Wednesday, 2015-10-14

nerdboya quickie point/counterpoint sort of thing00:02
nerdboydeveloping for a small arm no fpu with debian vs oe00:02
* nerdboy needs to convince someone they need to look at reqs not just do it "because"00:03
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nerdboyfound something on slideshare00:18
* nerdboy looking...00:18
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nerdboyross's slides from way back apparently00:41
nerdboynice but the notes are cut off instead of wrapped in the pdf...  :/00:42
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namraWARNING: core-image-minimal-initramfs: usermod command did not succeed. Retrying...03:07
namraERROR: core-image-minimal-initramfs: Tried running usermod command 1 times without success, giving up03:07
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kergothdamn, I'm really not sure how to get the shallow git support to work well for linux-yocto..04:13
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bryan_i woul like to include openjdk-8 with my yocto build05:20
bryan_so can anybody suggest me how to include this version. I am already trying but i am getting an error. Please see the following error--05:21
bryan_build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/icedtea7-native/2.1.3-r1.0/icedtea-2.1.3/build/' | >&2 echo "*** This OS is not supported:" `uname -a`; exit 1;05:23
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hokGood Morning! Someone here who can help me regarding poky 1.8 and nostdlib behaviour for building of package with includes c++ stuff?06:07
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khem`hok: whats the problem you see06:09
hoki'm trying to include libsocket with yocto 1.8. C part is runing find. C++ part needs to add includes for c++ headers which is already done. But linking is not working. Needed libs are not found.06:11
hokin special i tried to set LINK_DIRECTORY and CMAKE_MODULE_LINKER_FLAGS in CMakeLists.txt. Linker gets the options but with same situation06:12
hokecho "SET(CMAKE_MODULE_LINKER_FLAGS \" -Wl,-rpath-link,${STAGING_LIBDIR}\")" >> ${S}/C++/CMakeLists.txt06:12
hokecho "LINK_DIRECTORIES(${STAGING_LIBDIR})" >> ${S}/C++/CMakeLists.txt06:12
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hoksources are
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bluelightningmorning all07:22
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Ox4good morning internet07:41
t0mmy_morning Ox407:43
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Ox4guys, is it possible to create .img image by yocto?07:56
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LetoThe2ndOx4: please define ".img"08:09
LetoThe2ndOx4: and while you're at it, please also define "yocto" *SCNR*08:10
Ox4LetoThe2nd: .img image instead of jffs2 or tar.bz208:17
Ox4LetoThe2nd: whad does mean *SCNR*?08:18
LetoThe2ndOx4: for the first point: jffs2 and tar.bz2 are properly properly defined file formats. whereas .img is just a random filename extension with many, many meanings.08:19
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LetoThe2ndOx4: for the second - the search engine of your least distrust will certainly provide you with the meaning of "SCNR"08:20
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domidimiHey, I'm trying to build a x86_64 bit SDK on a 64 bit machine but gcc-crosssdk-initial fails with xgcc not found. Does someone had that issue or has an idea of what could be the problem?08:22
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domidimidid someone have08:24
Ox4LetoThe2nd: understood. I will clarify from my devs what img format they want08:25
Ox4LetoThe2nd: Also I have one more question: is it possible to build image which will include kernel in it?08:25
LetoThe2ndOx4: you can also read that as: feel free to add whatever image creation mechanism you want in your own layers.08:26
LetoThe2ndOx4: sure, just include the kernel package08:27
LetoThe2nddomidimi: the question rings a bell, though i'm not sure where i've heard it. maybe fray or RP know, but they won't wake up until in 5 or 6 hours.08:28
Ox4LetoThe2nd: to my machine conf, right?08:29
LetoThe2ndOx4: erm... no08:32
LetoThe2ndOx4: bascially, to the recipe of the image you want to create.08:32
domidimiLetoThe2nd: thanks08:34
LetoThe2ndOx4: see
LetoThe2ndOx4: exercises 6 through 808:35
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Ox4LetoThe2nd: thank you again :)08:36
LetoThe2ndOx4: I'd suggest you take some time and work properly through the yocto QS and these slides, they really cover a lot of the common stuff.08:37
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Ox4LetoThe2nd: what about ubifs?08:41
LetoThe2ndOx4: ubifs is supported and AFAIK properly documented.08:42
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t0mmy_The official doc of ubifs:
LetoThe2ndOx4: see for a rather simple example of using ubi08:45
t0mmy_to build a ubifs image, I think you should to add UBI or UBIFS to IMAGE_TYPES into you machine configuration08:46
Ox4LetoThe2nd: thank you master Yoda :)08:47
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t0mmy_^ it's a good example08:47
LetoThe2ndt0mmy_: plus a bunch of parameters essential for ubi creation, hence the example given :)08:47
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t0mmy_yes, MKUBIFS_ARGS and UBINIZE_ARGS08:47
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silviofhups - wrong window, sorry08:50
LetoThe2ndsilviof: you're also welcome here :)08:51
Ox4I also have a problem with building of watchdog:
Ox4WDIOC_PAUSE is defined in the linux/include in the kernel source08:52
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Ox4I don't understand why it cannot be found, I pass the kernel sources through -I08:53
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LetoThe2ndOx4: that sounds a lot like you are trying to work around proper dependency handling08:53
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LetoThe2ndand it sounds even more like some internal piece of software that nobody can comment on anyways.08:56
silviofLetoThe2nd: thx for the welcoming :-)08:57
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raykinsella78Morning folks09:04
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Ox4guys, could somebody take a look: ?12:30
Ox4can I avoid to set SECTION?12:32
Ox4LetoThe2nd: According to ubifs, I have ubinize.cfg file: How can I configure yocto to set such parameters from the config?12:36
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bluelightningOx4: SECTION defaults to "base"... are you unsetting it?12:39
LetoThe2ndOx4: did you have a look at the example given?12:41
Ox4LetoThe2nd: I am looking at there right now12:43
Ox4bluelightning: I didn't set it at all12:43
LetoThe2ndOx4: and the parameters given there are not enough?12:44
bluelightningOx4: well that's odd because it's set by default... try bitbake -e yourrecipename | less then search for SECTION with /12:44
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Ox4LetoThe2nd: I am not sure about vol_size=52080KiB, vol_type=dynamic, vol_name=rootfs and vol_flags=autoresize12:49
Ox4ah I see UBI_VOLNAME = "rootfs"12:50
LetoThe2ndOx4: yes, I was just about to say... why not look again, then try it just as is, and after that have a look at what the parameters given really meant, through the logs?12:51
LetoThe2ndOx4: i don't know them all by heart too, an reading the flags up in the documentation of ubinize and mkubifs is possible for you just as it is for me.12:52
LetoThe2ndwell then how about trying to increase the leb value as suggested by the message?12:58
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raykinsella78hey folks13:18
bluelightninghi raykinsella7813:19
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raykinsella78bluelightning: anythoughts on the best way to override KERNEL_MODULES_AUTOLOAD13:30
raykinsella78bluelightning: at the end of the build, there is a whole bunch of stuff in their I would rather wasn't autoloaded.13:30
raykinsella78bluelightning: btusb for example :-)13:30
bluelightningit needs to be set at the configuration level, so basically local.conf, machine config or distro config13:31
raykinsella78bluelightning: tried KERNEL_MODULES_AUTOLOAD = "" is my local.conf, no effect.13:34
bluelightningraykinsella78: it's probably being overridden, use bitbake -e | less to find out where/how13:35
bluelightningraykinsella78: also it's KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD not KERNEL_MODULES_AUTOLOAD13:35
raykinsella78bluelightning: ok, will do13:37
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bboozzooany ideas why libtool might not be included in SDK?13:40
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bboozzooauto(-re-)conf is there, automake is there, somehow libtool is missing, hence autoconf complains about undefined AM_PROG_LIBTOOL in configure.ac13:42
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bboozzoohm libtoolize is there as well, it's just libtool that is missing13:44
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raykinsella78bluelightning: how do I figure out where in the build KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD is being eval'ed?13:52
raykinsella78bluelightning: which package/action.13:52
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bluelightningraykinsella78: I can tell you, it's the kernel recipe (and any external module recipes)13:53
raykinsella78bluelightning: virtual/kernel13:53
raykinsella78bluelightning: ya - thanks13:54
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bboozzooRP is not around :/ seems like he might have fixed it in
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raykinsella78bluelightning: KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD_remove works fine14:01
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Ox4wow, I found nice wiki page according to UBIFS:
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t0mmy_Ox4: some parts of this wiki page are in image_types.bbclass, it seems to me you14:53
t0mmy_and in rpi layer14:54
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Ox4t0mmy_: yes, I am curious about ubinize.cfg file14:58
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hello3542I have one question,hope someone answer, tks15:51
Ox4guys, how the $PATH is set during the boot in yocto?15:51
hello3542I can use bitbake, but cant use bitbake-layers,yocto-layer, no the command when i use it, so what do i miss for installation?15:52
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raykinsella781bluelightning: is there a wix tutotal somewhere?16:01
raykinsella781bluelightning: tutorial ... I mean16:02
raykinsella781bluelightning: ah its called wic, never mind16:02
bluelightningraykinsella781: right.. it should be covered briefly in the manual16:02
kergothOx4: most likely the same way it is on nearly all linux machines, /etc/profile, and for the user, the bits copied from /etc/skel16:03
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Ox4kergoth: the PATH should be set without user login in my case16:04
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Ox4kergoth: and as far as I know /etc/profile is read when a user logs in16:05
kergothfor startup scripts and whatnot i think they generally have a hardcoded set default, i.e. just /usr/bin and /bin, /usr/sbin and /sbin, but i'm not sure where that's set offhand16:05
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Ox4as I see the PATH is set on each runlevel script16:07
Ox4also I patched rcS script, but it didn't help :-(16:07
Ox4I don't see my path after booting16:08
bluelightningkergoth: btw I'm looking into the virtual/kernel thing, unless I'm doing something wrong it seems like the bb.providers functions don't expect to accept such targets16:08
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kergoth is what i used for the kernel recipetool commands16:16
kergothnot sure if its ideal, but it works16:16
kergoththere might be useful code in bb too, since i had to resolve providers there --
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kergothk, actually afk now, walking up to the park with my wife and son, will likley get back on and work some from there16:17
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bluelightningkergoth: thanks16:20
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #217 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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kergothAny folks that know linux-yocto stuff well around, by chance?17:16
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #218 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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dvhart_kergoth, I'm otp, but might be able to help17:21
kergothdvhart_: I'm working on shallow git repo support. Currently it keeps any branches listed in the uris, trims them to the SRCREV (that is, removes any commits on the branch after SRCREV), and loses any other branches. Do you know if the linux-yocto build process requires any dependent branches stick around for validation purposes, or if there are any other obvious complications that come to mind?17:23
*** roric <roric!> has joined #yocto17:23
kergothin the past i was getting branch validation failures when building from shallow, but for some reason that's no longer the case, now i'm getting failures to apply patches, i'm guessing that the checkout is different between the two, working on isolating that now17:25
* kergoth digs17:27
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kergothoh! i think i see the problem18:23
kergothI'm guessing that the patch process is normally able to recognize that patches have already been applied in the form of commits, and when I remove that history, it's not able to recognize that they've already been applied, so fails to apply them18:27
kergothjust need to retain more of the history18:27
kergothI might need to rework the usability of this slightly18:27
* kergoth tests18:28
ryanstur1erHas anyone ever seen python land in a finish build missing modules?18:29
ryanstur1erI am installing python 2, and it is weirdly missing the subprocess module18:30
*** wamt is now known as wmat18:31
bluelightningryanstur1er: if you need all of the standard modules you need also to install python-modules18:32
bluelightningryanstur1er: we have pretty fine granularity on our python packaging so you can be selective in order to save space on the target18:32
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ryanstur1erAnd there it is!18:35
ryanstur1erThank you.18:35
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ryanstur1erDo I DEPENDS or RDEPENDS on python-modules?18:38
bluelightningryanstur1er: RDEPENDS18:39
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ryanstur1erGot it!  Thanks!18:43
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kergothHmm, I think I need to separate the git shallow depth from enable/disable20:29
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ulf`yeah it's a damn it day20:49
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ulf`Where can I configure the bitbake worker NFS sstate filepath character limitation?20:57
ulf`It seems to be set to 144, which isn't always enough20:57
kergothHmm, if I do a depth 10 shallow git clone of a repo where the two of those commits merged in a ton of other commits, will i keep all those commits, since the depth included the merges?21:16
kergothI'm so sick of this21:17
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* kergoth grumbles21:19
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kergothif i make v4.1.8 the shallow graft, it does very little good, since the branch merged in v4.1.7 and others previously, so all grafting v4.1.8 accomplished was removing the commits between v4.1.7 and v4.1.8 from history, nothing else, since it came in via previous commits..21:20
kergotheither I need to graft at the merge commit, graft a whole bunch of different commits, or try to graft every commit in a git rev-list v4.1.821:20
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kergothwtf, I'm getting 'no bb files matched bbfile_pattern' for every layer in bblayers23:15
kergothanyone run into this?23:15
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