Thursday, 2015-08-20

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[w00t]Is it possible to check out two git repos in your SRC_URI with different GITDIRs? I get an error in do_fetch when I've got two repos, but individually they both work. The error is "sh: 0: getcwd() failed: No such file or directory"05:49
[w00t]nevermind :)05:54
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bluelightningmorning all09:11
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abelalmorning bluelightning... although it is some time from then :)10:08
bluelightningbut it is still morning here FWIW ;)10:08
raykinsella78good morning10:09
abelalwell that's enlightening :)10:25
abelalbluelightning: ^10:25
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fredcadetehello channel10:48
fredcadeteI am having a weird thing using meta-qt5 and was wondering if anyone has an idea10:48
fredcadetefor the yocto environment, qt.conf is generated in and Sysroot is set10:49
fredcadetebut for the SDK, it is generate from and Sysroot is not set10:49
fredcadetethe result is that a .pro file that uses QT_SYSROOT will work under Yocto but not under the SDK10:50
fredcadeteI was wondering if this is intentional10:50
fredcadeteaaaanyway, I wil probably post to the list then10:58
fredcadetemaybe with a patch already10:58
fredcadetewe'll see10:58
fredcadeteit's a bit chilly for this time of year, don't you think?10:58
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CroftonI wish the meta-iot-middleware layer people would stop copying recipes out of meta-oe13:27
Croftonand if they really need to, please credit where the recipe came from13:27
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RPrburton: ^^^13:36
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JaMaCrofton: you mean meta-intel-iot-middleware ?13:38
JaMa says it depends on meta-oe13:38
rburtonhopefully the whitelist class will stop all of that13:41
Croftonwhitelist class?13:42
rburtonwell if you paid attention to oe-core instead of swanning around caving and at hack camps...13:42
Croftonbesides the duping, the thing that really annoyes me is the failure to credit the source13:42
Croftonso much to pay attention to13:43
zeddiithat Crofton .. always out having fun!13:43
Croftonexcellent idead13:43
Croftonwithin hours of arriving at camp I was getting OE feedback13:44
georgemStrange... getting errno=No route to host when doing 'recipetool create -o git://gitlabserver/Test/test.git;protocol=ssh;user=git' even though I can ssh to gitlabserver. Has anyone else tried protocol=ssh with git fetcher?13:45
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CroftonI'll be amused by the first person to argue against the whitelist using the "We need to make sure the recipe is maintained" argument13:45
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denixCrofton: you seem to be too energetic this morning after your vacation - don't worry, it will wear off quickly... :)13:52
* zeddii experienced that this week.13:52
zeddiicrushed in two hours13:52
* zeddii sobs13:52
* paulg_ works hard at crushing zeddii 's will to live.13:52
* zeddii hands a bit more of his dead soul to paulg as this weeks payment13:53
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Croftondenix, I am still in CLT14:02
Croftonwaiting for plane at 112014:02
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denixCrofton: flying home? it's just few hours drive from there...14:04
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CroftonI know14:05
CroftonI woul dneed to rent a car and find my lugguage14:06
Croftonby the time I dealt with overhead flying is better14:06
Croftonthere was no way I could have drove home last night without falling asleep14:06
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aj_chow is called the concept of virtual/any or RUNTIME_any variables in yocto?15:38
aj_can example that what I'm talking about is virtual/kernel variable15:39
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kergothwhat exactly is the question?15:45
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kergothSo, need an opinion, I'm going to submit my host-user-contaminated test to oe-core insane.bbclass, do folks think it should be in WARN_QA or ERROR_QA by default? See
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aj_clooking the documentation i answer my own question, was looking about the PREFERRED_PROVIDER and VIRTUAL-RUNTIME15:51
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bluelightningaj_c: VIRTUAL-RUNTIME is just a convention for variable naming, there's nothing special about it15:55
bluelightningthe virtual/ prefix for "virtual" targets is mostly just convention as well although there are some isolated bits of code that look at it15:55
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Croftonbha, another flight cancelled15:56
CroftonI retreated to the lounge, i have a seat on the next flight, but I think there is about to be a riot15:57
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moto-timoJaMa: for python-pyparted should we use a git tag instead? I don't see another publicly available tarball16:40
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JaMamoto-timo: just set SRCREV to match with version tag16:48
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moto-timoJaMa: you got it :) The perl modules I'll do another way with patches17:14
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vmesonkergoth: sounds like it _should_ be an error. No doubt that will trip someone up but they should fix the error.19:28
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vmesonErrror now, revert to warning if people squeal with the plan of making it a hard error for 2.1 ?19:29
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ljoseHi, I'm new to yocto creating a recipe for my package, how can I build a package for the BUILD machine to be part of the SDK?19:43
kergothBBCLASSEXTEND += "nativesdk", then add nativesdk-yourrecipe to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK to add it to the sdk19:44
kergothnativesdk is like native, except the output of the build will run on SDKMACHINE, not the build machine, and it emits packages for use in the sdk19:44
ljoseAnd that must be a separate recipe that the one used to build the HOST packages?19:45
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kergothWIP from meta-mel:
kergothlets see, what next..21:27
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seebsHey, if people want to experiment with New Pseudo, there is now a new branch in the pseudo git tree. seebs/reshuffle. Adds a profiling feature, a couple of reasonably mild performance tweaks, and a major feature allowing it to be configured to use extended attributes (whenever possible) instead of IPC to a database server.22:56
seebsPerformance is... slightly odd. On smallish real tasks like using tar, it appears to reduce the pseudo performance hit by 30-50% for a lot of workloads. On the entire-rootfs-build-process, it may actually make wall clock time worse, and I've not managed to track down why.22:57
seebsBut! It's around if people are curious or want to see what madness I've been up to.22:57
neverpanicI've always been wondering if I could patch pseudo to hide files a recipe doesn't explicitly depend on to increase build reproducibility22:58
neverpanicI guess that's quite a large endeavour, though.22:58
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seebsHuh. Interesting thought. Getting the list in place would be hard.22:59
seebsBut it's a neat idea. Some kind of "don't allow access to any file unless it's being-created or is already in the database".22:59
neverpanicYeah -- and the performance hit would probably also be significant22:59
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kergothor you could just do all your builds in a chroot, so even if its influenced by the host, it at least always does so the same way :)23:01
kergothaboriginal has an interesting technique, though it only helps for binaries, it replaces the user's PATH with a path it creates that has symlinks to the specific host binaries it needs to have available23:02
kergothso e.g. /usr/bin isn't in the PATH23:02
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neverpanicMy concern is autoconf automatically picking up a dependency that's in the sysroot but I don't want it to pick up23:02
kergothdoesn't help other inspections of host files, but interesting nontheless, particularly since it's pretty trivial to do23:02
neverpanicThat basically means using a separate chroot (or sysroot) for each recipe build23:03
kergothneverpanic: I think we really need per-recipe sysroots constructed from DEPENDS.23:03
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kergothwe have the info available in the metadata to do it, now, at least a task has access to its dep info, thats how the aclocal copying in autotools.bbclass works.23:03
neverpanicYeah, we've discussed that at work, and we may just end up implementing that and providing a patch some time in the future23:03
kergothit'd need to figure out the sstate archive paths or something23:03
seebsFor what it's worth, one of the things I found out was that my beliefs about where the performance hits of pseudo were coming from were mostly wrong.23:03
seebsSo one of the changes is to not constantly allocate/free paths, and that seems to help noticably.23:03
kergoththen we'd want to cache the sysroots its constructing for performance, for common combinations23:03
kergothseebs: heh, thats always fun.. profiling is good at blowing apart our assumptions :)23:04
neverpanicYeah, that's always the question, when does creating the sysroots start becoming less overhead than doing it at runtime with LD_PRELOAD23:04
seebsBasically, the "simple" code that just computes canonical paths appears to consume a great deal of time.23:04
neverpanicseebs: So the IPC isn't really the bottleneck?23:04
seebsIt's *a* bottleneck, but a very large reduction in IPC doesn't have as much effect as I anticipated.23:05
seebsBasically, the more you reduce the IPC cost, the less it matters compared to other parts.23:05
neverpanicThat's good to know, I have a similar pet-peeve project where I was thinking about using a lock-free shared memory cache to avoid the constant IPC overhead, but know that I hear this, I should probably fire up a profiler first…23:05
seebsThe other thing I'm thinking about is... There's a lot of things that are using paths, and I think there's a fair number of cases where I might not actually *need* the canonical path unless something happens with it that will require storing something in the database, and if I could avoid computing them except in those cases, that might save time.23:06
seebsFWIW, that was how fakeroot did it, and the nightmarish problems we had with that in longer builds were why pseudo exists.23:06
seebsAlthough some of those problems were specific to a previous build system which was doing more long-term persistance than we do now.23:07
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #459 of nightly-x86 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
seebsWhat really stunned me was when I found out that fakeroot had an option to store path names instead of device/inode pairs.23:08
seebsAnd then I read the implementation.23:08
seebsFor each device/inode pair: Walk the filesystem looking for it. Record the path.23:08
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neverpanicFun fact: OS X has a direct way to do this kind of lookup. I don't know how they do it, but it's possible.23:09
neverpanicbasically /.vol/$fsid/$inode gives you that file23:09
kergothseebs: good god, that's unpleasant23:12
seebsThe reason they can do that, as I recall, is that their underlying FS implemenation doesn't really HAVE inodes, so the inode numbers are basically already in a database.23:15
* paulg is pretty sure seebs gets to deal with more unpleasantness than the rest of us on a daily basis.23:16
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seebsNot in terms of work. But Do Not Ask about my hobbies.23:16
seebs(Turns out: If you have an open anonymous advice request thing, you end up attracting a lot of abused kids. It's sort of spectacular.)23:17
paulgthings can't be good if folks are turning to the internet to get advice...   :-/23:21
paulgsuch is the world we live in23:21
kergothhmm, if libjpeg-turbo is default in debian, fedora, opensuse, and chrome's own builds, why is it still relegated to meta-oe?23:48
paulg"turbo" is so 1985...23:49
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kergothwhat the.. the jpeg recipe, for a linuxstdbase build, symlinks libjpeg8 to libjpeg623:51
kergothbut 8 broke compat with 7 which broke compat with 623:51
kergothso that would certainly cause problems23:51
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