Thursday, 2015-10-22

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #71 of nightly-wic is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages_1 CreateWicImages CreateWicImages_1] Build details are at
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qknightin my yocto image i can plug in a usb keyboard but /dev/input does not exist01:39
qknightany idea if that is a udev problem or a kernel configuration problem?01:40
qknight< >   Event interface01:40
qknightah, a kernel configuration issue01:40
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parrot2what does bb.utils.contains mean in  PACKAGECONFIG ??= "udev ${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'opengl', 'dri dri2 dri3 glx', '', d)}" ?02:59
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bananadevCheck if DISTRO_FEATURES has contained opengl. If yes, return 'dri dri2 dri3 glx'. If no, return ''03:10
parrot2bananadev: so what is DISTRO_FEATURES ? what modifies it?03:11
bananadevIt is often set in distro configuration file03:15
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parrot2bananadev: ok. Thanks :-) Appreciate it03:21
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mckoangood morning07:26
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PiziwateHello everybody, is there a simple way in automake recipe to avoid dynamic linking (and by the way only use static linking) ?07:52
PiziwateI've some custom libraries (they are build through a bitbake recipe) and I just want to generate static files and not .so07:58
bluelightningmorning all08:06
bluelightningPiziwate: depends entirely on what you're building and how it offers the ability to enable building static libs08:07
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PiziwateI've found the solution by adding --disable-shared to extraoe_conf...08:24
bluelightningright, it's usually something like that08:30
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btoothhi.. i use ipk packages and opkg on the target. i try to install a ipk from local filesystem. but i get "Cannot satisfy the following dependencies" like for libc (>= 2.21) but libc is already installed at this version -- so why opkg does not know?09:05
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bluelightningbtooth: maybe the package architecture doesn't match up?09:25
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btoothbluelightning: thing is that opkg on the target does not know what is already installed by yocto with the do_rootfs task. so the "opkg list-installed" is empty..09:39
btoothwhat is the right way to install packages that are not already installed by yocto to the image? i try to provide only ipk that are not used with IMAGE_INSTALL?09:40
btoothbluelightning: is it clear to you what i try to say?09:40
bluelightningbtooth: ah ok, it sounds like your image doesn't have the package database in it09:41
bluelightningbtooth: you need to have package-management in IMAGE_FEATURES when you build the image in order for that to happen; adding opkg isn't enough09:42
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btoothhow can i change this?09:42
bluelightningif it's a custom image recipe, add IMAGE_FEATURES += "package-management" to the end of it; otherwise you can add EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "package-management" to the end of your local.conf09:43
btoothbluelightning: thanks! i will try09:43
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btoothbluelightning: but i need to add opkg to IMAGE_INSTALL also then?09:44
btoothor is package-management enough?09:44
bluelightningno, package-management is enough, that'll take care of both preserving the database and adding opkg09:45
bluelightning(well, strictly speaking it adds the appropriate package manager depending on what you have PACKAGE_CLASSES set to)09:46
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btoothbluelightning: okay i have package-management now in.. and "opkg list-installed" shows the correct list. but when i try to install a package i still get "Cannot satisfy dependencies".. i can do a "opkg info <pkg>" for my package.. and if i first install the package which opkg complains for my package it works.. but shouldn't opkg install all dependencies automatically?11:12
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btoothbluelightning: i think i got it.. need to doublecheck11:20
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btoothokay.. solved my issue11:29
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qknighthey. <- using polkit for ppc i hit the issue with lib64 vs lib directory confusion13:07
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qknighti tried to fix it with writing: libdir="/usr/lib" but then bitbake got confused because i assume that there was a python error?! anyway i replaced 'chown root:root ${D}${libdir}/${BPN}-1/polkit-agent-helper-1' with 'chown root:root ${D}/usr/lib/${BPN}-1/polkit-agent-helper-1' and from there on the build just fails with the topmost error13:08
qknightand now i don't know why there is this 'make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.' issue13:09
qknightanyone an idea how to go on? maybe i should clean that package from the install, is that possible?13:09
qknighti mean without cleaning the whole stuff i already compiled and installed13:09
bluelightningwell the install step is just installing into the image subdirectory of ${D}13:10
bluelightningI doubt that cleaning it is going to help13:10
bluelightningthe image subdirectory of the work directory, which *is* ${D}13:11
bluelightningyou can't really change libdir for just one recipe though surely...13:12
bluelightningI mean, you can, but nothing is going to be able to find your library afterwards is it?13:12
qknightbluelightning: who knows, maybe13:12
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qknightbluelightning: i didn't find any solution by anyone else so all i can do is make some experiments13:13
bluelightningit sounds like it's simply not respecting libdir13:13
bluelightningeither it's hardcoded or the option to specify it is not being passed in13:13
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qknightbluelightning: it is but in other distros they symlink lib to lib64 which is wrong according to upstream IIRC13:13
qknightah sorry13:14
qknightsymlink lib64 to lib13:14
qknightbecause it looks actually in lib64 and does not find anything13:14
bluelightningcan you not force it to use lib64?13:15
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qknightbluelightning: i reverted the recipe back to its original state (undo in vim) and now i'm not even able to reproduce the original error where the lib vs lib64 confusion was the problem13:16
qknightbluelightning: first of all, do you have an idea how to 'revert' back to the original problem?13:16
qknightbluelightning: from there forcing it to use lib64 over lib sounds like a plan13:17
bluelightningwell, you could try bitbake -c clean polkit13:17
qknightbluelightning: thanks so much! now i'm back at the original error message13:19
qknightbluelightning: yay, works now with my hack.13:27
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qknighthm. seems xfce4-appfinder wasn't installed14:39
qknighthow to install xfce4 on yocto?14:39
aehs29qknight: check meta-xfce on meta-openembedded14:40
qknighti've added packagegroup-xfce-base to IMAGE_INSTALL_append which wasn't enough it seems14:40
qknightaehs29: oh i have that included and also built quite many of these packages14:40
qknightaehs29: but i don't understand how to use that software as i don't find anyone's local.conf14:41
aehs29qknight: IIRC there was also an IMAGE_FEATURE14:41
qknightmaybe because everyone uses hub?!14:41
aehs29hmm I must have mine somewhere14:41
aehs29qknight: nope, apparently all you need is packagegroup-xfce-base14:43
qknightaehs29: added to IMAGE_INSTALL_append right as i described?14:43
aehs29qknight: I added it to CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "packagegroup-xfce-base"14:44
aehs29qknight: but I believe that only matters depending on the image you're building14:44
aehs29qknight: btw I am not entirely sure appfinder is on the base packagegroup14:45
aehs29qknight: it could be on extended14:45
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qknightaehs29: alt+f2 assumes xfce4-appfinder and isn't alt+f2 supposed to be working in the default installation?14:46
aehs29qknight: wait so you do have xfce working?, the only thing thats not thre is the appfinder?14:46
qknightaehs29: exactly!14:47
* qknight is sorry that this wasn't clear14:47
aehs29qknight: oh ok, then yes, packagegroup-xfce-base is just the minimal xfce working installation14:47
qknightaehs29: so i hand-pick all xfce4 packages then and add it also, right?14:48
aehs29qknight: you need to either install packagegroup-xfce-extended, or xfce4-appfinder14:48
qknightaehs29: how did you find out about xfce4-appfinder being in packagegroup-xfce-extended?14:48
aehs29qknight: yeah, if you dont need everything from the extended packagegroup, just add each one manually to IMAGE_INSTALL_append14:49
qknightaehs29: thanks!!!!!14:49
aehs29qknight: no prob, hope you make it work14:49
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armpitRP so the person we should cc on the perl issue is Jen our yen ?15:43
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto15:43
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RParmpit: [Sno] aka Jens Rehsack15:48
*** matteo <matteo!~matteo@openwrt/developer/matteo> has joined #yocto15:48
armpitk thanks15:50
* [Sno] reads his name ...15:52
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has joined #yocto15:52
[Sno]which perl issue?15:52
RP[Sno]: armpit was asking me if I knew anyone who'd be able to sanity check a perl fix15:52
yoctiBug 8367: normal, Medium+, 2.0, akuster, IN PROGRESS DESIGN , ptest - perl tests fail for genericx86-64 on NUC15:53
[Sno]for some reason, gmail sorts all ML mails into folders, cc@ doesn't work :/15:53
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[Sno]armpit: in doubt, highlight me here15:56
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto15:58
armpitSno regarding the change?15:58
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armpit[Sno], I am going to instruct the engr who created the patch to send it to the mailing list and cc Jens16:00
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[Sno]RP: I know it's anoying, but did you found the time to review mine? ;)16:03
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khempsidhu: do a backport16:08
aj_cis there a way to disable a services from the recipe?16:08
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!> has joined #yocto16:09
RP[Sno]: no, sorry, there is a lot not getting done atm :(16:09
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lzmWARNING: /data/lessandro/yocto/angstrom/build/tmp-angstrom_v2014_12-glibc/sstate-control/manifest-pandaboard-pareon-verify-cross.populate_sysroot not found16:11
lzmanyone know what this warning means?16:11
*** stephan_ <stephan_!~stephan@2001:4dd0:ff00:9c32:7961:b4c3:9718:f98b> has quit IRC16:11
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has joined #yocto16:13
bluelightninglzm: that shouldn't happen... I don't know where that warning is actually generated but I think it would only happen if that task is stamped as having executed but for some reason the sstate manifest for it does not exist16:13
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*** khem` is now known as onoffon16:15
*** onoffon is now known as khem`16:15
lzmthat recipe shouldn't populate pandaboard (the target machine), it is a cross compiler16:15
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qknight_aehs29: xfce4 works perfectly now!17:54
qknight_aehs29: thanks to you17:54
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WarheadsSEHello all, off question: how would a get a reverse dependency list on a package?17:57
kergotha package, or a recipe? build time or on target?17:58
*** stwcx <stwcx!~stwcx@> has joined #yocto17:59
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qknight_WarheadsSE: bitbake tcpdump -e18:00
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kergothif you want to see reverse deps onr ecipes, your best bet is bitbake -u depexp -g <target>, or even without -u depexp and just examine the graph18:04
WarheadsSEkergoth: package. Need to check what all in my image is dependant on curl18:04
WarheadsSEgrabbed oe-deptools. Forgot about it, apparently lost it at some point :/18:05
kergothpretty sure that info is all available in buildhistory18:05
kergothi think deptools will be graph based, recipe info, no?18:05
WarheadsSEYeah, have to see about upgrading curl in-place with a squashfs ..18:05
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qknight_when i set: PACKAGECONFIG="opengl" i get this error ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'nativesdk-python-smartpm-backend-rpm' (but virtual:nativesdk:/home/linux/QorIQ-SDK-V1.8-20150619-yocto/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/python/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)18:08
qknight_anyone an idea?18:08
kergothsoudns lik eyou just unset a ton of packageconfigs in a ton of recipes18:09
kergothdon't set packageconfig globally for all your recipes18:09
kergothgenerally dont set it at all, add to or remove from it on a per-recipe basis18:09
qknight_ah of course18:09
kergothi.e. PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-somerecipe = " foo"18:09
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*** RzR <RzR!~RzR@unaffiliated/rzr> has joined #yocto18:11
kergothstarting to second guess our use of ?= and ??= for PACKAGECONFIG in recipes :) yes, it's configuration, but it should always be set per recipe, which means it should either be set explicitly in a bbappend, or set with the pn- override, which will override the default anyway18:13
kergothmight be less error-prone to just make it =18:13
frayI've wondered that as well.. especially now that we have _remove and _append18:14
kergothyeah, exactly18:14
fray(when it was first designed we didn't have _remove)18:14
kergothof course, even then we could have used the pn override to change the default value rather than relying on teh ?= / ??= to not unset the global 'PACKAGECONFIG' value18:15
kergothin fact, since we don't want to use a global packageconfig value, but instead rely on distro features flowing in, we might want to add a sanity check to abort if it is set that way18:15
fraythe idea of ??= was originally that a .bbappend could completely override.. but ya.. we don't want any system global settings18:16
kergothbut a bbappend could always completely override18:16
kergoththe append is parsed after the recipe18:16
frayBTW if anyone cares.. I've update the prelink-cross -- "cross_prelink_staging" branch18:17
fraythe prelink-rtld PROBABLY now supports nios2, and the extern_protected_data (new in glibc 2.22?) is also now supported there..18:18
fraythe actual prelinker though isn't working reliably..  still working through that..18:18
fray(we're having issues on PPC and ARMv7...)18:18
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qknight_which dhcp client should i install? i've only found a package called: dhcp   :4.3.0-r0 but rumors from the internet say that there should be a dhcp-server and dhcp-client (see maybe i didn't include all meta-* thingies yet?!18:27
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qknight_ <- installing dhcp should therefore install dhclient which is what i want18:30
*** tsramos <tsramos!~tsramos@> has quit IRC18:32
kergothqknight_: by default we enable udhcpc and udhcpd both in busybox18:33
kergothshouldn't need to install anything18:33
qknight_kergoth: i don't get my machine to get an ip (but i didn't install networkmanger)18:34
qknight_how to get the machine to start dhclient or similar on network interfaces with status UP and CARRIER18:34
kergothas i already said, you don't need dhclient18:35
kergothand how you configure networking depends18:35
kergothsystemd or sysvinit, etc18:35
kergothconnman or not18:35
*** dreyna4529 <dreyna4529!> has quit IRC18:36
qknight_kergoth: any example configuration?18:39
kergothagain, it depends. you haven't told me anything. not what distro, not what image, not whether its gui or console, not whether its systemd or not18:39
qknight_kergoth: ah, sorry18:39
kergothi don't have my crystal ball handy18:39
qknight_kergoth: yocto+poky+daisy with sysvinit (didn't understand how to get systemd working)18:40
kergothand you still haven't said which image, which affects it greatly. for example, core-image-sato uses connman with its own applet, so its configured with connman18:43
kergothassuming you're using a basic command line image like core-image-base, most likely you can configure via /etc/network/interfaces, see the debian docs on how to do so, or just edit it and see the examples18:43
qknight_kergoth: i'm on PPC branch of fsl (freesacpe) and my image is called fsl-image-x1118:44
kergothah, no idea what they're putting in that image, so it's tough to say18:44
qknight_true ;-)18:44
*** qknight_ is now known as qknight18:44
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*** WarheadsSE <WarheadsSE!> has left #yocto18:46
psidhukhem: alright thanks. It's a single patch which hopefully applies cleanly. I'll try to send it in soon.18:57
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qknightwill conf/local.conf adding    DISTRO_FEATURES_APPEND = "opengl x11-core"   work or have any effect?19:35
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!~User@> has quit IRC19:35
kergothx11-core isn't a distro feature19:36
kergothalso it's _append, not _APPEND19:36
kergothalso you forgot the leading space19:36
qknightleading space?19:36
kergothmy example was " opengl", not "opengl"19:37
kergoth_append appends without adding a separator19:37
qknightkergoth: oh, that is important? *bummer*19:37
kergothdistro features is a space separated list of words19:37
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qknightkergoth: i need to read about that in the docs19:55
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rmullI'm trying out yocto for the first time just now. It's fun to watch it do its thing!20:16
qknightto get systemd the only thing i have to do is to do DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd", right?20:19
melio_ccHi, Any way to remove an RDEPENDS from a packagegroup?  For example, pciutils from RDEPENDS_packagegroup-core-full-cmdline-sys-services.  On Fido.  thanks20:19
qknightmelio_cc: modify the packagegroup's sources and remove the compontent which holds the RDEPENDS20:20
qknightmelio_cc: no don't ask me how to do that. it's just a hack20:20
melio_ccthanks, looking for an alt solution, bbappends for example.20:21
melio_ccWould rather create my own package that modify the base poky one20:21
qknightmelio_cc: sounds like a good plan20:22
*** roric <roric!> has quit IRC20:23
melio_ccno '_remove' syntax works in a bbappends.  Hoping someone new the right syntax20:23
kergoth_remove works fine in appends. it's not a good idea, because they can't be undone by later appends, but it does work20:24
kergothcould use := with oe_filter_out20:24
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Christian___qknight: I am also trying to use it, there is more you can do like DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd pam"  VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd"  DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED = "sysvinit"  #VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_initscripts = ""20:31
*** onoffon is now known as khem`20:32
qknightChristian___: do you have systemd running already?20:32
qknightusing yocto?20:32
Christian___Somehow I am not sure if it runs20:32
*** stwcx <stwcx!~stwcx@> has quit IRC20:35
Christian___I had trouble getting the network interface up without ifup that's why I still have this commented: #VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_initscripts = ""20:35
jmesmonIs there a "right" way to handle packaging things that aren't autotools (and don't have a configure script) but seem to follow most of autotools conventions? ie: can I use `inherit autotools-brokensep` and disable do_configure() and have things typically work?20:36
jmesmonOr is there a different recommended way to handle things?20:37
jmesmonPerhaps just calling oe_runmake with appropriate flags?20:37
Christian___qknight: do you know how I can see if it is systemd and not the init scripts?20:37
qknightChristian___: thanks for sharing. you can also set interfaces up using: ip l set foo0 up20:37
*** jjmb <jjmb!~jjmb@2601:46:c601:4490:b5f4:182c:da90:83e4> has quit IRC20:37
neverpanicwell, you can inherit autotools and overwrite do_configure20:37
*** jjmb <jjmb!> has joined #yocto20:38
neverpanicwhich is what cmake.bbclass does, in a nutshell20:38
*** roric <roric!> has joined #yocto20:38
Christian___qknight: well, yes ... problem is the target is an Lego EV3 ... and I currently do not have a keyboard here ... to type on the damn tiny screen :)20:39
Christian___qknight: I tried to put it in some startup files but it did not help the interface (usb ethernet (asix) ) did not come up.20:41
jmesmonneverpanic: so that is the accepted way to handle make-only packages that use autotools like env vars?20:41
*** melio_cc <melio_cc!> has quit IRC20:42
neverpanicThat is one way. I'm not in a position to define the "accepted way", but I'm sure looking at meta-openembedded has examples with the same problem20:42
kergothgenerally a pure make based buildsystem should not inherit autotools, and should override EXTRA_OEMAKE to pass in their variables as appropriate for that buildsystem after reading its makefiles20:42
qknightChristian___: since it is usb, maybe you can create a udev rule and execute a script from there20:42
Christian___qknight: hmm actually that could be an option ...20:47
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qknightis there a 'bitbake make clean except current image' thingy?22:26
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Christian___qknight: you mean to clean "everything" - no there is just a delete certain directories ... oh and if you want to delete old image zips ... just delete them and ignore the "DO NOT DELETE ANY FILE HERE" it will never delete the itself ...22:45
Christian___*them itself22:45
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