Monday, 2015-09-14

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drouhi guys05:50
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abelalmorning all06:29
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droudoes anyone know how to pre-configure 2 network interfaces with the same IP address ? in order to have a proper network configuration whatever which port is actually up07:02
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mckoangood morning07:43
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dreamer88Hello, anyone awake here?08:10
dreamer88I am new to the yocto project, can you help suggest ebooks to learn and practice08:10
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bluelightningmorning all08:52
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abelalhi bluelightning09:00
bluelightninghi abelal09:02
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PiziwateHello, I'm using binary jre from oracle in yocto x86_64 build, but it is not working... the java executable looks for in /lib64.09:20
Piziwatewhat's the best practice to create a symlink from /lib/ to /lib64/ ? Is there a way in image recipe to make the changes after creating the rootfs ?09:21
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PiziwateDoes somebody knows how to make a symlink from /lib/ to /lib64/ after the image's do_roofs ? I've some incompatibilities with some prebuilt software looking in /lib64.09:30
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bluelightningPiziwate: you could do it by adding a function that you then call from ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND09:45
bluelightning(in the image recipe)09:45
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PiziwateOk good idea ! Thank you !10:59
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dreamer88I am new to the yocto project, can anyone help me get started12:36
* dreamer88 slaps ccaione around a bit with a large fishbot12:37
* JaMa slaps dreamer88 around a bit with
LetoThe2nddreamer88: especially the quick start.12:40
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LetoThe2ndslightly different topic: on dizzy, we're experiencing that an image build continuously pulls in an older uImage, although the recipe was changed, and the dependency tracking correctly triggered a rebuild. any pointers on where to start hunting?12:43
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LetoThe2ndadditional note: clansstate on the image fixed it. but why? :-)12:49
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fl0v0Hi there,12:58
fl0v0i just wanted to asked if anybody was ever successful building cef3 recipe (chromium embedded framework) on a freescale IMX6.12:58
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MarexI've been fiddling with nios2 recently14:29
MarexI'm trying to build core-image-minimal, but I'm running into issues with ptest14:29
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Marexmore precisely, the tests are installed into the build/ directory instead of build/.libs for some reason14:29
Marexthis happens at least for dbus-test and libxml2 packages14:29
MarexI wonder if there's something wrong with libtool14:30
kergothwith binaries, libtool generally writes binaries to .libs and then wrapper scripts for all those binaries in the parent above .libs. so files of that name should exist in both paths, just one is a wrapper script.14:32
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Marexkergoth: oh14:34
Marexkergoth: so why would libtool put the binaries directly into the dir above .libs ?14:34
Marexkergoth: I thought LT_OBJDIR might be the problem, but that's not the case14:34
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marek__simple question can I use regexp in @base_contains function in place of second param?14:56
marek__like @base_contains('MACHINE', 'mach1|mach2' ...14:56
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bluelightningmarek__: you want bb.utils.contains_any() instead14:57
marek__bluelightning: many thanks14:59
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Marexkergoth: so either libtool on nios2 doesn't generate those wrappers OR it overwrites the wrappers with the binaries by placing them in the same dir15:12
frayusually when libtool doesn't know anything about an architecture, it does static linking.  when things are statically linked then no wrappers are generated..15:16
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frayadding nios2 to OE/YP will require ensuring the architecture is known, not only to the build system, but to the various arch specific tools -- like libtool, autoconf, etc..15:17
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rburtonhmm what's that other bash script checking tool that isn't checkbashisms15:17
fray(usually pretty simply modifications in my experience)15:17
frayrburton, I usually just ask seebs to review it.. ;)15:17
rburtonwe need SaaS, SeebsAsAService15:17
seebsThis is a perfectly reasonable idea and nothing could go wrong with it.15:18
rburtonseebs: one instance could maintain pseudo, the other could check sh scripts for bashisms, the other could actually do your day job, and the other can relax15:18
kergothrburton: shellcheck,
* kergoth yawns15:19
rburtonah yeah if i change my hashbang to sh that produces 9 comments15:20
rburtonhuh $"…" is a new one to me15:20
Marexfray: the binaries are dynamically linked though15:21
Marexfray: also, binutils, libtool and friends already do know about nios215:21
fraythen libtool should be generating the wrappers... as Kergoth mentioned, the purpose of the wrapper is to make sure the exectuable that was linked can find the libs15:22
fray(until you do the make install)15:22
rburtonkergoth: "download and run locally!" it says.  haskell! pah.15:22
Marexfray: which is why I suspect it overwrites the wrappers with the dynamically linked binary15:23
Marexfray: but why would that happen, that's a mystery to me15:23
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kergothrburton: heh, it's not too bad. install ghc, install cabal-install, run cabal install shellcheck, or will install it into a dedicated sandbox for that one app and symlink it to ${XDG_DATA_HOME:-~/.local/share}/../bin15:46
kergothpresumably some distros package it too, of course15:47
rburtonkergoth: turns out debian packages it15:47
kergothah, nice15:48
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* kergoth has a pile of these shell scripts for per-app environments in his homedir. pip/pip3, cabal, cpan/perl, gem/ruby, brew (homebrew), npm, lua15:49
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drouhi guys16:04
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kergothHmm, do we have a per-layer way to silence the 'no recipe files match the BBFILE_PATTERN' warning?18:30
kergoththis layer has appends, but they're layer specific, and those layers aren't always included, so in some configurations there won't be any, but in others there will18:31
kergothi hate to add a no-op empty bbappend just to shut it up, but if i have to..18:31
kergothah, we do, nice18:33
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* nerdboy looking at the 1.8 dev manual19:17
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kergothAnyone else noticed that changing IMAGE_CMD_<fstype> doesn't cause do_rootfs to rerun?20:12
kergothRP: ping20:25
kergothor bluelightning_ perhaps20:26
bluelightning_I think that might be one of those situations where it can't figure out the dependencies by itself20:27
bluelightning_I hadn't noticed that one specifically though20:27
kergothwe do explicitly handle IMAGE_TYPEDEP_, but not IMAGE_CMD_, whcih seemed odd20:28
kergothwill look more closely20:28
kergothon another note, do you happen to know if forking bitbake would interfere with yocto-compliance?20:28
kergothiirc there's a line about everything having been pushed upstream in the terms20:28
kergoth(we might need my git shallow support for the next mel release, and it won't be merged in 2.0)20:28
* kergoth checks the site, assuming he can find the link again20:31
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kergothah, looks like patches have to have been submitted, but it doesn't say they have to have been merged :)20:33
kergothgah, the IMAGE_TYPEDEP vardep is wrong too20:36
kergoth'IMAGE_TYPEDEP_' is added to vardeps directly, without the IMAGE_FSTYPES-based suffix20:37
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RPkergoth: yes, patches just have to be shared, not merged20:45
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RPkergoth: not noticed IMAGE_CMD but it doesn't surprise me :(20:46
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kergothRP: k, thanks20:48
kergothRP: I've been thinking about getting a bit more active with yocto outside of work, though how much time i'll have i don't know, but let me know if you think of anything I can do to help reduce your workload. at a minimum I'm going to try to do more bitbake patch review ack'ing20:50
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RPkergoth: that would be good thanks! I think in the main part I'm really struggling with are the intermittent "random" autobuilder failures we keep seeing. If you fancy picking any of those up you'd be welcome. Other ideas are some of the less loved parts of the system like systemd, or some of the general code "infrastructure" improvements we keep talking about21:00
kergothokay, I'll take a look at the autobuilder first21:01
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RPkergoth: the ones that are still open mostly involve systemd at this point, gettys timing out and such21:04
RPkergoth: they've in the bugzilla. I know the AB can have high load but I can't shake the feeling that there is some underlying in systemd21:05
RPkergoth: I think putting sleeps in the qemu io thread was able to replicate some of it21:05
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RPkergoth: We've just taken a significant systemd version upgrade so its at least possible that might help. I only merged it a few hours ago so too soon to tell though.21:06
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RPkergoth: thinking more about that, also try and find something you'll enjoy...21:46
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Marexthis libtool is really horrible, 11k lines of insane shell script23:47
kergothi recommend no one ever read libtool23:47
kergothbut if you do, don't read the generated script23:48
kergothstart with, but iirc even that is partially generated by macros in order to avoid use of shell functions23:48
Marexkergoth: well, I have trouble with libtool, so how am I supposed to debug that ?23:48
kergothassuming the problem occurs outside of oe as well as in, email the libtool list for advice23:48
Marexkergoth: that might be the best approach now I guess23:50
Marexkergoth: I have to wonder why libs are placed into .libs , but the wrappers are placed one level lower and then immediatelly overwritten by the binaries23:50
kergothhave you verified that's exactly whats happening? remake might be of use to debug what the makefile is running23:51
Marexremake ? what's that ?23:53

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