Thursday, 2015-11-05

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Christian____Question how do I change the standard login shell in yocto build?00:04
Christian____Currently it is sh but I want to have bash.00:04
Christian____Is that possible somewhere?00:04
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kergothinstall bash, then configure your user to use it (i.e. usermod), either on target, or via a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND. I don't have an example of the latter handy, though.00:13
kergothhmm, not actually sure how useradd picks the default login shell00:13
kergothwhen not otherwise specified00:14
* kergoth ponders00:14
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bluelightningwell, when bash is installed, /bin/sh will be bash by way of alternatives, so I think that ought to be enough00:20
* bluelightning goes to get sleep00:20
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fraykergoth there is a useradd config file that sets the defaults.. should be in etc somewhere00:21
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RallisDoes anyone know if the imx-gpu-viv fix for wayland not freeing window memory has any effect on x or egl?  We're seeing memory regions the exact size of our framebuffer leaked every time we create a QOpenGLWidget and try to destroy it.00:59
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kergothHmm, there are still a lot of weird little inconsistencies in behavior between our systemd and non-systemd setups02:42
kergothe.g. afaict resolv.conf is volatile by default for sysvinit, but it's not in tmpfiles.d for systemd02:44
kergothwhich means resolv.conf isn't writable with read-only-rootfs with systemd02:44
kergothjust one example, there are others02:45
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MarexRallis: I'd instead suggest you to try etnaviv04:42
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RallisHas etnaviv been brought in as a recipe?05:02
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parrot1how do I append to CMAKE_MODULE_PATH in my recipe? I tried CMAKE_MODULE_PATH += "my own dir" but no luck07:16
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stephanparrot1 maybe CMAKE_MODULE_PATH_append = " yourdir" ? sorry, I can only make guesses.07:45
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parrot1stephan: negative. Thanks for trying though07:48
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stephanparrot1 <= here they append something to it. list(APPEND CMAKE_MODULE_PATH "${STAGING_DATADIR}/cmake/Modules/")07:53
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parrot1stephan: I tried adding  list(APPEND CMAKE_MODULE_PATH "my own dir") to my recipe but poky won't parse it :-(07:57
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stephanmmmmhhh.... putting it in cmake_do_generate_toolchain_file_append() { } ?08:00
parrot1did that too08:00
stephanor maybe adding a new task between generate_toolchain_file and before do_configure?08:00
parrot1got bunch of ShellSyntaxError they said08:00
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stephan(you see that line starting with addtask in the file I linked)08:01
parrot1no luck :-( It still complained about the generate_toolchain_file_append method08:03
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mckoangood morning08:10
stephangood morning mckoan08:11
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stephanparrot1, I know the reason...08:37
stephansorry, I was blind :)08:37
stephanin the first line of the function you see that toolchain.cmake is written with cat and a heredoc08:38
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stephanI guess you will have to append to that function (or write your own) appending to toolchain.cmake08:38
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stephanor maybe using sed on that file to edit the line08:38
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parrot1stephan: I think I will look forward to append to that function rather than messing with toolchain.cmake08:57
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bluelightningmorning all09:18
parrot1bluelightning: Is there a way that I can append to method cmake_do_generate_toolchain_file() in in my recipe?09:20
parrot1I need to append to CMAKE_MODULE_PATH.09:21
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bluelightningparrot1: wouldn't you just install the required modules into that directory?09:22
parrot1bluelightning: not sure if that would be an elegant solution. If I were to submit my recipe to somebody else for example, I wouldn't want to have the end user to take the hard work of installing the module.09:24
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parrot1I can also copy the module in do_patch or some other routines but not sure if that's alright since I'm writing to CMAKE_MODULE_PATH directory09:25
stephanparrot1, no, I didn't mean, you should modify the file... you can in your recipe append to it or add a new task, which modifies the file, which is generated in the heredoc09:27
bluelightningparrot1: so the cmake modules you wish to pick up - are they supplied by the same piece of software you are attempting to build?09:28
parrot1bluelightning: yes.09:28
bluelightningisn't there already a facility for cmake to pick up those somehow?09:29
parrot1stephan: I'm also thinking of appending to toolchain.cmake09:29
parrot1bluelightning: what's the facility?09:29
bluelightningI'm not sure, but how does it work normally?09:29
parrot1not sure either09:32
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parrot1bluelightning: fyi, i solved the issue by writing a pre_configure routine that appends my own cmake path to CMAKE_MODULE_PATH09:42
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bluelightningyann|work: hi10:22
bluelightningyann|work: btw, your name sounded familiar (heh) - you used to work on Linux-on-iPAQs some time ago, is that right?10:22
* rburton groans10:23
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yann|workbluelightning: right :)10:54
yann|workI think I also had another short contact with OE in the meantime, though I can't remember what it was10:58
yann|workmaybe playtesting something for the FreeRunner10:58
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yann|workthe 1.8 ref manual seems outdated wrt ipk feeds: when I read it I understand that ipk feeds are not generated, as opposed to deb/rpm, but in fact there are feeds in deploy/ipk11:31
yann|workI'm not not found yet which recipe does that :)11:33
bluelightningyann|work: which part of the manual?11:33
bluelightningyann|work: it's not a recipe so much as a couple of classes and a set of python modules11:33
bluelightningi.e. classes/*ipk*.bbclass and meta/lib/oe/package_manager.bbclass11:34
yann|workoh, so it's not that easy to get it refreshed after manually building a package that's not mentionned in the conf ?11:38
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yann|workbluelightning: first there is a note in "3.5.4. Package Splitting" which is not ipk-specific and says there is no support for feed generation11:40
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yann|workthen "6.2.13. build/tmp/deploy/ipk/" does not include the " The packages are sorted into feeds for different architecture types" text the other two have11:41
bluelightningyann|work: bitbake package-index will refresh it11:44
bluelightningyann|work: I think what that note is trying to say (perhaps not as well as it could) is that the "feeds" that the build system creates aren't proper distribution-style feeds11:45
bluelightningI mean they'll probably work just fine for most cases11:46
yann|workyes, looks like they do :)11:47
bluelightningit's not exactly clearly written I'll agree though11:47
bluelightningwhich is bad because I helped Scott write that section :/11:47
yann|workin the meantime, package-index is exactly what I needed, thx!11:48
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Ulfalizerwhat would be the correct place to report a bug the ruby recipe in the meta-openembedded layer?12:08
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bluelightningUlfalizer: the openembedded-devel mailing list; however in master the ruby recipe lives in OE-Core12:14
yann|workI'm sure I stumbled on a cross-ref to where is detailed how to get the source for a recipe from a local tree ("5.3.6. Fetching Code" would seem a good match, but does not talk about that), I just can't find it any more12:14
bluelightningdevtool modify will also do that if it's for temporary (during development) usage12:17
Ulfalizerbluelightning: this is specifically for the 1.9 recipe, not the newer one from meta/. i've also found a small "bug" in the newer one though in that it enables --disable-versioned-paths though no such option exists.12:17
Ulfalizerthat option does exist for 1.9 though, because a patch adds it12:17
Ulfalizerso might be a copy-paste thing12:17
Ulfalizeralso, i should double-check if the above is true. it's what i remember.12:18
yann|workbluelightning: thx12:18
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yann|workis it a good idea, to add to DISTRO_FEATURES in local.conf, to test before having started to define my own distro ?  I'd just like to produce a directfb image, and looks like I must first touch DISTRO_FEATURES..15:04
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Crofton|workyann|work, that is reasonable15:06
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yann|workcool :)15:07
yann|workoh, but then I have to remove the x11 feature :(15:08
yann|workis there no "DISTRO_FEATURES -= whatever" :)15:09
yann|workit seems to accept overriding DISTRO_FEATURES completely in local.conf, cool15:12
rburton1yann|work: DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "x11"15:13
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yann|workrburton: oh, cool!15:46
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yann|workchanges to DISTRO_FEATURES are not supposed to be noticed as requiring rebuild of recipes that check for features ?  libsdl2 is apparently not completely rebuilt: obviously it attempts to relink, but the objects predate the change :(15:56
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yann|workgoing to use a separate build dir...15:56
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kergothif the recipe uses contains() to check DISTRO_FEATURES, then only the existance or not of the feature theyr'e checking for will affect their signatures, not any change to DISTRO_FEATURES16:00
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yann|workso I have setup a second build dir for the directfb image build, sharing the sstate and dl dirs, but it's still rebuilding be the cross toolchain :(16:36
yann|workrha, my bad, forget it :)16:38
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yann|workrha again, with proper sstate setting, it seems at first to reuse everything and go much faster, with 600+ populate_sysroot tasks going OK, then warns about a couple of setscene tasks for minor recipes returning 1, and seems to go on compiling native tools...16:45
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yann|workhave to stop here for today...16:46
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kergothhmm, we have fs-perms.txt doing some volatile links, but not others, then we have volatiles in initscripts setting some up, and tmpfiles.d setting others up for systemd, and they're not entirely equivalent18:10
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RallisI seem to have broken how rpms are prevented from depending on other packages that are not generated due to being empty (eg qtbase depending on qtbase-qmlplugins).  Anyone know how this is supposed work or where to look?18:13
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yann|workbluelightning: is it expected that with sstate sharing between 2 builds dirs of the same source, with only x11 vs. directfb as local.conf difference, even the toolchain gets rebuilt ?18:41
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abelloniOk, so I'm down to TUNE_FEATURES     = "arm armv7a vfp"19:04
abelloniand this builds but doesn't boot19:04
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bluelightningyann|work: hmm, it shouldn't be that way, however I don't know that DISTRO_FEATURES changing in an otherwise same environment is a well-optimised case19:06
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kergothshould probably review all checks of DISTRO_FEATURES to make sure they all use contains() or contains_any() at a minimum, might be more to do beyond that, though19:10
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seebs_RP, and possibly others: Just a note that so far as I know, OS X starting with El Capitan is going to permanently break pseudo for host binaries, because they're not letting LD_PRELOAD override libc anymore. Good security feature, does mean it'll be much harder to make pseudo work on OS X. There may be a setting to override that, but it's going to be a barrier to oe-core-on-OS-X.19:20
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Rallis@yann|work: If you want to dig into it you can use bitbake-diffsigs.19:22
abellonibluelightning: I think there are boot tests somewhere, are the results public ?19:31
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RPseebs: ouch :(19:38
RPyann|work: its not expected, no19:38
seebsI don't know whether there's a setting for it, if not we'd pretty much have to come up with a complete self-hosting environment including sh and everything to work around it, eww.19:41
Marexseebs: well that might be an improvement, you'd probably be able to build yocto on windows too then :)19:44
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bluelightningabelloni: we do regular boot tests on the autobuilder, basically for every build - and the results of those are public20:27
bluelightningwithin QEMU though; I don't think we've got to the point where we have the infrastructure properly set up for regular real hardware boot tests20:27
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CardoeIs there a bitbake command that will show me the Build Configuration section without actually building something?20:35
joshuaglyou can do a dry run (which noops all of the tasks but still runs through the logic of scheduling and running them) with -n20:37
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Cardoejoshuagl: that works. Thanks!20:45
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kergothanyone seeing devshell failures recently? can't get screen or tmux to work at all anymore on 14.04-6420:52
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neverpanicseebs: i implemented a workaround to el cap's SIP for macports' DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES usage21:53
neverpanicseebs: if you're interested I can give you a link21:53
neverpanicseebs: "csrutil disable" in rescue mode also works, but is really not a good thing to advise people to do21:54
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CardoeSo I've got an error message that I cannot figure out the correlation between the two. The error is here: And it only happens when I add into my BBLAYERS22:33
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #515 of nightly-rpm is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
seebsneverpanic: I would indeed be pretty interested in that. Can you email it to me (
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