Wednesday, 2015-09-09

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vmesonhas anyone make the time to look at x-compile in OE and ? It's been on my to do list but I won't get time for a long time...02:23
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vicky1Hi yocto.. In my target some dev-pkgs are installed not all.06:19
vicky1But i didn't enable dev-pkgs by default in local.conf06:19
vicky1And there is no new changes in recipes in my image.06:20
vicky1I m wondering how they came into target.06:20
vicky1Any ideas?06:20
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drouhi guys07:28
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mckoangood morning07:40
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clopezis there any difference between doing "variable ?= defaultvalue" and "variable ??= defaultvalue" I have seen booth ways of assigning a default value, and I'm wondering which is the difference if any  between "?=" and "??=" if any10:59
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rburtonclopez: that's in the documentation - ??= is weaker than ?=11:15
clopezi see, thanks :)11:16
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T0mWI have a directory that a recipe (package) creates during initial installation during the image build.  But, when I install an update to that package, it removes that directory.  How can I mark the directory as a something that should not be removed and the contents are kept?13:24
T0mWI think I saw that in the manual someplace but cannot find it again.13:24
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_valle_Hi, I have a problem with some includes missing.
yookidHi all: What's the best way to configure which interface the default tty console is attached to?  I want my image w/ systemd to default to a UART.13:59
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clopezos there any way to append a value to a variable only if that value is not already appended? or a way to remove duplicate words from a variable?14:09
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T0mWyookid: no lcd console? or just want to have login on serial tty?14:25
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yookidT0mW: Yes, I just want to be able to log in and get a shell from a serial TTY over UART.14:57
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darthduckHi folks, anyone have any experience with
darthduckI've been banging my head against a "Could not locate meta series" error for a few days14:59
darthduckUsing Yocto 1.8, trying to pull the 3.18.11 kernel from linux-stable.git15:00
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darthduckWhen it gets to the do_patch step, it calls patchme, and that script seems to need a yocto-ized kernel.15:02
darthduck| + do_patch | + cd /sandboxes2/yocto_1.8/poky/build/tmp/work-shared/tmru-ct/kernel-source | + patchme tmru-ct | meta_dir set to .meta | ERROR. Could not locate meta series for tmru-ct15:03
LetoThe2nddarthduck: maybe just throw the recipe-so-far into a pastebin?15:03
darthduckLetoThe2nd: good idea15:03
darthduckIt will take a bit... corporate policy blocked pastebin at the firewall15:04
LetoThe2nddarthduck: my ideas only know three levels. good - excellent - outright fantastic.15:04
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darthduckArgh... can't ssh to home server... home server down...15:05
darthduckI suppose I should put the recipe on the mail list at this point15:06
darthduckoooh, maybe I can use pastebin on my phone...15:07
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darthduckLetoThe2nd: I have upgraded your idea to fantastic.  :)15:15
LetoThe2nddarthduck: hrhr thanks15:15
LetoThe2nddarthduck: only thing that meet my eye at the moment is the name= directive in SRC_URI.. what do you need it for?15:16
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darthduckLetoThe2nd: likely a cut-and-paste from  There it had "name=machine"15:18
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darthduckI did a search-replace for "machine" with that recipe and put tmru-ct in it's place, figuring that's what was needed for my machine layer.15:19
LetoThe2nddarthduck: its not my core field of expertise, so i'm mostly poking randomly. but basically i'd suggest stripping away everything and then build up later again.15:19
zedd_darthduck. if you can get me a copy of that recipe, I can debug it for you. (
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LetoThe2nddarthduck: and maybe have a look at the kernel.bbclass, as well as trying to remove the linux-yocto.inc15:20
darthduckLetoThe2nd: I stripped the "name" from the SRC_URI, same result.15:20
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darthduckLetoThe2nd: didn't think about stripping the that's another excellent idea.15:22
darthduckzeddii: I'll send you the recipe over email if that's most convenient15:23
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zeddiiworks for me. I'll launch a build and see what blows up.15:23
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darthduckzeddii: my 2 year old is obsessed with putting 'z' in front of everything... I should try having her say "jedi" when I get home today!15:31
zeddiiI have the email. switching to 1.8 and launching a build.15:32
* darthduck crossing fingers15:32
darthduckIs there a step before the patchme script is called that will (or should) create a .meta directory in the source?15:36
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* darthduck looks at createme script, how it handles no meta branch case...15:59
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zeddiidarthduck. I routinely test against korg trees, no meta branch, defconfigs, etc. that's why it is strange yours is breaking. The error messages are more informative in master, but in fido, I need to see it break here .. and it worked fine in my test run.16:04
darthduckzeddii: good!  I'm guessing it has something to do with my environment then.16:05
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*** dmoseley <dmoseley!> has joined #yocto16:07
darthduckzeddii: running a bitbake -c cleanall linux-yocto-tmru-ct16:07
khem` and thats world build with clang16:13
darthduckzeddii: cleanall/rebuild didn't work.  I'm going to try changing the machine to qemux86-64 to see if I can reproduce your success...16:18
zeddiiack'd. We'll figure it out.16:19
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*** fray is now known as fray__16:25
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darthduckzeddii: with qemux86-64, the recipe gets past the do_patch step successfully.  Only edits I did was to local.conf (changed MACHINE), and added COMPATIBLE_MACHINE_qemux86-64 = "qemux86-64" to the bb recipe.16:31
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:f8a2:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has joined #yocto16:32
zeddiiaha. good data point.16:33
zeddiido you have a machine definition for the one you were using that I can use ? I changed it, simply because I didn't have that machine defined locally.16:34
darthduckI'll see what I can package up without sending you the whole half-baked bag.  :)16:35
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto16:39
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darthduckzeddii: will send a tarball shortly.  I had to add a tune file to get avx support, so a file is needed to be added down in meta-intel as well.16:42
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:f8a2:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has quit IRC16:42
darthduckzeddii: likely there is a better way, but my time was short...16:43
zeddiinp. you should see the crimes I commit in my local layers :)16:47
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kergothdiffconfig task is so very handy17:20
kergothshould add a recipetool/devtool version which puts the generated fragment in the specified layer and adds it to SRC_URI in a bbappend17:21
* kergoth yawns17:21
kergothHmm, should make do_ optional in the task portion of a recipe:task style target17:23
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denixI'm getting this - WARNING: .../sstate-control/manifest-<mach>-<recipe>-cross.populate_sysroot not found17:30
denixanything I can do to "fix" this warning?17:31
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC17:32
denixI'm assuming it's due to
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:f8a2:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has quit IRC17:33
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khem`RP: yt ?17:56
*** jku <jku!> has joined #yocto17:56
khem`RP: I have updated
khem`is there anything pending on that ?17:56
khem`let me know17:56
khem`some of the patches from that got merged17:56
khem`I have refreshed it on top of latest master17:57
khem` is missing in master-next but that can follow up as well17:58
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kergoththe way the wks is found for the new wic image type is just stupid18:14
kergothhardcoding the path to be next to hte image filename? how exactly does that work with our layering mechanism?18:14
kergothi'm not shoving files into oe-core or creating custom images for everything18:14
kergotheither use file:// to find it, or at the very least put the path in a variable we can overrdie18:14
kergothor better yet, both18:15
darthduckzeddii: wow... it's working for me now.18:17
*** belen <belen!> has joined #yocto18:18
darthduckBefore I tarr'ed up the meta-tmru-ct layer, I cleaned up a few files in the files dir.  Those files weren't mentioned in the SRC_URI, but apparently something picked them up before.18:18
darthduckNow that they're gone, do_patch passes18:18
darthduckThere were a few .cfg and .scc files in there that I wasn't using18:18
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yookidJust following up on my question from earlier -- any ideas on how to get a TTY/shell/login console over UART by default?18:27
zeddiidarthduck. very odd. I'm going to see if I can create some randomness and break it here.'18:29
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:f8a2:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has joined #yocto18:31
darthduckzeddii: I'll svn revert to get back the files and send you a tarball.18:32
darthduckzeddii: actually, I'll revert them one-at-a-time and see which one causes the failure18:34
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darthduckyookid: we're using core-image-minimal with x86-64, serial console seems to be on by default there.18:41
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yookiddarthduck: Thanks for your response.  Is it exposed via USB or UART?  I have the console on USB; I want it to work off of a UART peripheral instead.  Not sure how to remap it...19:31
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darthduckyookid: we're using a UART, /dev/ttyS020:07
darthduckyookid: not sure if this affects the getty for logins, but to get kernel console output, we have a bit in our kernel command line.  Give me a second and I'll dig it out....20:08
darthduckyookid: console=ttyS0,115200n820:10
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eboltonhey guys, strange problem with my yocto sdk....if I source the env script and run cmake from the command line on a project that requires QT4, it works fine....if the same command is invoked from a script it fails with the following error:20:17
ebolton"  /opt/poky/1.7.2/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/qmake reported20:17
ebolton  QT_INSTALL_LIBS as "/opt/poky/1.7.2/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/lib"20:17
ebolton  but QtCore could not be found there.  Qt is NOT installed correctly for the20:17
ebolton  target build environment.20:17
eboltonAFAIK, the env is identical in each instance20:17
xulferHm.  It seems like one of my recipes is trying to use the wrong compiler.  Any tips for how to troubleshoot this?20:18
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rburtonxulfer: probably some makefile that thinks using "gcc" is always right, you'll have to read the compile log to find out what bit of the build is broken20:21
xulferHm I'll try that.  It works on some machines / docker.  No idea why it doesn't on this one.20:22
xulferI'm sure this will be tons of fun since it's using GYP + Ninja, heh20:22
darthduckzeddii: The tmru-ct-preempt-rt.scc is the key to the failure.  If it's present, and you're performing a clean build, do_patch fails.20:23
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darthduckzeddii: If I bitbake -c cleanall linux-yocto-tmru-ct, remove the .scc file, and re-start the bitbake build, it's fine.20:24
xulferrburton:  Could this be something I'm doing wrong in Yocto?  The first thing I notice is that it's in an i586-poky-linux work directory.20:25
xulferOh wow.  I figured it out already.  Someone changed the MACHINE line in local.conf20:26
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RPkhem`: the issue with systemd 225 is the date problem. I haven't had a chance to figure that out :(20:33
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eboltonfixed it....aliases aren't expanded in non-interactive scripts by the alias in the cmake env script does nothing20:44
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khem`RP: did you read my email ?22:34
khem`explaining the date problem22:34
khem`and how its happening ?22:35
*** pidge <pidge!~pidge@2a02:8084:0:3000:a85e:c86:5874:2272> has joined #yocto22:38
RPkhem`: I hadn't when I replied earlier but I have now. Ross' version of the patch is in testing22:39
khem`link ?22:40
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