Friday, 2015-10-30

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parrot1hello, how do I edit my recipe so the app installs to /usr/lib64 rather than /usr/lib ? Been getting Files//directories were installed but not shipped error01:44
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nerdboybehanw: i don't suppose you could poke someone about this?01:52
yoctiBug 8220: normal, Medium, 2.1, brian.avery, NEW , We need to enable an exclusion list in toasterconf.json to drop layers from layers.openembedded.org01:52
* nerdboy slaps yocti with a large trout01:52
nerdboymakes it really really hard to pass correct flags to both gcc and clang01:53
nerdboyreally need a way to override flags from llvm-config01:54
nerdboyplus it's plainly wrong to (blindly) hard-code another compiler's flags in the config tool when they're not compatible01:58
fraythis was written with multiple toolchains in mind, even multiple that used different configuration commands02:03
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fray'er.. not sure why it did "seebs" that was for nerdboy02:30
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xulferHm... anyone dealt with ninja output before?  Kind of struggling to build a good debug package from it's output.  It outputs a bunch of object files, and dwarf object files in a separate directory.  Haven't managed to get this setup to process core dumps properly as of yet.02:43
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abelalmorning all06:45
nerdboyfray: thanks07:15
nerdboyi was complaining about ebuilds that pass --llvm-config to packages and the output is stupid07:16
nerdboyi don't want to hack every ebuild that uses clang07:17
nerdboythat would also be stupid07:17
nerdboythe facilities i have for setting per-package env flags are completely ignored07:18
nerdboyapparently you're better at gentoo than we are07:18
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bluelightningmorning all08:12
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abelalmorning bluelightning :)08:14
abelalbluelightning: can you help me with a python build issue?08:15
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abelalbluelightning: I was able to build 2.7.3 cleanly for my target but 2.7.9 is failing and interestingly only for my machine08:16
abelalbluelightning: if you have a qemu build setup just add TUNE_CCARGS_pn-python=" -m64 -march=bdver4 -msse3 -mfpmath=sse" to your local.conf08:17
abelaland do a bitbake python08:17
abelalthe do_install fails....08:17
abelalbut I am pretty sure it is a build issue not install08:17
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bluelightningabelal: bin/sh: line 6: 26046 Illegal instruction     (core dumped) - is that what you see?08:24
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lazaohi guys08:43
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bluelightninghi lazao08:45
lazaohi bluelightning :)08:45
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lazaodo you know how can i specify a root password for dropbear ssh ? atm i'm using the ssh-server-dropbear EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES08:48
LetoThe2ndwouldn't that jsut be the general root password in the end?08:54
jku_lazao: remove debug-tweaks from features if it's there, then add08:57
jku_inherit extrausers08:57
jku_EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "usermod -P mypassword root;"08:57
lazaoit would be, i guess08:57
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lazaoobviously i didn't read the faq:
lazaothanks jku_08:57
bluelightning<insert standard warning about setting the same root password on multiple devices>08:59
LetoThe2nd<insert warning about having an enabled root account at all>08:59
lazaosure, i'm just doing some testings, i'll disable the root password, at least for ssh09:00
parrot1bluelightning: ping09:02
bluelightningparrot1: pong09:03
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parrot1bluelightning: The app that I'm writing recipe for is ignoring CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR variable so it's installing the lib files to /usr/lib instead of /usr/lib64. So how do I manually "move" those libraries files to /usr/lib64 instead?09:05
parrot1and the fact that a lot of apps are ignoring those variables frustrates me :-(09:05
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bluelightningparrot1: seems to me you'd need to figure out why it's not using that path and fix it...09:11
bluelightningparrot1: I'm not a cmake expert unfortunately09:11
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parrot1bluelightning: neither am I. I'm also not questioning why the dev ignores it as some of them simply have no way to be contacted. I'm just wondering if it's possible to hack do_install or do_package method to copy the libfiles from the original /usr/lib to /usr/lib6409:18
lazaojku_: this has to be done in my image recipe? its not working :(09:19
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bluelightningparrot1: certainly you can do that, but if the software bakes the path into the binaries then you may still have problems09:22
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bluelightningparrot1: however to do that you would just add a do_install_append() and mv the files from ${D}/usr/lib64 to ${D}${libdir}09:22
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parrot1bluelightning: Will certainly try that although it's not the most elegant way. Thanks09:27
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jku_image recipe sounds fine... can also do it in configuration but the inherit functionality is slightly different there09:31
jku_lazao: ^09:31
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jku_lazao: you aren't trying to bbappend image recipes, right?09:32
lazaoactually i have a personnal custom-image.class, and i have 3 images recipes that inherit from custom-image09:36
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lazaoi only want to have the root password updated in one of the 3 images recipes, so i just added the EXTRA_USER_PARAMS in one of them09:37
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lazaomy bad, i put EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS instead of EXTRA_USER_PARAMS09:38
lazaoshould be okay now09:38
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jku_parrot1: if the project uses some other variable instead, you can also use something like 'EXTRA_OECMAKE = "-DLIB_INSTALL_DIR=${libdir}"'09:44
jku_parrot1: that's probably a safer choice than moving files in do_install_append()09:45
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abelalbluelightning: yup10:18
abelalbluelightning: when the script tries to import optparse10:19
abelalbluelightning: optparse then imports strop10:19
abelaland then this happens10:19
abelalbluelightning: should the target side py modules be loaded when building sharedmods or host?10:20
abelalbluelightning: because in the current scenario it is trying to load the target side ones10:21
abelalbluelightning: and I am surprised why it isnt failing for any other -march10:21
yann|workhi - is there a quickstart anywhere showing a sample devshell session, when one attempts to understand what gets wrong in a thirdparty rule ?10:24
bluelightningabelal: could you please file a bug report on should go under oe-core / dev tools/toolchain10:25
bluelightningyann|work: not really, but having opened the devshell if you cd .. (usually) you'll be in the workdir for the recipe, in which you'll find a "temp" directory containing all the logs and run files for the tasks10:26
abelalbluelightning: I will but can you shed some light on this on your part?10:27
abelalbluelightning: this doesnt happend with py 2.7.310:27
abelalso I was thinking this might be a problem there10:27
bluelightningabelal: I honestly don't know enough about the details, I would have to actually start debugging it and I'm running short of time today10:27
abelalbluelightning: ok thanks :) I wont hold you up10:28
bluelightningif you can file a bug I will ensure it gets assigned to the right person to look into it10:28
yann|workbluelightning: ok, I'm there already, but wondering if there was no more direct way - the run.10:28
yann|workthe run.10:28
abelalbluelightning: is there anyone else here who might be helpful at the moment10:28
bluelightningnot that I know of10:28
abelalhmmm ok10:28
bluelightningbut if so they should please speak up ;)10:28
yann|workthe run.* scripts include both env/funcs settings, and the actual rules10:29
yann|work(please excuse my silly keyboard with "*" located on the RETURN key)10:29
yann|workit would be great to have those more separated10:30
bluelightningyann|work: I'm not sure that would make sense, what it's showing to you is exactly what gets run and that includes both the environment and the functions10:32
bluelightningyann|work: if you just want to examine the environment for the recipe you can do so with bitbake -e recipename | less10:32
yann|worklike, a devshell that would get a shell just instead of running do_<whatever>10:32
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bluelightningerm, but that is what happens when you run bitbake -c devshell recipename10:33
bluelightningit gives you a shell10:33
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yann|workin my case, I'm investigating a configure failure in a linux recipe, which is a bit more convoluted than the average recipe - something like "-c devshell-configure" would help10:34
bluelightninghmm, I guess I see what you're driving at10:34
yann|worknot precisely, since the run.do_configure script sets up a lot of stuff before running do_configure10:34
yann|workso I'm editing a copy of the script to get it to run bash instead of do_configure, but having a more comfortable way to get there would be great10:35
yann|workhm, except I get a child shell which does not inherit all those variables I need :)10:36
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lazaothat would be very interesting yann, it can help a lot debugging10:37
yann|worknot sure how that can be done - switching a shell into interactive mode is not something I think is implemented in any shell.  But starting a child shell inheriting the parents' vars could be a way10:42
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bluelightningwe do set variables in the shell's environment already, so it's not going to be that hard10:46
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yann|workyes, can be as easy as exporting functions10:49
yann|workbtw, in case someone involved in that would be around: I'm trying to get the bananapi support to work10:53
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yann|workchanging the run.* script to use bash, and run "export -f" on all defined funcs before launching a shell works nearly nice indeed - bbfatal causes exit from the shell, which is not that nice, and not exiting prevents the error to be caught :)11:00
yann|workbut that still likes promising11:00
yann|worklooks like the sunxi linux recipe has been developped by copying an old version of
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kbinghamI think I'm going to cry ... devtool deleted my kernel :'(11:10
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kbinghamwhen is the 2.0 release ?11:11
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bluelightningkbingham: erm, what? its absolutely not supposed to do that... is this with 1.8?11:12
kbinghambluelightning: Yes ... 1.8 ...11:12
bluelightningthe answer to your second question is, it's imminent - RC3 is being pulled together at the moment, if all goes well, sometime next week or early the following week11:13
bluelightningI think we did talk about devtool and the kernel not playing well together previously although I would not have expected any deletions11:13
bluelightningpresumably it's externalsrc that actually deleted it as the result of a clean / version change, rather than devtool11:14
bluelightningthough perhaps the distinction is moot11:14
kbinghambluelightning: I ran a bitbake - and I 'think' what happened is it tried to re populate my kernel source ... even though I had done a devtool modify -x virtual/kernel src/kernel ... so now I'm left with a symlink to an empty directory in src/kernel11:14
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bluelightningis this a linux-yocto kernel?11:15
kbinghambluelightning: sounds feasible ... I haven't dug into the internals to see what happened yet ... I just ran a build and my tree vanished.11:15
kbinghambluelightning: - no freescale tree.11:15
kbinghamI'll just remove the symlink, and put my own tree in src/kernel to try to recover for now.11:16
kbinghamlost a couple of patches but nothing too critical.11:16
bluelightningok, my apologies for the inconvenience11:17
bluelightningit would be interesting to try the same thing with 2.0, I'd wager it would not happen11:17
kbinghambluelightning: hehe it's ok .. I knew devtool was still beta ... I should have pushed my work back to the server more frequently!11:17
bluelightningif you feel adventurous you can checkout the jethro branch and try it11:17
kbinghambluelightning: That is tempting ... but I'll have to save that for another day ... need to get this driver integration done for the boss :)11:19
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kbinghambluelightning: Were you at the Yocto dev day in dublin? I can't put a face to your name ...11:22
bluelightningI was yes, though I was in the beginner's room11:22
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kbinghambluelightning: Ahh ok ... I stayed in the advanced room. which for my second week with yocto may have been brave ... but it worked out ok :)11:23
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kbinghamPhew - I had pushed the commits ... so I haven' t lost anything except for a change in my .config file :)11:33
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bluelightningkbingham: ok, that's good11:35
bluelightningkbingham: I wonder if the issue is reproducible11:35
kbinghamI'll try to pay attention to what I do / what happens and let you know.11:36
bluelightningok, thanks11:36
kbinghambluelightning: It's odd though - because I had done several builds successfully ... so I'm not sure what triggered the source change/ update here.11:36
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kbinghambluelightning: did the slides from the devday make it up on the web anywhere?11:42
bluelightningthat's a good question, I suspect not11:43
bluelightningI'll ping some people next week11:43
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mcfriskHi, is there a sanity check for runtime dependency which is not mentioned in build dependencies?12:17
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mcfriskWe have way too many build errors from here and there which are clearly sysroot race conditions and missing build dependencies.12:17
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MarexHi! Is the oprofile recipe dependent on kernel headers or can I use oprofile on top of different kernel versions without rebuilding ?12:19
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mcfriskMarex: afaik, oprofile and other userspace component do not depend the kernel version, of course some features with in might but they rely on ABI, not kernel versions.12:25
Marexmcfrisk: perf and oprofile are sitting in meta/recipes-kernel , which confuses me12:26
Marexmcfrisk: I'm aware that regular system components can deal with changing kernel underneath without much problem, yep12:27
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mcfriskyes, but they are also 'just' userspace apps. They rely on stable (hah :) Linux kernel ABI to function. They must behave the same on other kernels too.12:28
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Marexmcfrisk: I would have hoped so, I think perf doesn't for example ;-)12:40
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mcfriskMarex: I know pref is trickier, original question was about oprofile12:52
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Marexmcfrisk: I am still looking into that, looks like oprofile is using perf headers :/13:08
Marexthe question now is, are those headers part of kernel abi13:08
Marexprobably yes13:08
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mcfriskMarex: in kernel tree all in include/uapi are uapi, and available in userspace from /usr/include/linux etc.13:09
mcfriskbut there is much more to uapi than just those headers which in quite many places incomplete and even broken (my fixes for them are in review for over a year now..)13:10
Marexmcfrisk: yup13:12
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yann|workanyone saw on linux do_install, something like that? : No rule to make target '.../build/tmp/work/bananapi-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux/3.4.90-r1/image/lib/firmware/./', needed by '.../build/tmp/work/bananapi-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux/3.4.90-r1/image/lib/firmware/ti_3410.fw'.  ?13:49
yann|workif I run a devshell, get a shell with exported functions as described earlier, and run the "make modules_install" by hand - or even do_install itself, BTW, then the install goes as expected13:51
*** madisox <madisox!~madison@> has joined #yocto13:51
yann|workeven just launching run.do_install in the devshell succeeds, while running a plain bitbake does not13:53
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yann|workwow, using "oe_runmake -d" to run modules_install does prevent the problem!14:15
yann|worksounds like a gnumake bug, in fact...14:16
yann|workhm... not that easy :)14:17
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yann|workthe problem rather looks like a concurrency problem, it works flawlessly when I disable PARALLEL_MAKE - is the latter disabled when running in devshell ?14:43
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abelloni2.0 fails pretty hard on atmel platforms :)15:24
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iontehi. anyone got RIoTboard up and running on Yocto? for some reason I can't even see u-boot on boot... using yocto fido, meta-fsl-arm and meta-fsl-arm-extra15:27
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xp190_Hi, I built a toolchain and I'm trying to compile a big makefile project with it, I made the recommended changes, and my makefiles are using the right compiler and flags, however, I keep running into undefined references to to __aeabi_uidiv etc, is there some additional library I need to link against?  I have -lc -lm15:29
*** mrk377 <mrk377!4432d82d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:30
abellonixp190_: there is probably an issue with the floating point settings of your toolchain15:30
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xp190_abelloni: where would I look to see what the flating point settings are and how would I change them?15:31
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xp190_I'm crosscompiling from ubuntu, simple sample files work fine, but my project fails to link15:33
abelloniit depends on how you built your toolchain15:35
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xp190_I didn't do anything special, just bitbake meta-toolchain15:36
xp190_I changed the machine to my board (sabrelite)15:36
xp190_I'm using poky 1.8.115:36
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* armpit really could use that Yocto cricket bat17:12
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fredcadetearmpit: you mean like this?
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armpitfredcadete, nah.. thats too soft what I want to do. I need a real english cricket bat ; )17:30
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sykehi! I'm trying to use fido to build an armv6 qemu image, with kernel 2.6.x and glibc 2.918:01
sykeI can't seem to find working recipes for the last two aspects18:02
sykeI tried checking out an older release (daisy), but that has python errors on recent Ubuntu18:02
syke(I'm trying to make a VM I can test my Kindle homebrew mods in)18:04
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Ulfalizerwhy is it called "native"sdk? native to what? what would a non-native sdk be?19:15
Ulfalizersince you can build SDKs for a different architecture than the host's, it can't be "native" in the sense of being compiled for the host either19:16
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xp190_Hi, I built a toolchain and was able to compile a project, however, after compiling the binary won't run, when I use file to see what I built, I see the interpreter listed incorrectly compared to binaries that run on the target, how can I correct this?20:23
xp190_I can do a sym link and the binary runs, but this is not acceptable in my case20:23
frayhow are you compiling your binary?  are you using the build system, a generated SDK, or?20:23
xp190_I have makefiles which use the environment variables setup when I source the environment from the toolchain20:25
xp190_When I manually use $CC, a test binary builds properly and the interpreter is setup correctly, but in my project, this does not happen, i can't figure out why this is20:25
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yann|worknow that my core-image-minimal of 1.6 for bananaPI is working, i'm trying to build a core-image-x11 - however, I have a funny configure failure in qemu native, where the test for SDL fails because of seemingly-not-found libdbus versioned symbols from libpulse22:07
bluelightning_yann|work: which host distro is this on?22:07
*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning22:07
yann|work(building on Debian/testing x86_64 with no known problem like that)22:07
bluelightninghmm, we saw a similar issue on Ubuntu 15.1022:08
yoctiBug 8553: normal, Medium+, 2.0, eduard.bartosh, IN PROGRESS DESIGN , qemu-native to build on Ubuntu 15.1022:09
yann|workah, yes, that's it22:11
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yann|workand the BUILD_LDFLAGS_prepend_pn-qemu-native does seem to help22:17
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Christian___When is a driver compatible with a linux version? Example I have a driver for linux version 3.16 should it  be still compatible with 3.18 or does the second number mean there changes in the interface and it probably won't work ?23:43
bluelightningI'm not a kernel dev, but I'm fairly sure it'll entirely depend on what the driver is and what APIs it uses23:45
Christian___Hmm ok ...23:47
Christian___bluelightning: do you know if I can set the kernel version which the minimal image should use? Could I set 3.16 somewhere and it would use this version? (for example the LINUX_VERSION tag)23:49
bluelightningyou can create a recipe for a kernel version to build and then set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel to point to that23:49
bluelightningsee our kernel / BSP manuals for coverage on that23:50
Christian___ah ok so there is not just a switch for that ... ok I see ... thanks23:52

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