Friday, 2015-08-21

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kergothHmm, to add teh host user contamination test to image.bbclass, will have to define its vars in an INHERIT'd class or config file. guess bitbake.conf would be appropriate02:43
kergothi hate adding more to that, though02:44
kergothmaybe i could just make the rootfs check dependent on the inherit of insane02:44
kergoththat's not exactly pretty either, adds an implicit cross-inherit dependency02:54
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kergoththere we go, added rootfs_check_host_user_contaminated to image.bbclass03:04
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drouhi guys06:59
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droucan anyone help me to understand this please: ? i tried almost everything07:53
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bluelightningdrou: I can only think you've got bad linking going on and rpm is picking out that bad path and adding it as a dependency08:03
bluelightningdrou: you absolutely shouldn't have that full path showing up anywhere near packages08:03
droubluelightning: bad linking in the shared lib produced ? not sure to understand08:05
pohmelieHi guys! I have a geode board and everything looking fine, but I have some issue with python3. This code breaks on python3.4, but works fine with python2 where should I request more info or/and open issue?08:06
pohmelieon desktop version of python3.4 everything is fine of course08:06
bluelightningdrou: yes, in the library that you are linking that's going into the package08:08
droubluelightning: so probably something wrong with the do_compile in the recipe08:08
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bluelightningdrou: that would be my guess yes08:08
bluelightningpohmelie: breaks how ?08:09
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milan_bluelightning: I have a set of 'TARGET_CC_ARCH_append_pn-<package> = " -fPIC -pie " '  placed inside a file. Is there a better way to do it ?08:10
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bluelightningmilan_: inside a packagegroup? I don't see how that could work08:11
bluelightningmilan_: you'd need to do that from the configuration level, probably a .inc file you can "require" from your custom distro config08:11
droubluelightning: actually i try to make a shared library based on a library in which the Makefile only provides a static one08:14
bluelightningpohmelie: hmm, I don't know what would cause that08:14
bluelightningdrou: I remember the discussion08:15
milan_bluelightning: This is a very specific requirement for a particular image and customer. So will it be possible to isolate it the required way when used from distro config?08:16
milan_we dont want to add an extra layer here08:17
pohmeliebluelightning: should I raise issue on bugtracker? Or make some tests?08:17
bluelightningmilan_: this cannot be done from the image, you will need to keep the distro config (or at least, the TMPDIR produced from the build with this config enabled) separate for this particular customr08:17
bluelightningpohmelie: yes please file a bug08:18
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droubluelightning: i guess there is no way to know which shared libraries are needed just by reading the previous static library ?08:46
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MinipadaHow can I use bitbake menuconfig with gcc ?08:53
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droulooks like it didn't help :(08:56
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redenginMinipada, what do you mean with gcc?09:06
MinipadaI would like to edit gcc options09:07
redenginMinipada, which options?  options outside of the kernel config?09:08
MinipadaYou mean, gcc options are chosen in the kernel ?09:09
redenginMinipada, no, bitbake has its own gcc options09:09
redenginmenuconfig is used to create the kernel, but everything else is going to use bitbake gcc options to compile09:10
LetoThe2ndi wasn't aware that gcc has a menuconfig interface. probably it just has none, and everything has to passed in through options.09:11
redenginmenuconfig is a linux kernel target09:12
MinipadaOh ok then, if I want to edit floating points unit and tune for CPU, I would have to modify recipes ?09:12
redenginMinipada, usually you can change the bsp options09:12
LetoThe2ndMinipada: now that sounds way more like tuning the machine configuration.09:14
MinipadaOk, because I used to do that with "make menuconfig" with crosstoolng. OK, now I see09:15
LetoThe2ndMinipada: have a look at the conf/machine directories in the layers that come with poky to see how this works.09:15
LetoThe2ndMinipada: ah. then its probably crosstoolng providing such an interface. but in openembedded, you usually do not tinker the tollchain directly, but have it derived from the required machine configuration.09:16
redenginthere are also ways to apply it in local.conf09:20
LetoThe2ndredengin: .. which is hacky and in fact only good for quick tinkering and testing.09:20
redenginyeah, but with Minipada's understanding, it may be better to test it first  :)09:21
LetoThe2ndoh, not necessarily. i find deriving a machine that only changes one or two config flags rather easy, actually.09:21
redenginuntil you commit breakable changes to the build server09:22
LetoThe2ndwell, testing locally before commiting is not really something that is applicable only here. i take that as granted.09:23
redenginmy experience has been that changing upper layers doesn't always make bitbake do the right thing once a previous build exists09:25
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LetoThe2ndwhich again stems from the incorrect use upon an existing build. nothing that necessarily comes from the buildserver<->local difference, or would advocate using local.conf09:26
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LetoThe2ndin short: do proper local testing before commiting.09:26
redenginmy experience has been that local.conf causes bitbake to correct itself moreso than editing upper layers09:27
redenginbut I've not used it in awhile, my practices may be obselete09:28
LetoThe2ndso you tinker up something in local.conf, do a non-clean build, call it tested, then throw it in a machine file and commit after that?09:28
LetoThe2ndsorry, but thats doesn't sound like a very recommendable practise.09:28
redenginfrom a process standpoint, I want a test on a new build, to run equally well as a clean build, editing local.conf seemed to give expedient results09:30
redenginI can back out a local.conf faster than a full bsp change09:30
LetoThe2ndi mean, whatever works for you. but its nothing that i would hand out as a best practise.09:31
redenginLetoThe2nd, are you suggesting that yocto will only "work" on clean builds?09:32
LetoThe2ndredengin: i am suggesting that i personally only will call it tested if a clean build works as expected.09:32
redenginI agree, but I had really hoped all of bitbake's dependency management would actually payoff09:34
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bluelightningredengin: I think mostly it will; that's not really the issue; the issue is local.conf is only meant to have "local" settings in it; the idea is you put the majority of configuration into layers as appropriate and then setting up that configuration again on a different build machine is a trivial exercise09:47
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intmorning all: i have a little doubt. i have a running yocto on edison... i add but i don't find nginx. i found it on openembedded git but... i don't understand....09:58
inti havee to create a new image ?09:58
intor i can compile/install it within edison yocto09:58
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bluelightningint: this is a question for the Intel maker forums really10:12
bluelightningint: but if I had to guess I would say the feeds you're adding aren't compatible10:12
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bluelightningthere *are* feeds out there that are compatible though, search the maker forums, it's been discussed at length10:13
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: talking about feeds at lunch time is.... weir10:13
intok... and without feed i have to recreate the image for every software i want?10:13
bluelightningint: you'd have to write a recipe and build it, yes10:14
intfuckme :\10:14
intlike slackware 2003 :P10:14
LetoThe2nd12:14 < int> fuckme :\ .... erm no, negative.10:15
intthanks bluelightning10:15
intLetoThe2nd :P10:15
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ljoseHi, I'm trying to install pip from a core-image-minimal, but getting a python erro ImportError: No module named pkgutil10:26
ljoseany ideas?10:26
ljosepkgutil is supposed to be part of python itself10:26
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LetoThe2ndljose: "python itself" still can be splitted into a lot of subpackages10:27
LetoThe2ndljose: have a look at the deploy packages directory and see if you're maybe just missing somthing.10:27
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LetoThe2ndljose: plus, there is a python-pip recipe available which should hopefully have correct dependencies etc.10:29
ljoseI'm using Python2 there pip is not include in Python10:30
ljosebut I see there is a python-pkgutil rpm in deploy packages10:31
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ljoseis there a YUM like command to install the RPMs?10:34
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LetoThe2ndif you didn't explicitly include it, there isn't even rpm10:35
LetoThe2ndmind, oe/poky do *not* automatically provide a package feed that can be put onto some distrubution server or such.10:35
ljoseI included rpm, but was looking for something that can install the dependencies from a repository automatically10:36
LetoThe2ndsee, you're implicitly assuming that there even is something like a "repository"10:36
ljosethe image created one10:37
LetoThe2ndis it really a repository, or just a directory with a bunch of rpms inside? :10:37
LetoThe2ndah didn't know it creates something for rpm there.10:38
ljoseI guess it is used to install the packages when the imagen is created10:38
LetoThe2ndstill, the straightforward way should be to just rebuild your image with IMAGE_INSTALL and friends adjusted to what you need.10:39
ljoseyes I will do that10:40
bluelightningyes, it does indeed produce feeds10:40
bluelightningfor the purpose of constructing the image10:41
bluelightningyou can also build other recipes then "bitbake package-index" to update the index in the feeds10:41
rburtonljose: if you use rpm packages and enabled tehe package-management image feature, then you'll have smart in the image10:46
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rburtonand your deploy/rpm directory is a rpm feed10:47
ljoserburton: Thanks that makes sense10:56
rburtonas bluelightning said, when an image is created the feed is updated, but if you build a package and then want to use it in the feed you'll need to bitbake package-index to update the feed metadata11:00
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milan_bluelightning: Should it be possible to set TARGET_CC_ARCH using any OVERRIDES value ? e.g. TARGET_CC_ARCH_append_foo where foo is listed in DISTROOVERRIDES or DISTROFEATURES ?11:40
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #6 of nightly-wic is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
droubluelightning: finaly found the issue, it was something in the recipe that depends on nmea.11:52
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bluelightningmilan_: it would have to be in OVERRIDES (perhaps via DISTROOVERRIDES); but yes12:29
bluelightningdrou: ok, but any idea how it ended up with the full path in there?12:29
bluelightningdrou: I'm just wondering if we need to add some kind of QA check12:29
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adamianhello all13:28
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marquizbluelightning, RP: how to find a path to certain binary from the sysroot?13:48
marquizi'd like to run rpm from there but don't know how to correctly get the path of the binary13:48
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frayis thr binary in the PATH?  then it's 'which'13:50
frayor are you talking about compiling or something?  gcc can be asked where certaining libraries and other components are..  (don't remember the exact arguments off hand)13:50
marquizi'd like to run that from inside a python function in bitbake13:51
marquizor prolly i should use fakeroot for running it13:51
frayif you can do it on the shell you can do it in python..  figure out the shell symantics.. then translate to python or something ele13:51
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marquizfray: i need to run the rpm binary from inside python and i'd like to know the correct way to determine it's path (from inside the same python function)14:06
zeddiiI thought the sysroot path was already in the python env if you are running as a python task in a recipe.14:09
zeddiibut maybe I'm just imagining that .14:09
frayya, it's available in bitbake var store..14:10
marquizyeah thanks, i think STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVE is what i'm looking for14:10
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #461 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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challinani have built master with meta-security-smack included in my layer stack (MACHINE=qemuarm)15:49
challinananyone know how to actually enable it?  Doesn't seem to be there after booting qemuarm machine15:50
challinanmust be missing some steps or configuration somewhere15:50
*** loggerbox <loggerbox!~todor@> has joined #yocto15:51
kergothaka the README.md15:51
* challinan looks15:51
kergothof course it also only appends linux-yocto, but that should be okay for you sinc eyou're building qemuarm15:52
challinanindeed, my config did seem to patch my kernel15:52
kergothUnrelated, but here we are, finally created a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND function analagous to the host-user-contaminated package QA check:
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challinanhmm, maybe it didn't patch my kernel.  Well, I have enough to proceed.  Thanks kergoth15:54
kergothi think it's more configuration than anything15:55
kergothbb show -r virtual/kernel SRC_URI | grep -i smack15:55
kergothfrom a quick look at the bbappends15:55
challinanyeah :(   the smack layer is patching an earlier kernel version15:56
kergothshould be straightforward to copy one of the existing appends to the new name, i would think15:57
kergothat least assuming the configuration hasn't changed15:57
challinanor pin the kernel version ?15:57
kergothyeah, true15:58
* kergoth gets caffeine and breakfast15:58
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #453 of nightly-multilib is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages_4] Build details are at
kergothRP: thoughts on my host user contamination checks? to add one to image.bbclass for ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND, i can't define the variables which call os.getuid() / os.getpid() in that context, even with :=, since it's parsed for the task with pseudo already running -- need it in a global config file or INHERIT'd class. I figured bitbake.conf, but I'm not a big fan of adding more variables there15:59
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RPkergoth: where are those? I'm clearly missing something :/16:15
RPkergoth: not having a good day/week :(16:16
RPkergoth: immediately expanded variable somewhere like image.bbclass comes to mind but I'm not 100% of the problem you're solving...16:17
*** jonathanmaw <jonathanmaw!> has quit IRC16:17
kergothRP: - if i define the variables it needs in insane.bbclass, the values will be 0/0, not the real user running bitbake, since insane.bbclass is parsed by the task under pseudo, hence
kergothjust wondering if you have an off-the-cuff better suggestion16:18
*** staylor <staylor!> has quit IRC16:21
sriRP: :(16:22
RPkergoth: executing something with PSEUDO_UNLOAD=1 is the only other thing I can think of16:23
RP(to get the real uid)16:23
RPkergoth: Like you, I'm not keen on bitbake.conf but I can't see many other ways to do this16:24
kergothHmm, that's true. could do that in the rootfs function, but would still want to use the variables in insane.bbclass, so as to avoid calling processes at each path callback. might try that16:25
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kergothinterestingly, the check found something right off the bat, one of the opkg feed files is owned by the user running bitbake16:27
kergothjust one of them, though16:27
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MinipadaIs there a way to use private repositories when writing recipes ?17:06
MinipadaI read about SRC_URI, but without success17:06
moto-timowhen do RCONFLILCTS_${PN} = "foo (<= 2.3)" checks get run?17:07
*** dfaught <dfaught!> has joined #yocto17:07
moto-timodoesn't prevent a do_compile failure...17:07
kergothMinipada: you mean github private repositories?17:07
kergothMinipada: it's no different than any other repo, you just need to deal with authentication17:07
kergothbitbake won't prompt for username/password, so you have to deal with that externally17:07
kergothif you get a git clone from teh url at a prompt to work without prompting you for authentication, then it'll work with bitbake17:08
kergothe.g. add your ssh key to your agent, and set ;protocol=ssh on the url or use a git url replacement to get it to use ssh to clone17:08
kergothor set ;protocol=https and put your auth in ~/.netrc and chmod 0600 that17:08
MinipadaYes, for github. Ok I'm gonna try it17:09
kergothi've used both of those methods successfully in the past17:10
kergothactually use them on a daily basis17:10
kergothmight be possible to get git to prompt using an x11 app or something, but never messed with that17:10
MinipadaOk thanks :)17:11
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jbennet9I have a yocto build from someone else that builds on a USB image (exFAT) and loads as a loop mount. I need to convert to an SSD rootFS. After much searching, I have not been able to find the config that sets the image style. Can soemone point me in the right direction please.17:38
*** roric <roric!> has joined #yocto17:46
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seebsso i found an obvious but stupid mistake in my pseudo patches, which is that I'd commented out the code that let it allow fsync operations due to performance testing, and forgotten to remove that. Still checking for other stuff that might also be busted.18:03
seebsAt least one buildhistory test seems to show files showing up with the wrong UIDs.18:04
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kergothseebs: not related, but you may find and of interest18:26
seebsOh, neat!18:27
seebsThat would actually be sorta helpful.18:27
kergothnice to spot them as early as possible, rather than having to poke after the fact18:27
kergothugh, seriously? if dropbox can't connect to its servers, it'll just keep trying rapidly and consuming >75% cpu, unless you pause syncing18:27
seebs.... neat18:28
kergothtrying out this mac app TripMode, which when enabled only allows network access to your specified apps, adn blocks everything else, and remembers the enabled/disabled state per-network-interface / wifi IP, so you don't waste data on your phone or consume bandwith at the coffee shop18:30
kergothand watched dropbox crap itself18:30
seebsOh neat.18:30
seebs... okay that's not-good18:31
seebsso my test on core-image-minimal, only visible change appears to be something changing from group shutdown to group root.18:31
seebson core-image-base I was seeing much larger changes. That should not be happening, I think.18:32
*** khem_ <khem_!4554f51d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC18:32
seebsI'm sort of suspecting that something is not archiving extended attributes when it now needs to to work.18:32
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kergothhmm, need to poke at ostree one of these days19:23
kergothsomeone should really shut up these libpvr2d warnings from meta-ti19:25
denixkergoth: which ones? rdeps?19:25
kergothyeah, file-rdeps19:25
kergothi'm assuming its due to the use of PRIVATE_LIBS, so it can't map it to the package19:26
kergothhaven't looked into it, though19:26
*** moto-timo <moto-timo!~timo@fsf/member/moto-timo> has joined #yocto19:27
seebswell, I found part of the problem, anyway. Not all of it, but enough to explain at least some leakage.19:29
seebsIdle question, does anyone know of places in bitbake that attempt to interact with pseudo databases, or know how sstate interacts with xattrs in the filesystem? I'm thinking I should be reviewing any code that might think it knows how pseudo databases are stored, because something seems to be Acting Up.19:29
kergothrichard's probably your best bet there19:30
kergothi don't know of anything personally, but that doens't necessarily mean much19:31
seebsSo the one I found is: If you have xattr support enabled (which you have to for the thing which stores attributes in xattrs), a SET_XATTR operation will create a dummy link in the file database... with invalid data. This seems to be actually harmless in normal use, since we never look at that, and just use the xattr values anyway.19:32
seebsBut if something were, say, copying the files and dropping the extended attributes, then relying on the database, things would go wrong.19:32
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kergothwow. bb.fetch.build_mirroruris ends up trying to create DL_DIR.21:02
kergoththat's just sad21:02
kergothI haven't tried to fetch a damn thing21:02
khem_hmm may be the code needs to move out ?21:03
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kergothyeah, the localpath method of the local fetcher creates dl_dir21:16
* kergoth rolls eyes21:16
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kergothHmm, in revamping my sstate distro fallback bits, should i rip out obvious local fallbacks from SSTATE_MIRRORS and apply that to the standard mirrors in SSTATE_MIRRORS, which would only handle specific cases, or use a separate variable to hold the distro fallback info..21:40
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ant_homekhem, ping22:26
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ant_homerburton, for nodistro mtd-utils fails after the xattr change22:36
rburtonurgh, really?22:37
ant_homeI'm not up-to I have to adjust something else?22:38
rburtonhow does it fail?22:38
ant_homeI've reverted 24fde4d and it builds22:39
rburtoni was reliably informed there were no extra build deps by enabling xattrs22:39
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ant_home|   LD      ftl_check22:41
ant_home|   CC      mkfs.jffs2.o22:41
ant_home| mkfs.jffs2.c:70:21: fatal error: sys/acl.h: No such file or directory22:41
ant_home|  #include <sys/acl.h>22:41
ant_homenote: nodistro22:41
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto22:41
rburtondistro shouldn't make a difference22:41
ant_homebtw mtd-utils 1.5.2 is out22:42
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rburtonnative or host?22:43
rburtonerm, native or target?22:43
ant_homeseems target22:45
rburtonmy target sysroot has sys/acl.h in22:45
ant_homebtw btw, your comment here?22:45
ant_homeabout distro featyre I mean22:45
rburtoncouldn't decide if it was worth it considering the build dep impact was nil22:46
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rburtonhm the build deps bit was a lie22:47
ant_homeo, sorry it is -native22:47
rburtonant_home: remove your revert and bitbake acl first22:47
rburtonant_home: fancy adding the acl dep (and maybe even making it respect the distro feature?)22:49, it is for target..bah22:49
ant_homeok, let's try as you say22:49
*** staylor <staylor!> has quit IRC22:52
ant_homeyes, needs acl22:53
ant_homein the deps22:54
rburtonpatch please :)22:54
ant_homehmm acl is a distro feature, isn't?22:56
rburtona quick grep said not a default one at least22:56
rburtonoh you're right22:57
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rburtonwe should probably turn that on in poky then22:59
ant_homekhem, worth adding acl to default-distrovars?22:59
ant_homerburton, let's bother RP and khem...23:00
rburtonant_home:  you send the patch for mtdutils and i'll file a bug for distro features23:01
ant_homefwiw this is the single recipe failing for core-image-base / nodistro23:01
rburtongood, the autobuilder does builds of nodsitro every time we do a build on it23:02
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ant_homeoh :/23:16
ant_homeAllow less secure apps: ON23:24
ant_homeit resets itself..darn23:24
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