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kergothI had an idea for a bitbake feature earlier. I'm not convinced it's a great idea, but it'd definitely fill a need for something i've had to do on quite a few occasions. I'm thinking of a filter function flag on a variable. sort of a postprocessing function. not before, not after. not prepend, not append, but when the variable is expanded, its value is passed into any postprocessing functions to modify the value02:06
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kergothi've had to do that quite often, e.g. set up anonymous python or an event handler to do a getvar, modify/alter/add/remove/whatever, then setvar, but when you do that, it's bound to a particular point in time, and it forces early expansion of the variable02:06
kergothwhereas the proposed function would simply alter the value at expansion time02:07
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kergothhmm, sanity.bbclass checking of SSTATE_MIRRORS is just broken. last i checked, there's no requirement that the replacement be absolute. the original url isn't absolute, there's no reason you couldn't alter part of it02:57
kergothin fact, i'm doing so02:58
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kergoththere we go, i think this way of doing the sstate distro fallbacks is a bit better than what i was using before:
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guest618weston not starting with yocto layer for beagle bone black05:20
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RPkergoth: that sanity checking is causing problems for me too10:04
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Crofton|workRP, good analysis of the whitelist class10:59
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TanureHi, what the difference between  BUILDDIR and TOPDIR ?14:36
TanureI set the TOPDIR to my new build folder before souring the oe-init-build-env, but didn't work as expected14:38
kergothBUILDDIR is used/set by the setup scripts, TOPDIR is used/set by bitbake. they're commonly the same, but not guaranteed to be. you shouldn't set or modify TOPDIR, there's no need, and as you've seen, the setup scripts don't obey it14:54
TanureOk, Thanks. So the only way to start with a different build folder is call oe-init-build-env* with the build parameter15:08
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fmeerkoetteri've successfully create an image which contains qt5 (based on meta-qt5). now i want to create an SDK. i did a bitbake myimage -c populate_sdk. this creates an SDK me but there is one problem. the image does _not_ contain the host-qmake program that is needed to cross-compile for my target18:47
fmeerkoetterhow do i do this?18:48
fmeerkoetterhow do i create an SDK that also contains the needed host tools for qt cross development?18:48
kergotheither use meta-toolchain-qt5 or add the right nativesdk package for qmake to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK18:54
kergothafaik anyway18:55
kergothe.g. TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = " nativesdk-qtbase-tools qtbase-mkspecs"18:56
kergothsomething of the sort18:56
khem`ideally -cpopulate_sdk shoud know it and do it automagikally19:15
kergothyeah, would be nice to have a metadata driven mechanism 'if this is in the image, then these extra packages need to go into the sdk'19:17
seebswoot, I've gotten closer. I'm now down to just four files in the rootfs with unexpected permissions/ownership.19:17
seebs... group, passwd, shadow, gshadow.19:17
fmeerkoetterkergoth: thanks!19:17
fmeerkoetterwill try that19:18
fmeerkoetteri don't know enough about yocto, though populate_sdk would do the trick19:18
fmeerkoetterkergoth: will/would meta-toolchain-qt5 pull in the dev packages for all the libs i have in my image?19:19
kergothno, that's a standalone toolchain recipe, not image-bound19:19
fmeerkoetterthought so19:20
fmeerkoetterbut  TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = " nativesdk-qtbase-tools qtbase-mkspecs" would do the trick? if i just add this to my local.conf?19:20
fmeerkoetterafter doing that a -c populate_sdk would contain qmake?19:21
fmeerkoetterkergoth: ^19:22
kergothif those are the correct package names, yes. that's untested19:26
fmeerkoetterkergoth: i'll have a look. thanks for your support!19:26
paulgseebs, meh, those aren't important files...   :)19:31
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fmeerkoetterkergoth: TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = " nativesdk-packagegroup-qt5-toolchain-host" worked nicely19:59
kergothnice, glad to hear it20:01
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seebsso I studied it more and it got worse, there are more things resulting in weird db entries than I expected, so I am going to do more studying to see if I can figure out what's causing them.21:14
seebsI think I just realized what one of them is, though. Maybe.21:14
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warthog9Beaverton, OR23:02
warthog9doh copy/paste error23:02
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seebsWell, I just found a fascinating thing that I'm surprised has never broken anything before.23:32
seebsSo I have this fancy code in pseudo that tries to make sure that files are opened with a *real* mode that is not 000.23:32
seebsAnd allows root to read/write them. And this mostly works.23:33
seebsBut if you set umask 777, and create a file, it actually *does* get created mode 000 at first.23:33
seebsAnd that doesn't matter, because the first chmod op on it fixes the mode.23:33
seebs... But it would matter if you were going to try to setfattr() on it to store attributes locally.23:33
seebsAnd if you then fix the mode later, the "but can I store attributes to this file at all?" test succeeds, and concludes that nothing has been saved to that file because it has no database entry, while there actually IS a database entry for that file.23:34
seebsAnd that may well explain a number of database-weirdness things I was seeing. Reason it was affecting only passwd/group is those are probably the only things being initially set up in a code path that appears to create files with umask 777.23:35
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kergothwget-finder is handy23:40
seebsSo I found a bug that only shows up with the xattr version, and have probably fixed it now.23:42
seebs$ umask 77723:42
seebs$ touch file23:42
seebs$ chmod 600 file23:42
seebsAt this point, there's a db entry in sqlite for "file", but the xattr stuff doesn't check for it because it can write to file's extended attributes just fine. So it grabs the existing owner/mode and stores them in the extended attributes along with the new permissions.23:42
seebsExisting meaning "in the real filesystem". Whoops.23:43
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