Monday, 2015-09-28

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mckoangood morning07:03
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bluelightningmorning all08:46
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parrotbluelightning: good morning :-)08:53
bluelightninghi parrot08:54
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parrotbluelightning: I've no problems in yocto so far since I already got the beignet port job done and I've passed down that hard job of actually maintaining the recipes to someone else. What a relief :-)09:01
parrotI guess you'll be happy to hear less issues from me as well lol09:02
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bluelightningparrot: glad to hear you're havving success :)09:02
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parrotso I'm just saying hi here which is a pleasure09:02
parrotbluelightning: that actually took me like 5 months but I was still ahead of time which is surprising09:03
bluelightningparrot: I don't mind helping with any issues you might have09:03
parrotbluelightning: I know. And I'm glad of that. I wouldn't have achieved that without the you and yocto folks here.09:04
parrot*omit "the"09:05
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jedixDoes anyone have a link to the supported shell types?14:30
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jedixsupported host shell types14:32
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rburtonjedix: bash or dash14:35
jedixrburton: I thought zsh was supported?14:36
rburtonsanity.bbclass explicitly checks that /bin/sh is either dash or bash14:37
jedixbut what about $SHELL checks?14:38
rburtonwell, SHELL is unexported in the build14:39
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rburtonso it can't impact your builds anyway14:40
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jedixrburton: actually, sanity.bbclass @ says "Using dash as /bin/sh causes various subtle build problems, please use bash instead."15:06
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bluelightningjedix: er, that's OE-Classic, which is ancient by now15:08
bluelightningjedix: we've supported dash as /bin/sh for quite some time15:08
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kergothjedix: the user's shell is irrelevant to the build. it's /bin/sh that matters15:24
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khem`linux-yocto tooling on master is causing some issues for me. I have two bbappends in two different layers adding patches to kernel and the kernel is upstream linux-stable using linux-yocto tooling only. All meta/ needed for kernel tooling is in recipe space as well. The problem I see is that it applies all the patches from first bbappend. Then it appends the remaining patches from layer2 to the series and then tries to start again instead of just trying16:12
khem` to apply the remaining patches from layer216:12
* khem` pokes zeddii 16:13
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tripzero1QA Issue: gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: The compile log indicates that host include and/or library paths were used.16:17
zeddiihmm. I'll set up something similar here. should be easy enough to fix.16:18
tripzero1but puttin "INSANE_SKIP_gstreamer1.0-plugins-base += "compile_host-path"" in my local.conf doesn't fix16:18
rburtontripzero1: better to fix the problem instead of turning off the warning16:18
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tripzero1rburton: the problem is a massive rabbit hole.  It's the gobject-introspection doesn't crosscompile problem.16:18
rburtonwhy is it even touching introspection as it doesn't work at all16:19
tripzero1I added the meta-gir layer.  not even this works at all?16:19
rburtonin that case you get to fix meta-gir ;)16:20
tripzero1the error might be a feature, not a bug.  meta-gir doesn't crosscompile, it compiles the introspection native using qemu16:21
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto16:22
tripzero1i suspect that the QA issue is somehow related, but I'm no expert on the dots inbetween16:22
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khem`zeddii: btw this works fine with 1.616:39
khem`zeddii: currently seeing it with master16:39
khem`not sure about fido16:39
zeddiiI made some significant changes, they are only in master.16:39
khem`zeddii: I tried SRC_URI += or _append16:40
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC16:40
khem`same results16:40
zeddiiI'm setting up a test case. I run tests like that (patches from multiple layers), but something may have slipped through.16:40
khem`OK cool16:40
zeddiiIf I can't make my test blow up, I'll ping you for details.16:40
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:2e45:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has quit IRC16:41
khem`zeddii: sure16:41
khem`its simple aditions to linux-yocto-custom.bb16:41
khem`from meta-skeleton16:41
khem`point to linux-stable16:41
khem`and apply bunch of patches in different layers16:42
zeddiicool. I have layers that simply add a number to extra_version in the kernel Makefile, I stack them up to make sure things work.16:42
khem`I have actually tried the scc method as well16:42
khem`same result16:42
zeddiiI'm updating them to run against 4.1 and stable. will see what I get.16:42
kergothrandom comment: does anyone else think _ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_ is a bit silly, naming wise? (re the rdepends/rrecs vars)16:44
kergothseems rather contradictory :)16:44
kergothcourse we have bigger annoyances than that in our variable naming consistency, but still :)16:45
khem`yeah change it16:52
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:2e45:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has joined #yocto16:52
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*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away16:57
kergothi wish repo would summarize the errors at the bottom. it's easy to miss a failed checkout due to local modifications due to the parallel updating16:58
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kergothotavio: ping17:00
*** madisox <madisox!> has quit IRC17:01
otaviokergoth: pong17:02
* paulg wonders if anyone has successfully booted a powerpc systemd image recently...17:03
kergothotavio: what's the status of the meta-fsl-{arm,ppc} to meta-freescale migration and the support status of the former? is there a timeline for deprecation of the former?17:03
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dreyna4529fray : ELCE phone call?17:04
zeddiikhem: I see breakage. fixing.17:05
kergothotavio: also what about the freescale official sdks, are any releasing based on meta-freescale yet?17:05
* zeddii grumbles and gets coffee before editing a file.17:05
kergothzeddii: always a good policy17:06
kergothi should really follow it more..17:06
otaviokergoth: this is a complex question17:06
otaviokergoth: the next qoriq sdk will be based on meta-freescale; the imx will not move to this until 2.1 release17:07
kergothrough timeline on that?17:07
otaviokergoth: meta-freescale will be the consolidation and likely stable for 2.1 timeline17:08
kergoth(sorry for the pestering, judging based on our own release schedule)17:08
otaviokergoth: i want to discuss some issues with you17:08
otaviokergoth: seems like a lot of fixes are merged in meta-mentor and I wish those in fsl-arm, fsl-ppc17:08
kergothah, yes, good point, i've been working through our oe-core backlog, but haven't pushed enough to the vendor bsp layers. we'll work on that17:09
kergothyou know how it is, easy to focus on release priorities and fall behind on upstream submissions, then have to play catchup on the backlog after release :)17:11
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:2e45:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has joined #yocto17:11
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otaviokergoth: yes but as I am active we could try upstream-first approuch and see if it works for fsl related layers17:15
kergothI'll start rejecting fsl specific pull requests to meta-mentor :)17:15
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kergothconfigfs: no symbol version for in_group_p17:29
kergothanyone run into this one with gcc 5.2?17:29
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paulgkergoth, have not seen that ; built powerpc and x86-64 on latest everything just yesterday...17:37
kergothHmm, k, thanks17:38
paulgpowerpc wouldn't run systemd, but it did _build_17:38
*** cesdv <cesdv!> has quit IRC17:39
kergothwe're getting it on bootup, configfs module fails to be inserted17:40
* kergoth checks kernel commits17:41
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khem`zeddii: cool17:45
khem`zeddii: if you have patch to test I can help testing it out in our setup here17:45
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*** jchonig <jchonig!> has joined #yocto17:49
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zeddiikhem: I see the problem. but it isn't as simple to fix as I'd like. I'm making a change now, and will ping you with a patch to test when I'm done.18:00
kergothsomeday i'm going to remember the commands to connect to wifi with connman, i swear18:00
* kergoth has to look it up every damn time18:00
khem`zeddi ok no worries18:01
khem`if you dont see me here18:01
khem`email it to me18:01
* zeddii nods18:01
paulgkergoth, odd.  kernel/groups.c   has EXPORT_SYMBOL(in_group_p);18:01
* kergoth checks to see if mentor did something hokey in our kernel repo :)18:02
paulgto be fair I'm building 4.2 via linux-yocto-dev now...18:02
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khem`evil vendor trees18:02
paulgmakes zeddii feel better knowing someone is using the dev tree.  :)18:02
paulghas been exported since 2009 according to git blame, so should be in all trees.18:03
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kergothbluelightning: hmm, just noticed appendfile will happily overwrite an existing file in the filesdir. e.g. if i'm appending two files in the rootfs with different destinations, but the same basename, they'll step on one another18:30
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jeremiahI've tried to set up PREMIRRORS in my poky/conf/local.conf, but how do I know bitbake is using local sources?18:46
kergothpoky/conf/local.conf? that's not where local.conf goes. local.conf is in your build directory18:49
kergothbeyond taht, you can examine any variable to make sure it's set the way you think it is by using bitbake -e18:50
*** _taw_ <_taw_!> has joined #yocto18:50
jeremiahI'm sorry, I meant to say build/conf/local.conf.18:51
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:2e45:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has joined #yocto18:51
jeremiahThanks for the bitbake tip, I'll use that.18:51
*** dgm816 <dgm816!~dgm816@unaffiliated/orkim> has joined #yocto18:54
zeddiikhem: sent a patch to your gmail inbox18:56
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kergothHmm, I wonder if the headrevs dump/restore bits in meta-mel would be of interest for oe-core or meta-oe18:58
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khem`zeddii: yes testing the v219:04
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][Sno][otavio: now I have OpenJDK running on all target's I have to support (no shark, zero only) - I can start tidy up meta-java & Co. tomorrow (will rebase to master on all affected repos)19:38
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* ][Sno][ commutes19:41
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dieter_Hi everybody out there - I am looking for some information how a "versioned firmware relaese" can be done with yocto. Did a lot of reading but didn't find anything really helpful, it seems the PREFERRED_VERSIONS could be my friend but this sounds really complicated19:48
dieter_Do you have any suggestions where to start reading?19:49
dieter_Many thanks in advance for your help!19:49
kergothpreferred version is used to pick between versions of a recipe, which is an upstream project. it doesn't sound like that would have anything to do with what you're doing19:49
kergothbut i'm guessing at that, since you haven't told us anything about what you're trying to accomplish19:50
*** grma <grma!> has quit IRC19:51
dieter_The job what needs to be done, is to create a firmware package with consists of well known and defined (ideally documented as well) versions of each package19:51
kergothyou're using 'package' to mean two completely different things in one sentence19:52
dieter_I expect yocto will update / fetch new versions if there are any, for the next build if I didn't define this anywhere, right?19:52
kergothi'd suggest getting the terminology righ tto avoid confusion19:52
dieter_ok, sorry for the confusion!19:52
kergothalso 'firmware' is a very fuzzy term, most folks around here consider firmware the binaries that are loaded on wifi adapters and whatnot, used by drivers19:53
kergoththat's if you're updating to current yocto on a regular basis. there's no need to do so19:53
kergotheither use a specific version of the metadata and bitbake, or stick to a stable branch which will only get bugfixes19:53
kergothyou shouldn't be basing on master and updating regularly if you expect to avoid version updates and possible breakage :)19:54
dieter_ok, but even if I get bugfixes, my linux distro (to avoid the term firmware in this context) will change, without getting me informed?19:54
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:2e45:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has quit IRC19:54
dieter_with regards to e.g. medical approvals this sounds a bit dangerous?19:54
kergothi don't understand the question19:54
kergothyour git checkouts aren't going to magically update themselves19:55
challinanhalstead: go ahead and take the snapshot. let me know when done so I can move on19:55
kergothif you don't want it updated, don't update it19:55
halsteadchallinan, Thank you. I'll let you know.19:55
_taw_Stripped down image.bbclass to paste below. Did the same to core-image-minimal, inherits image.bbclass directly now. Still rebuilds rootfs on every invocation19:56
dieter_hmm, but some packages may be updated, others not - I am looking for a way to "pin" recipies to a fixed version and have control over this version19:56
dieter_can you get what I mean?19:56
kergothdieter_: that's not going to happen, because yocto doesn't keep old versions around in the repo19:57
kergothwhen versions are bumped, old recipes are deleted19:57
kergothyou could use preferred version for everything and also copy any removed recipes to your layer19:57
dieter_kergoth: Maybe I am completely wrong, but I guess this is an important issue for all embedded developers who want to have control over the content of the root file system?19:58
dieter_kergoth: ok, will dig into preferred version more in deep to see how this is working for my use case.19:59
kergoth_taw_: run bitbake -S none yourimage, then run it again, and there should be two sigdata files in tmp/stamps/ for it, with two different checksums. you can use bitbake-diffsigs to compare the two and see what it thinks changed19:59
dieter_kergoth: many thanks for your help!19:59
rburtondieter_: if you don't want oe-core to update, don't update oe-core.  this is what stable release branches are for.19:59
kergoth_taw_: of course, really old oe-core versions had the task flagged as nostamp, and it was intended that it always ran, so it depends on what version you're on20:00
kergoththat version number doesn't even make sense.20:00
kergoththere is no 2.020:00
kergothunless you mean master?20:00
kergoth2.0 is unreleased, in progress20:00
_taw_I guess master, we wanted to go 1.8, but since 2.0 is upcoming we probably skipped that20:01
kergothin either case do_rootfs should only run if something it depends on changed, so you'll need to work out what it thinks changed20:02
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j8_taw_, kergoth: i just hopped onto irc for help to determine why my image recipe is constantly rebuilding20:02
j8_taw_, kergoth: i am going to try the bitbake -S none ... command20:03
kergoththe most likely culprit is some task is using DATE/TIME/DATETIME vars without them being excluded from the checksums, and do_rootfs depends on that20:03
kergothbitbake -S printdiff will print the delta between what it's building and what's available in sstate, but of course do_rootfs isn't in sstate, so that won't be helpful. i think none should still dump the sigdata for the task, though20:03
kergothalthough, printdiff does check STAMPS_DIR too, so it might work. bitbake -S none yourimage, then bitbake -S printdiff yourimage20:04
kergothbluelightning: would be of interest to populate_sdk_ext to avoid bitbake contacting upstream at parse time in the ext sdk?20:06
kergothbluelightning: although, thinking about it, there probably aren't any autorev recipes in the layers in ships by default20:06
kergothWe use this for mel, as we ship downloads in our installers, like to use autorev while doing kernel development, and want to support BB_NO_NETWORK20:07
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halsteadchallinan, Export complete. Would you mind if I restarted your machine using the new snapshot to make sure it works as expected?20:20
challinannot at all, that will be a good test ;)20:20
halsteadchallinan, One minute.20:21
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halsteadchallinan, New machine is up. Same ports and everything. Let me know if anything is weird or missing.20:29
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC20:29
_taw_kergoth, thanks for your help, bitbake-dumpsig/diffsig is what I was looking for...20:32
kergothnp, cool20:33
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challinanhalstead: thanks. will do20:37
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kergothHmm, the convention for udev-extraconf seems to be to put it in MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS.. but isn't whether we want automount of storage both a distro *and* machine decision? the latter being whether we have internal media to automount (e.g. beaglebone black when booting off of sd, automount mounts the internal emmc partitions) or external ports which can connect storage devices, and the former being a matter of policy, whether we care about automatic21:28
kergoth mount of external media? actually, if the image provides a graphical environment that handles it at that level, it could arguably be an image decision, even.21:28
kergothit definitely seems more distro than machine to me21:28
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* kergoth just noticed meta-mel is appending systemd to force a dep on udev-extraconf, which is weird since we could have just put it in DISTRO_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS, but then noticed it's more ofte in MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS by convention21:32
kergothactually seems like a good candiate for packagegroup-base's feature handling21:32
kergothcandidate, even21:32
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rburtonkergoth: machine recommends is certainly not the right place21:58
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kergothrburton: okay, that's what i was thinking too, thanks22:35
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