Wednesday, 2015-08-19

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* paulg_ ties a rope to a tree and throws the other end to kergoth just in case he can't find his way out.00:05
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* kergoth ponders01:30
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nerdboynormally he comes out on the other side of the earth02:54
nerdboywith bus fare even02:54
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kergothHmm, we need a lot more unit tests for the fetcher03:32
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kergothugh, I really need to add some more git fetcher unit tests04:24
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #455 of nightly-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #455 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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kergothWIP updated commits for the shallow fetch support: fixes a couple of the core issues i spotted, still doing further testing, however05:29
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #456 of nightly-ppc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #444 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #456 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Failure [failed Running SDK Sanity Tests Running SDK Sanity Tests_1] Build details are at
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_4urele_Hi everyone!07:28
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #456 of nightly-arm is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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_4urele_I'm building a kernel module, I added "inherit module" in my recipe, and I get the module in the final image, but I can't get anything in the rpms07:30
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #451 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
_4urele_I have empty rpms... does anyone know why?07:30
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_4urele_forget what I said, I found the rpm containing my module (it just starts with "kernel-module")07:33
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bluelightningmorning all08:31
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ljoseHi, I'm new to Yocto trying to port a library to this meta distribution, what is the common way to do that? create a recipe so that other people can use it in is own builds?10:29
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ljoseis therre any kind of binary packages too?10:31
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bluelightning_ljose: building a recipe with produce binary packages as part of the build, yes12:29
bluelightning_ljose: we're not ourselves a distro though, so we don't provide any official package feeds that are meant to be used for anything more than testing12:29
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lawadefaHave a problem where it seems my speicific host build machine may be the problem. "byacc-native" fails every time in main.c and it seems to use my host machines header (fcntl.h) when this happens.instead of the poky sysroot. Anyone seens this?13:53
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* paulg brews up a local preferred version of libgphoto to work around the week long gvfs wreckage in oe14:15
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ljoseHi, if I want to build an application for yocto using the prebuild toolchain, where can I find third party libraries I need like bzip2 and openssl15:02
ljoseis there a prebuild SDK that I can use?15:02
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LetoThe2ndljose: nope, because the sdk always has to match the image on the target you want to use.15:03
ljoseso what is the point of the prebuild toolchains?15:04
LetoThe2ndljose: e.g., the one creating the target image can derive the sdk from it. and therefore it will contain the available libs then.15:04
LetoThe2ndljose: prebuilt toolchains in terms of what?15:04
ljoseThere is some toolchains to download in the yocto page15:05
ljoseI download the one for arm and want to build my library for Beagle Bone Black15:06
LetoThe2ndljose: never used those, but i guess they are more meant for rather trivial test cases, respectively bootloader/kernel work.15:06
ljoseSo I will need to build my Beagle Bone image and that will give me a toolchain SDK too?15:07
LetoThe2ndit will not automatically give you the sdk. for example "bitbake core-image-minimal" creates the image, and "bitbake -c populate_sdk core-image-minimal" creates the fitting sdk then.15:08
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ljoseHi, does core-image-minimal include a SSH server?17:27
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kergothljose: depends on the IMAGE_FEATURES. see local.conf and local.conf.sample.extended.17:40
kergothRP: any thoughts on the shallow support? i'm assuming you haven't found the time, since you're always swamped, so no rush, just checking :) The current version has a couple changes/fixes to the core as well -
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zeddiievery time khem sends some nasty toolchain patch/fix .. I think "wow, that must have hurt to find" :)17:56
kergothheh, indeed17:57
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kergothRP: I'm theorizing that a build with PREMIRRORS and MIRRORS both unset, and a good mirror tarball in DL_DIR would result in a clone from upstream, not using the mirror tarball, since there'd be no uri to cause the check of DL_DIR for the tarball path. Am I correct in that? I think I'll open a low priority yocto bug about it, if so. Ideally it'd be able to use an existing local tarball without needing a mirror URI to do so18:04
kergothpresumably we could just add a sane fallback value for PREMIRRORS to look directly in file://${DL_DIR}/, but that seems silly :)18:05
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khem_you should use 5.% instead of 5.2%18:22
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kergothAnyone around that's familiar with pulseaudio bits? Does seem reasonable?18:25
* kergoth looking through the backlog of bits-that-need-to-go-upstream from meta-mentor's layers18:27
* kergoth checks sanity18:33
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kergothSo, what method are folks using to override default network configuration for bsps? override interfaces? supply a connman config and use connman? systemd-networkd?18:48
fraypretty much all of the above...18:51
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kergothSO MANY corner cases to worry about in the fetcher. it's madness. we don't have nearly enough unit tests yet to cover everything19:00
* kergoth adds a note to his todo19:00
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kergothhmmm, if populate_sdk_ext ships downloads, I wonder if there'd be interest in the bits mel uses for our installer generation which saves / restores headrevs, coupled with changing the bb fetch cache policy to allow BB_NO_NETWORK from the installed environment even with AUTOREV19:12
*** mkeeter <mkeeter!~mkeeter@> has joined #yocto19:14
seebsI have a beautiful and encouraging result to report, also I am beginning to feel that the abyss is staring back rather more than I'd like.19:18
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-iuduxcpngrmlfnds> has joined #yocto19:18
seebsTotal time spent in wrapper function calls with old pseudo for do_rootfs for core-image-sato: ~3,647 seconds. (Actually this includes a lot of other do_rootfs tasks, I suspect.)19:19
seebsTotal time spent in wrapper function calls with new pseudo: ~2,400 seconds.19:19
seebsSo "a bit over an hour" => "40 minutes". Sounds good!19:19
seebsWall clock time... Old pseudo: 48 minutes. New pseudo: 58 minutes.19:19
seebsI cannot reproduce this behavior on smaller or more self-contained tasks yet.19:20
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-iuduxcpngrmlfnds> has quit IRC19:20
seebsI do note that reported system time goes WAY up, but oddly that's not showing as happening inside the wrappers. No idea.19:23
kergothheh, it spends less time in wrapper functions, but the wall clock time is worse? what's it doing?19:26
seebsI have no idea.19:26
fraywe've been talking about this.. it's moving from IPC calls to a backend DB to using lsetxattr (and related)..19:27
seebsAnd what really bugs me is, the obvious thing would be that the setxattr/getxattr calls are pricier than sending IPC and not waiting for a response, but... That should show up in wrapper time!19:27
*** khem_ <khem_!d0735ee2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC19:27
frayso it COULD be that pseudo is suddenly better performing and causing collisions on parallel recipes/tasks.. or could it be causing the filesystem to sync "more", causing clock time to increase as the xattrs are written to disk?19:27
kergothUnrelated, but am I correct in thinking that the binary locales in lib/locale are the same between 32 and 64, so belongs in nonarch_libdir?19:27
fraywell the xattr would be cached to the FS cache, then flushed periodically19:28
fraybinary locals are endian and word size specific.. :/19:28
seebsI am thinking that the xattrs being flushed during fsyncs could be hurting performance on fsyncs that weren't running under pseudos.19:28
fraywell there are the manual fsyncs and then there are the automatic ones..19:28
frayI'm wondering if it's more fo aproblem w/ the automatic ones..19:29
frayone way to check..  on the machine we've got with a lot of ram.. enable xattrs on the ramdisk.. and build compeltely inside the ramdisk..19:29
seebsmight be. So I've got a couple of things to look at, but mostly what I want to try to do is get a test case where I have something I can run that exhibits the behavior and is smaller than do_rootfs.19:29
fraythat should avoid any disk cache penalties19:29
seebsSo, funny thing from my performance testing yesterday.19:29
seebsI can reduce time on a particular tar command from about 9 seconds to ~7ish with the new pseudo.19:29
seebsSo I wanted to test it in a less-contended environment. Laptop with SSD.19:30
seebsResult: I can reduce time from ~2 seconds to ~1.5 seconds.19:30
seebsSo I'm sort of feeling like everything I'm doing is outperformed by hardware.19:30
*** kscherer <kscherer!~kscherer@> has quit IRC19:30
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@> has quit IRC19:30
frayseebs, I don't doubt that19:30
seebsThat said, I want to do some more benchmarking, because I think my new profiling stuff is now reasonably close to measuring the actual cost of running the pseudo client.19:31
seebsAnd if I'm right, I can probably get a nice significant boost by reducing allocation in path stuff.19:31
kergothso, should we deprecate USE_NLS, deprecate the nls distro feature, or just add logic to align the two? in mel.conf, we're adding the distro feature based on USE_NLS to address this. any thoughts on what would be accepted for oe-core?19:32
frayNot sure I understand..19:33
frayif someone could ensure that the binary locales worked in all wordsizes in a given endian/arch.. then we could make it common..19:33
fray(if it would be possible to fix the endian-ness.. then they could even be potentially 'all' arch packages)19:34
fraythere are two pieces to the locale support though..  does the libc you have even have locale support enabled.. and then which locales are enabled..19:34
frayas for USE_NLS, isn't that more fo a global feature for 'gettext' capable packages?19:35
fray(I'm not sure I've used USE_NLS before in any way)19:35
frayI'd kind of expect that if locales are disabled, then USE_NLS would be set to 'no'.. and preferably gettext is disabled..  but maybe I'm missing something there19:37
fray(locales as a libc option that is)19:37
*** pidge <pidge!~pidge@2a02:8084:0:3000:6cb2:87ef:6d2b:4b14> has quit IRC19:37
kergoththe last question i asked was independent of the localedir question. but yes, USE_NLS controls the gettext autoconf arguments and whatnot, whereas the distro feature controls libc capabilities, but as you say, the former doesn't really make any sense without the latter19:37
kergothcurrently the two are entirely independent19:38
frayMy suggestion is to make USE_NLS dependent upon the libc feature..19:38
fray??= of course so it can be overridden if necessary19:38
kergothinteresting, busybox appears to be the only recipe obeying a 'nls' distro feature, that should really go away in favor of a packageconfig and/or obeying the libc feature19:41
fraywell.. libc/distro/USE_NLS should all be in agreement..19:41
frayin this case, I'd say distro feature should influence libc feature.. (or a check that they're both set/cleared/whatever..)19:42
frayand then the USE_NLS is set based on the distro/libc whatever is appropriate..19:42
fraythen the gettext and individual packages should obey the USE_NLS..19:42
fray(if they use gettext that is)19:42
frayOR use the libc/distro (whichever -one- is used) for general nls support19:42
kergothi'm not sure the nls distro feature is actually used or set anywhere given current oe-core, possibly a remnant.19:43
fraydoes that make more sense.. (only reason for the USE_NLS would be to disable the gettext on a per-package basis..  even then perhaps 'PACKAGECONFIG' is better then 'USE_NLS')19:43
kergoththe problem is, you can't append to the default PACKAGECONFIG. gettext.bbclass could add the packageconfig for it, but couldn't add the default based on the distro features without poking at bitbake internals19:44
kergoth(technically, you *can* append to it, but only by directly poking at internal flags)19:45
fraycan't just make 'PACKAGECONFIG[nls]="..."' something for each package?19:45
kergothyes, but who will enable it?19:45
kergothI doubt we'd want to go through every gettext-based recipe and modify its PACKAGECONFIG ??= to add nls based on something19:45
frayI forget that PACKAGECONFIG doesn't get automatically set..19:46
frayI keep thinking the default is more or less the distro flags19:46
fraydoes ??= run before or after _append (it's after right so it never gets set/)19:47
kergothyour'e thinking in the old school19:48
kergoththere's no finalization anymore19:48
kergoth_append is applied at getvar time19:48
kergothso is ??=19:48
fraybut which is first?19:48
kergothhmm, good point, not sure :)19:48
kergothi suspect an _append would apply to a ??=19:48
kergothi think that'd be most intuitive19:48
fraymy memory is that _append runs before ??=.. so ??= with an append does NOT get applied to the ??=19:48
fray(which at the time I saw that seemed backwards to me)19:48
fraybut I could be wrong as well..19:49
kergothi just tested it19:49
kergoth_append is applied after ??= today19:49
fraypoint being if _append 'works', then the gettext bbclass can just add 'nls' automatically based on the distro setting19:49
kergoththe thing is, _append is applied not just to a default value, but also to a user/recipe set value.19:49
fraysine _remove runs after the append19:49
kergoththough i guess nowadays with _remove, you can force the matter with that19:49
* kergoth nods19:49
kergothmaybe we should think about setting a default for PACKAGECONFIG in base.bbclass of the DISTRO_FEATURES. if the names don't line up, the recipe can override that ??= with its own ?= or ??=19:50
kergothcould have an intermediate variable if they want to pull in that and add to it19:50
fraythat just leads the question, if two ??= which is used?19:50
kergoththe whole point of ??= existing is that behavior :P19:51
frayya.. thats always been my problem w/ the current PACKAGECONFIG setting.. it's REALLY hard to modify if you want to add/remove an item but not just re-set it19:51
kergothlatter always wins, rather than the first as with ?=19:51
rburtonanyone got an opinion on tracking "stable" systemd  (aka what RHEL ships, 219) or just tracking latest systemd release?19:51
frayrburton..  comes down to functionality, patches and is someone willing to maintain it (someone oe-core/yp)19:52
*** alimon <alimon!~alimon@> has quit IRC19:52
* kergoth adds a todo to do the default packageconfig in base.bbclass thing19:52
frayI'm not really sure at this point hter eis a real 'stable' release.. just various distro patched ones..  problem being they then get distro specific changes19:52
*** alimon <alimon!~alimon@> has joined #yocto19:52
frayIMHO it would be nice if the distro features automatically were PACKAGECONFIG feature..19:52
fraythen as distro features changes packageconfig changes.. any manual changes beyodn that have to do with package specific work..19:53
rburtonfray: yeah the goal appears to have been a consolidated long-term release but it appears to really be what rhel ships with19:53
frayrburton ya.. that worries me.. since we aren't Fedora based.. it might lead to some really bad assumptions in system design19:53
rburtonfray: i do like being able to name packageconfig things after what they do to the *recipe* instead of what the distro feature is called19:53
fraydistro features are supposed to be global..19:53
fraypackage features what they ACTUALLY do in the apckage..19:54
frayi.e. the RPM case.. rpm has perl, python, etc.. in it..  I wouldn't expert perl or python to be 'distro' features..19:54
fraybut nls (or locale or similar) I would..19:54
kergothrburton: right, but the recipe could always manually adjust any naming differences if that's the case. we could just set a default that any configs whose names line up with distro features are enabled based on the latter19:54
fraythe key with this, if distro becomes the basis of packageconfig ... someone needs to actually docuemtn the distro namespace.. :P19:54
frayother option (more complicated for sure) is to define name spaces as "distro:feature"19:55
kergothheh, true, there'd be much fewer bb.utils.contains()19:55
kergothwhich is basically the implicit documentation today19:55
frayya.. and I've never liked it.. but at least it's usable as it is today19:55
fray(I've also thought not defined distro features should be something like 'x-feature' to indicate it's not an official distro feature..  but again.. idea, not really policy at this point..19:56
* kergoth is working through mel.conf to pare it down as much as possible and push parts of it up.. tend to forget about it and focus on the recipe changes in meta-mentor-staging19:56
frayif we documented it, we'd be more likely to do that19:56
fraykergoth, you aren't alone.. I think most people focus on recipes and forget about the distro file(s)19:56
kergothcollects cruft over the years :)19:56
kergothHmm. I wonder if there'd be interest in changing the default value of PATCHRESOLVE from 'user' to 'noop'. Opening a devshell automatically is quite often not ideal. If that's even still useful nowadays, I'd like to see noop the default, with a local.conf.sample.extended snippet showing how to opt-in to it. course others might disagree with that, and we do have to worry about local.conf template bloat20:00
* kergoth ponders20:00
frayI -hate- not having noop as the default20:03
frayat WR we changed the default to noop20:03
rburtonpoky does too fwiw20:05
rburtonin fact i wasn't aware the default was user :)20:05
rburtonkergoth: file a bug, or send a patch quikc20:05
rburtonits a user setting, really.20:05
rburtonand default should be less offensive, which is noop20:05
fraythere was a lot of resistence in the past of changing the default..20:06
frayI LIKE 'user', I just don't want it as the default20:06
rburtonwhat does user do? :)20:06
frayon failure spawns a terminal (or screen) and sets you up to resolve the conflict20:07
frayit has it's uses.. but most of hte time I'd rather see a failure20:07
kergothit's occasionally useful, since the default devshell task runs after do_patch, so you can't drop into one if a patch fails20:07
kergothbut honestly i'd rather add a devshell_prepatch task and explicitly run that if needed20:07
rburtondoes it help you update the patches in the layer directly too?20:08
kergothactually, iirc it does copy a changed patch back out20:08
frayit's in the current working director (${S}) so you still have to copy the fixes back20:08
seebskergoth: I absolutely think noop would be a better choice, because "user" is basically highly-failure-prone for a lot of cases.20:08
fraykergoth, Hmm.. in 1.7 it didn't..20:08
kergothi wrote that code to do it *years* and years ago when i was on contract with openedhand20:09
fraywe've definitely has requests to copy it back out from people and our response is always we'll follow what the community does here..20:09
kergothall the patchresolve/patchtool stuff was mine (sorry, not proud of it :P)20:09
kergoth -
kergothcould be it's broken, but it's supposed to refresh the 'remote' patch, that is, the destination of the symlinks in the layers20:11
fraywell, I've used it in the past... fixed the patch does the quilt refresh on it.. and it put it in the quilt .pc but didn't sync it back to the layer20:11
kergothdrop into the resolver shell, fix them, quilt refresh, exit -> patches should be copied into the layers. if not, it's a bug20:11
frayya, I don't think that works.. (or didn't at least time I was paying attention which was a long bit ago.. and in 1.7)20:12
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kergothhmm, am i missing something, or does nothing in image.bbclass add the vardeps for FEATURE_PACKAGE_<feature> for each feature in IMAGE_FEATURES? it looks to me like a change to the packages belonging to a feature won't cause a re-run of do_rootfs20:18
kergothi think thats correct, will have to submit that too20:18
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kergothhmm, should i keep the vardepvalue version, or use inline python in vardeps20:20
w2vyis there an IRC channel for Freescale Linux or is this about as close as I am going to get?20:22
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kergothAny objections to my pushing a bunch of vardepsexcludes for SRC_URI for the _MIRROR variables? what mirror we happen to be fetching from really shouldn't force a rebuild..20:29
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*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has joined #yocto20:37
frayI agree20:43
kergothunfortunately there's no definitive list of the mirrors, either, but should at least hit the main ones20:46
fraywell.. mirror, premirror all should exempted fro the vardeps..20:46
*** mkeeter <mkeeter!~mkeeter@> has quit IRC20:48
kergoththe MIRROR variables aren't used in MIRRORS/PREMIRRORS20:48
kergoththey're used directly in SRC_URI20:48
kergothe.g. APACHE_MIRROR, DEBIAN_MIRROR, etc20:48
*** mkeeter <mkeeter!~mkeeter@> has joined #yocto20:48
kergoththe default fetch location, not extras20:49
frayOhh I understand ok20:49
frayya.. I agree.. those should be excluded20:49
fraysince people can and will likely adjust them as necessary20:49
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kergothHmm, does anyone know if the vardeps handling code is taking into account metadata variables referenced as python variables?20:55
* kergoth checks siggen20:55
kergothor rather, codeparser20:56
frayI thought the answer was no.. it was only handlign the actual python code itself (contents of hte variable)20:56
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*** mkeeter <mkeeter!~mkeeter@> has joined #yocto20:57
kergothi'm talking specifically things like ${@FOO} where FOO="bar"20:57
kergothand yeah, looks like it's not handling that right now, it only handles calls20:58
kergothhmm, might be tough to exclude the call parents if i add visit_Name20:59
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RPkergoth: I'm leaning towards killing the _MIRROR things in favour of suggesting people uses PREMIRRORS23:01
RPhow many ways of rewriting urls do we need?23:02
RPkergoth: I've not got to the shallow patches yet, needs more time to think about it than I've been able to find. Am trying to get there...23:02
*** staylor <staylor!> has quit IRC23:02
* kergoth nods, np, figured as much23:02
RPkergoth: I think noop should be the default btw, user does seem broken atm :/23:03
* RP -> Zzzz23:03
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