Thursday, 2015-09-10

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khem`halstead: how can I make the light theme of as my default00:20
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halstead_khem`: I don't think there is a way currently. You can bookmark that version though.00:22
khem`OK I guess I reference it enough so chrome indexes it higher00:23
khem`is a viable solution00:23
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abelalmorning folks07:27
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mckoangood morning07:35
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xerentdoes anyone know of a good image viewing application for wayland/weston? I just want my image to display some pictures after booting, for a demo14:20
jkuxerent: gst-player is very spartan but it's in oe-core... I don't remember testing on weston, but try "gtk-play [filenames]" after including gst-player in the image14:27
xerentjku: thanks, I'll try it14:28
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xerentNothing RPROVIDES gst-player14:34
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xerentI guess I don't have the recipe14:36
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xerentnah I'm too old version14:41
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bboozzooxerent: have you tried weston-image?14:46
bboozzooit should be a part of weston-examples package14:47
xerentyeah, seems like it's already part of my image then14:48
xerentroot@vit:~# weston-image14:48
xerenterror: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set in the environment.14:48
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bboozzooxerent: export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/tmp ?14:52
xerentyep, I stole the path from the weston init script :)14:52
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khem`after letting few packages to use gcc only world build for OE-Core looks pretty clean for x86-64 and aarch64 and
khem`thats with clang15:30
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JaMakhem`: gj!15:39
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mckoanwe would need Crofton|work bot in this channel too :-D16:22
westonhi guys, in my yocto build system, where can I see the procedures for creating my rootfs, for example core-image-xx.tar.bz2?16:23
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westonThis is because I need to add some binaries into the rootfs during build16:24
mckoanweston: meta/recipes-core/images/core-image-minimal.bb16:28
mckoanweston: find meta  | grep image16:29
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westonmckoan|away: thanks. But I dont see any procedures for compressing16:36
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westonHi all , any other inputs?16:42
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khem`JaMa: next I am going to go for QT516:50
khem`so meta-qt5 will be interesting16:50
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kergothis there a way to tell wic to pad the image size out beyond the end of the rootfs?17:43
*** caiortp_ is now known as caiortp17:44
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gunnarxIs there any way to set PREMIRRORS to a relative path?17:46
gunnarxor use some variable (I was unsuccessful with ${TOP_DIR})17:46
kergothnot enough information to say, would need to elaborate17:50
*** caiortp <caiortp!~inatel@> has quit IRC17:50
gunnarxI'm trying in local.conf to set a pre mirror to file://<path relative to build dir>17:50
gunnarxany fixed starting point really, I just don't want local.conf tied to any absolute path17:51
gunnarxto be specific I'm using SOURCE_MIRROR_URL and inherit own-mirrors, but the principle is about PREMIRRORS17:51
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gunnarxI know it's odd :-)  Most people have a fixed location for their mirror.  In this case I'm working on a setup where one is provided with the project.17:55
gunnarxDon't know the location this setup will be cloned into by the user.  so bblayers are addressed relatively using ${TOP_DIR}/../meta-whatever, need similar for local.conf17:56
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gunnarxIs there any variable with a path in local.conf?  Environment variable?17:59
*** melonipoika <melonipoika!> has joined #yocto17:59
gunnarxA way to insert a python snippet to figure out an absolute path to... well any part of the project really?  Just need any fixed point to add the relative path to.18:00
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kergothgunnarx: ${TOPDIR} sounds like a perfect place to go based on, if you want it reltaive to build dir, otherwise ${COREBASE} to be relative to oe-core/poky18:02
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gunnarxand it should work, right?18:02
gunnarxwait... seems to be working, once I did it relative to DL_DIR18:03
kergothif it doesn't, you have something else going on. file:// mirrors work fine (are known to work fine)18:03
gunnarxhmm, no idea what mistake I did with TOP_DIR, I was sure the path was right.18:04
kergothcheck the do_fetch log. there are debug messages showing the url replacements being applied from the mirror lines18:04
gunnarxgood idea18:04
kergothso you can make sure its returning what you wanted it to return18:04
kergothi have a standalone python script somewhere around here that just applies mirror lines to a url and gives you the results, so you can tweak PREMIRRORS/MIRRORS to make sure they're right18:05
kergothnot sure where i put it, but maybe should submit it to contrib18:05
gunnarxyeah, checking now, i don't think it should need heavy debugging18:06
gunnarxmostly needed to confirm my approach was ok18:07
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gunnarxkergoth, back on track with that thing, thanks.18:18
kergother, np18:18
gunnarxI have another thing though but I haven't fully confirmed it either...18:18
gunnarxso it seems a git repo is fetched over network (attempted, since I enabled BB_NO_NETWORK) even though it exists in the mirror18:19
gunnarxI haven't tracked it down fully, but one theory is this seems to happen if SRCREV is not defined to absolute hash18:19
gunnarxrather the git URL includes a tag=xxx18:20
gunnarxDo you think that is something?  Might bitbake be fetching the repo if nothing else to see that the tag did not move? :)18:20
gunnarxsorry don't want this to be a wild goose chase, but as I said I'm trying to narrow down why this happens for some repos only, it seems18:21
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rburtonkhem: all your patches for musl "Unset need_charset_alias when building for musl", you say it should be fixed in gnulib.  has that been fixed yet?19:03
rburtonrburton: trying to determine if you meant "it is fixed upstream" or "someone needs to fix it upstream"19:04
khem`musl community has been discussing it I dont think a final resolution is reached yet19:04
rburtonNot Required isn't a valid upstream-status and they're the only ones firing a warning from my tool :)19:05
khem`OK change it to Pending19:05
rburtonok :)19:05
khem`mostly it will be changed in gnulib19:05
rburtonyeah, and bubble down19:06
rburtonTotal patches found: 168619:06
rburtonPatches missing Upstream-Status: 9019:06
rburtonPatches with malformed Upstream-Status: 019:06
rburtonPatches in Pending state: 73419:06
rburtonthe 0 is an improvement at least19:06
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rburton(down from 94)19:07
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khem`I should just send them to components e.g. coreutils etc. itself19:13
khem`in interim19:13
khem`its still valid fix19:13
khem`if gnulib is not fixed19:14
khem`just at a different place19:14
khem`gnulib route is long19:14
khem`rburton: agreed19:14
khem`may be we should start a Wiki page on pending patches19:14
khem`and see if folks sign up for some of them19:15
khem`its quite an effort to upstream19:15
khem`700 odd parches19:15
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rburtonmy patch review tool is in rossburton/ross-tools on github, btw19:41
rburtoncurrently just does upstream-status verification19:41
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staylorDoes anyone know if the devtool support SDK updating in master yet?20:51
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abellonikergoth: --extra-space is what you are looking for22:13
abelloniby default, it uses IMAGE_EXTRA_SPACE which is 10MiB22:14
kergothheh, i knew we'd end up needing WIC_ARGS for IMAGE_CMD_wic22:14
*** nighty-_ <nighty-_!> has quit IRC22:15
abellonino, --extra-space goes in the wks22:15
kergothoh, right22:15
kergothokay, thanks, will gave that a shot22:15
kergothHmm, should add a script to the rootfs to grow the ext4 rootfs to the size of the partition it lives in, i know the debian beaglebone rootfs provides one22:16
abelloniobviously, if you use it along with --align, you will probably end up with more extra space22:16
abelloniyou should probably not need that22:17
abelloniwic creates the partition and then populates it with the rootfs22:17
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC22:17
abelloniso it has the correct size22:17
kergothwic created me a 250 meg image for a rootfs about that size, and i'm writing it to a 8gb sd card22:17
kergothclearly not ideal.22:17
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kergothfray: huh, so the new failing mirror recursion test, i'm guessing each mirror replacement ends up altering one after another, recursively, first one, then the other? so it's fine now when you have just the one entry, but when you have two, we can't catch that recursion bouncing back and forth?22:19
abellonikergoth: why don't you use --size 7G for example ? :)22:21
kergothyeah, probably will. was hoping to avoid hardcoding particular disk sizes in the wks, but guess thats probably the best way to go22:22
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has quit IRC22:22
kergotheither that or do what i was thinking before, but would have to both extend the partition size and the fs size based on disk size22:22
abelloniyeah, I have different wks for different SD card sizes22:22
kergothah, cool22:24
kergothworking with the beaglebone black at the moment22:25
Snert_I love my BBB.22:26
kergothhmm, wonder how best to integrate configuring configfs into the startup. maybe just a configfs.d which holds shell scripts22:26
Snert_better than any other dev. board22:26
kergothwould like to get the gadget stuff configured better22:26
kergothyeah, it's pretty nice. i like how compact and light it is, and able to be usb powered, but with more onboard capes than the old beaglebone like hdmi22:27
* kergoth brings it and an lcd/touch panel, and cables up to the coffee shop to work22:27
Snert_I like the boot from 4Gig of onboard flash.22:27
Snert_beats the hell out of booting from SD card.22:28
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto22:29
kergothoh yeah, sd boot is SO SLOW once you get used to emmc22:29
Snert_if they put 4gigs of flash (bootable) on any arduino mega2560 I'd be in heaven.22:30
Snert_these dev boards - they need to be bootable and run a real OS.22:31
Snert_and then, on top of shields and sensors and motors and shit.22:31
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto22:31
Snert_o...and for christs sake...POE.22:32
Snert_down with wall warts.22:33
Snert_seriously, how much could a full blown dev board with everything + more goodies cost?22:35
abellonithe issue with POE is that it can be up to 60V22:36
Snert_802.11 and BT built in, of course22:36
abelloniso an LM7805 will not do22:36
Snert_others manage it.22:37
abelloniyeah, it is a matter of price22:37
Snert_but I suppose doing that prices it out of the starving college student kind of price range.22:37
abelloniI'm not saying it is not doable :)22:37
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