Thursday, 2015-10-15

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namrai added systemd as a distro_feature (for poky) in local.conf. but systemd-networkd is not present on the system. did i miss anything? there's also no warning or error concering that during the build.03:12
kergothI'm pretty sure we disable networkd by default03:13
kergothif you want it, you'd need to add to packageconfig03:13
kergothPACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-systemd = " networkd"03:13
kergothotherwise use connman or something03:13
namrathanks alot03:18
namrakergoth: can you explain or point me into the right direction: i'd like to understand the prefix "append_pn-systemd" especially the meaning of pn.03:20
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kergothsee the yocto project documentation, specifically the section on OVERRIDES03:34
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kergothHmm, patchme still failing even though the already-applied patch commit is retained05:02
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parrot1does yocto have egl package?06:33
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parrot1bluelightning: ping07:22
bluelightningparrot1: pong07:23
bluelightningmorning all07:23
parrot1bluelightning: egl package comes default in mesa right?07:23
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bluelightningparrot1: yes, PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/egl ?= "mesa"07:25
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parrot1bluelightning: must be weird....I tried compiling piglit in target image but I got  package 'egl' not found07:27
parrot1mesa and mesa-dev are installed07:28
jkuparrot1: I have no context so this might be not useful, but...  egl dev files are provided by libegl-mesa-dev07:31
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parrot1jku: hmm....I do have libegl-mesa-dev installed as well but still it complains.07:36
parrot1Something to do with the pkgconfig probably?07:36
parrot1I have no idea how cmake detects presence of a package07:36
jkugood cmake projects do use pkgconfig07:37
jkupiglit does use pkg-config07:38
parrot1I tried dissecting piglit's CMakeLists.txt and I found variables like EGL_FOUND which will decide if egl is indeed present07:39
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parrot1but I have no idea how it tries to find egl.07:39
parrot1and EGL_FOUND is set to false obviously. But I don't know why or how07:39
jkuparrot1: "pkg_check_modules(EGL egl)" -- looks fine to me07:40
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parrot1perhaps I should do the same check but how do you do that?07:41
jkuparrot1: if you just want to check if pkg-config is doing what it should: "pkg-config --modversion egl" in shell should work07:43
awaisbMorning folks07:43
jkuparrot1: is there a reason you are compiling on target btw?07:44
bluelightningmorning awaisb07:44
tasslehoffIs there a way I can use a deb-file in a recipe? Or must I unpack it and write a recipe the puts stuff where it should be manually?07:46
parrot1jku: I personally find it even harder to compile it from the host (using recipe). So I figured out it might be easier to just do that from the target itself.07:46
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parrot1jku: I also know that yocto does have piglit but I need a custom one for my OpenCL test conformance07:46
bluelightningtasslehoff: there's bin-package.bbclass that pretty much does that for you - see the comments at the top of the file though for a hint about setting a subdirectory07:47
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tasslehoffbluelightning: ah. great.07:47
jkuparrot1: I see. My comments on what piglit does are based on the version in yocto: there have been some changes upstream since then IIRC07:47
awaisbbluelightning: how is it different from allarch?07:48
bluelightningawaisb: it's not related to allarch... the contents still may be architecture-specific07:48
awaisbbluelightning: cool, just saw the class did not know something such existed07:49
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parrot1jku: Not sure what you are hinting here :-(07:55
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jkuparrot1: nothing in particular: just saying that we may be looking at different versions and e.g. CMakeLists might have changed07:56
parrot1jku: how different CMakeLists would affect things? Sorry noob here07:58
jkuparrot1: well , they could have changed how they detect dependency libraries or changed an optional dependency to a hard dependency as an example08:00
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t0mmyhi everyone08:01
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tasslehoffbluelightning: the deb I wanted to install was not satisfactory. I get errors that it contains symlinks, and that it installs libraries in the wrong location.08:09
bluelightningtasslehoff: you may have to turn off some of the warnings, depending on the content08:09
tasslehoffbluelightning: ok. but it does not hurt that it likes to arrange libraries in its own way, if my apps know where to find them?08:12
tasslehoffIt likes paths as: /usr/local/cuda-6.5/targets/armv7-linux-gnueabihf/lib/
bluelightningtasslehoff: right, it's just warning you since if you don't have such a mechanism the lib won't be found08:13
tasslehoffbluelightning: that should be fine, so I just need to disable the warning about symlinks in non -dev/-dbg/-nativedsk08:14
bluelightningunless you re-split the packaging yourself, yes08:15
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tasslehoffbluelightning: thanks. one more Q. I now have a for my rootfs, and a for my sdk. I compile my sdk with 'bitbake -cpopulate_sdk'. how do I add cudartdev to my sdk?08:36
bluelightningwell there are a few different ways08:38
bluelightningyou could actually combine the two recipes and ensure the contents get split as they should into -dev and the main package08:38
bluelightningor alternatively you could do something like TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " cudartdev"08:39
tasslehoffbluelightning: I'll do the last one for now, but I need to do this properly eventually. thanks.08:40
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raykinsella7830 minutes "free" WiFi in Costa, is a bit miserable.08:46
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bluelightningraykinsella78: I guess they don't want you to buy one coffee and then sit there all morning... ;)08:47
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raykinsella78bluelightning: With prices they charge in here, I should get a free foot massage.08:57
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raykinsella78bluelightning: 5.90 for a coffee and muffin08:57
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bluelightningraykinsella78: someone has to pay for all that fancy branding :)08:58
raykinsella78bluelightning: :-p08:59
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kbinghamDoes anyone use devtool modify to build their kernel?09:53
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kbinghamI just found an interesting issue ... I used devtool modify -x to get my kernel source ... and I rebranched and made changes. Having run bitbake, rebooted and checked that my kernel is actually the one running (I put pr_err("Kieran was here") in init/main.c - the uname/kernel version still points to the old / wrong commit09:54
kbinghamI presume this is some caching somewhere preventing the version bump making it to the final binary?09:55
bluelightningkbingham: which version of the build system are you using?09:56
kbinghambluelightning: poky 1.809:57
bluelightningah ok... in 1.8 our handling of the kernel with devtool modify wasn't great; we've improved it for the upcoming 2.0 release09:57
kbinghambluelightning: Ok, I'll retest when its released then :)09:58
kbinghambluelightning: It's due soon isn't it?09:58
bluelightningsorry not the best news I know, but probably not the worst :)09:58
bluelightningyes, we're just in the final stabilisation period atm09:58
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raykinsella78bluelightning: have added grub-efi to my build, but I am not getting a grub.con11:02
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Ox4hello yocto gurus :)12:17
LetoThe2ndi think we're out of yocto gurus, but i think some meditation gurus are still around.12:18
fredcadeteI meditate while I wait for interesting questions to show up12:18
ndecand when you wait for builds to complete as well, no?12:19
fredcadetewhile the bits are baking I try to do my corporate reporting12:19
fredcadeteit's still not enough time12:19
LetoThe2ndok, am i really the only old hag who has a completely different association with "meditation guru"?12:20
fredcadeteindian-looking bearded guy sitting on the floor with his legs crossed?12:21
LetoThe2ndnope MEEEEEEP 0 points for you12:22
fredcadeteoh guru please enlighten me12:22
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gatispHi, I was wondering if bitbake has a mechanism to check which recipe installed a specific binary "binary_name"? Or the only way is to manually track this down?12:28
joseppcgatisp: if you have package-management with smart, you can just do something like: smart query /path/to/file12:31
gatispI have never heard about it12:35
gatispso I think I don't have it12:35
gatispjoseppc, will have to take a look at it12:35
fredcadetedo you have dpkg? opkg? rpm?12:35
fredcadeteother package managers have similar functionality12:35
gatispon my embedded system?12:35
gatispI don't have package managers12:35
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raykinsella78my light defusing blind from ikea, does little to defuse light.12:36
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joseppcgatisp: in the build directory you can use something like "oe-pkgdata-util find-path tmp/sysroots/qemux86-64/pkgdata/ *hostname"13:09
gatispjoseppc, thanks, I will try that13:10
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Ox4guys, how can I append symlink from /etc/init.d to rc5.d/ ?13:15
Ox4when I unpacked the tar.bz2 image I don't see the symlinks :-(13:16
frscOx4: you can use update-rc.d in your recipe:
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Ox4frsc: nice, thanks13:21
frscIs there a possibility to fetch a commit/tag that is not on a branch from a git repo? Without a branch specified, yocto seems to fallback to "master".13:24
LetoThe2ndfrsc: isn't a branch always named in some way, with master being the default for a newly created, single-branch repo?13:25
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frscLetoThe2nd: Yes, but what if I want to fetch a commit, that is on no branch at all? I know this seems strange, but I found a public repo where this seems to be the case...13:28
LetoThe2ndfrsc: hm, care to show a link?13:30
LetoThe2ndsounds like something detached head accidentially published on the server or such13:30
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frscLetoThe2nd: It's this repo:
frscLetoThe2nd: There's a single master branch, but I need the ref tagged v0.6.2, that does not seem to be connected to master.13:32
LetoThe2ndfrsc: sounds weird at least.13:34
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frscLetoThe2nd: It is weird! It seems like the libqxt repo is kind of messed up a bit. I'm now using a commit from the master branch, that more or less matches the version I need...13:41
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Ox4I see file in the /etc/init.d directory, but I don't see symlinks in the rc#.d directories14:38
Ox4could somebody help?14:38
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mrk377Hey all, I have$ bitbake -k core-image-base && runqemu qemux86 (Worked great).  THEN RAN$ bitbake -k core-image-minimal-dev && runqemu qemux8614:43
mrk377Does the minimal dev have gcc??14:43
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kergothCan someone summarize the behavior of 'patchme' in kern-tools for me?14:53
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mrk377I can't help kergoth.  Sorry.  Kergoth: have you worked with the core-image-minimal-dev?  Why doesn't it contain gcc?14:55
kergothcore-image-minimal-dev == core-image-minimal + the -dev packages corresponding tothe packages installed there, no development *tools*, only the headers and whatnot14:56
kergothdoesn't sound particularly useful, really14:56
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mrk377Ah, so I need to add tools-sdk to the EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES?14:57
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mrk377kergoth - I am just messing with qemu images.  Can you generate a dd (raw image) that can be written a compact flash or Solid State Drive?  I don't see easy way to generate this type of image?14:59
kergothin the past, we've had sdcard image types in bsp layers and mksdcard scripts in bsp layers, but everyone is migrating to use of the 'wic' tool15:00
kergothwhich is designed to do just that15:00
mrk377Ok, thanks bro! I appreciate quick response :)15:00
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gatispHello again. If I have 2 recipes that both install a binary with the same name on the same path, how does bitbake resolve this situation?15:06
kergothIt doesn't, not directly. If both get built at the same time and step on one another in the sysroot, it would error, and if you try to install boht into a rootfs, it would fail15:08
kergothif both files provide the same functionality (i.e. vim and nvi provide vi), you can use update-alternatives15:08
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gatispkergoth, right, now I see what is happening. Thanks. I was not aware of update-alternatives bbclass15:24
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mrk377Guys, if I'm using core-image-minimal-dev then I can add EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "...ssh-server-openssh"15:31
kergothI don't understand the question. Why wouldn't you be able to add an image feature to an image? that's what they're for15:32
mrk377Oh, the mega manual states that this image feature is only available when you inherit core-image class.15:33
mrk377If you use another class, then it is not available?15:33
mrk377But I guess that is every image class, right?15:34
kergothnot every image, but all the core-image- recipes, certainly, hence the name15:34
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mrk377Sorry for confusion.  Thx15:37
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fredcadetehello guys17:57
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fredcadeteI've recently upgraded from yocto 1.6 to yocto 1.8 and have found out that a few busybox utils are not build anymore: dmesg, mknod17:58
fredcadetedoes this ring a bell to anyone?17:58
fredcadetethey are both enabled in meta/recipes-core/busybox/busybox/defconfig17:58
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fredcadetenevermind, found it18:02
fredcadeteit was another layer18:02
fredcadeteI will proceed to spam that layer's IRC as retribution18:03
btoothhi.. i create a recipe that inherits nativesdk, but after the package is installed i can find a image/ folder in tmp/work/native../pn .. i do something like cp ${WORKDIR}/files ${D} -- where {D} seems to be image/ ? but why?18:07
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mrk377kergoth and others: I've been learning for a couple days.  What is best strategy to add a new source requirement (libzmq >= 3.2.2) for zeroMQ to show-up in image?18:22
mrk377I will have other source requirements to end up in image so there will be several requirements?18:22
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mrk377Are there videos on rolling recipes from source?20:25
rburtonI can make a video where i say "use recipetool" if you'd like20:26
rburtonat the end of the day its packaging, which is more work than "press some buttons".  there's a reason the manual is many pages.20:26
rburtonnot really the sort of thing you can put in a video20:26
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mrk377I have a source directory and ran:   recipetool create -o /full/path/to/my/recipe/  /full/path/to/src/with/autotools/make20:30
mrk377I guess the SRC_URI for a file:// must be hand jammed, right?20:31
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* rburton has only used it once tbh20:31
mrk377rburton, is this place for these helpful questions??20:32
* rburton must go now20:33
rburtonthere's a glass of pale ale on the table calling me20:33
mrk377nice, have one for me20:33
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qknighthi. <- anyone an idea why gettext fails to build with ../gnulib-lib/' is not a valid libtool archive20:55
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qknightis it save to mix daisy with fido?22:07
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kergothno, you can't mix up your branches between your layers and expect things to work22:09
qknightkergoth: that might be one of my issues22:10
qknightbut i'm only using meta-multimedia from fido, all other parts are daisy and i'm probably not using anything from meta-multimedia yet22:10
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #223 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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