Wednesday, 2015-09-30

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #492 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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bluelightningmorning all07:14
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mckoangood morning07:20
marek__morning all07:21
marek__I have strange problem, I build ext4 image for beaglebone, when loaded to emmc kernel will start and mount rootfs but then it seems stuck after INIT: version 2.88 booting, when I press Enter on console it will continue with:  Starting udev07:23
marek__any idea what can cause such behavior?07:23
marek__after booting will continue and I get login prompt07:23
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sandsmarkhmm, bitbake -g -u depexp suddenly started failing with just «Command execution failed: »07:32
sandsmark(doesn't show any error)07:33
bluelightningsandsmark: that's annoying... if you just try to build that same target does it work?07:34
sandsmarkI'm trying that now07:34
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sandsmarkah, no07:34
sandsmarkbut now it shows the actual error07:34
bluelightningok, I guess we have a bug in reporting errors there07:34
bluelightningwhat was the error?07:34
sandsmarkI broke a recipe07:35
sandsmarkI'll pastebin it07:35
sandsmark(obvious error on my part)07:35
sandsmarkwhatever sends the event doesn't set the event.error:
sandsmarkah, ctrl+c-ing bitbake sometimes makes some python process go bananas eating all my ram (I suspect the bitbake server)07:38
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bluelightningsandsmark: yes, we've had other reports of that unfortunately :/07:44
sandsmarkok, I'll try to track down why it happens next time it happens07:44
sandsmarkSIGKILL all of them except one and then attach with gdb, I guess07:45
sandsmark(as long as it isn't just something specific to my setup)07:46
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sandsmarkbut first try to figure out why the gles3 header is available in the sysroot that is used to build qt for the sdk, but not in the sysroot that the sdk installs07:47
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RagBalFor some reason my system keeps selecting a specific recipe version (not the latest version), the default_preference has been set to -1 in the recipe. When I hard define the preferred_version it selects the correct recipe version (latest version in oe-core). Anything explaining this behavior?08:40
bluelightningRagBal: layer priorities perhaps?08:41
bluelightningRagBal: if the priority of the layer in which the older recipe appears is higher, it will be picked in preference to the newer recipe08:42
RagBalbluelightning, yes the layer has a higher priority, but doesn't default_preference -1 solve this?08:42
bluelightningDEFAULT_PREFERENCE is weak compared to layer priority08:42
bluelightningI'm not entirely sure it always makes sense, but it is the way it's been designed08:43
RagBalHmm, so the only way is to provide a preferred_version? =(08:43
sandsmarkisn't that better in a way?08:45
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sandsmarkimho it is more consistant if everything in a high priority layer is prioritized08:45
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RagBalYes, but in this case I don't want that =)08:45
bluelightningis there an issue with setting a PREFERRED_VERSION?08:46
RagBalWell, I have to change it every time oe-core updates it08:46
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RagBalThis is about libdrm in meta-ti fido branch08:47
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sandsmarkis it possible to easily see which recipe a file in a sysroot comes from?08:49
bluelightningsandsmark: yes - check the manifest files in tmp/sstate-control/08:50
sandsmarkawesome, thanks08:50
bluelightningRagBal: I guess the question is do they really need their own version?08:51
RagBalbluelightning, you're correct, I just bbappended the recipe so it doesn't support my machine08:53
RagBalbluelightning, for some reason they added my machine in the compatible_machine of the recipe08:53
bluelightningah, ok08:54
RagBaldenix, could you have a look at that please? it seems that libgles-omap3 requires libdrm >= 2.4.59 (from oe-core) but since the older libdrm is provided by meta-ti it takes precedence over the oe-core layer one and fails to build the rootfs08:57
sandsmarkok, if I understand this correctly; for some reason mesa builds gles3 and installs it in the sysroot used for building qtbase, but the qtbase used in the sdk doesn't depend on gles3, so it's not pulled into the sdk?:
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frscHi, I use a package linux-firmware-wl12xx in my image, but whenever I include it also linux-firmware-wl18xx is being installed and I can't find any dependency between those packages. Any hints?09:18
sandsmarkfrsc: try «bitbake -g -u depexp imagename», and clicking around09:24
frscsandsmark: That was the first thing I tried, but the linux-firmware-wl18xx does not seem to be anywhere in the dep tree, but still the packages is installed in do_rootfs...09:26
bluelightningyeah, depexp only shows bitbake's initial picture of runtime dependencies09:27
bluelightningsome runtime dependencies are only calculated at packaging time (because there's no way to know about them earlier)09:27
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frscOk. It's something about my bbappend to linux-firmware: Whenever I use the bbappend the unwanted package is installed09:37
bluelightningfrsc: so after building with the bbappend, what does tmp/sysroots/<yourmachine>/pkgdata/runtime/linux-firmware-wl12xx have to say about RDEPENDS ?09:42
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frscbluelightning: Ok, I can see the dependency there: RDEPENDS_linux-firmware-wl12xx: linux-firmware-wl18xx. But where does it come from?09:45
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bluelightningfrsc: if I had to guess, there's something silly happening with symlinks - the packaging code will automatically add dependencies where a symlink exists that crosses a package boundary09:46
bluelightningthe same sort of thing can happen with shared library dependencies but I can't see how that would be applicable in this case09:47
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bluelightningfrsc: first thing to check anyway is that the contents of each package is what you think it should be - look in the packages-split directory in the workdir for linux-firmware09:47
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frscbluelightning: I already checked the package contents: they seem to be what they should be09:50
rburtonkhem: ping09:54
frscbluelightning: The problem is caused by overriding FILES_linux-firmware-wl12xx in the bbappend. But how can this add a runtime dependency?10:00
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bluelightningfrsc: well, I notice at least out of the box there is the reverse dependency - wl18xx depends on wl12xx10:19
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frscbluelightning: you're right, and upon overriding FILES_linux-firmware-wl12xx this dependency vanishes and the other one (wl12xx depends on wl18xx) appears10:24
bluelightningfrsc: can you pastebin ls -lR packages-split/*wl* ?10:29
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frscbluelightning: I was looking in the wrong packages-split dir before, because I changed the package revision. I found out know that the packages-split do not change, but the dependency is reversed upon overriding the FILES variable.10:37
bluelightningfrsc: is that the only contents of the wl18xx package ?10:38
frscbluelightning: yes, it seems so10:39
frscbluelightning: that's why it pulls in wl12xx for the rest10:39
bluelightninger... so where are the targets of those symlinks ?10:40
frscbluelightning: yes, I think that is part of the problem. The targets exist in wl12xx...10:41
bluelightningok... unless you've changed your bbappend I can't see how those files are being moved though, the FILES value doesn't take the entire directory, just two files10:42
bluelightningthe default FILES values from the recipe aren't correct though, both are claiming the ti-connectivity directory10:47
frscbluelightning: I didn't change the bbappend. It doesn't seem to matter what I put in FILES (original content, or only the two added files), the packages are always split the same, only the dependency is being reversed10:48
bluelightninghmm, well, that is definitely unexpected behaviour but if we fixed the FILES values for both packages it shouldn't happen10:49
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frscbluelightning: I can set both FILES values and then the wl12xx package contains only the two expected files, while wl18xx still has only the 5 symlinks. And the dependency is still there and reversed...10:57
bluelightningfrsc: are you able to publish your changes somewhere because I think I need to try this here...10:58
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frscbluelightning: Thanks for investigating. What do you need? I'm using a dizzy11:01
frscand then the bbappend I already posted11:01
bluelightningthe bbappend plus any files it adds11:01
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bluelightningwikisend eh? not seen that one before11:06
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bluelightningfrsc: well, I can confirm the behaviour at least11:12
bluelightningfrsc: I think your symlinks are colliding with the ln command in the original recipe - did you look in the ti-connectivity directory for the wl12xx package? it's got a broken symlink in it11:31
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bluelightningfrsc: actually I think what's happening is the original firmware symlinks wl1271-nvs.bin to wl127x-nvs.bin - by changing FILES as you are, that other file goes into the wl18xx package, hence the dependency11:38
bluelightningfrsc: additionally, I suspect by just using cp you are overwriting the wl127x-nvs.bin file via the symlink, instead of overwriting the symlink itself11:39
bluelightningso there are two problems to fix11:39
bluelightningadditionally you didn't really fix the FILES value for the wl18xx package, it's still grabbing all of the files in that directory including ones meant for the wl12xx package (I guess ones that you don't need, but had you fixed that it all would have worked; by accident perhaps, but there we are)11:40
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_taw_is there a way to tweak KBUILD_DEFCONFIG config12:02
_taw_want to to use the defconfig in the kernel source, but need to enable CONFIG_ARM_APPENDED_DTB12:03
_taw_which is not enabled in the linux source tree contained defconfig12:03
_taw_yup seems so, I retire the question12:13
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frscbluelightning: Ok. Thanks for looking into this. I missed the symlinking problem. After fixing the symlink and the cp the dependency is gone and everything seems to be ok.12:50
bluelightningfrsc: great :) no problem12:56
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bboozzooanyone recalls a multiubi IMAGE_FSTYPE?13:30
bboozzoonvm, it's in current master13:32
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RPjoshuagl: btw, we ran a fido build having updated the version to 1.8.1. I think we might put this through QA and hopefully call it good14:34
RPjoshuagl: there were some build failures but it was runtime test suite issues, nothing actually wrong14:35
joshuaglRP: okey dokey, sounds good to me14:37
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raykinsella78what does a Yocto combo layer do, and why would I want to use it.14:59
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dasabhihey does bitbake automatically compile the latest linux kernel version?15:20
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rburtonit depends on your BSP,  the recipes in oe-core are 3.14 / 3.19 / 4.1 (that's what is used by the qemu BSPs and the qa ones in meta-yocto-bsp)15:25
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dasabhirburton: how can i get it to compile 3.8.7? :S15:31
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rburtondasabhi: write a recipe for 3.8716:14
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Crofton|workgotta love it:
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* challinan wonders why beaglebone black doesn't have SDCARD image type enabled19:24
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Crofton|workto cause you pain19:34
challinanheh. Not too painful for me, but ugly for lots of folks ;)19:35
challinansee you next week19:35
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kergothRP: Am I correct in thinking that bitbake provides no guarantees on build order wrt argument order for the user specified targets? I wonder if we should do our best to obey that order, where possible (i.e. not impossible due to dependencies).21:31
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fraythat has certainly been my experience.. the order is not guaranteed21:37
RPkergoth: you mean "bitbake A B C" would try and do A then B then C?21:37
kergothwhere possible, yeah21:38
RPkergoth: currently it just goes off the dependencies they all have, its down to whichever makes it higher up the tasklist21:38
kergothi don't htink it'd affect performance much, since their dependencies would still be done efficiently21:38
* kergoth nods21:38
RPkergoth: I suspect trying to influence it like that would be hard :/21:38
RPkergoth: you'd need a custom scheduler, the issue would then be getting the data the scheduler needs. The commandline args order isn't preserved and worse, is manipulated e.g. for world21:40
kergothprobably. it'd be nice, i think, but non-trivial to pull off. it'd be possible for them to run simultaneously, too, so it'd really only be a best effort, and you'd have to determine which of that recipe's tasks to prioritize relative to one another21:40
RPkergoth: or appended to e.g. with BBTARGETS (was BBPKGS)21:40
kergothstill, i suspect users might assume the order is obeyed, at least the folks without much understanding of how bitbake works21:40
RPkergoth: I can see the desire but there are probably other bigger issues...21:41
* kergoth adds a note to the someday/maybe list21:41
RPkergoth: I stopped maintaining one, too depressing :/21:41
kergothI was thinking the other day about trying to prioritize do_clean before everything else, so you could do bitbake foo:do_clean foo21:41
RPkergoth: I'm in two minds about whether we should actually have <clean phase> <setscene phase> <build phase>21:42
RPthe manifest clean stuff got us closer to that model21:42
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kergothAh, indeed, that seems like a reasonable approach21:43
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RPkergoth: I've been thinking an overhaul of the bitbake debug messages would really be nice. Thinking through what is useful from a user perspective21:46
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!> has joined #yocto21:47
RPkergoth: I'm happy for example with the new virtual/xxx mapping debug messages compared to some of the other horrors in the output21:47
RPsome are only intelligible when you have the source next to them :/21:47
kergothYeah, I think we need to give careful thought to exactly what info is provided and for what purpose, and make sure there aren't better ways to get that information21:48
kergothe.g. what's parsed, bitbake -e with parsing history is superior to parse log messages at the moment21:48
* kergoth ponders21:49
RPkergoth: totally agreed, the bitbake -e output is much better now21:49
RPa bitbake-query --var FOO is something I wondered about21:50
RPyou could then add --with-history or something21:50
RPjust thinking out loud. We at least have APIs and structure now where you could make this all work comparatively easily21:51
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kergothi've thought about that a lot, and it's part of why i threw 'bb' together, bitbake's lack of good inspection tools. what can we build, what vars can we set, what depends on what, etc. answer the user's questions without them having to dig into the docs. as you say, easy to improve that nowadays21:58
neverpanicRP: +1 for bitbake-query --var FOO; most cases I actually look at bitbake -e output I'm interested in very few variables only21:58
neverpanicPlus that would make it much easier to script stuff depending on bitbake config files21:58
kergothneverpanic: - scroll down to 'bb show'21:59
kergothunofficial, of course21:59
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neverpanickergoth: thanks, will take a look22:02
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eboltonhey all, I'm getting a bunch of these errors when generating my dev image22:06
eboltonWARNING: log_check: There is a warn message in the logfile22:06
eboltonWARNING: log_check: Matched keyword: [warn]22:06
eboltonWARNING: log_check: warning: gst-plugins-base-dev-0.10.36-r8@core2_32 is already installed22:06
eboltonany way to find out where the redundancies are?22:06
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RPkergoth: bb was certainly ahead there22:18
kergothnot 100% happy with some of its behaviors, and of course before tinfoil switched to spawning a server, it ran things in the client directly, which wasn't ideal, but i think the sub-command based approach to a bitbake UI, which works either in a repl or directly on the commandline is a good direction to head in22:19
RPkergoth: agreed. I still have the bitbake shell in the back of my mind too22:20
RPkergoth: getting some feedback from people like belen on the usability side of this would be ideal if we could too22:21
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aj_cwhich should be best place for defined a RPROVIDER variable in meta-core  --context I'm editing initrdscripts files changing  a dependency to busybox  trying to look to to a virtual reference to be able to choose between multiple providers23:01
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