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seebsThe only place it usually makes sense is something like getchar() which returns the same value for "failure" and "end of file", so you set errno to zero, then call it, then check errno if you care.00:03
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khem`I am trying to get update-rc.d into an image with systemd but it always ignores it from IMAGE_INSTALL any ideas15:05
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kergothkhem`: lib/oe/ has the extremely questionable behavior of uninstalling certain packages when package-management isn't in IMAGE_FEATURES, including update-rc.d, base-passwd, shadow (wtf?) and update-alternatives, see around lines 232-24815:09
kergothfrom a quick grep for update-rc.d in meta/classes & meta/lib :)15:09
* kergoth thinks that should really be reworked. at the *very* least it should be in a metadata variable, not hardcoded in the python module15:11
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kergothbetter yet, it just doesn't make sense to remove some of that.. it's not all only for use by the runtime package manager15:12
kergothupdate-rc.d could be used by the user to adjust configured services, update-alternatives could be used by the user to change which alternative they want to use if multiple were installed by IMAGE_INSTALL, ...15:12
kergothso should both move it to a variable and consider removing some of it from the default value of that variable15:13
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khem`systemd now will need update-rc.d to be on system always15:14
khem`so it can work with sysvinit services15:15
khem`it now delegates that work15:15
kergothany recipe inheriting update-rc.d and systemd when sysvinit is in distro features will depend on update-rc.d anyway15:16
khem`yeah but then is surprisingly knocks it out15:20
khem`and I was at loss15:20
khem`its only 4K size script15:21
khem`why do we exclude it15:21
khem`when packagemangament is not there15:21
khem`I wonder15:21
khem`systemd delegates enabling/disabling of sysv services to distro specific tool called systemd-sysv-install15:22
khem`and I am trying to implement that15:22
khem`I cant use chkconfig because that tool is smart now and delegates to systemc already :)15:23
khem`this is debian driven change15:23
khem`kergoth: thanks I removed from that list and now it is working good15:24
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kergothHmm, I wonder if bitbake sees a difference between a build without a task in the task graph, and the task existing but being flagged as noexec. it'd be nice if it checksummed the two as the same, since the result is the same18:53
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