Friday, 2015-09-04

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aj_c paulg_: also silly me found this at the documentation
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seebsSo it turns out, I now know why the opkg problem never showed up when I was running my tests.01:50
seebsBecause it doesn't show up with opkg 0.2.4, and the uprev of 0.3.0 showed up on September 1st.01:50
seebsYay, mystery solved.01:51
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nerdboyseebs: guinness with your cookie?03:48
nerdboyseebs: maybe an Airplane! joke is in there somewhere...03:49
nerdboy(technically 5 or 6 but who's counting)03:50
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mckoangood morning08:00
bluelightningmorning all08:04
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drouhi guys09:37
bluelightninghi drou09:48
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lpappgood morning10:22
lpappI can see this in the manual about the post installation scripts: "10:22
lpappThe script defined in the post-installation function is called when the root filesystem is created. If the script succeeds, the package is marked as installed. If the script fails, the package is marked as unpacked and the script is executed when the image boots again. "10:22
lpappI thought it was running once the package is installed, which can happen later than putting it into the image10:22
lpappso this description confuses me a bit. Is this bad expectation not to always be like that depending on whether the package is part of the image?10:23
T0mWInteresting, so, it sounds like the post install script gets another chance to got do its' work?  I wonder why they did it that way, rather than ERROR out the building of the image?10:27
T0mWlpapp: very early in the morning for the others to appear on the channel.  try asking again in another two hours?10:28
lpappbluelightning is here, so what can go wrong? ;-)10:30
T0mWso he is, maybe still getting coffee?10:30
lpappbut yes, it is almost noon, and still early for me :)10:30
bluelightningI am here...10:31
T0mWbluelightning: really?10:32
bluelightningT0mW: a while ago we had a large number of scripts that simply would not execute on the host (e.g. ones that require doing something specific to the target arch)10:32
bluelightningwe have mechanisms to handle most of those now though10:32
T0mWah, ok10:33
bluelightningFWIW if you're building an image with read-only-rootfs in IMAGE_FEATURES it will error out in that case, because there won't be a chance to run it on first boot10:33
T0mWbluelightning: like Larry Wall said, when you invent your own language (sic) you can do what you want.10:33
bluelightningwell, I'd like to think we do what makes sense for the majority of use cases ;)10:34
T0mWbluelightning: there are always tradeoffs.10:34
bluelightningpostinstall script execution on package install is the package manager's responsibility rather than ours directly10:34
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bluelightning(when building the image / on first boot, we are more directly involved though)10:35
T0mWI always check to ensure my recipes / changes are propagated into the image. np10:36
lpappok, so it ought to work as per expectation for package installation, too?10:36
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lpappI.e. if I say ls /tmp, it will list the files in that directory when I install the package using pkg list foo?10:36
T0mWwell, next Friday, I'll be looking for work.  getting RIF'ed.10:36
lpappsorry to hear that.10:37
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T0mWit was a good job, worked from home on an interesting project, learned lots of new stuff.10:38
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lpappyeah, and new challenges are also cool10:40
bluelightningT0mW: sorry to hear that, best of luck with finding something new10:42
bluelightninglpapp: yes10:42
T0mWlooks like all the Yocto work is on the west coast, but, time for change.10:42
lpappbluelightning: ah, ok, great.10:44
lpappbluelightning: thanks.10:44
droudoes anyone know if there is any way to have a splash screen before starting the desktop manager ? to avoid all kernel messages and so on10:44
T0mWdrou: iirc, set kernel cmd line to include 'quiet loglevel=3'10:46
T0mWyou get a small amount of text when the bootloader passes control the kernel, then psplash takes over.10:47
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droupsplash looks good to me.10:48
bluelightningif you have "splash" in IMAGE_FEATURES that should bring the psplash package in , or you could do it in IMAGE_INSTALL10:48
droualright thanks10:48
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T0mWdrou: if you need help customizing the splash image, contact me?10:50
drousure, thanks10:50
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drouT0mW: is there a way to add a splash image before the desktop manager is started ? i'm using grub.11:12
drouafter the desktop manager is started, i have a blank screen for about 5 secs11:12
T0mWI'm using u-boot and splashing the screen from there on wakeup. then, u-boot passes control the kernel where psplash starts early from init, there is a black screen for about 1..2 seconds while matchbox starts before the desktop appears.11:14
T0mWI still get text on reboot / shutdown showing when X terminates though.11:14
drouwell ok, but my first target is x86 tbh11:14
T0mWARM cortex here.11:15
T0mWThe desktop version of the project is something I was playing with and did not have time to really fine-tune it before I got the word I was being laid off.11:16
T0mWit ran a turn-key app.11:16
T0mWmatchbox ran a the app on starttup without a "desktop"11:17
CTtpollardcan anyone recommend a yocto book?11:18
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droui'm using openbox. anyways, is there a something that explains the psplash parameters ?11:20
drouINITSCRIPT_PARAMS = "start 0 S . stop 20 0 1 6 ."11:20
T0mWthat would be the sysvinit runlevels and ordering.11:21
T0mW"start 0 S' would be /etc/rcS.d (startup) S00psplash, so, it runs as the first item in the startup list.11:23
T0mW"stop 20 0 1 6" is killed as 20th step when entering runlevels 0 (halt), 1 (single user), or 6 (reboot).11:25
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T0mWkilled is a misnomer, it doesn't kill itself, if you look at the /etc/init.d/psplash script, it only "runs", it doesn't look to see what method to run as (Start / Killed).11:27
T0mWwhat I like about psplash is that it shows some graphic during the boot process and shows the user a boot progress bar that informs them of the booting activity11:31
T0mWafter all, how many people understand the kernel / sysvinit boot messages? :P11:31
drouSo we can't stop/kill it after n secs or right after something started from systemd?11:31
drounot me :p11:32
T0mWW00T we don't use systemd11:32
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T0mWI'm not ready to trust using a largely unfinish boot manager on my products. Sysvinit is well proven.11:33
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T0mWI don't see why you cannot do a 'killall psplash', then have the next app take control of the video...11:35
drousure, but i asked this because i don't have any psplash process running. i thought there was something like a timeout that kills the psplash binary11:37
T0mWIf you don't want the progress bar, comment out that section of psplash source.11:37
droui didn't have this as well. maybe there is something wrong with my image. actually i only had a white screen11:39
T0mWI haven't delved into how psplash follows the boot progress and decides when to terminate. It will terminate after the final step of the desired runlevel is completed.  For example, if in runlevel 3 (drop to console), it will allow bash to take over the video when the last 'S99*' step has completed.11:40
T0mWagain, not sure about systemd, I simply deal with that beast on my suse box but will not use it in my embedded projects.11:41
T0mWadmittedly, systemd does seem to offer some interesting benefits, like keeping a daemon running if it terminates, but I feel better having total control over my boot process, not have it disrupted by a decision by someone outside of my control and have my product start behaving differently due to a git pull on the Yocto base.11:44
drouok, so the best way is to have all my applications started in /etc/rcS.d/ and the splashscreen will disappear at the very last step?11:44
droucompletely agree with you, maybe i can use another supervising system11:45
T0mWit will complete after the runlevel is finished (/etc/inittab target level)11:47
T0mWyou always pass through runlevel rcS.d, but rc[1,3,5].d are the target levels, when the target level completes, psplash will terminate.11:48
drouok i got it11:50
T0mWIf I were writing a splash with progress bar, I would tally up the number of 'Sxx' scripts of the target runlevel, watch stdout for the sysvinit / systemd progress messages to move my bar, then die when the last count is reached.11:51
T0mWassuming that is possible, hen11:51
T0mWassuming that is possible, heh11:51
T0mWI would have to have a very compelling reason to abandon sysvinit, just because systemd is shiny / new is not good-enough.11:52
drouactually i'm not an expert, i'm just trying things. but in fact, if i find another way to supervise/deamonize my apps, i'll probably drop systemd, i understand that systemd & sysvint are completely asynchronous11:56
T0mWno, sysvinit is synchronous, it follows an ordered process that you specify.11:59
T0mWit will launch in sequence11:59
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T0mWhaving said that, if you start the network (S01networking) your interfaces may not yet be ready to use on the next step (e.g. S02nfsserver).  You may have to move nfsserver start to 20 (S20nfsserver) which, effectively, puts a "delay" between the network start and a networking app.12:01
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drouYes, i meant both systems in parallel12:39
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rburton1seebs: there doesn't appear to be a pseudo 1.7.2 tarball up yet13:19
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eboltonhey all, strange issue...I'm trying to install an SDK on a 64-bit Ubuntu machine and getting this error, "Setting it cannot access /opt/poky/1.7.2/environment-setup-*: No such file or directory"16:16
eboltonSDk installs fine on the machine it was created on, they're both Ubuntu based16:17
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RPseebs: bad news:
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JaMaRP: the postinst_intercept patches were sent as RFC, I've just noticed they were added to master-next17:46
JaMaRP: I believe they work OK, but it's possible that I haven't discovered all possible env/intercept combinations17:47
JaMaRP: because I was testing mostly the update_font_cache one17:47
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JaMaalso this snippet:17:55
JaMa            try:17:55
JaMa                subprocess.check_output(script_full)17:55
JaMa            except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:17:55
JaMa                bb.warn("The postinstall intercept hook '%s' failed (exit code: %d)! See log for details!" %17:55
JaMa                        (script, e.returncode))17:55
JaMalooks a bit strange as there normally isn't any output from intercept hook in the log17:56
JaMaany objections to send the output to log.intercept_<script_name> ?17:56
kergoththe called process error has a member with the output, but as you say, check_output() suppresses/captures the output by default18:00
kergotheither that should be check_call(), or it needs to use the output from the exception18:00
kergothafaik anyway18:00
kergothwell spotted there18:00
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seebs... Did I do the thing where I forgot to actually send halstead the pseudo 1.7.2 tarball? I bet I did.18:24
seebsOh, wait. I did, I just sent the patch out before getting an ack.18:25
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*** halstead_ <halstead_!~AndChat62@2607:fb90:2704:41ed:8d2:68c2:b2d0:af0c> has joined #yocto18:35
halstead_seebs: RP put it up 2 hours ago I think.18:35
seebsWhat the heck.18:42
seebsIs it possible that your systems are hosted in an environment that is haunted by angry ghosts?18:43
*** munch_ <munch_!> has joined #yocto18:43
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seebsTo be fair, buildtools-tarball wasn't a target I was testing, but that looks general.18:44
halstead_seebs: maybe? They are on the third floor of a medical facility. Are you seeing problems now?18:44
seebsBut I am pretty sure that I tested with my patches on at least two machines, and did not see that... WTF.18:44
seebs"operation not supported" is a very strange outcome.18:44
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T0mWokay, I give up, after googling and grep'ing, I cannot figure out how the contents of /etc/version, in the image, is determined.18:59
*** grma <grma!> has quit IRC19:00
kergothT0mW: grep -nrI sysconfdir.\*version19:01
T0mWlooks like: meta/lib/oe/
T0mWSee, all I have to do is ask and I'll find myself before anyone anwers, why is that?19:02
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*** AndChat|627969 <AndChat|627969!~AndChat62@> has joined #yocto19:07
seebsNow trying to reproduce that failure, no luck yet.19:08
seebsI don't know yet.19:08
seebsI at least figured out why my nearly-but-not-quite perfectly up to date tree didn't reproduce the opkg ones, but the new cross-localedef stuff RP posted, I have no idea.19:08
seebsYeah, I am not yet reproducing that one.19:08
T0mWkergoth: YAY!19:09
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seebsOh, huh. Apparently when I request buildtools-tarball, I don't build glibc-locale? Hmm.19:13
*** halstead_ <halstead_!~AndChat62@2607:fb90:2704:41ed:cf3c:5f5c:4288:333b> has joined #yocto19:15
seebsVictory! Manually building glibc-locale produces the failure.19:16
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kergothbuildtools tarball is almost entirely nativesdk packages built by crosssdk tools, i wouldn't expect it to build target packages like glibc-locale, but *shrug*19:33
malkaunshow do i install wireless-regdb in yocto?19:35
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seebsokay that's new20:03
seebsit looks like there's an fcntl failing that's causing this error, but I don't know which fcntl op or why.20:03
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rburtonkergoth: your host contamination patch shows that everyone who uses tar in ptest install functions (common idiom) is broken20:07
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nerdboyseebs: strace?20:29
seebsyeah, probably.20:31
seebsfcntl appears to be a red herring, looks like the actual issue is that mkdir appears to be somehow managing to hand back errno 95 (ENOTSUPP). And I am not at all sure why/how, and I note that the directory does seem to get made, so.20:32
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nerdboyso was it angry ghosts or just a momentary warpage of the time-space continuum?20:32
seebsBut hey, I can reproduce the failure, now.20:32
*** varibull <varibull!> has joined #yocto20:33
seebsI am not sure why that build was making glibc-locale and mine wasn't, but I can do it on purpose. Can't reproduce it outside of bitbake yet, but narrowing in.20:33
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seebsI found the bug, and technically it is Not My Fault.21:29
seebs... I think.21:29
seebsI would have to reread the spec, but the problem is that mkdir() is succeeding but setting errno as a side-effect.21:29
seebsAnd localedef is doing21:30
seebsif (output_path == NULL && ! no_archive) { print error message }21:30
seebscannot_write_why = errno;21:30
seebsand then using cannot_write_why as a test for whether something went wrong.21:30
seebsWhich is to say, it is assuming that if errno has a value, it means that something went wrong, and this is not correct.21:30
seebsThat said, it is probably my fault that mkdir() can now set errno to 95 unexpectedly.21:31
*** nighty^ <nighty^!> has joined #yocto21:32
seebs... it is.21:32
seebsbecause I called fchmodat() with AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW.21:32
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seebsRP: Assuming this test passes, 1.7.3 should be out in about half an hour? Also I would like to set glibc's localedef code on fire. For sound technical reasons.21:40
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RPseebs: ok, if it comes out we should have room over the weekend for another build22:07
RPseebs: It looks like I have other things breaking the build atm too :/ (my own patch for a change)22:08
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seebsIf you would be so kind, if you encounter more pseudo stuff over the weekend, could you cc my home address? I may forget to check work email over the weekend, things are being unduly busy.22:19
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto22:19
seebsI am really offended by that glibc code, btw. I mean, yes, my bug triggered it, but that code is just plain wrong.22:19
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khem`seebs: which code23:16
seebsin localedef, the thing causing the "operation not supported" errors.23:20
seebsWhich is that after glibc has checked that mkdir succeeded, it unconditionally stashes errno, and later, if errno is non-zero, reports this as a fatal error.23:20
seebsThe stashed errno, that is.23:20
seebsSo if errno gets set, even though the actual return value indicated success, it's treated as an error anyway, and this is silly.23:20
Snert__seems like if errno gets set for any reason it should reflect that it's been set.23:21
seebsNot in general.23:22
seebsLots of things are allowed to set errno when nothing has gone wrong.23:22
seebsThe famous example is printf() setting errno to ENOTTY when no error has occurred.23:22
seebsGenerally, if something has a return value that indicates success or failure, and it indicates success, it is antiproductive to look at errno.23:22
Snert__different interpretations of how it shouldbe I guess.23:23
Snert__but that's open source so gotta love it.23:24
seebsThe C/posix specs are pretty clear; do not check errno if you do not have a thing telling you that there was an error.23:25
seebserrno is for telling you *which* error, not whether or not there was an error.23:26
Snert__but no enforcement.23:26
seebs(I also didn't see anything zeroing errno out, but maybe there was one somewhere.)23:26
seebsWell, the enforcement is that if you do it, you produce random weird error messages that have nothing to do with anything actually going wrong23:26
seebs... which is exactly what happened in this case. :)23:26
Snert__why allow a check to errno when no error occured?23:26
Snert__why is it not enforced.23:27
seebsBecause C does not in general inforce much of anything.23:27
seebsenforce, even.23:27
seebsIt is not in the spirit of C to prevent you from doing silly things.23:27
Snert__so I've heard.23:27
seebsMore generally, I'm not sure how you *could* enforce it. Someone can always write "x = errno;"23:28
seebsHmm. Well, they do zero it out, I still think the code is silly.23:37
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto23:48
Snert__I jsut don't do weird stuff.23:52
Snert__it would never occur to me to deal with errno if there was no error.23:52
Snert__but me noob amateur coder.23:53

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