Wednesday, 2015-10-21

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qknightyay, built my own kernel and deployed it and then discovered that i don't have the firmware installed radeon/R600_rlc.bin02:23
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qknightworks! nice03:10
qknighthow to enable xfce4 on yocto?03:11
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qknighti don't understand why this is not mentioned in meta-xfce ...03:16
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qknightfunny thing: i attached a usb keyboard to the yocto host and i can't type anything03:28
qknightStarting Bootlog daemon: bootlogd: cannot allocate pseudo tty: No such file or directory03:28
qknightlsusb shows the keyboard and log shows: resize:  can't open terminal /dev/tty03:29
parrot2hello, I'm trying to bake a recipe for darktable and it complains about perl missing. I already put RDEPENDS_${PN} = "perl" but the error persists. Any idea?03:30
parrot2Error log at
qknightparrot2: DEPENDS = "libfribidi libtool libgcrypt gst-plugins-bad virtual/libsdl \03:32
qknightparrot2: you have to add it to DEPENDS instead of RDEPENDS_03:32
qknightparrot2: if the package, for instance when doing the installation, or later in the system should have perl03:33
parrot2you mean perl or the items you posted?03:33
qknightparrot2: this was an example from vlc.inc03:33
qknightparrot2: try to add perl there03:33
qknightparrot2: into the DEPENDS03:34
parrot2qknight: hmm...I tried DEPENDS = "perl" but still the same thing03:34
qknightparrot2: can you paste the whole file?03:35
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parrot2qknight: sorry for the slow reply but here you go
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parrot2I cant access for some reason05:21
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parrot2bluelightning: ping06:41
bluelightningmorning parrot2, all06:41
parrot2bluelightning: good morning. This time I need help. I'm trying to bake a recipe for darktable and it complains about perl missing. I already put RDEPENDS_${PN} = "perl" but the error persists. Any idea?06:42
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parrot2Here's my recipe. Ignore the piglit related comments since I largely took the recipe from piglit and modified it a bit.
parrot2and of course the error log
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bluelightningparrot2: RDEPENDS is for runtime dependencies though, this is looking for perl at build time06:45
bluelightningparrot2: it could be that you need to inherit perlnative also06:45
bluelightning(I say "also" - I can't tell but maybe it does also need perl at runtime, you'd need to double-check that if you haven't already)06:46
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mckoangood morning07:00
abelalmorning bluelightning07:01
bluelightningmorning mckoan, abelal07:03
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parrot2bluelightning: sorry for the slow reply. I inherited perlnative and it no longer complains about perl. Well it still complains about libgphoto2 but at least we made progress07:16
bluelightningparrot2: \o/07:18
parrot2do we have libgphoto2 here?07:20
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bluelightningparrot2: in meta-oe I believe07:29
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bluelightningparrot2: yep:
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parrot2bluelightning: thanks for being my saviour ...again...but it looks like I'm starting to get into a dependency hell..07:34
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parrot2How do you guys deal with SRC_URI whose app has sourceforge as its download server?09:04
CTtpollardI tend to find a mirror if possible09:07
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parrot2CTtpollard: suppose if I have found my preferred mirror, how can we get the direct http link that we can assign to SRC_URI?09:11
CTtpollardcan you give me your example?09:12
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Ox4u-boot part II (day 2) :)09:20
bluelightningparrot2: git grep SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR for lots of examples09:20
parrot2bluelightning: hmm..that command returns nothing :-( Are you suggesting that every sourceforge mirror has a git repo?09:23
bluelightningparrot2: I mean run that in the base of your poky/oe-core checkout09:24
bluelightningparrot2: if you don't use "git grep" already, you should ;)09:24
parrot2bluelightning: what does git grep do?09:25
parrot2btw now that command returns a lot of things which I should be able to make sense of09:25
bluelightningparrot2: searches all of the files tracked in the git repository for the specified regex09:26
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parrot2bluelightning: ah nice.....09:27
parrot2thanks bluelightning and CTtpollard . Learned a new thing today ;-)09:27
bluelightningnp :)09:27
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abelalbluelightning: can you please shed some insight on "An auto generated BSP description was used, this normally indicates a misconfiguration."10:25
abelalmy bsp uses the linux-yocto10:26
abelaland it was created through the bsp layer generation tool10:26
abelalso I have all the required sccs and stuff10:26
bluelightningabelal: the check is here:
abelalsecondly I can see build-mf/tmp/work-shared/<machine>/kernel-source/.kernel-meta/top_tgt10:27
bluelightningI'm not familiar with that area of the code at all but maybe you can make better sense of it10:28
abelaland it lists the base scc file10:28
abelali'll have a look10:28
abelalbluelightning: thanks :)10:28
abelalbluelightning: what's bruce ashfields handle on IRC?10:28
bluelightningabelal: zeddii10:29
bluelightninghe's here, but not sure if he's awake/around yet10:29
abelalhmmm whois says he's idling for 7 days now10:30
abelalzeddii: ping10:30
abelalbluelightning: thanks again :)10:30
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Ox4guys, I added u-boot_%.bbapend with following content: , but when I do bitbake u-boot it fetches v2015.07+gitAUTOINC+33711bdd4a-r011:07
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joshuaglyou have a typo in your filename11:08
joshuagltwo p's in append11:08
Ox4205 Oct 21 14:03 u-boot_%.bbappend11:09
joshuagland `bitbake-layers show-appends` lists your append?11:12
raykinsella78how do I build a specific version of a package - grub for instance?11:13
jkudoes that % actually work in filenames?11:13
joshuaglit does11:13
CTtpollardraykinsella78: provide / find a recipe for it11:13
raykinsella78CTtpollard: huh?11:14
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Ox4  /home/vadimi/yocto/poky/firmware/meta-powerbeacon/recipes-bbappend/u-boot/u-boot_%.bbappend11:16
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raykinsella78jku: thanls!11:17
joshuaglOx4: when you say it "fetches v2015.07+gitAUTOINC+33711bdd4a-r0" what do you mean?11:20
Ox4joshuagl: sorry, I have already understood. It fetches the source from my repo but prints out v2015.07+git... :)11:21
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Ox4guys, could somebody help me with building u-boot: ? I have a script with which u-boot is build fine on my local machine. Here it is: $opt is "PowerBeacon"11:52
Ox4and here is the bbappend file of mine:
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Ox4why the .config is not found?12:06
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Ox4well, I found the problem. The pb_am3874_defconfig should be before all env fw_validation12:45
Ox4but I don't know how to place it before :-(12:45
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Ox4EXTRA_OEMAKE_append just place my parameters in this order: env fw_validation pb_am3874_defconfig12:46
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frsc__Ox4: maybe you try EXTRA_OEMAKE_prepend instead12:52
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Ox4frsc__: it doesn't work. I don't see my parameters at all13:14
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qknightis there a manual how to create a patch which can be applied in the SRC_URI = " \  file://0004-mozbug746112-no-decommit-on-large-pages.patch;patchdir=../../ \ section?13:59
CTtpollardqknight: you'll probably want to do a bbappend14:00
qknightright now it is about to create the patch14:01
qknighti don't have it yet14:01
CTtpollardoh, you mean you want to create a patch, and then apply it with the recipe?14:01
qknightCTtpollard: yes14:02
qknight <- like this14:02
qknightbut that patch from there does not apply14:02
*** lpapp_ <lpapp_!> has joined #yocto14:03
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CTtpollardso, you can create your patch on top of the commit used in the recipe in git, then take that patch file and place in in a subdir of the recipe, and and the file name to the recipe as you showed originally14:03
lpapp_hi, when I say "chown nic:nic -R ${D}/opt/foo" in my do_install_append, does that mean that it will override the permissions on files under /opt/foo on the rootfs, coming from another package of another recipe?14:04
qknight <- this is my patch and it fails with Patch fix-the-compile-error-of-powerpc64.patch does not apply (enforce with -f)14:04
ndec${D} is just your package.14:04
lpapp_ok, so perhaps I ought to move that chown logic to the image creation step?14:05
qknightCTtpollard: probably the easiest to use git format-patch14:05
bluelightningqknight: I forget which version of the build system you're using, but if it's 1.8 or newer then devtool tries to help a lot with this kind of workflow14:05
lpapp_because in order to do that from various recipes, I would need to make sure that the user is already created at the stage of each package installation.14:05
ndecif you want to touch all files from the image, then yes.14:05
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:f9af:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has joined #yocto14:05
lpapp_which is not impossible from each offending recipes, but it is a bit messy14:05
CTtpollardqknight: yeh there's numerous ways to tell git to create a patch file14:05
lpapp_which is not impossible from each offending recipe, but it is a bit messy.*14:05
qknightCTtpollard: i'm on poky with daisy meta-* repos14:06
lpapp_we have this USERADD_PARAM_${PN}-foo = ... for the recipe in question.14:06
bluelightningqknight: ah ok, a bit too old for devtool then14:06
CTtpollardqknight: have you generated your patch off the top of the SHA1 defined in the recipe?14:07
lpapp_so it is not possible from one recipe to rewrite the permissions in a directory recursively on the rootfs?14:07
bluelightninglpapp_: you cannot do that from do_install; you could do it from a postinst script though14:07
lpapp_ah, makes sense, yes, good idea.14:07
bluelightninglpapp_: in a postinst script, definitely14:07
lpapp_bluelightning: ROOTFS_POSTINSTALL_COMMAND does not allow inline code either? In other words, I will need to create a little function for this command?14:10
lpapp_Furthermore, RPC will be executed after USERADD_PARAM_${PN}-foo?14:10
simonla question on recipe/package versions: I have a package (i2c-tools) that I need a newer version of. I'd need the unreleased vcs version. Is there some guidelines for how to set PV to make bitbake prefer the vcs recipe while avoiding future trouble (once a new version is released)?14:10
bluelightninglpapp_: by postinstall script I meant pkg_postinst for the recipe, not ROOTFS_POSTINSTALL_COMMAND (though you could alternatively do it there)14:11
bluelightningsimonl: indeed there is:
bluelightningsimonl: typically you would do it as PV = "lastreleasever+git${SRCPV}"14:13
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qknightCTtpollard: yes on top of GIT but i dont' use git, just cd'ed into the build directory where the vanialla .h file was14:14
lpapp_bluelightning: so I have pkg_postinst_${PN}-foo () { chown foo:foo -R ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} }14:14
lpapp_bluelightning: so I have pkg_postinst_${PN}-foo () { chown foo:foo -R ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/opt/foo }*14:14
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto14:14
simonlbluelightning: Thanks a ton! I guess "pre release" would have been a good search term :)14:14
bluelightninglpapp_: not ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}, $D14:14
bluelightninglpapp_: and I do mean $D _not_ ${D}14:15
lpapp_but $D will also reflect on /opt/foo from other recipes?14:15
bluelightninglpapp_: it's worth understanding the context in which a postinstall script runs14:16
bluelightninglpapp_: it will be run after installing the package during image construction (or on the target when installing the package, if you are using package management on the target)14:17
bluelightninglpapp_: so the context is the entire image, but only if that package is included14:17
lpapp_so probably dropping the $D could help?14:18
bluelightninglpapp_: no14:18
bluelightninglpapp_: it won't work during image construction if you do that, it'll be deferred until first boot14:18
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC14:18
lpapp_$D is empty when installing it separately from the image?14:18
bluelightninglpapp_: the environment variable D effectively gets set to ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} during image construction when calling the postinst scripts14:19
bluelightninglpapp_: on the target it's not set14:19
lpapp_ah, ok, thank you.14:19
bluelightningthus you can have postinst scripts that work properly in both contexts14:19
bluelightningwhen desired you can also force execution on first boot by checking if $D is set and doing "exit 1" if so14:19
lpapp_it is interesting to read that I ought to strive for $D rather than ${D} as I see the latter used throughout our layer.14:20
bluelightninglpapp_: only in the context of postinst scripts14:20
lpapp_hmm, alright, thanks.14:20
bluelightning${D} is still what you should be using in do_install14:20
bluelightningthat is the bitbake variable D, which is a different thing14:20
bluelightningthough they are a vaguely similar concept perhaps14:21
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lpapp_bluelightning: thanks, appreciated.14:23
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T0mWhow do I set the REQUIRES within an rpm from a recipe?  I have a new package that needs another installed along with it (dependancy) using smart.15:15
T0mWI tried RDEPENDS15:15
T0mWDo I use something like RREQUIRES_${PN} ?15:15
rburtondid you use RDEPENDS_${PN}?15:17
T0mWI'll try it15:17
T0mWrburton: doesn't work. "rpm -qp --requires <blah>" doesn't list my requirement.  I did clean + cleansstate before build so it should have built the rpm from scratch.15:20
kergoththat's what rdepends is for..15:20
bluelightningRDEPENDS definitely gets translated to Requires in our rpm packaging code15:22
bluelightningyou should even be able to see that in the spec file created within the workdir15:23
T0mWAHA! down at the bottom of my recipe is "RDEPENDS_${PN} = "base-files"", = not +=15:24
T0mWthought I was going crazy, "it should work..."15:24
bluelightningbitbake -e recipename | less is useful for this kind of thing15:25
T0mWthat did it, thank you15:26
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kbingham=Can I exclude the kernel from being built from my image? - I tried the obvious PACKAGE_EXCLUDE = "virtual/kernel" but it didn't work (after inherit core-image)16:27
*** tsramos <tsramos!~tsramos@> has joined #yocto16:27
kergothset RDEPENDS_kernel-base = "" to avoid installing the kernel image into the rootfs16:28
kergothsee also "How do I install/not-install the kernel image on the rootfs?" in the kernel dev manual in the yocto project docs16:28
*** raykinsella78 <raykinsella78!rkinsell@nat/intel/x-rsrxektwgjzezxcy> has joined #yocto16:32
raykinsella78if I change my PREFERRED_VERSION of gcc I expect it to trigger a complete rebuild but it doesn;t16:32
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:34
bluelightningraykinsella78: I think we have a dedicated variable for that, what you're setting is probably being overridden16:34
bluelightningraykinsella78: the dedicated variable is GCCVERSION16:34
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away16:36
raykinsella78ok so I need to say GCCVERSION in local.conf?16:39
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bluelightningraykinsella78: I believe so yes16:40
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* zeddii saw a IRC notification, but can't find it in history. who ever it was can email me .. a better medium for me to notice anyway.16:47
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Crofton# Hack for mesa + gcc5 failures16:54
Croftonbut he left :)16:54
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Ulfalizerhow do the FILES_* variables get their default values?17:12
Ulfalizeras in, how is it done internally17:12
UlfalizerFILES_* seems to include /usr/bin and other "standard" directories by default17:13
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto17:15
bluelightningUlfalizer: most of it comes from meta/conf/bitbake.conf17:17
Ulfalizerahh, yeah, i see it17:19
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grunziHi i am trying to do this "bitbake image-multimedia-full". After a while it gives me this error " ERROR: User requested feature sdl configure was not able to find it. Install SDL devel" I am using Ubuntu 15.10 and this is the list of all packages that I have installed regarding SDL.17:25
*** destrudo <destrudo!~destrudo@> has joined #yocto17:26
grunziI don't know which sdl package I could install additionally. There is a second error message "ERROR: Task 4069 (virtual:native: ../mars/sources/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/qemu/, do_configure) failed with exit code '1'" So I tried "bitbake -b" which worked. But "bitbake image-multimedia-full" still won't work. So I tried "bitbake qemu" which ended with the error message ""ERROR: Task 587 (.../mars/sources/poky/meta/recipes-graphics17:26
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rburtongrunzi: has a workaround17:32
yoctiBug 8553: normal, Medium+, 2.0, ross.burton, NEW , Image build fails on Ubuntu 15.1017:32
grunziah ok thanks a lot. been looking for hours know17:33
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qknighti would like to clean deploy/images/mytarget/* but i don't want to loose the rpm files used to build the image(s) there17:38
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qknightbitbake -c clean TARGET <- will that only remove the fsl-image-x11-t4240rdb-64b-20151017185342.rootfs.ext2.gz and similar in deploy/images/mytarget/?17:39
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Ulfalizerwhen you add e.g. "nativesdk" to BBCLASSEXTEND in and DEPENDS on "bar", it's my understand that nativesdk-foo implicitly gets a nativesdk-bar dependency. how does that work internally?17:40
Ulfalizerprovided it's correct...17:41
Ulfalizeri'm trying to figure out which parts of bitbake are "magic" and which are defined in the metadata :P17:41
kergothUlfalizer: see nativesdk.bbclass17:44
kergothUlfalizer: it handles the dependency mapping17:44
kergothall BBCLASSEXTEND does is tells bitbake to generate multiple recipes from one recipe, with each variant inheriting the specified bbclass17:44
kergoththen the bbclass does most of the rest17:44
kergoththe multilib bits are slightly more complex, that's similar, but lets a single bbclass be responsible for generating *multiple* recipe variants instead of just one17:45
kergothmultilib.bbclass generates a new recipe for each multilib:<name> in bbclassextend, iirc17:45
Ulfalizeryeah, i don't even know what the multilib stuff does17:45
kergothmultilib:lib32 causes lib32-<recipe  name> to be emitted17:45
kergoththen the tuning bits know what to do with that to change the tuning in use (DEFAULTTUNE)17:46
kergothagain almost entirely in the metadata17:46
*** cbzx <cbzx!> has quit IRC17:46
kergothbut in bitbake it's similar to how simpler bbclassextends are handled17:46
kergothif you want background on how bitbake works, the chapter elizabeth flanigan wrote for the architecture of open source software book may be of interest17:46
* kergoth suspects we could still use some more conceptual bits in the yocto project docs17:47
Ulfalizerso the only magic with BBCLASSEXTEND is that it acts as-if you had multiple recipes,, etc., each inheriting the same class as in the prefix?17:47
Ulfalizerokay, that makes sense then17:48
Ulfalizeryeah, i should read that one17:49
kergoththen the bbclass is what implements the real changes for that variant17:50
kergothi also highly recommend pretty much everyone, at some point, read bitbake.conf and base.bbclass. all the main variables and tasks are defined there for all recipes17:51
kergothnot directly applicable, but useful background17:51
Ulfalizeryeah, i've already looked at them a bit17:52
kergothnote that native is actually a suffix on the recipe name, whereas nativesdk is a prefix. inconsistent, but it's due to history17:53
kergothi.e. foo-native, nativesdk-foo17:53
Ulfalizerhow's the purpose of the meta-openembedded/ layer different from the meta/ layers's btw? is the former one "additional non-core openembedded stuff"?17:54
Ulfalizerahh, hadn't noticed that. yeah, that's a bit confusing. :)17:54
Ulfalizerscrap that17:54
psidhuwho decides when webkitgtk version is bumped? there's an upstream patch that fixes a build issue, but I'm not sure if I should bump the recipe version or add the upstream patch to the current version (khem, it seems you might have some insight to this)17:55
Ulfalizermy understanding is that meta/ has recipes from openembedded. so what's meta-openembedded?17:55
kergothmeta is from oe-core, oe-core is meant to be a stable, well tested baseline that everyone can share17:55
kergothit's shared by the yocto project and other oe-based projects17:55
kergoththe intent was companies could collaborate on such a baseline and thereby avoid wasting money reinventing that part so they can focus on where they really differentiate17:56
kergothmeta-openembedded is basically everything not considered core which doesn't already fit into another focused layer17:56
Ulfalizerok, kinda what i thought. thanks.17:56
kergothspecifically the meta-oe layer inside meta-openembedded is basically just a pool of random recipes that don't hae anywhere better to live :)17:57
Ulfalizerperhaps more layers could have a README in them to explain what they are17:58
kergothyocto is an umbrella project that includes a buildsystem component, which is poky. poky is both an integration repository which includes bitbake, oe-core, meta-yocto, etc together, and a reference distribution for hte yocto project (that's in meta-yocto)17:58
kergothprobably, yes17:58
Ulfalizermeta/ was pretty confusing first time i saw it. looked like an "unnamed" layer. :)17:58
kergothyeah, it's really a subdir of oe-core, so my guess was 'core' or 'meta-core' seemed redundant, but it'd be nice to have that for clarity, particularly since it's also pulled into poky17:59
* kergoth shrugs, wasn't the one making those calls17:59
kergothnaming is a concern as well, i.e. meta-yocto should really be meta-poky, to avoid yocto vs poky naming confusion17:59
Ulfalizeryeah, i think i remember being confused about that too18:00
Ulfalizerexactly what poky is is still a bit confusing :P18:00
kergothmost are at first. yocto, poky, oe-core, bitbake, meta-oe, lots of components and not everyone knows how it fits together18:00
Ulfalizerdistribution, build system, etc.18:00
kergothi just described that :)18:00
kergoth"yocto is an umbrella project that includes a buildsystem component, which is poky. poky is both an integration repository which includes bitbake, oe-core, meta-yocto, etc together, and a reference distribution for the yocto project (that's in meta-yocto)"18:01
kergothusing the name for two things doesn't help..18:01
Ulfalizerah, sorry, missed it18:01
kergothbut yes, common source of confusion, it's a work in progress to clarify such things18:01
Croftonwhere is that quote?18:01
Ulfalizeri'd like some more conceptual "under-the-hood" stuff in the manual, but i'm not sure if other people's brains work like mine18:02
Croftonthis poky build system must die18:02
kergoththe description of yocto and poky was me quoting myself from about 5 minutes ago. not sure what the ofifcial material states18:02
Ulfalizeri tend to be a bit ocd about understanding how stuff works18:02
Ulfalizerother people seem to get by without it :P18:02
kergothUlfalizer: some folks work bottom-up, so want details first and concepts later, and other folks want high level concepts first and details later, and some folks don't learn well by reading at all..18:02
kergothpresumably hard to address everything18:02
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kergothbut yocto project does have technical writers working on the docs, thank god18:03
kergoththat's a major lack in most open source projects18:03
kergothI think the docs could still use some more conceptual information18:03
Ulfalizeryeah, i'm definitely bottom-up. high-level stuff feels wishy-washy until i get the lower-level details.18:03
kergothi.e. I'm not sure that our orthogonal axes of distro, machine, and image are well documented anywhere at this point18:03
kergothexcept possibly posts by me or koen18:03
CroftonWe need to create a real BSP guide explaining that18:04
kergothoh, yes, we need good docs on creating a new bsp as well as creating and maintaining a distro at some point18:04
Croftonand explaining how we expect a BSP to behave, ie all overrides do not imapct other machines18:05
Croftonso many people assume you only have one bsp active at a time18:05
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Ulfalizerwhich parts of the parsing process are "file-specific" by the way? e.g., which parts would work differently if you just merged all the parsed files together into a single file?18:06
Ulfalizerignoring that some files must exist. could just have those contain the absolute minimum.18:07
kergothconfiguration metadata is global, affects all recipes, and that flows down into the individual recipes18:07
kergothhte config files could be one file and it wouldn't change much, but recipes are separate. bbclasses are inherited by recipes, but inherit is really just a special purpose include/require, anything in a bbclass could go directly into the recipe as well18:08
Ulfalizerwould copy-pasting the bbclass into the position where it's inherited work?18:09
Ulfalizeror is there more magic to it than that?18:09
Ulfalizermight have to move it to the end i guess...18:09
kergothdid my 3 messages about inherit go through? got disconnected18:11
Ulfalizernope, didn't see anything18:12
kergothinherit is an immediate operation, like include or require18:12
Ulfalizer"...anything in a bbclass could go directly into the recipe as well" was the last one18:13
kergothso right at that position would be ocrrect18:13
kergothwhat you put before vs after a bbclass can have an effect18:13
* kergoth has always disliked this imperative vs declarative behavioral confusion18:13
Ulfalizerso it's like an include/require, only with different look-up rules for the file?18:13
kergothinherit == require classes/<name>.bbclass + a bit of caching to avoid duplicate inherits, pretty much18:14
Ulfalizerok, that makes it much less magic :)18:14
kergothalso there's the handling of EXPORT_FUNCTIONS, which generates stubs to let you e.g. write 'autotools_do_configure' in autotools.bbclass, then EXPORT_FUNCTIONS do_configure will generate a do_configure that runs autotools_do_configure18:14
kergoththis lets you then write a custom do_configure and manually call autotools_do_configure18:15
kergothbasically our rigged together inheritence mechanism, like overriding a method in a subclass18:15
* kergoth not entirely happy with how we implemented that either, but it is useful18:15
Ulfalizeryeah, i remember asking about that a few days ago :)18:16
Ulfalizerare configuration files parsed differently compared to recipes/classes?18:20
Ulfalizeri guess disallowing python/shell functions might make sense there...18:20
Ulfalizerbut then again, maybe bitbake.conf has some code in it. can't remember...18:20
jmesmonUlfalizer: note that BBCLASSEXTEND has magic that makes it different from concatenation18:20
*** cbzx <cbzx!> has joined #yocto18:21
kergothyeah, there's two different parsers18:21
kergothscroll up, we went over bbclassextend a few minutes ago :)18:21
Ulfalizerhow do they differ? i guess most parts would be shared.18:22
* jmesmon hides in shame18:22
*** jchonig <jchonig!> has quit IRC18:23
Ulfalizernope, no code in bitbake.conf18:23
Ulfalizerexcept ${@ stuff, but i'm not counting that18:24
*** jchonig <jchonig!> has joined #yocto18:26
kergothmainly inherit and functions/tasks are recipe specific18:29
kergoth / class specific18:29
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Ulfalizerwhat happens if you try to use them in configuration files? i still don't have a linux box due to the moving company being slow. :P18:32
*** roccof <roccof!> has joined #yocto18:33
Ulfalizernot that it's hugely important to know18:33
kergothit'll just give a parsing error. unrecognized lines in teh file18:36
kergoththe separation can be kind of irritating at times, actually18:37
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Ulfalizerhow does it work internally? some kind of "context" variable and some checks on that when encountering a function/inherit?18:42
ulf`No one Ulfalizers me18:42
Ulfalizeryou should steal ulfenstein. i used to use that. :P18:44
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has joined #yocto18:44
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kergothUlfalizer: bitbake chooses which python file parser to use based on file extension. see bitbake/lib/bb/parse/parse_py/ and the BBHandler18:48
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Ulfalizerprobably excessive, but a small optimization there might be to assign the match() method directly, like __include_regexp_match__ = re.compile(...).match, and then __include_regexp_match__(s). i've written a parser for a configuration language in python, and i think that gained a few % on the runtime for me.18:53
Ulfalizerbut depends on where the bottleneck is. might be completely insignificant. :P18:53
kergothnot a bad idea, woul dneed to profile18:53
kergothwe have a lot of places we could improve performance, not sure if that part is significant or not18:53
kergothusing regex in general isn't ideal18:54
*** raykinsella78 <raykinsella78!rkinsell@nat/intel/x-cvchcftzvjcasmyb> has left #yocto18:54
Ulfalizeri used a regex/manual mix in the end18:54
kergoththe oe-lite folks wrote a PLY-based parser, but they've since changed the file format substantially, so couldn't use it as is18:55
kergothAny folks around that know git well? Could use input on
yoctiBug 7958: enhancement, Medium, 2.1, kergoth, IN PROGRESS DESIGN , Implement shallow git clone functionality18:58
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kergothHmm, I don't really like that a failure to tar the git repo results in a "fetch error" and that cauess it to fall back to mirrors, which could end up doing the same steps that led to the first failure20:03
kergothwould be nice if the mirror tarball generation was a separate operation20:04
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rburton1kergoth: g'wan, rewrite the fetcher20:35
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kergothhmm, wonder if it'd be worth using platform.dist() rather than lsb_release for the native distro string20:43
kergothwould avoid one host dependency20:43
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clsullivparrot2: do you happen to have or can point to a beignet recipe I can use?21:39
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tripzero1anyone tried building poky (or similar) on ubuntu 15.10 yet?  I'm getting errors when compiling qemu-native22:38
tripzero1"Error: User requested feature sdl configure was not able to find it.  Install sdl devel"22:38
*** tripzero1 is now known as tripzero22:44
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kergotheither install the sdl development packages, or edit local.conf and remove the qemu sdl lines22:50
*** alimon <alimon!> has joined #yocto22:51
tripzeroi've built libsdl-native22:53
tripzeroisn't that all qemu-native needs?22:59
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kergothcheck the qemu documentation, i'd say23:00
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tripzeroOdd that this error would suddenly pop-up after a distribution upgrade23:12
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