Thursday, 2015-09-03

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parrot1hello, how do I change boot parameters in Gummiboot upon image creation?07:08
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_4urele_hello everyone!07:12
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_4urele_I will make a recipe for a python module called xmltodict (I could not find the recipe...), I would like to share it, how could I share the recipe?07:13
_4urele_(more where ;o) )07:13
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abelalmorning everyone07:33
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ericbutt1rsgood morning.. if i extract the target root filesystem i need to do this with sudo, but that is a problem when it comes to automated installation. so i am wondering if i can use pseudo for this? i run: "pseudo tar xf the-rootfs.tar.xz" but that breaks with error, i think when creating the device notes, so same like when i do tar without sudo..07:49
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mckoangood morning07:57
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ericbutt1rsokay, found a way: echo <sudo-password> | sudo -S tar xf the-rootfs.tar.xz08:19
ericbutt1rsbut maybe anyone here as a nicer solution?08:19
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bboozzooericbutt1rs: if device nodes are indeed a problem can't you just do tar --exclude=/dev/ -xJf the-rootfs.tar.xz ?09:41
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bluelightningmorning all10:01
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milan_bluelightning: can I get the recipe for open-vm-tools from any of the yoctoproject repos ?11:15
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rburtonwhy the hell does ruby need tcl to build11:27
rburtonor more accurately why does ruby claim to need tcl, but ruby-native doesn't and it built fine without a host tcl11:27
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betchouHi everyone12:00
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betchouGuys I have a workflow question.12:05
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betchouI want to modify the linux kernel. Can I modify directly the sources to try and then generate the recipe?12:06
betchouShould I commit my modification in a my dev branch of the linux kernel and then make the diff once I'm happy with that?12:07
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betchou How can I check the version of Qt they have integrated inside this layer guys?13:13
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rburtonbetchou: <— the log says 5.513:15
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betchourburton: Yep I am asking on the Qt channel the corresponding version of QtQuick modules inside. Thanks!13:16
betchourburton: Layout.margins got introduced in QtQuick.Layouts 1.2 ...13:16
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ericbutt1rswhere are getting the symlinks created for systemd? i am missing a link to and i need to "debug" this14:05
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zenlinuxgm fray - looks like enabling neon in rpm still doesn't result in rpm being able to install packages via urls. any other ideas on what I should try enabling?15:20
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pidgejoshuagl, rburton, RP, halstead, sgw: We're going to be rebooting the AB cluster once this build is done. Please, no queuing builds until then.16:40
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kergothHas anyone written a script to print the status of a push to an upstream layer by checking master, master-next, and possilby also ross/mut or ross/mut2?17:20
*** belen2 <belen2!Adium@nat/intel/x-oayrewdheqciozcy> has quit IRC17:21
kergothHmm, anyone have any thoughts on sstate-distro-fallback.bbclass? ( the comment at the top describes the behavior. Does it seem like a sane approach? I should rename it to something related to sstate native distro compatibility rather than fallback, accurate as the latter is, for clarity. lets you set compatible17:24
kergoth distros, and it'll try to fetch compatible native sstates from your sstate mirrors, not just local. We had a different mechanism, previously, so I'm curious about the new approach, does it seem like a reasonable mechanism?17:24
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!> has quit IRC17:24
kergothRP: are you planning on postponing the git shallow mirror tarball support to post-2.0 for risk reasons? that'd be reasonable, if so, I just happened to notice it wasn't in the release status merge list. would it help if i wrote some additional fetch unit tests to cover some of its behaviors?17:25
*** nitink <nitink!~nitink@> has quit IRC17:26
*** raykinsella78 <raykinsella78!~rkinsell@> has quit IRC17:28
khem`kergoth: so how will one generate such a sstate17:31
kergoththe idea is when you do a build on an older distro, those native sstates can be used on newer distros. so you can do your automated builds on the oldest distro you support, and the distributed sstate will be used on any newer compatible distro by your customers17:31
*** nitink <nitink!~nitink@> has joined #yocto17:32
kergothe.g. we used to do builds on centos6 to ensure the natives oculd be used on any recent distro17:32
kergothcurrently, a native sstate is only usable on a matching distro17:32
JaMaisn't it easier to ship LXC archive together with the release?17:33
kergothyep, that's another option, make your users do their builds in a chroot, container, or vm17:33
khem`kergoth: sounds ok but it needs to be tested on those distros by using them otherwise we are opening a support hell17:34
khem`I think build appliance is the way to go17:35
JaMaI was comparing the build time between native and LXC builds and it was identical so in the end I wrote some script for jenkins that the job can select under which LXC container it will be executed17:35
kergothI wouldn't expect to enable use of compatible distros for native sstate by default, i'd just like to provide the class somewhere for the user to use if they choose to go that route17:35
JaMaso we can continue to build older releases under older host distributions and newer ones on newer17:35
khem`kergoth: I think its useful17:36
khem`JaMa: do you use lxc or docker or nspawn17:36
kergothyeah, i do all my builds on my machines under a container/chroot, and have for a long time now. formerly schroot, now pflask (which is like systemd-nspawn)17:36
JaMakhem`: lxc17:36
khem`I use nspawn quite successfully17:36
*** nitink <nitink!~nitink@> has quit IRC17:36
kergothreduces build contamination issues too, since while there may be such issues, at least the contamination doesnt' *change* over time17:37
JaMakhem`: our servers are on Ubuntu 14.04, LXC is very well supported there and docker feels to application-oriented17:37
kergothnspawn is good, i wish it was packaged separately (course i wish that for half the projects in systemd)17:37
khem`kergoth: systemd now has login shell too btw starting 22517:38
kergothagreed, docker and similar things do seem more app container oriented. you can use them for bitbake, but you need to sort out the interactions across the boundary, whereas with chroot or a light container you can make it nearly transparent17:38
*** [Sno] <[Sno]!> has quit IRC17:38
JaMayes, I was using plain chroot until recently17:38
JaMaLXC is just small step from it to make it easier managable without root/sudo access17:38
kergothkhem`: i think systemd is less monolithic than people think, in that its components aren't all tightly bound, but it *does* consume everything into its umbrella / repo / project, which is slightly irritating17:38
kergothJaMa: agreed17:39
JaMagood bye "su" :)17:39
kergothwhat i like about pflask or systemd-nspawn vs some of the alternatives is it's self contained. the command-line includes everything, no config files to set up, etc17:39
kergothnot sure if lxc is that way or not, haven't played with it much17:39
JaMathere is small config for lxc if you're not completely happy with defaults17:40
JaMabut for our build claster use-case, I host whole container including the config on NFS17:40
kergothah, thats cool17:40
khem`we already run in openstack env17:41
khem`so VM on VM is sort of overkill17:41
khem`its easier to start/stop a new node17:42
kergothJaMa: the thing is, if you're in a situation like an OSV or chip vendor where you ship layers and bitbake to a customer, having them use containers / vms isn't necessarily trivial, because everybody has their own preferences there. unless it's completely transparent, folks will want to use whatever their tool of choice is. i guess as long as you ship the rootfs, you can leave it up to them what to do use to run the thing..17:43
kergothI'm a big fan of transparently offloading bitbake to the container and keeping your development environment outside, as who wants to set up your dev env yet again in the vm?17:44
khem`containers offer both17:44
kergothyeah, precisely. vms are tougher to do that with17:45
kergothdoable, but more overhead17:45
khem`I mount the datadisk at same mount points in container and on my host running my favourite distro17:45
khem`works seemlessly17:45
* kergoth nods17:45
kergothI wonder if anyone's written a lightweight wrapper around running something in a container to hide whether it's using lxc, systemd-nspawn, pflask, etc under the hood17:45
*** jbrianceau_away <jbrianceau_away!uid10952@gateway/web/> has quit IRC17:46
khem`kergoth: good question github might have answers17:48
* kergoth nods17:48
* neverpanic hates that almost none of those container tools get pseudo terminals right :/17:48
JaMakergoth: I see, I would ship container as alternative if customer wants reliable, tested environment which will most likely reuse everything from sstate and won't show any new host contamination issues17:49
JaMaif they decide against it, then your bbclass will help at least to reuse more sstate :)17:49
khem`may be there should be fido build appliance and so on17:49
khem`with prepopulated sstate17:50
JaMakhem`: you seem to believe a lot in prepopulated sstate, are you really seeing so great sstate reuse between different builds?17:50
JaMawe're generating around 2TB of sstate per month17:51
khem`no but if build appliance is containersized I expect it to be more17:51
JaMaand most our builds are performed on the same host distro, same OE release with only smaller changes in our apps and libs17:52
JaMabut it's true we have big images17:52
khem`I still believe that feed based mechanisms are still preferred17:52
khem`the reason why debian became instant hit on rpi and bbb is the proof17:52
khem`angstrom was on same way but debian just is a steam roller17:53
JaMaright now I'm debugging some issue in fontconfig cache and every change to fontconfig causes only maybe 20% sstate reuse17:53
khem`JaMa: the problem is fundamental, the devs of components dont use cross build envs17:53
JaMais someone using fontcache.bbclass on read-only file system?17:53
khem`so sstate is totally a foreign thing for them17:53
neverpanicJaMa: Did you ever try building the source with ccache?17:53
khem`so we will always play the catching game17:54
JaManeverpanic: yes with mixed feelings about the outcome17:54
JaMathe same does apply for icecc17:54
neverpanicSo no significant speedup?17:54
khem`We should pay more attention to binary feeds IMO17:54
neverpanicYeah, I've had mixed experiences with icecc as well17:55
khem`with SSDs, distributed compilinng is nullified IMO17:55
kergothi think shipping sstate mainly gives you a good out of box experience for builds, that initial build is fast, even though they'll shortly be making modifications that'll cause everything to rebuild from scratch17:55
khem`the problem is 30% of time is spend in preprocessing and that still happens on one machine17:55
khem`so icecc and distcc made sense with slow HDs17:56
khem`not now17:56
kergothbut out of box experience is important. shrink to the 'time to magic' (
kergothicecc/distcc always had a certain amount of overhead -- if the compile time is too small, the overhead is more statistically significant..17:56
JaManeverpanic: significant speedup when testing it on rebuilding the same recipe over and over, but for rebuiding big image the speedup was gone (possibly because of ccache size being too small)17:56
kergothkhem`: i'd like to see us support non-cross / native builds at some point..17:57
khem`kergoth: we should have paid attention to binary feeds17:57
khem`with OE-Core we never prioritized it17:57
kergothagreed. at least oe-core provides an ability to build images from a feed nowadays17:57
khem`distros like angstrom sufferred17:57
khem`there is one thing to provide knobs, supporting it is another thing17:58
kergothit's unfortunate, you're right about beagle & debian, folks want to be abl eto just apt-ge tinstall their favorite app17:58
kergothwould be nice if more yocto-oriented distros provided that capability17:58
khem`and one may say oh those are hacker SBCs17:58
kergothbut then you have public-facing servers and load to deal with17:58
khem`but thats what gets a distro in house17:58
JaMakergoth: khem` icecc still looks amazing when you benchmark it on huge icecc cluster by running qtwebengine.do_compile task which can spawn really *a lot* of parallel tasks17:58
kergothi guess it depends on who your customers are17:58
*** diego_r <diego_r!~diego@> has quit IRC17:58
JaMabut then when you benchmark build of whole image then the difference is far from significant17:59
khem`kergoth: as the smaller systems become capable OE big distros will get into them17:59
khem`people dont want to deal with system builds18:00
khem`let that to small subset of debian or fedora or arch hackers18:00
khem`there still will be place for it18:00
* zeddii has been working on that model, just to see how well it works.18:00
khem`but reduced over time18:00
JaMaFWIW: SHR still provides binary feeds :) but I haven't updated the official ones to newer OE releases, because almost nobody is using it now18:01
kergothmy concern with binary feeds is always configuration changes that change abi18:01
khem`we had rolling release models way before others18:01
JaMaso it shrinked into my personal testing ground18:01
kergothhow do you encode that to ensure incompatible feeds aren't used18:01
*** gunnarx <gunnarx!> has quit IRC18:02
*** nitink <nitink!~nitink@> has joined #yocto18:02
JaMakergoth: you mean feeds from different builders?18:03
JaMaeven with feeds from the same builder I rarely do "opkg upgrade" since I started to use PRserv.. upgrading 90% of installed packages takes much longer than reflashing the image18:05
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC18:07
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*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto18:09
kergothJaMa: yeah, or just different build directories, or tweaks to local.conf that alter overarching policy, like user overrides of distro features18:11
kergothif you have a feed uri configured for hte resulting image, it could point at an incopmatible feed18:11
kergothwonder how angstrom deals with that18:11
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC18:12
kergothor if they only configure it for official builds18:12
JaMaI would expect these different build directories to have different binary feed and different feed-urls in images produced by them18:13
JaMathat's how we were building different releases on the same server18:13
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC18:13
JaMapeople still could switch from unstable to testing on the device, but such upgrade path wasn't supported and in most cases ended with broken image18:14
kergothi'm more concerned about user rebuilding things from source, but i guess as long as their custom builds don't include feed configuration, you'd be okay18:14
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto18:15
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*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto18:38
khem`kergoth: right now the angstrom feeds cater to systems using angstrom default distro policy if thre are changes to that18:39
khem`then I dont think it has any guards for wrong usage of feeds18:39
khem`however the major imcompatibilies like hardfloat and thumb2 etc. should be taken care of18:39
khem`but now a days there are so many other knobs to make it incompatible18:40
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kergothkhem: yeah, that's always been my concern, there's no real way to encode the configuration into the packages. which is expected, just troublesome for support without some form of guards for it18:54
*** [Sno] <[Sno]!> has joined #yocto18:55
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khem`OE is a src based distribution period18:55
khem`I have come to terms with it18:55
*** AlexV <AlexV!~Alex_Vadu@> has joined #yocto18:57
*** AlexV is now known as Guest4131818:57
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kergotharchiver.bbclass doesn't grab git mirror tarballs. should add that. i think in most cases it'd be better to pull that than the git2/ subdir19:48
kergothif it exists, at least19:48
*** raykinsella78 <raykinsella78!~rkinsell@> has joined #yocto19:51
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RPkergoth: I am thinking of deferring the shallow clone piece, yes19:57
RPkergoth: There are just too many other issues atm without a potentially cranky git fetcher :/19:58
RPkergoth: that stuff tends not to test well on the autobuilder, only in the real world19:58
*** paulg_ <paulg_!> has quit IRC19:58
kergothYeah, I hear you. fetch is tough since a big part of it is the current state of DL_DIR vs upstream, and it's extremely tough to test every combination of those. automated builds tend to start fresh, or from a known good mirror20:00
kergothwe might need to carry a fork of bitbake/poky for the next mel release, though. we distribute sources to the customer, and full kernel tarballs are freaking massive :)20:01
onoffonhow about pseudo upgrade patch ? it makes me nervous too20:01
onoffonpseudo can bring lot of grief20:01
*** onoffon is now known as khem`20:01
kergothevery pseudo change makes me nervous, it's so critical to us20:01
kergothall of us, that is20:02
khem`and I would like to propose a consistent branching across oe-core and bitbake this time20:02
khem`its quite confusing to relate 1.26 = fido20:02
khem`and there are no other consumers of bitbake20:03
khem`that I know of besides OE20:03
kergothhmm, not sure how i feel about that, bitbake has its own scheme, always has, we aren't going to revamp its versioning scheme anytime soon, i wouldn't think20:03
khem`kergoth: something to think about though20:03
kergothtechnically oe-core still leverages part of bitbake, i think, but they probably have their own fork of it20:04
kergother, oe-lite20:04
*** raykinsella78 <raykinsella78!~rkinsell@> has quit IRC20:04
khem`the release could still be 1.xy20:04
khem`but branch code could be more exotic20:04
khem`game name20:04
kergothhmm, true. keep 1.xy for the tags20:04
* kergoth shrugs20:04
*** challinan <challinan!> has joined #yocto20:05
khem`I would even propose to not call reference distro as poky20:06
khem`for YP that is20:06
khem`and may be reflect YP release and name directly20:07
kergothwhat bugs me a little is the delta between distroless and poky. if something is good enough for the reference distro, why isn't it default?20:07
*** serro <serro!> has quit IRC20:08
*** serro <serro!> has joined #yocto20:10
rburtonkergoth: the delta really isn't that much anymore20:13
rburtonkergoth: any particilar variables you're concerned about in particular?20:13
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!> has quit IRC20:16
khem`overriding default TMPDIR20:17
*** paulg_ <paulg_!~paulg@> has joined #yocto20:17
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seebsRP, you around? I got your message about the additional breakage, but the link you sent me was to a build report that I am not very familiar with and I am not sure what I am looking for in it.20:26
seebsI am suspecting it will turn out to be another case where something was supposed to get allocated but didn't, but I am not as sure how I would find it or test it.20:27
*** lamego <lamego!~jose@> has quit IRC20:28
RPseebs: I'm here20:30
*** Guest41318 <Guest41318!~Alex_Vadu@> has quit IRC20:31
RPseebs: the key link from that first page is
RPseebs: read that one backwards, at the end it says it attempted five do_rootfs tasks and they all failed20:32
RPseebs: you then scroll back and see five different rootfs failures, all looking similar where execute permissions disappeared20:32
seebsOh-hoh! I think I may know what's causing that.20:32
RPseebs: all with opkg20:32
seebsWeird, I thought I was building with opkg (before I was building with rpm) and it wasn't doing that to me. But...20:33
*** Guest41318 <Guest41318!~Alex_Vadu@> has joined #yocto20:33
seebsIs it possible for me to get access to one of the failed build directories to compare with? I am not 100% sure whether it'll reproduce for me yet, even though in theory I assume it should.20:35
*** lamego <lamego!~jose@> has joined #yocto20:36
seebsThere is a thing I think is suspicious, but comparing notes, I'm pretty sure that the behavior shouldn't actually have changed there.20:36
RPhalstead: could we get seebs ssh access to debian8?20:36
seebsIf it is, it's probably a result of the umask bug fix.20:36
RPhalstead: my own ssh access doesn't appear to be working :/20:36
RPseebs: right now the builddir doesn't appear to have been reused20:37
seebsThe obvious question would be what the real fs modes are for the affected files.20:38
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto20:38
seebsAnd I guess what the command is which produced the warning.20:38
seebsLike, was it doing 'sh /path/to/script' or something else.20:38
RPseebs: for the latter, its however opkg runs its postinsts20:38
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC20:38
RPseebs: the former I can't see as my own access isn't working20:38
seebsHuh. I have no idea. I will have to investigate.20:38
seebsWell, a build shouldn't take super long, and I have other stuff running too.20:39
seebsThere's a umask fix that became necessary because of the xattrdb stuff, but should be more-correct regardless.20:39
RPseebs: particularly as a core-image-minimal appears to reprocude20:39
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!> has joined #yocto20:39
RPseebs: the multilib builds also failed with this fwiw20:40
seebsBasically, if you have umask 777, files really do get created with an underlying mode 0, so I added a thing that chmods them to 0600... aaaand I just thought of a conceptual flaw in that thing.20:40
seebsMaybe not. This should only happen if the file did not previously exist, and openat() can't make new files.20:41
seebs... Although looking at it, the code is actually gratuitously complicated, because I'm calling PSEUDO_FS_MODE(0600, 0), which is just 0600.20:42
seebsBut a lot of things are now getting chmod'd to 0600 in the underlying filesystem, which weren't previously.20:42
seebsBut they should all be plain files. But if something's trying to exec them, that could maybe do it?20:43
seebsI am also a little surprised that my local tests did not run into this, so I am now extra curious.20:43
nerdboykergoth: should i test something?  is this the pseudo patch in the mailing list from the other day?20:52
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seebsThere's at least one observed problem with 1.7.1, which (oddly enough) did not happen previously when I was testing, but go figure.21:43
seebsI am pretty sure I did a full rebuild without sstate cache after I did my big patch-cleanup-and-rebase, and yet, now things are failing. *sigh*21:43
seebs... oh, lovely. RP, I do not reproduce the failures you had. But! I get coredumps from locale gen. (I was doing -base.)21:44
*** raykinsella78 <raykinsella78!~rkinsell@> has left #yocto21:47
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nerdboykinda sucks when you can't build your locale...21:50
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto21:52
RPseebs: hopefully halstead might be able to get you access to the one that failed21:54
RP(if you need it)21:55
seebsI am annoyed, the locale build won't coredump for me when I run it manually.21:57
seebsBut I have a PLAN. Which involves modifying the bbclass to do "valgrind cross-localedef" and hoping this works.21:57
*** ndec <ndec!~ndec@linaro/ndec> has quit IRC21:59
*** ndec <ndec!~ndec@linaro/ndec> has joined #yocto21:59
seebsSo, I expect to make progress, I do not know how long it will take, but. I can usually eventually track these down.21:59
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RPseebs: fair enough. It is getting late in the release cycle for this though :/22:01
seebsIt is funny to me that the performance difference from the xattr change (which I expected to be huge) turned out to be about 1/3 the difference from the alloc/free and reduced operation spam changes.22:02
seebsThis is why profiling is a big deal.22:03
seebsHuh, that's odd. I can indeed finish a build of core-image-minimal on my target system, I believe using opkg. So there may be a host dependency.22:04
seebsWell, I can check that, I suppose.22:04
seebsI have an ubuntu-or-so which ought to be more similar to a debian build machine.22:05
RPseebs: you'd have thought so. You're sure its building the rootfs using opkg?22:09
*** staylor <staylor!~staylor@> has quit IRC22:09
seebsI'm... pretty sure? I reverted the config change that made it use RPM.22:09
seebsAnd it's totally possible for there to be strange host dependencies in some of this.22:09
fraybased on the stdio log, it looks like it's processing post install scripts..  so the more you process the more likely to trigger the fault..22:09
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto22:09
frayyou could probably rig up some test recipes/packages.. otherwise core-image-sato is more likely to have them (but will take longer to build)22:09
RPfray: fwiw all do_rootfs failed on the autobuilder :/22:09
RPalso centos7-a failed with which looks like the same issue22:09
RP(follow the stdio links)22:09
RPseebs: ipk is default when its listed first in PACKAGES_CLASSES (as package_ipk)22:10
RPbasically the first listed is used for rootfs construction22:10
seebsYeah, it's definitely opkg, so.22:11
seebsMore testing to see if I can make it happen. Just in case, I am retesting using the actual tarball I sent you in case I did something really clever like make the tarball with the wrong patches.22:11
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RPseebs: time for me to sleep, 'night!22:15
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seebsInterestingly, core-image-minimal did trigger it for me with an Ubuntu host. So that's sort of not-encouraging. But I have the failure now!22:47
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seebsOkay, so apparently the opkg build under some redhat variant did not create as many postinst scripts as the other did, and I am not at all sure why. I may have only partially fixed the config.22:55
seebsAnd the problem appears to be that opkg is running "sh -c postinst_script", which fails if there's no execute permission.22:56
seebs... Okay, found it. I used to be setting modes to ((given mode) | 0600 | (0100 if isdir)) & ~022 & ~umask23:01
seebsand when I fixed the implications of the ~umask being able to break stuff, in some cases there was no way to check isdir, but I didn't or in the given mode, just the 0600.23:02
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seebs... It turns out this was a documented limitation, I found the comment that you can't expect things to work with 0700 umask.23:12
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aj_cdoes it exist a ${etcdir}23:29
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paulg_poky$git grep -w etcdir23:53
paulg_meta/recipes-bsp/pcmciautils/ etcdir = "${sysconfdir}"23:53
paulg_meta/recipes-devtools/quilt/quilt/install.patch:-etcdir :=      $(subst /usr/etc,/etc,$(prefix)/etc)23:53
paulg_meta/recipes-devtools/quilt/quilt/install.patch:+etcdir :=      @sysconfdir@23:53
paulg_compare that to the same commands for bindir and you be the judge.  :)23:53
paulg_(and hint, the output above shows you what you really want)23:54

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