Tuesday, 2015-09-15

kergotha version of gnu make with improved tracing and debugging00:00
Marexoh nice00:00
kergothmake -d is pretty much useless, so it's nice to have an alternative to see what's going on00:02
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Marexkergoth: thanks00:05
Marexkergoth: I think I'll hit the hay for tonight, I feel somewhat crappy00:05
kergothnp. night00:05
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rinkhi all06:11
rinkq: I want to add a file to my Yocto SDK (I make one with bitbake -c populate_sdk <image>)06:11
rinkthe idea is to add a 'toolchain.cmake' so my SDK will work with CMake by just including that file06:12
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mckoangood morning07:09
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rinkhi all08:14
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kidohey, could someone explain me how I can add an user that will be automatically logged-in in order to start a systemd user service as a normal user and not as root?08:22
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joshuaglyou'll want one of extrausers or useradd08:25
joshuaglI'd guess useradd to create a user in the recipe that provides the service08:26
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kidojoshuagl: thank you! :)08:27
kidowill it take care of auto-logging?08:27
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tasslehoffkido: do you need that? I think you can use User=<username> in the systemd service file.08:37
kidomhh indeed you are right, thanks!08:38
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rinkdoes anyone here know how to add things to the populate_sdk root ?08:44
rinkI want to place a file there to instruct my CMake which compiler etc to use08:44
rinkand I'd like it in the root08:44
* rink notes populate_sdk_base.bbclass seems to write things there, but I don't know ho to expand that08:45
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bluelightningmorning all08:47
* rink points bluelightning upwards and hopes for help *puppy eyes*08:49
bluelightningrink: :)08:49
bluelightningrink: two ways - use TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append to add packages, or create a function to generate the file and use POPULATE_SDK_POST_TARGET_COMMAND to call it08:49
rinkhmm, my main confusion arises from that I don't really want to add a package per se08:50
rinkjust place file next to site-config-..., environment-setup-..., version-...08:50
bluelightningright, I guess you probably want the latter in that case08:51
bluelightningor maybe SDK_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND would be better08:51
rinkhmm, that looks nifty *staring at buildhistory.bbbclass*08:53
bluelightningand you'd use ${SDK_OUTPUT} within that function to get the path to where you want to create the file(s)08:54
rinkI guess I can just do this in my image.bb file ?08:55
rinkwhich inherits core-image08:55
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rinkbluelightning: hmm, I have 'SDK_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += ' foo; '09:55
rinkfoo() {09:55
rinkand I get09:55
rinkfunction 'foo' doesn't exist09:55
rinkboth are in a .bb file09:55
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bluelightningrink: is the function properly closed? i.e. you don't have any stray }, or } indented instead of being at the beginning of the line?10:09
rinkthe implemention is10:11
rinkfoo() {10:11
rink  echo 'hi there'10:11
rink  exit 210:11
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bluelightningif you run bitbake -e yourimage | less and search for "hi there" with '/' do you find the function?10:13
* rink notes the variable name is 'delem_sdk_append_toolchain_cmake'10:15
rinkand it showsup as 'delem_sdk' ?10:15
bluelightningright, because of the _append10:15
rink# $delem_sdk10:16
rink#   _append[toolchain_cmake] ast.py:161 [eval]10:16
rink#     "  echo ohai10:16
rinkoh, that's nasty!10:16
bluelightningwhat you're actually doing is saying "append to the function delem_sdk" if the override "toolchain_cmake" is set"10:16
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bluelightninganother unfortunate consequence of _ being the override character10:16
rinkwell, thanks a lot man!10:17
* rink concludes _add_toolchain_cmake_ is a good function name as well10:18
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rinkusing ${SDK_OUTPUT} places the file in sdk/image/ ...10:27
* rink tries ${SDK_OUTPUT}/${SDKPATH}10:28
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bluelightningrink: ah yes, sorry, that is almost certainly the path you want10:32
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[Sno]otavio: around? wrt. openjdk-8 ...11:29
[Sno]otavio: when I understood your mail correctly, you mean: logically prepare your patchsets and mail oe-dev (meta-java) mailing list - didn't I?11:40
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lpapphi, is it possible that opkg search is buggy or I am doing something wrong? My package installs some files into /usr/lib which I can see in the output of opkg files mypkg, but then opkg search /usr/lib/libfoo.... does not return mypkg.11:43
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lpappoh, I am doing it wrong.. it needs the full path11:48
lpappi.e. opkg search /usr/lib/libfoo...., it was not enough to use opkg search ./libfoo.... in /usr/lib.11:48
lpappwould be nice to have feature though :)11:48
otavio[Sno]: yes. And also repport the segfault issue there.11:49
otavio[Sno]: keeping one clean branch on top of master allows for more people to use this as base work and ultimately help to reproduce and fix the issue11:49
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otavio[Sno]: maybe khem could help in the segfault problem11:49
[Sno]otavio: I agree11:50
[Sno]I figured out some internal exception's which occur with zero (without shark) either11:50
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[Sno]will fix them to have a zero running and rebase to master and make some clean, logically sane commits ;)11:50
[Sno]otavio: unfortunately it requires meta-oe updates for llvm ^^11:51
otavio[Sno]: thanks. Also if you want to cleanup the other recipes, be my guest ;-)11:51
otavio[Sno]: not a problem11:51
[Sno]I rebase that patch against master either11:51
otavio[Sno]: thx a lot12:00
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Mike_Newbhi!  I have an extremely newbish question to ask.  I need to build a version of linux for a freescale ARM processor on a WB-EDM-iMX6 board.14:19
Mike_NewbI downloaded the build appliance and am using Hob to target qemuarm.  Can I take the .ext4 files that are generated and put them on an sdcard to get linux on that platform?14:20
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Mike_NewbI could not get Hob to run with either iso or hddimg selected and manually editing the local.conf file to include IMAGE_FSTYPES ?= "sdcard" did not work as Hob overwrote those lines14:25
Mike_Newbhow do I use the .ext4 files?14:25
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LetoThe2ndfirst of all - don't use hob ;)14:31
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bluelightningunfortunately Hob has a bit of a blind spot where it comes to custom image types14:32
LetoThe2ndand no, a file for qemu almost certainly won't boot on a random board.14:32
Mike_NewbI have tried googling but have not been able to find a decent tutorial on how to do this14:33
LetoThe2ndit might drop into a rudimentary shell however, if there is a preexisting bootloader and kernel in use that just tries to jump into the image. if the kernel is sufficiently self-contained.14:33
LetoThe2ndMike_Newb: well what does the vendor say, and offer as bsp/documentation?14:33
Mike_NewbI inherited the board and it has an sdcard with yocto linux on there, but I wanted to do a clean install (on a different sd card)14:35
LetoThe2ndno additional documentation, or leftovers how the sdcard was created?14:35
LetoThe2ndbecause i guess you're in for a rough ride, then.14:36
LetoThe2ndon the other hand, isn't it just a standard wandboard?14:37
bluelightningFWIW, otavio has a nice book out which even uses the wandboard as an example14:38
Mike_Newbwhat is the title of the book?14:39
Mike_Newbis Otavio the author?14:39
Mike_NewbI'm guessing Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project by Otavio Salvador is the book14:40
Mike_NewbI will order a copy.  Thank you for the pointer.14:41
Mike_Newbthere are stock images at wandbord.org, but their download links have been broken for a while now and they don't reply to requests to fix this14:45
LetoThe2ndthose should be reproductible with the howto howto of the wandboard wiki14:49
LetoThe2ndIIRC it has pretty much a exact steps howto14:49
LetoThe2ndMike_Newb: yeah, see http://wiki.wandboard.org/index.php/Getting_started_with_Yocto_on_Wandboard14:50
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Mike_Newbthat looks good.  thank you14:59
*** scottrif <scottrif!~scottrif@> has joined #yocto14:59
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aj_cthere is a way to force bitbake to parse again all the recipes?15:40
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bluelightningaj_c: before I answer that, what problem are you trying to solve?15:51
aj_cI rewrite  a recipe that have a RPROVIDES to a package, i changed to point to another package but after run bitbake it still target to the old  one15:54
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto15:54
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #191 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-oe-selftest/builds/19115:55
bluelightningaj_c: ok, reparsing isn't going to fix that15:57
bluelightningcan you pastebin the RPROVIDES part of the recipe?15:58
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joshuaglRP: autobuilder looks fairly idle, mind if I queue a build?16:00
*** [Sno] <[Sno]!~sno@p578b540c.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC16:05
RPjoshuagl: yes, please hold off16:06
RPjoshuagl: trying to sort the M3 build atm16:06
joshuaglRP: ack, will hold16:06
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RPjoshuagl: looking a bit more, go for it, I think the M3 build is good16:12
joshuaglRP: oh, great. Thanks! - build queued16:13
otavioMike_Newb: :)16:19
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joshuaglremind me, what's the script/tool for listing overlayed recipes?16:31
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!~User@> has quit IRC16:32
joshuaglaha, bitbake-layers show-overlayed16:32
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aj_cbluelightning: I'm editing packagegroup-core-boot.bb trying to get some flexibility to commands utils http://pastebin.com/dL4YgNvZ#16:34
bluelightningaj_c: ok so you were actually changing RDEPENDS_${PN} ?16:36
aj_cyes instead of hardcoded busybox it points to ${VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_anybox}16:37
*** madisox <madisox!~madison@64-71-1-115.static.wiline.com> has joined #yocto16:39
aj_cmy mistake it seems my variable at local.conf was poiting to busybox and that is why it was trying to pull it...16:42
*** scottrif <scottrif!~scottrif@> has left #yocto16:43
bluelightningaj_c: right... I did just try something similar and it worked16:43
bluelightningaj_c: bitbake -e packagegroup-core-boot | less is a good way to check what's really being set16:43
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #47 of nightly-wic is complete: Failure [failed CreateWicImages CreateWicImages_1 CreateWicImages_2 CreateWicImages_3] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-wic/builds/4719:08
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challinanhalstead: qemuarm runs on the VM but keyboard mapping is whackyroot19:20
halsteadchallinan, Interesting. The keyboard mapping via vnc?19:21
challinanheh, good question - vmc seems to be working for LXTerminal, etc19:22
challinanbut when I launch qemu, typing 'b' yields s, 'c' yields d, and so on.  no pattern that is obvious19:22
challinanmust be something w/ vnc.  when I launch qemuarm from an ssh session, it works ok19:25
challinanprobably can ignore this for now19:25
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto19:25
challinanhmm, building for minnowboard using 1.8/Fido yields this fetcher error:19:29
challinanERROR: Fetcher failure: Unable to find revision c33d39561807e1073ca412f1c771f43e4da75994 in branch meta even from upstream19:29
halsteadchallinan, I don't have a quick solution but I'll look into it.19:33
challinani'm more interested in getting past this fetcher failure ;)19:34
halsteadchallinan, That hash is missing from which repo?19:34
challinanERROR: Function failed: Fetcher failure for URL: 'git://git.yoctoproject.org/linux-yocto-3.14.git;bareclone=1;branch=standard/base,meta;name=machine,meta'. Unable to fetch URL from any source19:35
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*** vmesons is now known as vmeson19:56
kergothwonder how far along rburton got with bug 463419:59
yoctiBug https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4634 normal, Low, 1.9, ross.burton, NEW , BitBake default 'dirs' in exec_func (${B}) causes build failures19:59
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* kergoth ponders20:13
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kergothhave we branched 2.0 yet? I'm wondering if I should hold back upstream submissions which are features that might not be appropriate for 2.0?20:37
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* kergoth wonders why we haven't just renamed fetch2 to fetch yet20:56
kergothcould use a review of the patch i just sent to the bitbake list, it's another one that touches the fetcher, so careful review is important20:58
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bluelightningkergoth: *cough* tests *cough*21:06
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kergothyeah, ran the selftests, no problems there21:25
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* kergoth starts work on a selftest to test this case21:31
aehs29khem: are you around?21:34
*** caiortp <caiortp!~inatel@> has quit IRC21:41
malkaunswhere can i find a simple open source dual/quad core sbc?21:44
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #501 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-x86-64-lsb/builds/50121:51
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kergothmalkauns: there are a number of options available afaik. wandboard seems like one viable option for that21:53
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@184-94-55-234.dedicated.allstream.net> has joined #yocto21:57
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RPkergoth: I've just realised we have a problem where values in OVERRIDES (like TARGET_ARCH) are in turn influenced by values in OVERRIDES22:11
kergoththat hurts my head22:11
RPkergoth: It hurts mine too. Do we just keep iterating the expansion until it stabilises ?22:11
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto22:11
RPkergoth: We've some bugs in multilib in particular related to this :(22:12
kergothI'm tempted to say we just don't allow it, but there are probably valid use cases for applying overrides to vars in overrides. Eg. say I want to forcevariable TARGET_ARCH or something.. in which case I think we'd have to keep recursing until it stops changing, with some form of recursion check not unlike how we do MIRRORS22:13
RPkergoth: the circular reference I've found is DEFAULTTUNE_virtclass-multilib-libXXX which changes TARGET_ARCH (through a whole set of vars)22:14
RPkergoth: probably put a limit of say 5 recursions and then if we hit that print an error asking for their configuration so we can laugh at it as being crazy? :)22:17
kergothYeah, exactly. the limit would be arbitrary, but as we've seen with mirrors, we don't want to risk infinite recursion22:17
RPkergoth: There is also a secondary problem with the ??= operator not updating the dependency code properly meaning TARGET_ARCH isn't being tracked properly anyway :/22:18
RPkergoth: I think I'll sleep on it and hope that helps ;-)22:19
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fraycan you continue expansion -removing- the current expansion from futures22:34
fraythat would limit the number of expansions to the number of entries?22:34
fray(that is more or less what I sent for a patch to the mirror processing code BTW... seems to do a good job stopping infinite recursion or adding arbitrary limits)22:34
kergothgood idea, same approach you just took to fix mirrors22:34
kergothheh :)22:34
frayand I think it's "obvious" to a user that once the iem has been processed, it's not expected to be processed again22:35
fray(at least I'd hope)22:35
kergothaside: does https://gist.github.com/kergoth/aa5acae96424ac57236f seem reasonable? I'm not entirely happy with it, but unless we can figure out how to get env vars set in the devshell process but not be exported to its children, i can't think of a better way to do it22:35
*** moto-timo <moto-timo!~timo@fsf/member/moto-timo> has quit IRC22:35
frayonly fear.. would the environment topdir or workdir conflict with anything running in the devshell, orwise it sounds good22:37
*** moto-timo <moto-timo!~timo@fsf/member/moto-timo> has joined #yocto22:47
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kergothscrew it, i'm just sending patches to teh list and if it's for stuff that doesnt' belong in 2.0, i'll leave it to the folks merging them to decide what to do with it if we haven't merged it yet, rather than holding off on emailing22:56
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