayand RPM doesn't do any LANG/LOCALE/etc confgiurations when it runs.. it just displays when it has when prompted..19:12
frayif you actually want localized strings, you can provide RPM with a localization file.. and it will use the gettext mechanism to look up the non-language defined value and pick something that does have a defined character encoding and language19:13
fray(I usually do set LANG=C when I use RPM, since it's the closest to 'standard')19:13
fraythe reason why it's not UTF-8 is that RPM doesn't do anything with the extended (2-4 byte) characters..  it's all one byte characters...19:18
frayeach byte being 8-bits.. (not 7... so it's not strictly ASCII either.. thats part of the confusion)19:18
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kergothheh, so it's just a blob. so there's an implicit assumption that your system is close enough to the system the specs were written on19:19
frayi.e. see comment about 1998... ;)19:19
kergothheh :)19:20
frayif you want proper unicode of any kind.. then you have to use one of the mechanisms to define the localizations..19:20
kergotheven in 1998 there were a ton of different encodings for a ton of different languages19:20
kergothshort sighted19:20
fraythen you are free to go nuts.. but it's basically the .po type files that take the stock 'string' and covert to a localizaed version19:20
kergothah, makes sense19:20
fraybut the parsing during spec generation (specifically on version/release) is 8-bit characters.. with specific character limits, such as '-' can't be in a version or release..19:21
frayso in UTF-8 if you can generated a 2-4 byte character where byte 2-4 is the equivalent of a '-' or other "not permitted' character, you suddenly fail.. :)19:21
frayfir commits were by Erik Troan in about Nov of '95..19:22
frayso most of the format was written in the '96 era19:22
fray(I can remember using RPM when it was "new".. [get off my lawn])19:23
kergothtotally OT, but anyone played with git-imerge?19:23
fraykergoth, it's IRC... I didn't know anything was on-topic.. ;)19:23
kergothfair point19:23
kergothimerge is really interesting. it creates a matrix of all the commits on either side of the merge, then it merges them with one another one commit at a time, filling in the matrix19:24
*** aj_c <aj_c!~Alex_Joya@> has quit IRC19:24
fraysounds like of like wiggle..19:24
kergothbasically you end up with resolving conflicts right where the specific changes that stepped on one another are, in that context, rather than the whole thing at once19:24
frayya, that seems nice19:25
kergothdownside is performance, thats a lot of small merges19:25
fraythat always seems to be my problem.. figuring out why the conflict occured..19:25
*** aj_c <aj_c!~Alex_Joya@> has joined #yocto19:25
kergothyeah, exactly. being able to quickly look at the commit message of the two commits that really conflicted would have value19:26
kergothend up digging through git log otherwise19:26
kergoth for the curious19:26
kergoththere's a talk about it19:26
* fray watches one of his dogs and one of his cats stare at each other across the room as they both decide fi they're going to go back to sleep or attack/run19:26
fraydog went back to sleep.. cat sat up and is just watchign the room.. ;)19:27
fray...and now the dog is watching the cat watch the room...19:27
frayahh.. never ends.. cats taunt the dogs.. the dogs herd the cats back into the front room..19:28
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frayBTW that is something we probably should consider eventually.. localization of recipe content.. something like19:32
fraySUMMARY = "default"19:32
fraySUMMARY[us.utf8] = "default US english utf-8 encoded"19:32
fraysame w/ DESCRIPTION fields..19:32
kergoththat's a good point. of course that begs the question of what exactly the default is in :)19:33
frayyup..  :)19:33
kergothalso what the file encoding is. we need to fix bitbake to use utf8 internally too19:33
fraysee, it's not just RPM that was short sighted.. ;)19:34
kergothwe should have known better, given how spread out around the world our devs have always been19:36
kergothi think we had the US, england, and germany covered within the first week or two19:36
frayI think the real issue is that most hackers don't care.. "english" is 'good enough'..  and commercial folks probably aren't building devices with raw text consoles..19:37
*** berton <berton!~fabio@> has quit IRC19:37
rburtonembedding translations inside the recipe is madness19:37
*** berton <berton!~fabio@> has joined #yocto19:37
rburtonextract canonical strings from recipe, use translation framework to generate po files19:38
frayboth have merit19:38
fraythe po mechanism is good for many things and allows external people to maintain translations..19:39
rburtonnot filling a recipe up with 100 translations, and having frequent commits because the translators can't agree on how to write "computer" is a good bonus for separate translations19:39
frayinteral translations have he advantage of staying with the meta-data..19:39
rburtonalso expecting translators to have knowledge of recipes, git and so on means you either set a high bar for translators, or deal with them breaking stuff now and again19:40
rburtonfray: why is that an advantage? it's not like if i change the summary of a recipe i can fix the translations19:40
rburtonits a negative - translations are bloating the recipe19:40
frayrburton, correct.. but how often do you change the summary/description?  :)19:40
fraythe advantage is usually felt on people who DO the translations and development as a unit..19:41
fraythe disadvantage is whent he translations are done by people external of the development19:41
rburtonnever seen that happen :)19:41
fraythats why both methods are valid19:41
rburtonbeen in a few projects with both community and commercial translations - for both out-of-tree translations were the clearly suprior solution19:41
rburtonwell, out of source19:42
rburtoneg gnome puts everything into PO files, and translators can have git push to just the po/ directories to limit any impact they can have19:42
frayI've seen both being useful..  I agree po files are the more used and more useful..19:42
rburtonmoblin/meego/tizen used commerical translators and transifex19:42
* rburton -> cook some tuna steak19:42
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kergothokay, need to split out a couple functions to clean up, but it's not looking too bad now:
kergothalso need to clean up the commits / rebase -i again19:48
kergothnot very useful for linux-yocto due to the commit/branch validation needing access to other branches that aren't listed in the uri, but useful otherwise19:49
kergothshould probably add back the variable as a default for the parameter, to ease usage for the common case19:49
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!~User@> has quit IRC19:51
kergothI tried prototyping the premirror based separate fetcher approach again, *could* be doable, but would need some more invasive core changes. the symlink behavior when we don't call into the original fetcher would have to go, or be adjusted, and we'd have to be able to make the mirror method's unpack() be used instead of the main url method's unpack()19:53
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kergothcrap, i just realized the shallow url parameter changes the checksums, even though the content hasn't changed.20:34
* kergoth grumbles20:34
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gjohnsonHello all, has anyone else been having troubles building qtwebengine from meta-qt5 using the fido branch?  I keep getting link errors around icu_46::*.20:36
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aj_cif I created a bbappend how do i ask to be add it?21:24
aj_cin my build21:24
radzyIs the meta-selinux email list still active ?  I found references to it, but it doesn't show up on ?21:32
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kergothOkay, I think I'm finally ready to submit the git shallow clone support.22:50
kergothkhem: ^22:50
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* kergoth 'll send out an RFC23:00
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