Saturday, 2015-10-17

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awsation_hi all, I want to use the runqemu command on a built image, but I want to start the VM with two vNICs instead of the default one. Is that possible?03:47
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kergothyou can specify any custom arguments to be passed to qemu with qemuparams="..."04:19
kergothsee the qemu documentation for what to pass it04:19
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qknighthey. just hit an build error with <- eglibc/ and this issue: | Makefile:91: *** OPTION_EGLIBC_NSSWITCH_FIXED_CONFIG variable left unset.  Stop.11:09
qknightanyone an idea how to fix that? i'm on daisy11:10
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frobaris there some consistency to what bar refers to in FOO_bar, or is it all ad-hoc?17:03
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kergothfrobar: Not sure what you mean by that. FOO_bar is a variable name. If bar is listed in OVERRIDES, then it's seen as an override, so the value of that variable would overwrite FOO. If not, it'd be left as is.19:09
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frobarkergoth: i mean in the sense that the _bar part sometimes seems to be a machine, sometimes an architecture, sometimes a recipe name, sometimes something else...19:35
kergothread meta/conf/bitbake.conf19:35
frobardepending on the particular variable19:35
kergoththe value of the OVERRIDES variable19:35
kergothit's not inconsistent, again, it's the values in overrides19:35
kergothOVERRIDES is conceptually a layering mechanism of specificity which also supports our orthogonal distro, machine, and image axes. It allows the distro to exert its preferences in the metadata, and allows more specific knowledge of the target to be used in preference to less specific knowledge of the target. _<machine> is used in preferences to _<arch> which is used in preference to the base value, for example, because that knowledge is more specific,19:37
kergoth and more likely to be accurate.19:37
kergothif you look at the include files pulled in by bitbake.conf, it's basically the same things overrides has19:37
kergoththe order of elements in overrides reflects the specificity i mentioned. forcevariable will override anything else, to let the user override anything set anywhere in the metadata if they want to19:39
kergoththe yocto project documentation covers overrides as well, i believe19:39
frobarso when bitbake sees something like "FOO_bar = ...", it checks if "bar" appears in OVERRIDES, and does the assignment if so?19:40
frobarto make it a bit more concrete :P19:40
kergothno, FOO_bar is a valid variable in its own right19:40
kergothif bar is in overrides, then FOO_bar replaces FOO19:40
kergothotherwise it'd be left as is19:40
kergoththe bitbake manual covers this as well19:41
frobardoes FOO_bar = "baz" do something like  FOO_bar = "baz"; if "bar" is in OVERRIDES: FOO = "baz";?19:42
frobaror FOO = FOO_bar...19:42
kergothyes, FOO would be "baz" in that case19:48
kergothreplacing any existing value with FOO_bar's value19:48
kergothit's really just a way of defining values conditionally19:48
kergothwe don't have if statements in our file format, but we have this19:48
frobaryeah, i got the point. just didn't know the underlying mechanism. looks like OVERRIDES is it then, and that you can specify different types of things after _.19:49
kergoththe thing is, the override separator (_) is also valid in variable names. just because you used an _ doesn't mean it'll do anything, unless the right side of it is listed in OVERRIDES :)19:51
kergothfoo_bar_baz could just be the name of a variable, no conditionals involved at all19:51
frobaryeah, that makes sense19:51
frobarsecond confusion: is S meant as a way for the user (recipe writer) to tell yocto where stuff ends up after it is unpacked?19:53
frobarwith the "base" directory for unpacking always being WORKDIR19:53
frobari found it weird that recipes would assign to S at first, but if that's it, then it kinda makes sense...19:53
kergothyep, that's exactly what it is, we don't examine the tarball contents, so we need to know where it ends up20:00
kergothin hindsight, we should have had code to be able to strip off the leading directory from the tarball contents, and just put that into S rather than having to tell it where the tarball wants it20:00
frobari interpreted S as an output variable at first. then it got real confusing. :)20:02
frobaroutput to the recipe writer that is20:03
* kergoth nods, no, it's describing the input20:04
frobarwhere do the default do_* functions come from? are they built into bitbake, or is there some inheritance thing going on?20:08
kergotheverything is defined in the metadata20:09
kergothnot much is implicit. bitbake parses bblayers.conf and layer.conf from each layer in BBLAYERS, then it parses bitbake.conf, then it parses base.bbclass and every other bbclass listed in the INHERIT variable20:09
kergothbase.bbclass defines most of the base functions20:09
kergoththere's a good writeup on the basics of how bitbake works in a book that elizabeth flanigan wrote up that you might find interesting, covers some of the high level concepts and history -
frobari like working "bottom-up" at least. i find it hard to understand high-level stuff if i don't understand the implementation.20:12
kergothfair enough20:12
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frobarif D is ${WORKDIR}/image, then it seems it would be unique per package. does that mean that every package that puts things into e.g. /usr/bin needs to create those directories?21:14
frobarand how are all the different Ds then merged to create the rootfs?21:14
frobarseems it'd get messy as directory permissions could differ for different /usr's for example :/21:14
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