Friday, 2015-09-11

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Lewoco_How do build just the kernel?02:31
Lewoco_I tried `bitbake -c compile linux-imx` but judging from the output it looks like it's building non-kernel stuff (like openssl).02:32
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kergothit'll build more than the kernel, to satisfy dependencies only03:02
kergothe.g. just to fetch and unpack it, certain host tools are needed, of versions we know are good, not relying on them all on teh build machine03:03
Lewoco_kergoth, What is the correct way to 'clean' an entire recipe (I want it to delete the entire tmp/work/foo directory)?03:09
Lewoco_kergoth, I tried `bitbake -c clean foo` but when I then tried `bitbake -c build foo` it gave me errors that I didn't get the first time around.03:09
Lewoco_So I think somehow the -c clean screwed up the target.03:10
khemso now I have no build failures left with clang on x86_64 and aarch64 qemu03:17
khemnot everything is yet compiled with clang there are some packages approx 30 which still use gcc but thats OK03:18
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kergothLewoco_: clean is the correct task.03:37
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mckoangood morning07:15
ndechi there, morning! i just learned about recipes does anyone know how it gets the 'uptsream' version? some are missing, and was wondering how to fix some of the missing ones.07:19
rburtonndec: the upstream tracking include files in meta/conf/distro/include07:24
rburton(if it can't infer it from the SRC_URI)07:24
ndecrburton: hmm. which file in distro/include would give such hints? i am not seeing anything there?07:26
ndecin fact i'd like to understand why 'mesa' is 'unknown'07:27
rburtonndec: using master? in all releases its in meta-yocto07:27
ndecoh, meta-yocto..07:27
ndecrburton: and is the tracking tool available anywhere?07:30
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rburtonndec: enable the distrodata class and use poky distro if you're not on master, then bitbake [recipe] -c checkpkg07:31
rburtonthat's essentially the backend logic07:31
ndecok, thanks!07:31
rburtonin master its all in core now07:31
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ndecrburton: hehe.. somebody had some fun with regex there...07:57
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rburtonndec: hours of fun with regex!08:02
ndecyeah.. i am not sure if i really want to fix the mesa one ;-)08:03
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ericbutt1rshi.. i built for qemuarm64 but when calling runqemu /path/to/Image.bin /path/to/rootfs.ext3 the last line i see is "VNC server running on.." -- kernel does not boot??11:39
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anginHi, what can be the reason that a symlink to library is not copied to the image?15:16
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kergothfirst, files aren't copied directly to images at all, binary packages are installed there. second, symlinks *are* installed just fine15:27
kergothif you want the symlink .so for a shared library, that isn't needed to run binaries, only to do development.15:27
kergothhence they're in the -dev packages15:27
kergothi.e.,, -- the first of those is only used in development, not to run binaries that link against it. the binaries reference, which is the library's SONAME15:28
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kergothhmm, told wic to create this rootfs with a size of just under 4G, and the resulting .wic is 5.6G. the only other partition is 64M.15:29
kergoththat's not what i would expect wic to be doing15:29
kergothabelloni: run into this before?15:29
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* pidge is wondering why the rootfs manifests seem to randomly have the wrong umasks. Anyone have a build older then 0802 that can check to see if it has the wrong permissions?15:30
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abellonikergoth: did you use any alignment option ?15:33
fraypidge, conssitn perms or are they varying?15:34
pidgefray: varying15:34
kergothabelloni: looks like the one i copied was --align 4. that doesn't seem like it'd result in going from 4 gigs to 5.2, unless i'm missing something.. i expected to have to adjust for the partition alignment, but that doesn't seem like it'd result in a jump that large. hmm15:35
yoctiBug 8282: major, Undecided, 2.0, ross.burton, ACCEPTED , Manifest files inaccesible on autobuilder (403: Forbidden)15:35
* kergoth also noticed that changing IMAGE_CMD_wic, or the wks file, doesn't cause do_rootfs to rerun, not good15:35
abellonikergoth: yeah, it is just that align is in k by default, I wanted to makee sure it is not too large15:36
* kergoth nods15:36
abelloniI'd say that you have to run with debug enabled15:36
kergoth is the exact one i'm testing15:37
kergothah, good idea15:37
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* kergoth does that15:40
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staylorDoes anyone know the state of devtool in master, does it yet support updating the SDK?16:01
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kergothhave you thought about actually looking?16:05
staylorWell it's not documented anywhere so I am asking here if anyone knows if it works or not.16:14
kergothyes, i know, you've been doing that on a regular basis. you're asking what's been committed, checking what's been committed is trivial16:15
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staylorpardon me?  I've been doing what on a regular basis?16:15
kergothasking about this on this channel16:17
kergothregardless, yes, afaict it was merged 4 days ago, see
* kergoth double checks16:17
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staylorI asked about it once yesterday and once today, if this bothers you I don't know what to say.16:19
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staylorbut thanks for the link to the commit.16:19
kergothI guess I just don't see why you wouldn't just go look at the commits and see if it was merged16:20
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* kergoth shrugs16:20
kergothit's a web page, not hard to find16:20
staylorbecause by asking people maybe someone has tried it and it doesn't work yet and it can save some time, why does anyone ask anything here?16:21
kergoththe point is, you're valuing everyone else's time more than your own, by not bothering to do due diligence on your own16:27
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staylorI didn't ask you to look it up I asked if anyone knew, anyways just ignore questions if they bother you so much.16:34
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kergothDebug: Requested partition size for /: 203161616:44
kergothDebug: Requested blocks 2031616, current_blocks 16540416:44
kergothDebug: Added 1866212 extra blocks to / to get to 2641100 total blocks16:44
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kergothI'm not seeing the logic there, it takes a 2 gig partition with 165 megs used and bumps it to 2.6 gigs for no apparent reason i can see16:45
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abellonikergoth: that is the overhead_factor16:49
abelloni1.3 I think for ext2/3/416:49
abelloniyou can try --overhead-factor=116:50
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kergothhuh, i knew it had overhead, but that seems high. i guess in this case since i'm leaving a bunch of empty space anyway, there's no need to automatically add more16:54
kergoththanks, that helps16:54
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kergothAnyone know what the best bet is for the partition alignment on sd? a few resources i've found indicate that 4M is best (allocation group size) for sdhc17:13
kergothguess i could do some performance testing17:13
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Crofton|workkergoth, I think you need to line up with erase blocks17:42
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aj_cthere is a way to get something like 'VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_foo == foo then CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "foo"'18:03
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kergothaj_c: CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "${VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_foo}"18:06
kergothVIRTUAL-RUNTIME isn't special, it's just a variable, a convention18:07
abellonikergoth: 4k is probably fine18:08
aj_ckergoth: you are correct  actually my statement was wrong18:08
aj_c'VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_foo == "x" then CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "a b c" '18:08
aj_cit should be more like this18:09
abellonikergoth: you probably want to use
kergothaj_c: CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "${@'a b c' if '${VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_foo}' == 'x' else ''}"18:12
kergothinline python18:12
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malkaunshi, how do i get my intel edison to recognize usb devices?19:49
Snert_should show you what it sees19:49
malkaunswhen i plug in my hub an do lsusb i see "Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub" and ".. "2.0 root hub"19:50
malkaunsbut the devices connected dont show up19:50
Snert_make it 1 connected device. Not devices.19:51
Snert_baby steps.19:51
malkaunso ysi did hat too19:51
Snert_and reboot with only 1 device connected.19:51
Snert_what is your psu like? A good hefty external wall wart?19:52
malkaunsusing the console port ffor nw19:53
Snert_I wouldn't try to run extra usb devices with the only power available is from a usb port.19:53
malkauns*for now19:53
Snert_that could be it right there.19:53
malkaunsno, but i had this working before19:53
malkaunsthen i somehow blew my edison19:54
Snert_and what changed?19:54
malkaunsthen  i bough anothe eisonn19:54
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malkauns_sorry, network problems19:57
malkauns_so I blew my edison and bought another one19:58
*** challinan <challinan!> has joined #yocto19:58
malkauns_installed exactly the same image on it19:58
malkauns_now usb devices are not recognized19:58
malkauns_worked before on the old edison using console port as only power source19:59
Snert_whose base board? Sparkfun or intel?19:59
malkauns_sparkfun baseboard20:00
malkauns_"bas block"20:00
Snert_the one with 2 usb ports on it?20:00
Snert_I got a couple of those at home but I can't get to them right now to look and see what mine says.20:01
malkauns_is there some kernel module i'm missing or something?20:01
Snert_just a wild guess, but something is different. So maybe upgrade /update the boot image?20:02
Snert_whose linux u using...yocto?20:02
malkauns_Poky (Yocto Project Reference Distro) 1.7.2 edison ttyMFD220:02
Snert_wish I knew yocto better.20:03
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malkauns_what u running on edison?20:03
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Snert_I have 4 - and It's been awhile....if I put the edison on an intel board I keep yocto on it.20:04
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Snert_but if I use sparkfun boards I put debian ...can't remember the exact flavor off the top of my head.20:05
Snert_I certainly wouldn't hurt to reflash it.20:06
Snert_have you done opkg update/upgrade?20:06
malkauns_yea i've reflashed a number of times already :P20:06
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Snert_maybe a yocto expert here knows too noob. Love my edisons though.20:08
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LocutusOfBorg1hi folks, thanks a lot for fixing bug
yoctiBug 6881: normal, Medium+, 1.8 M2, richard.purdie, VERIFIED FIXED, git fetcher does not support lightweight tags20:17
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RPLocutusOfBorg1: you're welcome :)22:28
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