Thursday, 2015-10-29

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mrk377After installing genericx86.hddimg using dd onto a Virtual Machine hard drive image, the image booted fine BUT the fdisk /dev/hda   shows strange values.01:49
mrk377The partitioning is bogus and unreadable.  Sizes, start/end values, and sectors are all bogus.  Is this seen by others?01:50
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mrk377Is it because it is a dos (MBR) with 4 garbage entries?  Should it be fixed?01:51
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mrk377Anybody online tonight to discuss the issue above?02:35
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DatGizmoHello, is it possible to remove a recipe from the PNBLACKLIST, without edditing the recipe, where it was added to the list?08:19
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bananadevDatGizmo: grep PNBLACKLIST to find it08:30
bananadevI think it is listed in conf/distro/*.conf08:31
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rink5a1/wii stephan__08:45
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parrot1bluelightning: ping09:10
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bluelightningparrot1: pong09:30
bluelightningmorning all09:30
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[Sno]RP: can I somehow help on the autotools fix approval I submitted?09:36
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bluelightning[Sno]: he's away on holiday atm I believe09:46
[Sno]bluelightning: thanks, I just hoped I catch him or rburton because of the mails both wrote this morning09:48
[Sno]holiday is a perfect excuse for being unresponsive :D09:49
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rob_w_which would be a latest x86_64 machine target ?11:50
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[Sno]bluelightning: view the pictures at
[Sno]I rate this - maybe not critical, but - highly important for long running embedded devices ;)12:35
bluelightning[Sno]: as I said in my reply, at this point we'd still apply the patch in preference to the upgrade unless applying the patch was more risky than the upgrade12:35
[Sno]so the patch fixing that issue would be ok, but the update not12:36
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bluelightningit's not up to me, but in theory yes - it's still getting pretty late for any kind of patch though12:40
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* zeddii is back after 3 days travelling .. sees his name highlighted .. and can't find it :)12:56
bluelightningzeddii: I think Crofton was trying to get hold of you12:58
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* zeddii knows you linked me to the archives before. but I lost that link too :)12:58
bluelightningthree times in fact, must have been something important ;)12:58
zeddiimaybe it's a ETOOMANYINPUTS defence mechanism12:58
zeddiiI need to remember to shut down my freenode connection when I'm stuffed onto planes12:59
zeddiiotherwise, I just look like I'm ignoring everyone12:59
zeddiimaybe I am .. maybe I'm not ;)12:59
bluelightningprobably safer to have the option of doing that ;)12:59
bluelightningyep it was Crofton, each day13:00
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zeddiiCrofton or Crofton|work .. I'm back at my desk if you still need me!13:01
zeddiior if you had  a complaint. I'm on a plane13:01
zeddiiand this is a bot13:01
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jatachi folks, I'm trying to boot from a  .hddimg on a usb but hangs while booting because of an infinite loop in when looking for rootfs in /run/media. Any help would be appreciated.13:13
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[Sno]bluelightning: wrt libusb - I like the proposal from otavio13:45
bluelightning[Sno]: that's definitely a possibility13:45
Crofton|roadzeddii, figured out problem13:47
Crofton|roadthought I was in the kernel for a bit , but was confused13:47
Crofton|roadzeddii, patch works slight different on F20 and F21 :(13:47
zeddiiech. fun.13:50
zeddiithis bot, is not amused!13:50
Crofton|roadI wasn't either13:52
Crofton|roadrespects exec flag on 20, but not on 2113:52
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_valle_Hi, I'm having trouble with Qt Bluetooth. Would really appreciate if someone could give me a pointer14:00
fredcadete_valle_ caught signal: 1114:09
abelaljatac: how did you flash the usb key?14:11
abelalbluelightning: hi14:12
abelalbluelightning: any python build system experts here?14:12
_valle_fredcadete: No14:13
_valle_fredcadete: ;)14:13
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fledermaushi - I'm working on a project that recently moved from fido to jethro - most things worked just fine but a kernel (3.19 + some vendor patches) that I was building for an mx5 target no longer works (no output after u-bot loads the kernel)14:17
fledermausthe kernel tree and config are the same, the first thing that springs to mind is maybe it's a gcc 4 → 5 problem? (the dtb from the new build works fine wth the old kernel uimage)14:18
fledermauscan I tell the jethro setup to use gcc4 instead to see if that's the problem?14:18
bluelightningfledermaus: you can, GCCVERSION = "4.9%" (or "4.8%" if you prefer)14:19
fledermausbluelightning: cheers.14:20
fledermausenv var or dropped into the kernel .bb or ... ?14:20
bluelightningfledermaus: no, at the configuration level14:20
bluelightningit almost certainly will fix the issue - there was at least one, possibly two gcc5 fixes required for the kernel14:20
bluelightningzeddii: not sure if you have any pointers ^14:20
fledermausbluelightning: interesting. got a link?14:21
fledermaus(to the fixes)14:21
bluelightningfledermaus: not directly, I've just seen the commits mentioning gcc5-related fixes going into linux-yocto during this dev cycle14:21
fledermausbluelightning: cheers. been tearing what's left of my hair out for a couple of days.14:22
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* zeddii reads14:23
zeddiiyah. we have a patch that the Wind River guys did to get ARM booting with gcc5. I have it in all the linux-yocto variants. they sent it to Linaro as well. IIRC.14:23
fledermauszeddii: optimisation funkiness in gcc5?14:26
fredcadeteerrm, how is the automount from udev-extraconf supposed to be working in fido and later branches?14:26
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fredcadetesystemd now runs udev in its own mount namespace, so the automounts are going into a namespace that is only visible to the udev process14:27
zeddiiyup. but no analysis to the point of pointing exactly at what has gone wrong ..only empirical results of working kernels14:27
fledermauszeddii: sometimes I hate software.14:28
fledermausoh well, if it was easy they wouldn't pay me.14:28
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jatacabelal: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb, then dd if=<name>.hddimg of=/dev/sdb, then sync & ejected.  moved device to target machine & booted from usb14:31
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_4urele_hi everyone!14:40
_4urele_I'm using systemd and some of my installed services are masked (via "/etc/systemd/system") by default, I don't know why... if someone knows something about that...14:41
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fledermausbluelightning zeddii - that two-liner makes the kernel boot again on mx5. so it's one of the optimisations that's -On dependent that's on by default now in gcc515:24
fledermausthe flag differences being:
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ntlfledermaus, bluelightning, zeddii: from a quick look I'd say this is relevant -
fledermausntl: hmm... my symptom though is there's no console output _at all_. Just a brick. Until I pull the plug physically and re-power to get to u-boot.15:39
ntlbad code generation can have different manifestations.  the GCC bug reports non-booting systems15:40
yoctiBug 65932: was not found.15:40
fledermausyocti: link wfm15:40
yoctifledermaus: Error: "link" is not a valid command.15:40
fledermausoh, it's a bot?15:41
ntlit's a bot yeah15:41
fledermausyocti: ☠̈15:41
yoctifledermaus: Error: "☠̈" is not a valid command.15:41
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ntlfledermaus: are you going to try with the -fno-ipa-sra kernel patch or just back off to GCC4?15:50
fledermausthe kernel patch sounds promising.15:51
fledermauswas it in one of the links above?15:51
fledermausIf so I missed it.15:52
fledermausah diff --git a/arch/arm/Makefile b/arch/arm/Makefile15:52
fledermausI'll try that next.15:52
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fledermausta. compiling ⏳16:04
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bluelightningif that fix works I'll try to get it added to the migration section of the manual16:07
*** ftonello <ftonello!~quassel@> has joined #yocto16:08
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fledermausok, that rebuild was entirely too quick. not convinced it isn't using a lo of cached stuff there.16:13
* fledermaus scrubs harder 16:14
fledermausbluelightning: can I purge just the kernel package's objects from the sstate cache?16:16
bluelightningfledermaus: bitbake -c cleansstate virtual/kernel16:17
bluelightningfledermaus: but if you *have* to do that then you may not have actually made the appropriate change16:17
fledermausthat's the trouble with SSDs, I can't tell the difference between "failed to rebuild" and "just hella fast" any more :)16:19
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fledermausbluelightning ntl - that no-fips-sra-on-arm patch lets me boot.16:34
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!~anselmols@> has quit IRC16:34
bluelightningfledermaus: great thanks16:34
fledermausadditional datum: -fipa-sra is only enabled at -O2, -O3 and -Os16:36
fledermausso the previous two-liner to force vsprintf.o to -O0 has a mechanism for working too16:36
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bluelightningJaMa: did you CC zeddii on that linux-yocto warnings email?17:05
bluelightningI guess I've kind of just done that, but still17:06
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*** cbzx <cbzx!> has joined #yocto17:09
JaMabluelightning: no I didn't, thanks for doing it17:11
JaMabluelightning: there is also some upgrade from Saul, maybe it's related, but I'm not using meta-yocto-bsp17:12
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bluelightningfledermaus: FYI:
bluelightning(just updated, thanks for the info)17:31
qknightanyone using qt5 with cross-compiling? that is meta-toolchain-qt5?17:35
qknighti don't understand how to use qmake as it returns an error17:36
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fledermausbluelightning: cheers.17:43
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*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away17:45
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denixhas anyone looked at building multiple kernels for a single platform within the same build?17:46
neverpanicqknight: we use qt5 cross-compiling, but not with meta-toolchain-qt517:53
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qknightneverpanic: so how are you doing the setup then?17:57
* qknight is curious17:57
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neverpanicWe have a completely different approach to doing an SDK, so our method wouldn't apply here18:00
qknightneverpanic: can you just outline it for me?18:01
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*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto18:02
neverpanicwe ship a subdir in the sysroot that has binaries for the architecture of your host machine and use user & mount namespaces to completely replace a user's system18:02
neverpanicso we basically install a nativesdk version of qmake and that's it.18:02
neverpanicand the compiler in that chroot on steroids cross-compiles automatically, so from qmake's PoV it seems to be a local build, because we can run target binaries (either because we can run the target arch or because we use qemu in user mode)18:04
qknightneverpanic: sounds like a very cool setup, especially with the qemu stuff18:04
qknightneverpanic: so you actually kind of compile 'natively'18:05
neverpanicIt's easy for developers. That's a plus.18:05
qknightneverpanic: did you documentat that somewhere?18:05
neverpanicNope. We're planning to contribute it back upstream at some point, but haven't gotten around to doing it yet.18:06
neverpanicPlus it only works on Linux, so is not really a replacement if you have devs on OS X18:06
qknightneverpanic: OS x ppl could use a VM tough, but true18:07
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ntlbluelightning: it would be better to put the -fno-ipa-sra workaround in your kernel(s).  The -O0 workaround only prevents miscompiling those two files, and one of them is even misspelled in the patch (there is no asprintf.c but there is a kasprintf.c)19:11
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto19:11
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denixzeddii: ping19:25
mrk377What is the best recommendation for forcing -march=pentium-m -mtune=pentium-m when compiling kernel, and all binaries that end up on IMAGE??19:29
*** cesdv <cesdv!> has joined #yocto19:30
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mrk377We get illegal instructions on applications since SSE3 is probably used.19:32
mrk377FRAY: This is in your wheelhouse.  Are you around?19:33
fraysorry I'm missing hte context..19:33
*** T0mW <T0mW!> has quit IRC19:33
frayis the issue that you have a core that does not have specific instructions, but they are being used when compiling the apps?19:33
*** T0mW <T0mW!> has joined #yocto19:35
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mrk377FRAY: I have some binaries on the real hardware (Pentium-M - MMX/SSE/SSE2) that are throwing illegal instructions.  It must be because of the -march flag.19:35
fraythe 'tune' you select is responsible for telling the system what -userspace- attributes should be set.. (the kernel recipe is responsible for it's own attributes..)19:35
frayso you will have to adjust the kernel "in some way" that it uses the right arguments for the compiler to select the right values..19:35
mrk377I can compile the source on the actual native hardware, and it works fine.19:35
frayfor userspace, you need to select a proper tune for the hardware.  I'd start with tune-i586 (DEFAULTTUNE = "i586")19:36
bluelightningzeddii - not sure if you have been following the discussion above re the upstream fix that ntl is referring to (as I've just got Scott to note in the manual - )19:36
fraythe i586 tune should not require anything more then basic Pentium support.  I do not think it has MMX enabled, but I might be wrong there..19:37
frayit selectes "-march=i586"19:37
mrk377FRAY: explain a little more for me please about.  Are there multiple files that must be changed to accomplish this?  Which ones??19:37
frayif there is a more appropriate arch/tune value for your CPU then you'll have to write a custom tune for your BSP19:37
frayok start from the beginning..19:37
bluelightningntl: er which patch misspells the filename?19:37
frayThe machine .conf file is responsible for including the19:38
fray'tune file' as well as selecteding the default tune..19:38
frayrequire conf/machine/include/tune-mips64.inc19:38
fraythat will include the file "".  You won't see a 'DEFAULTTUNE' setting as it inherits the one specified in tune-mips64.19:39
fraylooksing at qemux86-6419:39
frayDEFAULTTUNE ?= "core2-64"19:39
frayrequire conf/machine/include/tune-core2.inc19:39
* zeddii hasn't been following at all. too many inputs. 19:39
zeddiiat this point, I'm not inclined to change what works.19:39
zeddiipost release, I can do new patches.19:39
fraythat specifies the default of 'core2-64' (?= says only if not defined).. and includes the file19:39
zeddiibut we were running ahead of the curve when all those changes went in.19:40
zeddiiso it is what it is for now.19:40
frayinside of the tune-*.inc files is where teh system defines all of the values for how the compiler is invoked -for userspace-19:40
zeddiidenix, pong19:40
fraysee the README file: meta/conf/machine/include/README for more information..19:40
frayyour BSP needs to select the correct tune file and DEFAULTTUNE value for the board you are building for..19:40
denixzeddii: have you looked into building multiple kernels in one got?19:40
fraywithin oe-core/poky the lowest for IA32 is 'i586'..19:40
zeddiithere was even a bugzilla around for it .. I thought.19:41
frayif that works, you can "move up" to another..19:41
frayor define your own19:41
zeddiiand we had some hacks at wind to do it as well.19:41
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:6f7:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has quit IRC19:41
mrk377Hold, I am reading this and making sure I understand exactly the best approach.19:41
denixzeddii: were there any public patches available?19:42
zeddiidenix. there was a derived patch from an internal approach: it was this series, which had some issues and didn't merget yet:[OE-core] [PATCH v4 1/1] kernel: Add KERNEL_IMAGETYPES to build multi types of kernel at one time19:47
zeddiiit probably wouldn't meet your needs exactly, but it is a start.19:47
denixzeddii: thanks!19:47
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denixzeddii: it's a good read! although AFAICS, it just packages the same built kernel multiple times, it doesn't rebuild/reinstall/redeploy more than once, right?19:53
zeddiiit can do that, with a minor tweak. we wanted to use it to build a main, and a kexec kernel, which were different configs.19:57
mrk377FRAY: First question, the directory (meta-yocto-bsp/conf/machine) has a genericx86.conf file.  My file (build/conf/local.conf) has MACHINE ??= genericx86.19:57
mrk377QUESTION: Should I modify the genericx86.conf variable DEFAULTTUNE ?= pentium-m and make an associated configuration file?19:58
frayThe MACHINE = value in bitbake is parsed and causes the load of the conf/machine/<MACHINE>.conf file19:58
fraysince you do NOT apparently have a machine that is compatible, you should create your own machine (in your own new layer)19:59
denixzeddii: what if I need to build 2 branches, e.g. w/ and w/o a large feature, say RT or something like that? Any pointers? I'm now trying to hack it in, but the more I do, the more of an ugly hack it looks :)19:59
frayyou can include the genericx86.conf if the only thing you are changing is the defaulttune or similar..19:59
fraybut you should add your own19:59
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mrk377OK.  I have not successfully added a new layer yet since we are only tweaking existing files.  This is the right way forward then?20:01
frayin almost all cases, twaking existing files is the wrong development strategy.. if you do that it will be very difficult for you to unwind or upgrade to follow the community.. this is why the layer mechanism was created..20:02
frayit allows you to put your changes in an area where you have full control.20:02
zeddiidenix. that's when looping and building comes into play. I looked at what angstrom did (not sure if it is still there or not) for that, and had it roughly working. but the installs into the sysroot got crazy pretty fast.20:02
denixzeddii: I have that code in meta-ti as well for building multiple configs, but from the same source code. I'm actually extending it for switching source branches/commits...20:04
zeddiiso you are deep into the chaos :)20:04
zeddiiI admit to doing this outside of bitbake in general. multiple runs within a build.20:05
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ntlbluelightning, zeddii: back, sorry for the latency, had to run an errand.  this patch:20:18
bluelightningah I see.. hmm20:18
ntlbut really, I think you want the upstream workaround as soon as your process allows20:20
ntlit's been filtering out to the -stable trees, but maybe not as far back as 3.1920:20
* zeddii doesn't really care about 3.19 .. and tried to remove it completely for 2.020:21
zeddiiI'm sitting on several thousand commits until after 2.0 releases.20:21
* Crofton hopes zeddii is joking20:23
fraybased on arch changes, board changes, and bug fixes in new linux.. I'm betting he's not20:24
zeddiiI'm talking about the -stable updates + BSP changes in genearl.20:24
zeddiiso yah. they number in the thousands.20:24
zeddiiCrofton: oooh!20:25
* zeddii tries to make a note20:25
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* fray grabs aleve.. maybe it'll help eliminate the screaming headache that is prelink20:30
fray(FYI, I have IA32 and MIPS (n32/n64) working now -- testing o32 right now)20:30
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:c20:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has quit IRC20:36
*** bluberhops <bluberhops!54855a39@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto20:39
paulgfray, if you need, I can probably test on ppc32 with my sbc8641d ; last time I tried (1-2wks ago?) /sbin/init would fail20:39
*** lamego <lamego!~jose@> has quit IRC20:39
paulg(for both systemdisease and sysV)20:40
*** lamego <lamego!~jose@> has joined #yocto20:40
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*** lamego <lamego!~jose@> has joined #yocto20:41
fraypaulg w/ or w/o prelink enabled (if you don't know that means with)20:42
frayand I do believe PPC is on the still f'ed list20:42
fray(I have a coworker helping me with ARM currently..  PPC is next on my list after I complete the MIPS testing..)20:42
paulgI tested w/ the defaults which I assume is prelink enabled.20:42
frayyup..  it likely broke things20:43
paulghave not tested pl disabled.20:43
* fray is VERY glad MIPS64 emulation works.. but man it's slow20:44
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Christian___Hi guys, another prob, I want to download kernel image from (git) and also drivers (another git) and put the drivers inside the kernel for compiling, what's the way to do this20:58
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