Wednesday, 2015-09-16

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dhircIs it OK to share the sstate cache directory as well as the downloads with different yocto builds. For example, if I am using the TI yocto and the freescale fsl-community etc? I am guessing it will be but just want to make sure there are no side effects of build A populating incorrect cache for build B..01:15
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kergothdhirc: yes, that'll work fine. cached binaries are checksummed, they'll only affect one another if the checksums match, which means they're correct, otherwise they won't affect one another at all03:13
dhirckergoth: thanks for confirming03:37
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mckoangood morning07:14
LetoThe2ndmoarns the good too.07:15
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ionte_could someone help me by explaining how tmux could interfer with a bitbake build of yocto?07:54
LetoThe2ndnot directly, but i can confirm that its detection interfers with the devshell feature IIRC07:54
ionte_i've had a problem building networkmanager. it failed while patching.07:54
rburtoni often run bitbake under tmux so define what you mean by interfere07:54
LetoThe2ndrburton: yeah, same here.07:55
rburtonso if you've got PATCHRESOLVE=user it will start a devshell for you07:55
rburtonand that will use tmux07:55
rburtonwhich is why poky sets that to noop07:55
ionte_looking at the log i noticed that there was some tmux related errors. so i draw the conclusion that networkmanager fails to build because i was running in tmux.07:55
rburtonso its possible that the patch apply failed07:56
rburtonset PATCHRESOLVE=noop in your local.conf and see if that helps07:56
rburton(fwiw, the default is noop in master now)07:56
ionte_so i closed tmux and now i get these errors:
ionte_testing with patchresolve=noop...07:59
rburtonlooks like you didn't set PATCHRESOLVE correctly08:00
ionte_rburton: that log was from before i set PATCHRESOLVE08:00
rburtonoh right08:00
rburtonyeah that's networkmanager's do_patch failing08:01
ionte_i'm building with PATCHRESOLVE=noop now, and so far no problems. i get a much better error message for the patch that fails to apply to networkmanager...08:01
rburtonits trying to drop you into a devshell to fix the apply directly08:01
rburtonwhich is helpful but a bit confusing if you're not aware its trying to do that :)08:01
rburton(thus why we changed the default)08:01
ionte_ok. has it always been like that?08:02
ionte_can't remember being dropped into devshell on patch errors before...08:02
rburtonionte_: poky sets noop, the default was user until very recently.  its possible that you were using a distro that sets noop until recently?08:13
ionte_rburton: using poky fido and PATCHRESOLVE is "user" (set in meta/conf/bitbake.conf)08:18
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joshuaglthe default local.conf sets PATCHRESOLVE = "noop"08:25
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bluelightningmorning all08:35
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joshuagloops, I seem to have triggered a QA build mail when using the AB yesterday08:37
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ionte_joshuagl: yes, i see that now. but i use a minimal local.conf, so i guess it defaulted to "user" since PATCHRESOLVE was not set in local.conf09:23
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gatisphi, is it possible in yocto in .bbappend file to remove "something" from RDEPENDS that was set in .bb file?09:30
gatispI tried RDEPENDS -= "something", but that results in unparsable line09:31
bluelightninggatisp: you could try RDEPENDS_${PN}_remove = "something"09:31
bluelightningbtw, if this is in something like a packagegroup, no worries... but bear in mind in a normal recipe this alone isn't going to do anything to remove the underlying dependency that the RDEPENDS is just there to satisfy09:32
gatispbluelightning, thanks, _remove seemed to helped - bitbake succeed. Yes I understand that it would not remove the dependency from the code it self :) Just want to remove a faulty set dependency in upstream code.09:37
bluelightninggatisp: the the upstream code a public layer?09:37
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gatispyes, it is /sources/meta-openembedded/meta-initramfs/dracut. We talked about this one actually once. dracut does not depend on systemd09:38
gatispuntil now i just copied the recipe and remove the faulty dependency manually09:38
gatispnow i am just cleaning up my code by adding .bbappend with RDEPENDS_${PN}_remove = "systemd"09:40
bluelightninghmm, well ideally the original recipe would be fixed09:40
gatispof course I should fix it upstream, but lazy to setup account :)09:40
bluelightningI'm still a bit puzzled as to how that dependency got in in the first place09:40
gatispprobably by mistake09:41
bluelightningI did look through the git history but there wasn't anything obvious by way of explanation09:41
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gatispdracut can take advantage of systemd if it present09:41
gatispbut it is not mandatory09:41
bluelightningok, fair enough09:42
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ionte_anyone who's familiar with using nodejs and npm packages in yocto? i have a few packages that are build dependencies for a custom recipe. for example "webpack"...10:24
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niteshnarayanlalhi I am trying to create a custom layer with some packages whose recipes are only available in this meta-example directory11:28
niteshnarayanlalI already modified conf/bblayers.conf to include the absolute path of this directory11:29
niteshnarayanlalbut still when rootfs is building this packages are not build and nor packaged11:29
niteshnarayanlalany idea where I am doing wrong11:30
jkuniteshnarayanlal: does anything add the packages into the image?11:31
niteshnarayanlaljku, I tried to add these packages by making a bbappend file11:32
niteshnarayanlalunder images directory11:32
niteshnarayanlaljku, I hope I expressed my query clearly?11:34
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jkutypically I think you'd either create a file or for testing you could just use  'IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " my-package"' in your local.conf11:36
niteshnarayanlaljku, is there any example which I could refer as I couldn't find it on internet11:40
niteshnarayanlalI used IMAGE_INSTALL +="package"  -image-core.bbappend11:41
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jkuI guess bbappending image bb files works (assuming you actually used the name of a real image) but the normal way to do it is to write a custom .bb file and use e.g. "inherit core-image" in that bb file11:50
jkuniteshnarayanlal: see
jku(or just copy-paste some image bb file that is close to what you want)11:52
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niteshnarayanlaljku, if I have some pre existing which I copy under images of tpm-abc directory11:54
niteshnarayanlalthen do I have to change its name11:54
niteshnarayanlalor is it ok if 2 exists in separate directory11:54
jkuchange the name -- I don't  see how bitbake could figure out which one you mean otherwise11:55
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niteshnarayanlalso just changing the name will do and is there any other change I need to make12:01
niteshnarayanlalas in how yocto reads it just goes to this directory and see the and will start building those packages12:02
niteshnarayanlalis that so?12:02
jkuas long as the layer is in BBLAYERS and the layers layer.conf sets BBFILES so that  is found, that should be it12:06
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jku(and the image bb file adds the needed packages to IMAGE_INSTALL of course)12:07
niteshnarayanlaljku, this is how my layer.conf looks atm12:11
niteshnarayanlalits present in meta-tp/conf/12:11
niteshnarayanlalother two directories in meta-tp are images and recipes-tp12:12
niteshnarayanlalrecipes-tp carries trousers and other recipe files in the respective directory of each package12:13
niteshnarayanlalin the images I have created image-core-tp.bb12:14
niteshnarayanlalwhere I have added the IMAGE_INSTALL12:14
niteshnarayanlaldoes that make sense?12:14
jkuwhat is the problem you are solving right now?12:17
niteshnarayanlalthe packages are not getting build12:17
niteshnarayanlalwhen I am building the rootfs12:17
jkubut did bitbake build image-core-tp?12:17
jkuniteshnarayanlal:  it sounds like the image file should be in e.g. meta-tp/recipes-tp/images/image-core-tp.bb12:19
jkuto match your BBFILES setting12:19
niteshnarayanlaljku, yeah thanks a bunch12:25
niteshnarayanlalI didn't write the layer.conf properly12:25
niteshnarayanlaldue to which it never found the recipe files12:25
jkunp (I think I've fallen to the same trap once)12:26
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niteshnarayanlaljku, a generic question we have so many layers in yocto now if all have their own then size of the whole rootfs would be too large isn't12:30
niteshnarayanlalor is it advisable to use bbappend12:30
jkunow I don't follow12:32
bluelightningniteshnarayanlal: why would you need one image per layer? surely you should only need one image recipe per set of image contents you actually want to build?12:34
jkuniteshnarayanlal: if you just wanted to add packages from this new layer to an existing custom image (without creating an additional image), then just modify that image bb file12:36
bluelightningthe recommended best practice is for your custom image recipes to be in your custom distro layer, which has an expectation that all of the layers providing all of the needed recipes are enabled when using it12:38
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niteshnarayanlalah ok thanks all12:45
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DatGizmoHey, is it possible to make the layer configuration dynamic? I want to include a layer only if a specific machine is used.14:59
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kergothDatGizmo: not generally, no15:00
kergothwhich is part of why bsp layers should use machine overrides everywhere, so it's safe to include the layer in your layer configuration whether you use that machine or not15:00
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DatGizmoMy problem is, that I have some bbappends in our layer which depends on another layer. So if this layer is missing, bitbake failes.15:03
*** tmcguire_ <tmcguire_!~tmcguire@> has quit IRC15:03
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kergothah, i can tell you how to fix that15:03
DatGizmoSo I thougt, I could put thoes append files in a subfolder of our layer, and include thoes onlt if a specific machine is used.15:03
kergothyou can set it up so you can have areas of your layer which are only used when that other layer is included15:03
kergoththen as an example,
Ulfalizerhow meta15:04
kergothnote how it's under the meta-ti subdir. it goes by the layer name from BBFILE_COLLECTIONS from the layer's layer.conf15:04
kergothit's quite common to have a distro layer that wants to apply changes to multiple bsps, so it comes in handy there15:05
kergothbluelightning: oops, forgot to cc you on the new recipetool subcommand, but i think you probably saw the bug update anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter15:07
kergothi need to get in the habit of cc'ing folks that care on my submissions15:07
DatGizmoAhh, I have seen this in a layer we use. But I didn't quit understand how I could use this. But it just clicked :)15:07
DatGizmokergoth: thanks :)15:07
bluelightningkergoth: hmm when did you send that?15:08
kergothlast night, '[PATCH] recipetool: add 'newappend' sub-command' .. it's trivial, not much code15:09
kergoththought about putting it in, but i worry that's getting a bit cluttered15:10
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bluelightningkergoth: hmm, somehow I'm not seeing it in my mail client but it's in patchwork15:14
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@> has quit IRC15:14
kergothhuh, weird15:14
bluelightningah, wait... there it is15:14
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kergothHas the 2.0 release been branched, yet, since it's supposed to be feature frozen?15:27
frayafaik "kinda".. in that M3 isn't out yet AFAIK..15:29
kergothhuh, k15:29
fraygcc 5.2, recipe test and build failures, etc have put M3 behind schedule..15:30
fraytechnicall M3 release is what should trigger the freeze.. but I don't think RP is accepting new functionality at this point (well he probably is within reason anyay)15:30
*** tmcguire__ <tmcguire__!~tmcguire@> has quit IRC15:31
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gatisphello again. How do I tell a recipe to install header files in sysroot? currently I have them only on the image.15:34
kergothfray: ah, okay, thanks, was wondering15:35
kergothgatisp: you don't have to tell it anything, any headers installed to ${D}${includedir} will end up in the sysroot15:35
peterdoeI've discovered Yocto Autobuilder today and I'm interested on it15:36
peterdoeIs it doing tests on QEMU already? I read that is something you want to add in the future, but don't know when this webpage has been edited last time:
gatispkergoth, hm ok, will have to check why they are not there then. I inherit autotools, maybe i have to explicitly add that path in install_append then.15:37
RPkergoth: M3 just went into testing which is our feature freeze point15:38
bluelightningpeterdoe: it is... but it's just calling the runtime test code that is within the main build system in order to do that15:39
RPkergoth: I tend to hold off branching for a while and concentrate on bug fixing the release rather than try and do master and the release at the same time15:39
*** ajtag_ <ajtag_!> has quit IRC15:41
peterdoebluelightning: nice! can you point me to the jobs in autobuilder buildbot that are doing that?15:41
*** maxin <maxin!~maxin@2001:998:22:0:780b:88e7:8652:10a3> has quit IRC15:42
peterdoeI've been also trying to dig information about "Yocto HW automation testing". All the info I've found is confusing15:43
bluelightningpeterdoe: "Running Sanity Tests" is the autobuilder task that does that I believe15:43
bluelightningas for testing on real hardware, what we support is documented in the manual, let me grab the section link15:44
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has quit IRC15:45
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peterdoebluelightning: yes, "sanity tests" looks like them, thanks15:46
* peterdoe goes to read15:46
peterdoethanks for the link15:46
bluelightningno problem15:47
bluelightningit's fairly bare-bones, but does have the basic functionality15:47
gatispkergoth, i think i used the wrong work to describe what i was trying to achieve. What I wanted to ask is how do I get the headers into toolchain? not sysroot/image15:47
bluelightninggatisp: how are you building the toolchain?15:48
fraygatisp - for 'toolchain' you mean an SDK?15:48
*** ajtag_ <ajtag_!> has joined #yocto15:48
gatispyeah, SDK. I run "bitbake meta-toolchain-b2qt-embedded-sdk"15:49
fraythe meta-toolchain-b2qt-embedded-sdk recipe would need to specify the list of things you want in the 'sysroot' part of the SDK..15:49
frayboth mandatory and 'attempted' install..15:49
bluelightningthrough TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK15:49
fraycorrect.. was just going to look that up.. ;)15:50
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto15:50
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away15:51
gatispbluelightning, fray : thanks, I think i found the place.15:51
fraythere is also an 'SDKIMAGE_FEATURS' which defaults to dev-pkgs and dbg-pkgs15:53
kergothHmm, we put ERROR messages on stderr, but not WARNING messages. given stderr isn't just for errors, but anything out of band, i think warnings would probably be appropriate there as well15:53
kergoth(context: i want recipetool-newappend to be scriptable, which means nothing but the append path outputted on stdout, but also want to show warnings)15:55
*** tlwoerner_ <tlwoerner_!~tlwoerner@unaffiliated/tlwoerner> has quit IRC15:55
kergothoh, actually, we aren't even using BBLogFilterStdErr in scriptutils yet anyway, so even if it worked for warnings, it wouldn't benefit recipetool yet :P15:56
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aaboydI'm kind of new to this whole thing so this might be a dumb question, So much information to try and consume at once ...  When a yocto build is made, where  / how do you define a script that you want to be put in /etc/rc5.d/ ?  I looked at some of the recipes for busybox and I just don't see where that happens16:05
*** scottrif <scottrif!~scottrif@> has joined #yocto16:05
kergothoh, i see16:05
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jmesmonCan 2 builds use the same SSTATE_DIR without causing problems for each other?16:10
jmesmonbitbake related ^16:10
bluelightningaaboyd: basically they need to be installed during do_install... often the makefile being run by the recipe is what does that16:11
bluelightningaaboyd: after that there is an inherit and some variables to set in order to get the initscript enabled16:12
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aaboydbluelightning: thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I will take a look at that part of the manual16:15
bluelightningaaboyd: no problem16:16
bluelightningjmesmon: I'm not sure that is a good idea for concurrent builds... you're best off having a primary builder and then any others use SSTATE_MIRRORS to point to the primary's SSTATE_DIR16:18
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* nerdboy waves from the squeaky-kitty nest16:23
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tripzero1joshuagl: ping16:38
*** grma <grma!> has joined #yocto16:39
tripzero1when you "bitbake [recipe]" shouldn't bitbake select the latest version?  "bitbake opencv" seems to want to build 2.4 instead of 3.0 even though opencv_3.0 exists16:39
kergothtripzero1: the latest is used if no preferences are specified. your distro could be specifying it, or the recipe could set DEFAULT_PREFERENCE to indicate we don't want it used by default (usually the case with prereleases, git versions, or bits which just aren't well supported yet, etc)16:40
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tripzero1kergoth: aah! I see DEFAULT_PREFERNCES = "-1" for 3.016:41
tripzero1can I override that in my local.conf?  DEFAULT_PREFERNCES_opencv = "0" ?16:42
kergothno, the usual way of specifying preferences will override it16:43
kergothPREFERRED_VERSION_opencv = "3.0"16:43
kergothDEFAULT_PREFERENCE is just the default when no preference is specified by the user16:43
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kergothHmm, could be useful to be able to specify on a per-recipetool-sub-command basis, to send all log messages to stderr, because our primary output is something actually useful, not just log messages16:54
kergothfor cases where the log messages are not the primary output -- logging usually *is* out of band for unix tools, just with bitbake we conflate the two, the log messages are the main output16:55
kergothDoes seem reasonably sane?16:57
kergoth(doesn't do what i just discussed, just switches to using the bits that send error to stderr, then changes that to include warnings, and uses the bb.msg log formatter once we have bb.msg available)16:58
*** jimBaxter <jimBaxter!> has quit IRC16:58
tripzero1kergoth: you wrote the opencv recipe, right?16:58
kergothdon't think so16:59
kergothcheck the git log. git log --follow <recipe path>16:59
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challinanoops!  /etc/issue still shows 1.7.2 in fido branch ;)17:47
* kergoth chuckles17:48
kergothneed to automate the release process more, including version bumping17:48
challinanyeah, DISTRO_VERSION still showing 1.7.217:50
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* nerdboy had a jenkins env sed hack for that once...18:14
* nerdboy hears the mewing of day-old kitties18:15
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kergotherror: implicit declaration of function 'drmModeSetCursor2' in xserver-xorg, anyone run into this one before?21:15
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Marexprogress, finally22:24
Marexkergoth: I've been in hell^H^H^H^Hdigging in libtool some more22:24
Marexkergoth: looks like need_relink is not set to 'yes' for nios2, this the libtool doesn't generate wrappers22:25
Marexkergoth: now I need to understand why this is the case22:25
kergothMarex: heh, progress at least22:26
kergothin case anyone else ever runs into the aforementioned error, drmModeSetCursor2 was added in 2.4.46 of libdrm, but meta-ti is currently stuck on 2.4.41, so currently meta-ti machines using libdrm will fail to build the xserver-xorg which is in oe-core22:27
kergoththat is, without a preference set to pull in oe-core's libdrm22:27
Marexkergoth: libtool eats little kittens for breakfast, I'm certain of that22:27
kergoththat doesn't surprise me in the least. i remember working on some of the early cross patches for it, nightmare22:28
kergoththough richard did more of that than i22:28
RPkergoth: we still have some of yours I think. We both have scars from that...22:29
denixkergoth: that's unfortunate. I'm trying to push people internally to remove dependency on old libdrm -
kergothdenix: yeah, got taht impression from your commit messages :)22:29
RPjoshuagl: congrats on achieving the greenest build we've had for a while!22:30
* RP just wishes it was master22:30
*** _dv_ <_dv_!> has joined #yocto22:32
frayMarex usually the relink is because prelink doesn't think the architecture supports shared libraries..  this could be the result of the arch scan early in libtool -- or it running 'file' to find the type of files and not being able to interpret the results..22:33
*** dv_ <dv_!> has quit IRC22:33
RPkergoth: one dilemma we've got right now is the package directory concurrency issue. rootfs generation is basically serialised by locks on the package directories since changing the indexes half way through would break things.22:33
*** demonimin <demonimin!~demonimin@unaffiliated/demonimin> has quit IRC22:33
RPkergoth: now the QA tests are getting upset if we change the index in the middle of the package manager tests :(22:33
RPkergoth: serisouly wondering if we should make things work off a hardlinked copy of the dirs...22:33
Marexfor host in .... *os2*) magically matches nios222:34
frayas I said before.. I'm surprised libtool even knows that nios2 architecture exists..22:34
*** madisox <madisox!> has quit IRC22:34
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto22:34
frayahh there ya go.. :)  you not have a nearly 20 year old OS causing you problems22:34
Marexwhich is why , of course , need_relink is set to no, because for os2 we do not relink22:34
*** demonimin <demonimin!> has joined #yocto22:34
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Marexbut nios2 != OS/2 , so ...22:34
Marexthat's the whole problem22:34
RPMarex: I really shouldn't laugh, I've been there myself...22:35
fraymy suggestion BTW (short term) remove references to os2... long term re-order the matching22:35
fraythe later is likely what you need to get it upstream22:35
MarexI'll consult this with my doctor ...22:35
fray(search and replace of 'os2' to 'XX' would work.. ;)22:36
Marexfray: I'd prefer a much more proper solution22:36
MarexI need to check how many of these os2 issues are there22:37
Marexbut hell, this was a stab in the back, ew22:37
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kergothMarex: haha22:38
*** malkauns_ <malkauns_!> has joined #yocto22:46
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khemnios we did not have proper fork() for it as well22:47
Marexkergoth: I'd like to submit proper nios2 support for Yocto22:48
Marexkergoth: should I cook it into meta-nios2 or shall I submit the core bits for inclusion into poky ?22:49
khemMarex: core bits into oe-core yes22:52
Marexkhem: roger :)22:54
Marexkhem: btw are you coming for ELCE this year again ?22:54
khemMarex: no, skipping22:54
Marexwho's coming ?22:54
khemmust be lot of folks22:54
* fray will be there22:55
Marexkhem: yeah, it's bigger each year and I think the quality is dropping22:55
frayI think zedd will as well22:55
Marexoh cool :)22:55
frayI think the quality is there.. but the type of talks is changing.. (not necessarily bad)22:56
frayI'm seeing a lot more what I would consider "intermediate" embedded topics22:56
frayfewer advanced and beginner topics..22:59
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Marexfray: come see my FPGA talk :-)23:12
*** madisox <madisox!> has quit IRC23:12
Marexfray: hopefully, it's press you into the seat with it's advanced...ness :-)23:12
* Marex is in really good mood after this libtool thing :-)23:13
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kergothI really need to stop skipping these conferences, I've been to one ELC years ago :\23:19
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