Tuesday, 2015-09-29

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malkaunswhere can i find a good yocto build tutorial?03:58
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zamanHi.. does any one know why toaster has to depend on exact versions of e.g. django and south.. and has it been recently tried with e.g. ubuntu 14.04 LTs06:31
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mckoangood morning07:17
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bluelightningmorning all07:42
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jonathanmawIs there a guide for creating a package from scratch? I'm trying to add a python package to a system, and it seems to be failing on do_rootfs (error: can't install packagegroup-$FOO: no package provides $BAR), where $BAR is the name of the package I'm writing08:24
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jonathanmawmy current suspicion is that I am missing something mandatory. Here is what I have in my recipe: http://pastebin.com/RpbWGvET08:26
[Sno]moin bluelightning ;)08:27
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bluelightninghi [Sno]08:33
[Sno]I though when noone responds to your nice morning greetings >:-)08:33
bluelightningit's ok, if I don't get a response here I usually do in one of the other channels :)08:34
bluelightningjonathanmaw: this may be helpful: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/dev-manual/dev-manual.html#new-recipe-writing-a-new-recipe08:34
jonathanmawbluelightning: ooh, thanks08:35
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bluelightningjonathanmaw: I suspect what's happening in your case is the package is ending up empty and thus is never produced - you probably need to inherit setuptools or distutils08:35
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bluelightning(and that will define a useful do_install, ensuring the files actually get installed to the right locations so they can then be packaged)08:36
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[Sno]any hint how to create multiple base-files builds depending on device for target installation?08:48
[Sno]we have the situation, that /etc/fstab is installed from base-files recipe in poky/oe08:48
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[Sno]this fstab file is replaced via a bbappend recipe modifier which installs /, /data and /boot based on WANTED_ROOT_DEV in local.conf08:49
[Sno]for some targets we have /dev/mmcblk2, /dev/mmcblk1 and /dev/sd? as sane boot device (/dev/mmcblk1p2 for / etc. in such a case) and for other targets eg. /dev/ubi0_2 as device for / (cause it's nand based ...)08:50
[Sno]any hints how to avoid complete rebuilds for base-files anytime one changes WANTED_ROOT_DEV?08:50
bluelightningwell, if you don't want base-files rebuilt then wouldn't you need to do the switching somehow at runtime?08:51
[Sno]read-only rootfs ;)08:52
bluelightninghmm, well you're stuck then... base-files is already marked machine-specific at least so it'll only affect the one machine08:52
[Sno]is it possible to have a base-files-nand, base-files-usb, base-files-emmc ...?08:52
bluelightningshouldn't you be setting WANTED_ROOT_DEV from the machine config? (or at least with a machine override)?08:52
IvanSBAndersD: I guess you're the one I've to thank. Still digesting your answer before replying... waiting to bake an experiment08:53
[Sno]a machine can have several ones08:53
[Sno]bluelightning: as you can boot a device from internal emmc or from usb-stick08:53
bluelightninghmm, well, this can't be a new problem but I have to admit I'm not sure of the proper solution08:54
[Sno]bluelightning: well, do you have an idea where to ask such a questions? mailing-list will float it (as seen in past)08:56
bluelightningthe mailing list is hit and miss, like a lot of things; sometimes you get a response, sometimes you won't08:57
[Sno]yeah ... so you mean, it's the right place and in doubt ask repeatedly?08:57
bluelightningI think people do their best to reply when they have an idea of how to answer the question08:57
bluelightningI'd say try the mailing list yes08:58
[Sno]ok, will do ;)08:58
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AndersDIvanSB, Quite likely.09:05
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gardarhHello, I'm having trouble adding a file to my final tar.bz2 package, the file is a .dtb in the /boot/ dir and it's already in the ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} dir11:27
gardarhhowever it doesn't seem to go from there to the final tarball11:27
gardarhI imagine I'm missing an "install" line somewhere but am a bit lost, does anyone know how I move the file to my final build?11:28
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bluelightninggardarh: how is it entering the ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} directory?11:55
gardarhbluelightning: as a part of the imagedeploy job12:00
gardarhbluelightning: I copy it from the $DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE to the $IMAGE_ROOTFS/boot during imagedeploy12:01
bluelightninggardarh: I would recommend defining a function and then adding a call to that function to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND12:01
bluelightninggardarh: at the moment I suspect you are copying it in too late12:01
gardarhbluelightning: I have this at the bottom of this script: addtask imagedeploy after do_rootfs before do_build12:02
bluelightninggardarh: yep, definitely too late12:02
bluelightningthe image is already compressed and written out by then12:03
gardarhbluelightning: So, you're saying that the critical moment is happening after do_rootfs and before do_imagedeploy12:03
gardarhbluelightning: Thanks, I'll look into this12:03
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bluelightningall of the image construction happens within do_rootfs... so anything you want to insert into the image has to happen within that task12:03
gardarhbluelightning: Ok, that explains it12:03
bluelightning(or alternatively into a package that gets incorporated into the image, of course)12:04
gardarhbluelightning: Adding a function to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND worked like a charm, thank you!12:11
bluelightninggardarh: great, no problem :)12:12
otavioCan someone provide any advise on how to debug a image dependency issue? it seems IMAGE_TYPEDEP_xxx is not working12:20
bluelightningotavio: bitbake -g and bitbake -e would be my first tools for such an issue12:25
otaviobluelightning: it seems it is generating images in parallel even if a dep is explicit12:26
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otaviobluelightning: what is failing is the compression12:37
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challinanhalstead: still connected after overnight idle ;)   Thanks!14:50
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kergothhmm, question, if both systemd and sysvinit are in distro features, and we build a systemd image, and systemd is built with sysv compat, which is the case by default, will it try to start the services twice, due to having both .services and /etc/init.d/ entries? I'm assuming the answer is yes, though maybe it checks for duplicates if hte names are the same? Anyone know?15:40
bluelightningkergoth: I believe it does match them by name15:41
bluelightning(and ignore the service file)15:41
kergothokay, that's what i was hoping for, otherwise our images would be pretty screwed up when both features are enabled :)15:41
kergothjust got to wondering15:41
rburtonkergoth: it matches by name and ignores init scripts which have the same name as a unit15:42
kergothwhew, okay, thanks15:42
rburton(if you look in oe-core around the time of the systemd merge, you'll see some patches to rename init scripts)15:42
kergothmakes ense15:43
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vincent-qemu-native recipe is failing to build and the error suggests to install SDL devel. I have installed all SDL devel packages available on my distro but it still failing at the same point. Any clues?17:06
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kergothyou must have missed a package. but if you want to, you can build qemu without sdl. read local.conf, there are 3 lines to comment out to disable sdl in qemu17:07
vincent-kergoth: well, I haven't selected any package, is just a default config.17:08
kergoththat doesn't even make sense17:08
vincent-THe only think I have changed is the MACHINE, in conf/local.conf17:08
kergothyou just said you installed all the sdl devel packages on your host, i said you must ahve missed one17:08
kergothhas nothing to do with configuration of the build17:08
kergothbut again, yes, sdl is used for qemu by default, and again, as i just said, you can disable that in local.conf17:08
vincent-kergoth: I will try it, thanks :-)17:09
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #56 of nightly-wic is complete: Failure [failed CreateWicImages_1 CreateWicImages_3] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-wic/builds/5617:10
vincent-kergoth: commenting those 3 lines fixed the problem. Anyway, do you think I miss some sdl-devel package? https://paste.kde.org/pd1o2jxr717:12
kergothHmm, not seeing anything obvious. I'm not an sdl expert, though. could always check the qemu docs to see what version of sdl it wants or what host sdl packages you should install. we're just building qemu, it's qemu that's checking for the sdl files and erroring17:13
vincent-kergoth: I will have a deeper look tomorrow.17:13
vincent-Thanks :-)17:14
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tripzero1happy bday joshuagl17:17
kergothHmm, would there be interest in adding a SYSTEMD_LOGLEVEL variable to alter the default loglevel in the systemd system configuration, or do folks think control via kernel cmdline is sufficient? distros may well care about bootup message verbosity17:19
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hanthingsis it possible to verify from a makefile (generated using autotools) not from recipe if systemd is used, in a yocto build environment18:33
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bluelightninghanthings: I guess the way to do that would be to export an environment variable into the build based on systemd being in DISTRO_FEATURES18:50
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hanthingsbluelightning: Thanks for answer. How exactly can I do that? Is there somewhere a similar example?19:00
bluelightningI can't think of one off the top of my head but it would be something like:19:02
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bluelightningexport VARNAME="${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'systemd', '1', '0', d)}"19:03
bluelightning(within the task function)19:03
bluelightningwhen I say within the task function, it would be within do_compile() { ... } (or do_compile_prepend() { ... } if you haven't defined your own do_compile within the recipe)19:07
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kergothEXTRA_OEMAKE += "'VARNAME=${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'systemd', '1', '0', d)}'" would be another alternative19:12
* kergoth yawns19:12
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hanthingsbluelightning, kergoth: Thanks both. this is what I needed19:14
bluelightningkergoth: ah yes that would probably be better :)19:15
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hanthingswhy do I get the error Files/directories were installed but not shipped [installed-vs-shipped]20:53
hanthingsI know how to fix it, but I don't fully understand the reason of it20:54
kergothit means what it says. files were installed (by do_install) but not included in any binary packages20:56
kergotha recipe can emit any number of packages, as listed in PACKAGES, and the files included in FILES_<packagename> for each packagename go in the packages20:56
hanthingskergoth: :) I don't understand why I get the error only to some recepies20:57
kergothso either you installed something to a wrong path, or you need to add those paths to the FILES vars to ensure they're included in the package want them in20:57
kergoththat doesn't make sense.20:57
kergothif you get that message, it's a bug in the recipe20:57
hanthingsthat's true i want to install something in a different path /usr/libexec20:58
hanthingswhat's a wrong path?20:58
kergothmake sure you're obeying our path variables, for one. you'd wnat ${libexecdir} in this case20:58
kergoththe default FILES_ variables include the most common paths, that's all20:58
kergothif you put things in places that aren't in the default, then you have to add to them20:58
kergothit's not magic20:58
kergothread meta/conf/bitbake.conf for the defaults20:59
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hanthingsin my situation I use the makefile to install the binary file in the /usr/libexec21:03
kergoththen you'd need to pass the right paths into the makefile21:03
hanthingsso is not part of recipe21:03
hanthingsI use in the makefile the path /usr/libexec21:04
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hanthingsit looks that yocto is mapping the libexec, by default, to /usrlib21:05
kergoththat's precisely what i meant by 'wrong path', not obeying our path variables :)21:05
kergothyou'll want to use EXTRA_OEMAKE to pass in the path variables so the makefile can obey them21:05
hanthings:) ok but i do want to install my binary to /usr/libexec21:06
hanthingsand my makefile does that21:06
kergoththinking you know better than the distro is almost always wrong21:06
kergothbut if you think you know better, add your path to the FILES variables as i described already21:06
hanthingsbut why yocto does consider /usr/libexec a non-standard path?21:07
kergothIn the past, /usr/libexec, while a common practice, wasn't FHS-compliant21:08
kergothmodern versions of FHS do allow it, but i don't htink we've updated to use it. rburton1 had a patch series toa ddrress it, but i'm not sure it went in21:08
kergothsee also http://refspecs.linuxfoundation.org/FHS_3.0/fhs/ch04s07.html21:08
kergothif your distro wants to use /usr/libexec, you can always set libexecdir differently, and that way all the recipes will use it, not just yours, and you can use our path variables in the recipe the way you should21:09
hanthingsaha. according to FHS the /usr/libexec is the place for executable used by other programs21:09
kergothregarding rburton1's patches, googling for '[OE-core] [RFC] Move libexecdir to $prefix/libexec' will probably find the emails21:09
rburton1kergoth: didn't get into 2.0, will push for 2.121:09
kergothyes, but read the Rationale on that page21:09
kergoth"Some previous versions of this document did not support /usr/libexec, despite it being standard practice in a number of environments. [26] To accomodate this restriction, it became common practice to use /usr/lib instead."21:10
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kergothrburton1: ah, k, thanks21:10
kergothi was curious about that myself21:10
rburton1FHS5 which supports /usr/libexec explicitly is very new21:10
rburton1iirc, poky-contrib:ross/libexec is my branch21:10
rburton1its basically just a matter of changing libexecdir in your distro conf21:11
hanthingskergoth: thanks a lot. really helpful21:11
kergothi had to read rburton1's emails to remember why we used libdir/BPN myself, couldn't remember the details :)21:11
rburton1libdir/BPN was basically the worst option too, gnu coding style says "don't do this" :)21:12
hanthingsrburton1: true. just wanted to understand the details21:12
* kergoth makes a note to adjust libexecdir in mel until 2.1 hits21:12
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rburton1khem: your distutils3.bbclass uses MACHINE in HOST_SYS, which makes anything using it machine-specific.  i'll note that distutils.bbclass doesn't need that, so is it really required?21:52
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