Tuesday, 2015-11-24

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* armpit note to self. don't fire up wireshark on plane...05:29
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yocto_newbieHi guys does anyone knows whats does bitbake-worker decafbad means ? my baking seems to hang and i saw this process with ps -aux07:09
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mckoangood morning07:47
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JaMabigger than expected?09:11
JaMa41G     /home/jenkins/oe/world/shr-core/tmp-glibc/work/qemux86-oe-linux/build-appliance-image09:11
JaMa40G     /home/jenkins/oe/world/shr-core/tmp-glibc/work/qemux86-oe-linux/build-appliance-image/12.0.1-r0/rootfs/home09:12
JaMa40G     /home/jenkins/oe/world/shr-core/tmp-glibc/work/qemux86-oe-linux/build-appliance-image/12.0.1-r0/rootfs/home/builder/poky/build/downloads/09:13
JaMatime to blacklist this one from world builds :) it won't be able to copy whole 60GB downloads directory to my tiny 72G tmpfs09:15
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styler2goHello. I am trying to compile uboot with bitbake but i get the error "ake: *** No rule to make target u-boot.imx'.  Stop." Any Ideas?09:20
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maxinstyler2go: have you included meta-fsl-arm in bblayers.conf ?09:33
styler2goLet me check that09:35
styler2gomaxin: Yes, i am including meta-fsl-arm. I think the ptoblem is that the file u-boot.imx is missing for some reason. But i am not able to find where it should be created09:38
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maxinstyler2go:  ok.. can you share the command that you tried to build u-boot using bitbake ?09:41
styler2goRight now i am trying to just execute "bitbake u-boot-imx"09:41
sujith_hstyler2go: Yah, bitbake u-boot-imx should work as its recipe is there in meta-fsl-arm09:42
styler2goOk i found the problem09:43
maxinstyler2go: ok.. looks like something unexpected modifications happened in the git repo...09:47
styler2goWhat did change? Can i fix it somehow?09:48
sujith_hstyler2go: you can manually clone git://git.freescale.com/imx/uboot-imx.git and switch to branch imx_v2015.04_3.14.38_6ul_ga and then see the commit logs09:50
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sujith_hstyler2go: and from there on you can pick the revision which you may feel ok and then update the recipe accordingly pointing to that SRCREV.09:53
sujith_hstyler2go: that way fetch wouldn't fail09:53
styler2goYepp, changing to that branch worked09:53
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styler2goI tested it locally, not in my build environment09:54
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styler2goI am not even sure where the repo is being defined to be honest10:09
maxinstyler2go:  should be in meta-fsl-arm/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot-img_**.bb10:17
styler2goTrue, found that there. Problem is still that i am not sure how to switch the branch if not in the url, can you tell me a solution for that?10:18
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maxinstyler2go: that depends on your machine name.. that recipe seems to support multiple machines..10:25
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styler2goOk i got that fixed. I had changes in the file which were not supposed to be there. Now i still have the problem that i always get either "No rule to make target `u-boot.imx'." or if i try to bitbake u-boot-imx " No rule to make target `mx6qadvantech_config'.  Stop."10:45
styler2goThat's the full error log: http://p.styler2go.de/?3510:48
maxinstyler2go: is that a supported machine in meta-fsl-arm or a custom one ?10:53
styler2goit is a supported machine10:53
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styler2gowhen checking the u-boot.inc i found the lines the error occures: "oe_runmake O=${config} ${config}" inside the for loop on line 7410:54
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aureliheinHi guys, I removed by error the folder tmp/deploy/rpm/ under my build directory, do you know How i can quickly regenerate it ? Thank you very much11:18
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poyrazhi. When I tried to "i2cdetect -y 0", I am received "Error: Can't use Quick Write command on this bus". What is problem about i2c? Could you help me?11:51
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styler2goStill not found any solution for that problem12:26
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maxinstyler2go: http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/machines/?q=mx6qadvantech  shows it is not supported by any layers...12:54
maxinstyler2go: you might have to use the advantech specific u-boot for this board:  github.com:TimesysGit/advantech-u-boot.git12:56
maxinstyler2go: I could be wrong here as well   :)12:58
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nrossipoyraz: 'i2cdetect -y -r 0' is what you want i believe, cadence i2c doesnot do SMBus QuickWrite13:00
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styler2gomaxin: I found out that we use our own layer, yet we can't find our bug we have :(13:19
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olivierHello Everyone. I have a question concerning SD card mounting.15:32
*** AndChat375681 is now known as sunfunbaby15:33
olivierI'd like to auto mount the sdcard (that will always be in the same slot) to /media/sdcard.15:33
olivierI was going to create a recipe to add a script to init.d to launch a script containing my 'mount' command.15:34
olivieris it the correct way to do it?15:34
olivier(hope I'm in the right channel)15:35
rinkwhy not put it in fstab?15:39
rburtonan init script would be wrong, use fstab15:40
olivierthat's a good idea15:41
olivierthanks guys15:41
olivierAnd now a tiny question about postgresql. I'd like to auto start postgresql server.15:42
olivierI considered using the "pg_ctl start..." command15:42
olivierbut I saw in the postgresql recipe that a postgresql service is created15:43
olivierHow can I set arguments to this service to tell it to start at startup, and use the data situated in a specail path (in my case, the sdcard mounted above)15:44
olivierI tried a bbappend file but I'm not sure, it's the correct way15:44
CTtpollarddoes the postgres service not already start at startup?15:45
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olivierCTtpollard: no I don't think so.15:53
olivierCTtpollard: "ps | grep postgresql" doesn't show anything15:53
CTtpollardwhat does systemctl status postgresql show?15:54
olivierCTtpollard: Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/postgresql.service; disabled)15:55
olivierCTtpollard: Active: inactive (dead)15:55
CTtpollardso the service needs changing to launch at startup15:56
CTtpollardat the correct time15:56
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olivierCTtpollard: Yes. Through a recipe ?15:58
*** poyraz <poyraz!d54ac4b2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC15:58
CTtpollardolivier: you could append the existing recipe you are building with a patch to the service file, yes16:00
CTtpollardI would suspect one already exists though for postgres16:00
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olivier__CTtpollard: You're right. there's a postgresql.init file in the postgresql recipe16:18
olivier__CTtpollard: I guess the way to do it is to create a bbappend file, copy the 'postgresql.init' file and modify the wanted variables (such as 'PGDATA')16:20
olivier__CTtpollard: Should I copy and modigy the file or can I make a patch?16:20
rburtondoes anyone here actually use directfb?16:39
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olivier__CTtpollard: fstab was a good idea; it works perfectly. Thanks.17:02
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:02
CTtpollardolivier__: heh it wasn't my suggestion, but good to hear :)17:02
olivier__CTtpollard: My cache was cleared, I couldn't verify who told me.17:04
olivier__so Thanks for the fstab idea :)17:04
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olivier__rink: fstab was a good idea; it works perfectly. Thanks.17:20
olivier__rburton: fstab was a good idea; it works perfectly. Thanks.17:20
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rinkolivier___: hth :)17:44
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olivier___Question concerning the cleaning of a recipe.17:48
olivier___I created a 'postgresql_9.%.bbappend' file17:49
olivier___and along with it a 'files' folder containing a 'postgresql.service' file17:49
olivier___this file is here to replace the on contained by the original postgresql recipe in meta-oe17:50
olivier___when I change the content of this file, my command 'bitbake postgresql' doesn't recompile the package17:50
olivier___neither 'bitbake postgresql -c clean' followed by 'bitbake postgresql'17:51
rinkseems like you don't reference to it17:51
*** roccof <roccof!~roccof@93-51-177-218.ip268.fastwebnet.it> has quit IRC17:51
rinktry putting 'foobar' in the .bbappend file and seeing if it chokes17:51
rinkif that chokes, maybe you don't drag the file in?17:52
olivier___the command 'bitbake-layer show-appends' shows it uses my bbapend file17:52
olivier___what do you mean I don't drag the file in?17:52
olivier___rink: (And yes, it chokes)17:53
rinkoh, that bitbake doesn't see the bbappend file using the service file17:53
bluelightningolivier___: does your bbappend contain: FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"17:53
olivier___bluelightning: No, only "FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}-${PV}:""17:54
bluelightningolivier___: ok, so you need to change it - that last bit needs to match up with the directory name you are putting the files in or they won't be found17:55
bluelightning(or you could rename the directory, doesn't matter which)17:55
olivier___bluelightning: Indeed ot works. Thanks ! I understand now.17:56
rinkbluelightning to the rescue as always :-)17:58
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bluelightninghappy to help :)18:00
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