Tuesday, 2015-09-08

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khem`RP: testimage is giving quite grief to me http://paste.ubuntu.com/12312477/  is the log for run but you can see ssh to emulator is failing ( its ubuntu 14.04 host) When I launch core-image-sato manually ssh works ok, I am now trying to build it on another machine07:03
RPkhem`: :(07:14
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bluelightningmorning all08:19
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mckoangood morning08:42
PiziwateHello everybody, I've a strange problem with yocto fido... Everytime I cancel the build or if I got an error during a bitbake, I'm unable to restart the build (I've to delete the cache in tmp folder)08:42
PiziwateI got : ERROR: Command execution failed: Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/home/swissdotnet/yocto/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/command.py", line 99, in runAsyncCommand     self.cooker.updateCache()   File "/home/swissdotnet/yocto/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/cooker.py", line 1468, in updateCache     self.parser = CookerParser(self, filelist, masked)   File "/home/swissdotnet/yocto/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/cooker.py", line 1907, in __init__     if n08:42
bluelightningPiziwate: can you please use pastebin to show me the error?08:43
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Piziwatebluelightning: http://pastebin.com/eCfycGmb08:47
bluelightningPiziwate: hmm, that's very strange... just looking into the code now08:47
Piziwatebluelightning: Yes very strange ! I'm a little bit lost...08:48
bluelightningit's a bug for sure, the question is what is triggering it08:49
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Piziwatebluelightning: I tried to run bitbacke with -DDD but this doesn't help...08:49
bluelightningPiziwate: have you added your own recipes / layers to this configuration recently?08:50
bluelightningalso is this the latest on the fido branch?08:50
Piziwatebluelightning: I use my layer, but it was working well with the daisy release... I updated the fido today based on the git repo08:51
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Piziwatebluelightning: If I remove my layer, this is working... but I don't understand what brakes the cache09:07
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bluelightningPiziwate: I'm not sure what could cause it either... there's nothing in your layer referring to the "file-checksums" varflag is there?09:07
Piziwatebluelightning: ??09:09
bluelightningPiziwate: if you grep (or git grep) the entire layer for "file-checksums" are there any results?09:09
bluelightningsomehow, invalid data is getting into the cache for that09:12
Piziwatebluelightning: I think I got it !!09:13
bluelightningoh really?09:13
Piziwatebluelightning: I had a folder (test recipe) who was quickly renamed with spaces and special chars (like "fb-uc1701-mod (wip)"). I think he was not loving the space !09:14
bluelightningok, at what level was that folder?09:14
Piziwatebluelightning: In my meta repository under recipe-kernel09:15
bluelightningok, let me see if I can reproduce that09:15
bluelightningwell, I didn't get quite the same error but it still blew up09:18
bluelightningI'll file a bug, thanks09:18
Piziwatebluelightning: Thank you !09:19
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raykinsella781Bluelightening: Yocto uses SystemV by default - right?10:08
rburtoneasy to flip to systemd if you want to use that instead10:09
raykinsella781Want to revert actually SystemD is too slow.10:10
jkuraykinsella781: that sounds unlikely if everything is working as it should. What's your test case?10:13
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raykinsella781Sorry - I am using a meta layer that explicitly substitutes SystemD for SystemV.10:13
rburtonraykinsella781: look in the docs for how to turn on systemd, look in the layer that does it, and either comment it out or reverse it in your local.conf10:15
raykinsella781Thank rburton10:31
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jedixkergoth: are you around?15:50
kergothsomewhat. whats up15:50
jedixkergoth: that regex for the premirrors is causing a problem..15:50
kergothwhich regex?15:50
jedixhttps://.*/.*/(.*) https://foo.com/\115:50
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jedixit's working, but then https://foo.com/\1 matches.. and adds the url again.15:51
jedixit's actually more like: https://.*/.*/(.*) https://foo.com/a/\115:51
jedixbut I'm seeing https://foo.com/a/a/a/a/a/a/\1..15:51
fray(log file eventually fills the disk as well)  :)15:51
*** gabrbedd <gabrbedd!~beddingfi@li680-65.members.linode.com> has joined #yocto15:51
jedixit seems like the premirrors are checking for matches in premirrors15:52
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frayI suggested trying to play some regex games, using an intermediate value and then a final comparison.. but that may not be reasonable15:53
kergothah, yeah, we should be catching that recursion and halting it..15:53
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kergothbut as i suggested before, you should also be able to use https://.*/.*/ https://foo.com/15:53
kergothin theory15:53
jedixit's worth noting the premirror that's adding has %3A instead of /15:53
kergothnot sure if that'll behave the same way or not offhand15:53
jedixso it's no longer matching the end name15:54
jedixso, the result of https://.*/.*/(.*) -> https://foo.com/a%3Abar -> https://foo.com/a%3Aa%3Abar, etc15:55
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jedixI'll try without the \115:56
kergothmatching the last component and then adding that component back seems a bit unnecessary, though i'm not sure it'll solve this problem regardless15:57
jedixI will try15:59
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jedixalthough I was having isseus with cfengine-masterfile adding the version info in there somehow15:59
jedixit did not solve the issue15:59
jedixI suspect it's the %A315:59
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jedixoh wait, an issue with my testing..16:00
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jedixnope, it's still causing the issue16:08
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jedixOkay, I have a solution16:15
jedixand the problem isn't exactly what I described.16:16
jedixThe actual premirror is this: https://.*/.*/(.*) https://foo.com/${bar}:\116:16
jedixSo, bar keeps getting put in.16:16
jedixif I do ${bar}:/\1, it'll work16:17
jedixand I can (and have) fixed it on the server side by dropping the / off the :16:17
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:19
jedixI thought there was a slash, but the % encoding was throwing me off16:19
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kergothah, interesting. i think we'll need to improve bitbake's recursive mirror application to do better at catching cases of recursion16:29
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khem`RP: so finally I managed to run the tests on a KDE system17:40
khem`RP: and I could see the failure too. however when I eanbled kvm the failure went away17:40
khem`some sort of timing17:41
khem`I wonder if we are reading back the time too fast17:41
khem`since manually I could never reproduce it that may speak of it. since manual inputs are delayed17:42
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caiortp@JaMa , there's a specific channel to talk about meta-qt5?18:47
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khemcaiortp: #oe19:13
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caiortptks khem19:57
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rburtonwould anyone object if i rewrote the wget fetcher to use curl20:03
rburtonevery time i need to use a proxy to get to the internet i curse wget for not supporting socks4a20:03
khem`rburton: its a welcome change20:13
khem`here is my prior attempt20:14
khem`but its half done20:14
khem`since its missing bitbake fetcher changes20:14
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rburtonoh yay a good start though20:35
rburtonhang on —no-check-certificate, that's not good surely20:36
rburtonsurely we should have that to check by default but allow some way to skip it if hosts are really stupid20:36
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kergoththat does sound like it'd be a better bet20:45
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JaMacaiortp: #oe channel is better (or openembedded-devel ML)21:06
caiortptks !21:06
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