Friday, 2015-11-06

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* armpit has to stop breaking things00:58
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Crofton|workmdadm failure ^^^01:49
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* armpit mmm, thought 64 targets put libs in /lib64... must be confused again02:17
seebsDepends on the target, I think.02:21
seebsSome use /lib for 64-bit stuff, and /lib32 for any 32-bit stuff that's also installed.02:21
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armpitseebs, thanks02:27
parrot1how do I check the order the methods gets executed when executing a recipe?02:31
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JaMahalstead: any update on openembedded-commits ML not working last month?08:30
bluelightningmorning all08:30
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mckoangood morning08:50
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rburtonotavio: <— fyi, master is going to have a new gstreamer-plugins-bad upgrade soon and it breaks on meta-fsl as you're patching it09:16
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ericbuttershi.. how to enable a systemd socket file in fido?09:50
ericbuttersjust put it like a systemd service file to SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN}?09:52
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bluelightningericbutters: apparently yes, looking at examples in our metadata10:09
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ericbuttersbluelightning: okay, my .socket file has "" in [Install] section, but there is no link created in etc/systemd/system/
ericbuttersi see links there, i.e for sshd.socket10:22
ericbutterscould it be related to file permissions of my .socket file?10:22
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bluelightningI'm afraid this is beyond my level of expertise, I don't deal much with systemd myself10:25
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jmleoHi !10:39
jmleoI am wondering how the UBOOT_ENV is supposed to be used10:40
jmleoit is only present in meta/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot.inc10:40
jmleobut if I want to include my own uEnv.txt in my u-boot recipe10:40
jmleocan I overrid this variable and it will install this file in /boot for me ?10:40
bluelightningjmleo: looking at, yes, if you also include the file in SRC_URI10:41
otaviorburton: sure; I am aware as I work close of Carlos (dv)10:41
otaviorburton: when merging, please let me know10:42
jmleobluelightning: ok, will try :)10:42
bluelightninghi yann|work10:42
yann|workI'm still in the fog wrt using GLES with SDL2.  Since sdl was definitely not willing to use its opengles backend in the x11 poky, whether in x11 or on the console, I tried with directfb, but there there is no gl at all :)10:44
yann|workwhat am I missing ?10:44
yann|work(and as a sidenote, the directfb image does not get opkg installed, while the x11 image did not cause any surprise on this point)10:46
rinkyann, is this on imx ?10:46
yann|workno, allwinner A20 (bananapi)10:48
rinkOh, well - mybe this will be useful10:49
raykinsella78bluelightning: any example I can look at of building for the host (not the target) ?10:49
rinkI tried to use SDL2 with OpenGL ES on i.MX6 and it was a terrible mess10:49
rinkTried to use DirectFB and it was even worse (but DFB on i.MX6 has been dropped recently, guess it never worked for anyone)10:49
rinkSDL2 made a lot of annoying assumptions which didn't hold in the imx case.10:49
bluelightningraykinsella78: any recipe which either inherits native or has native in BBCLASSEXTEND, we have a bunch - "git grep" should find them10:50
rinkEventually, I dropped SDL2 alltogether and just wrote my own wrapper ...10:50
rink(which was, ironically enough, much easier and performed way better)10:50
yann|workhm, the gles driver package has PACKAGECONFIG defs only for x11 and wayland, looks like the directfb idea was a complete mistake :)10:50
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rinkYeah, DFB seems dead.10:50
rinkboth the project as well as support for it10:50
yann|workrink: I'll keep that in mind ;)10:50
rinkgood luck!10:50
raykinsella78bluelightning: thanks blue10:51
yann|workok, even has disappeared, now *that* is death :-S10:54
rinkyann, I actually liked the idea of DFB10:54
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rinkbut it turned out it was such a mess that it was easier to draw inspiration from SDL2 and code something mysel10:54
yann|workyes, so do I, no need for a heavy graphics layer if we can do without...10:55
* rink notes, our application is full-screen OpenGL ES 2.0 only so ...10:55
yann|workwell, on my side I mostly need to render video frames full screen...10:56
yann|workrink: you had no problem with getting sdl to really use the gles renderer ?10:57
rinkI had a lot10:57
rinkwhich is why I ditched SDL too :-/10:58
rinkBut this was mainly because the i.MX6 GLES stuff needed different initialisation10:58
rinkand SDL2 doesn't understand how to do I/O if you only have GLES10:58
rinkso it doesn't do any10:58
* rink thinks SDL2 may not be a good choice for embedded things ,but ymmv11:01
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otaviorburton: there?11:29
otavioyann|work: yes, DirectFB will be officially dropped soon, for i.MX ;-)11:31
jmleobluelightning: it seems to be working, as in tmp/work/..../u-boot-/image/boot I have the uEnv.txt file11:31
jmleobluelightning: but in my rootfs I don't have it11:31
jmleobluelightning: and it is in my tmp/deploy/image too11:32
rburtonotavio: yo11:33
rburtonrink, yann|work: directfb re-appeared on github11:34
otaviorburton: I am trying to fix the u-boot issue11:37
otaviorburton: however it seems to be related to other stuff as I couldn't find a change here which triggers it11:37
otaviorburton: mut has binutils change?11:37
rburtonotavio: yes11:38
bluelightningjmleo: AFAICT the u-boot package needs to actually be installed into your image for that to work - is it?11:38
otaviorburton: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh11:38
bluelightningjmleo: (normally I guess it wouldn't be)11:38
otaviorburton: I bet 2015.07 dies same way11:38
rburtonotavio: we'll find out in a bit, i fired another run on the ab with it removed11:38
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alexlarssonhas anyone built yocto on F23?12:46
alexlarssonI get:12:46
alexlarsson| make[4]: Entering directory '/mnt/ssd/vcs/gnome/gnome-sdk-images/freedesktop-sdk-base/build/x86_64/tmp-glibc/work/x86_64-linux/openssl-native/1.0.2d-r0/openssl-1.0.2d'12:46
alexlarsson| /usr/bin/ld: libcrypto.a(sha256-x86_64.o): relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against undefined symbol `OPENSSL_ia32cap_P' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC12:46
alexlarssonwhen building openssl-native12:46
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yann|workhow would I ask which recipe depends on a specific recipe ?13:04
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joseppcyann|work: bitbake -g -u depexp <recipe>13:10
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yann|workjoseppc: looks nice, but if I request a virtual package it is not included itself in the package list :(13:16
yann|workI have bitbake complaining about dup provides for opengles*/egl/mesa/libgl, with wanted sunxi-mali only providing opengles*/egl, so I infer someone pulls virtual/mesa and/or virtual/libgl13:19
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joseppcyann|work: maybe without -u ...:  bitbake -g <recipe> and look at the .dot files directly13:25
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yann|workjoseppc: did that already, but it includes every target of the relevant recipes (6000+ lines), making it not so useful - also takes ages to format :)13:37
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kergothyann|work: the .dot files are most useful to examine directly, not with graphviz. just vim the thing and look around, or grep out what you need15:03
kergothalso there's bitbake's -I argument15:03
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kergothdenix: is there a good way to silence the numerous file-rdeps qa failures/warnings due to the fact that shlibs is exluded for libGLESv2 & friends?15:20
kergothshort of disabling that check entirely, that is15:21
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yann|workrink: a SDL2 app should select GLES2 if available when run undex x11 if available, right ?15:27
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ericbuttershi, i got one recipe that can not deal with BB_NO_NETWORK=1, i had this this week for an other recipe which was related to SRCREV, but this recipe does not have this, pls see here:
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!> has quit IRC15:35
rburtoni don't suppose anyone knows why libaio uses -nostdlib?15:36
ericbuttersaccess requested with command git -c core.fsyncobjectfiles=0 ls-remote git://  (for url None)15:36
*** Noor <Noor!~quassel@> has joined #yocto15:39
kergothericbutters: my guess is you might *need* SRCREV to point at the tag commit, but not certain15:40
*** abelal <abelal!~quassel@> has joined #yocto15:40
ericbutterskergoth: i tried that15:43
ericbuttersi am going to retry15:44
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kergothpatchwork really needs a search function15:46
kergothi'm sick of doing a browser find in each page15:46
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Cardoejmesmon: ping if you have some time to talk meta-rust15:53
Cardoejmesmon: feel free to /query me.15:53
*** scottrif <scottrif!~scottrif@> has left #yocto15:53
CardoeWondering if anyone's seen an error like before?15:54
CardoeI've added to my BBLAYERS and I'm seeing that. I'm using fido for all the other bits.15:54
kergothCardoe: SPDXLICENSEMAP is defined in licenses.conf in oe-core, and the use of it is done in license.bbclass in oe-core. doesn't have anything to do with rust15:57
kergothsounds like your layers are either corrupted or have mismatched branches15:57
kergothunless meta-rust is overriding a class or config file from the core15:57
kergothah, yes, it is15:57
kergoththat explains it15:57
kergothit's preventing conf/licenses.conf in oe-core from being parsed15:57
kergothremove that file to work around it15:57
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto15:58
kergothand probably open a bug in the github issue tracker for the layer :)15:58
CardoeI guess there's a proper way to do that behavior15:59
*** mrk377 <mrk377!4432d82d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:00
kergothwhat they're doing in that .conf is really a distro decision, doesn't belong defined by the layer at all16:00
kergothmakes me wonder what other questionable stuff is in that layer, honestly..16:00
mrk377YOCTOERS: Has anyone noticed on busybox vi (version 1.23.1) that commands/escape sequences are slow to respond?  Has anyone seen this or fixed it?16:01
CardoeDefinitely could be some other stuff but unfortunately I don't see any other layers that have Rust support.16:01
*** aime-Pierre <aime-Pierre!~Thunderbi@> has joined #yocto16:04
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Cardoekergoth: is there a supported way for a layer to say that a license has to be accepted for the layer to be used?16:06
kergoththat really doesn't make sense. the variable it's setting in licenses.conf isn't about accepting the license, it's telling the old src_distribute class that when you use it to populate sources for license compliance, include that license16:07
kergothbut 1) we don't use those classes anymore, 2) that decision about what licenses you want sources for is *not* a layer choice, it's a distro decision16:07
Cardoeok so plain old removal is the best approach16:08
kergothit's clear that layer was created against an older yocto release, i'd be curiosu to know which one, since generally we don't expect mixing branches to work16:08
Cardoeyeah I'm trying to ask the author as well.16:08
CardoeI've pinged him here in this channel since he's idling here as well.16:09
CardoeI'm unfortunately fairly new to Yocto so I'm still in learning mode.16:09
bluelightningwould be really nice if he could add the layer to the layer index also...16:09
*** jmpdelos <jmpdelos!> has quit IRC16:09
kergothugh, my devshell is *completely* broken. tmux doesn't work, screen doesn't work, xterm spawns but then the task exits leaving it running (weird, but okay, maybe that was on purpose?)16:11
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!besquive@nat/intel/x-ktghrlniyoieyhze> has quit IRC16:11
kergothanyone else hitting this?16:11
*** yann|work <yann|work!> has quit IRC16:11
kergothclose to master/jethro HEAD (couple weeks behind), on 14.0416:11
bluelightningworks here, but that's on F21 with screen16:12
kergothmine does the thing hwere it shows like 12 messages about trying to connect with screen -r and then exits16:12
kergothsame with tmux16:12
bluelightningI have to say when I've tried to debug the terminal code I've always been a bit frustrated by how hard it seems to be to find the actual error output16:12
bluelightningthat's an aside though16:13
kergothit seems like a fair bit of its output is not included in the task log at all. don't know how it's managing that, but that's bad16:13
kergoththe odd thing is, i dont think there've been recent changes to terminal, devshell, or hte LogExecTTY stuff16:14
kergothso i'm confused16:14
* kergoth tries a different machine16:14
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto16:17
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JaMakergoth: heh I've read that EXTRA_OEMAKE patch completely backwards..16:23
JaMakergoth: only after reading your reply I've realized that I also want to remove -e from default value16:24
JaMathat's what happens when people reply to e-mails before first morning coffee16:25
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!besquive@nat/intel/x-wxejkpujxgdxurmy> has joined #yocto16:25
kergoththe thing is, makefiles will always pick up environment vars, just -e makes env vars *overwrite* the base values in the makefiles. of course, the makefile can use += to add to it anyway. that's why we pass MAKEFLAGS=, to make sure we don't lose those. e.g. FOO=bar in env, toplevel makefile does FOO += baz, you'd expect the child processes to include baz, but if -e flows into submakes, they'd get blown away by the environment again, and it'd end up just16:26
kergoth bar16:26
kergothnot pleasant :)16:26
kergothbetter to just pass what we need explicitly for this particular buildsystem16:26
* kergoth feels bad for having set the default the way he did :)16:26
kergothhindsight is 20/20 though..16:26
*** qknight_ is now known as qknight16:28
bluelightningtoo true16:29
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kergothugh. touched ASSUME_SHLIBS, watched every recipe rebuild16:47
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has quit IRC16:48
bluelightningkergoth: should only be repackaging from what I can tell16:55
kergothhmm, yes, that should be the case, ibut it's not, i wonder why16:56
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khemkergoth: package_do_shlibs should have been the only task chaning the sigs17:41
khemI wonder if its changing ASSUME_PROVIDED somehow17:42
kergothpackage_do_shlibs means re-run do_package which means re-running every task leaning up to it if you had a build directory that was buitl from sstate, since there's no do_install sstate, only do_package and later17:42
khemif we change ASSUME_SHLIBS I guess ipks need to be regenerated right ?17:43
khemsstate shunts that task I see17:44
kergothif do_package changes, every task depending on it has to be re-run, inclduing do_package_write*, yes17:44
kergothtrying to silence the crapton of warnings that show up using meta-ti17:45
* kergoth rolls eyes17:45
khemI think the behavior is ok17:45
khemwhat warning do u see from meta-ti17:45
denixkergoth: patches are welcome :)17:46
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kergothkhem: hundreds of file-deps failures for a bunch of X libs coming from libs in the non-x11 libgles-omap3, plus all the libs listed in PRIVATE_LIBS (libGLES, etc)17:48
kergothhaven't nailed down the root cause of the latter, but it's an oddball recipe to begin with17:48
kergothtempted to just disable file-rdeps entirely for this machine as a temporary hack17:50
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jmesmonCardoe: regarding meta-rust: I haven't seen that error before. I'm also not very yocto-savy :)19:23
jmesmonkergoth: and I'm sure I'm doing lots of funky things in meta-rust19:24
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Cardoejmesmon: I've send you to pull requests to fix the issue.19:31
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Cardoejmesmon: I've created a new branch called fido and I'm going to do my best to support fido since that's what I'm using.19:33
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jmesmonsounds fine to me.19:35
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armpitdoes anyone know if ldconfig-native should scan dir other than the ones hardcoded? ie /opt/lib20:40
kergothi'd expect it to obey the in the sysroot / rootfs20:40
kergothso you'd have to add to that to get other paths scanned20:41
kergoththat said, using that to handle paths like that is not ideal. just make sure rpath is appropriate for stuff built in non-standard paths, so they can find their own libs on their own20:41
kergothideally using $ORIGIN20:41
armpitkergoth, since its run native the path is absolute or relative ?20:42
kergothi don't understand the question. we wouldnt' run it at all if we ccouldn't point it into our rootfs20:43
armpit or just /opt/lib20:43 would have /opt/lib in this case20:43
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armpithmm, will give that a try20:44
armpitkergoth, thanks. that work20:48
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rowlphHi, any experts on populate_sdk here, I'm having an issue getting this working with fido and debian packages.20:52
*** rburton1 <rburton1!> has quit IRC20:59
rowlphI'm getting E: Unable to locate package nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host21:00
rowlphfind gives me 3 debian packages that match in deploy/deb/i686-nativesdk21:02
rowlphand work/i686-nativesdk-oesdk-linux/nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host21:02
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rowlphWorks when I switch to ipk.  The ipk has i686-nativesdk.ipk but the debian package has the target arch (armv7ahf-vfp-neon.deb)21:12
rowlphI do have DPKG_ARCH ?= "armv7ahf-vfp-neon" in my local.conf.21:15
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rowlphI blew the build away and removed DPKG_ARCH ?= "armv7ahf-vfp-neon" and it was fine. I'll ry putting it back in.22:24
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